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Safeguard Properties: If You’re Not A Jew You Are Screwed

1289 Arrowhead Drive in Bourbonnais Township, Illinois, is indicative of why Safeguard Properties (SGP) was originally sued for racial discrimination in how they determined which properties to take care of with funds generated, in part, by the US Government. In what appears to be a page out of the book proverbially written by former AMS employee Lee Mertins fleeced the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) out of millions of dollars by and through fraudulently representing that AMS performed services to keep foreclosed properties safe and presentable. As the hyperlink discusses, Mertins, & Company submitted a plethora of photographs to HUD representing that services were rendered by and through the HUD P-260 Servers which alleged to have documented services completed by AMS and/or their subcontractors, when, in fact, neither party had completed them. Mertins & Company relied upon a ghost army of both AMS and temporary help to duplicate and screenshot previous photos and submit them accordingly to HUD gambling that HUD would never catch the scheme. It worked. In fact, even when Foreclosurepedia submitted evidence supporting this claim including documentation from then current AMS personnel, HUD refused to conduct an investigation. The above referenced property, currently maintained by  SGP, appears to be a text book example of the Mertins & Company playbook and is a throwback to the AMS days. This time, though, it is costing innocent Illinois residents — again.  Editor’s Note:  Foreclosurepedia has retracted a name from the aforementioned paragraph and will explain, later this evening, in greater detail why we have elected to do this.

Foreclosurepedia predicted and covered the eventual One Million Dollar settlement that the Jewish Mafia was ordered to pay the Illinois Attorney General over screwing innocent victims of the foreclosure crisis with their strong arm tactics.

One might have thought that this would be the turning of the corner for Jaffa and Klein; however, once fraud gets into the Chabad pipeline, it never leaves. Back in April of 2014, the National Fair Housing Alliance and three of its member organizations, including the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, announced an amended federal housing discrimination complaint against Safeguard Properties which dealt with racial disparity in how they treated white versus black communities.

Daily we are witnessing the horrific ramifications in Ferguson, Charleston and Baltimore. #BlackLivesMatter appears ring hollow when it comes to Safeguard Properties and those whom read my opinions should take care to perform their own due diligence and come to the only logical conclusion which is that I proffer.

In New Orleans, 78 percent of Safeguard-serviced properties in “communities of color” had significant trash accumulation, compared to 12 percent in white neighborhoods, the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center reported.

It also found that 52 percent of properties in communities of color had “overgrown or dead shrubbery,” compared to 18 percent in white neighborhoods.

In Baton Rouge, every Safeguard-serviced property in African-American neighborhoods had overgrown grass and leaves, and half had significant trash, compared to none in white neighborhoods.

As Robert Klein and Alan Jaffa sat counting up the monies they have defrauded from Labor, the grass at Arrowhead Drive looked much like Apocalypse Now at about 3-feet high. An insecure above-ground pool was ground zero for mosquitoes on sworn death missions against humanity and the pool with its liner finally breaching under the weight of filth and stagnated water. One to two feet of standing water in the basement ensured and stood as a testament that the Jew Boys calling the shots up in Cleveland were collecting money and doing jack shit — nothing new there as we have demonstrated time and again.

Neighbors’ calls to Bourbonnais Township officials brought no help. Neither did requests with Kankakee County’s Building and Zoning manager nor the Kankakee County Health Department. Calls from neighbors to Safeguard Properties only had led to further frustration.

Safeguard Properties sent out R & M Preservation of Cabery to clean up the mess several days after the media got ahold of the story — and make no mistake whatsoever we are going to track them down and pull teeth publicly. Why? If SGP cannot be held accountable, Foreclosurepedia will make the process of working for SGP so steep from a PR point-of-view, that Labor will leave permanently.

At the end of the day, Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is to blame. Miller, this week’s Bitch Boi Motherfucker Award Recipient, stands as a testament to why the best part of him ran down his mother’s leg and was lapped up by flies. Instead of standing up and being a man by restoring the once sterling reputation of NAMFS, Miller buries his head in the sand with the same pathological manner which a pedophile does while sucking off a little boy. I mince no words with my opinion of this maggot. Miller and Miller’s Regime have done nothing but bleed both NAMFS and Labor dry. Miller, whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES, has overseen the largest flight of Members in all NAMFS history combined. And while Rob Sanchez, the High Desert Rat Hack that he is may praise Miller and we will make fucking A sure to get good ‘ol Rob some air time on this week’s Foreclosurepedia Podcast, the reality is Miller is beyond salvage.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.


  1. If you are going to refer to the criminals as “Jew Boys” you need to start being politically correct in your profiling and label “black boys” (for black people) “catholic boys”, “Asian boys” and blaming those communities in total like you are doing here. I’m guessing you have a deep jealously of Jewish people…no one in their right mind would refer to this mess so anti-semiticly.

    • No, no deep hatred. My mother, by birth, was Jewish. I am an agnostic which is different than atheist. The Chabad Mafia is a legitimate term and I will submit that perhaps how I phrase things doesn’t make everyone happy as it’s not PC. If you go back and check the articles on Mathis and Lambert I properly addressed the race there and you see, that is what you mistake. Jew is not a color; it is an assignment of religion to a race. Big difference.

  2. Yes, the Chabad Mafia is a legitimate term. I know many of them. They use that term themselves and openly talk about the ownership of America and the World and all its industries. They openly joke about destroying the goyim and creating a great goy diaspora all around the World so they can trot out their One World Government/One World Currency agenda as prescribed in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Look around. The Jews have decimated the goyim and have succeeded in preventing the dumb goyim from even knowing who the enemy is. Absolutely brilliant. Lucifer couldn’t have done it better. One day soon, the poisoned, decimated, poverty stricken, starving, mind controlled slaves will clamor for their new Jew God to save them from Jew created misery. Kudos to the Jews. They have won.



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