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Meanwhile Back At The Ranch Technology Collapses All Around

So, I have made it back to Foreclosurepedia GHQ. Area 51 in Nevada was, how shall we say, an eventful evolution and one to be remembered. More on that later, though, as there are some serious and pressing issues the Mortgage Field Services Industry are facing — and lack of pay is the least of anyone’s worries unless it is you whom has not been paid.  😉

August 26, 2015

Dear Vendor Partner,

The myFAStrack applications are currently unavailable for use. Support is working to resolve the issue. AFAS will keep you updated on the status and availability.

Thank you,

Vendor Management — Editor’s Note: This is Assurant Field Asset Services

Pruvan, the Paul Palmer Texas outfit, is demonstrating the serious jeopardy the Industry is being placed in by refusing to move from an archaic, phone application serving environment and not embracing HTML5. It is not simply the fact that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Board of Directors are not able to dip their beaks into what I perceive to be as kickbacks; it is not simply the fact that Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS whom obscenely enriches his family with OVER ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, it is the salient fact that the Industry has hit the End of Life in technology.

Mortgage Bankers Field Services (MBFS) is an outfit intimately familiar with Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) and the AGS Numbering System. A NAMFS Regime Member, MBFS has caught the attention of both fellow Mortgage Field Services Industry firms as well as both Wells Fargo and AGS. Jeff Bartel, over on Greenbrook Avenue in Hanover Park, IL, owns the outfit.

Reports are coming in that the Unique ID Number which AGS assigns has little validity other than it is unique. This was brought to AGS’ attention as well as Wells Fargo to no avail. Accordingly, Foreclosurepedia is referring it to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as everyone loves to quote them so heavily even though they have no control over nor have issued any regulations pertaining to Industry Background Checks.

The question that presents is precisely where the breakdown is occurring. On the one hand, it would be easy to figure out if AGS allowed for transparency, which is required in all other federal arenas. We all know that those facts and figures which AGS claims are accurate are suspect as no one is allowed to see them. It is much like the ubiquitous Letter of Determination which Eric Miller, NAFMS Executive Director continues to say exists and yet has never seen the light of day.

ServiceLink Field Services (SFLS), the former Lender Processing Services (LPS) vampire squid, is also in a world of shit as demonstrated by the below message,

FieldScape has been experiencing technical issues beginning on Monday, August 24, 2015 and continuing intermittently through today. ServiceLink Field Services (SLFS) is working diligently to resolve these issues and will keep you updated as information becomes available and the issues are resolved.

You see, the Industry has a big and I mean a BIG FUCKING PROBLEM. That problem is that while NAMFS Regime Members would like to parade around like a flock of peacocks and stroke each other off, by forcing only one option of delivery of goods which even the NAMFS Regime Members cannot control, they both buy employees and ultimately cannot even receive delivery of the goods they so desperately need.

I am going to pick on the Palmer family for a minute, but make no mistake their sophomoric beliefs are across the board in the Industry. In 2014, Pruvan issued a White Paper from their WordPress website that is woefully insecurethat is a free advisory Paul.

A Tamper Proof ID is a universally unique identifier or UUID that is assigned and added to the photo as a caption at the bottom of the photo. The Tamper Proof ID identifies the photo as a Tamper Proof photo that can be validated as authentic by any authorized party in the value chain.

We already have proof, in the wild, that the ID Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) uses IS, IN FACT, not tamper proof. AGS is aware of this and their response was to do jack goddamn shit. Wells Fargo; Susan Bunnell, the Senior Vice President and Senior General Counsel for Contracts and Technology, is aware of this salient point and she, as well, chose to do what liberals do when they, like she, live in San Francisco — not a goddamn thing.

No matter how tightly one holds onto the belief that proprietary technology might solve everything, it is a fallacy. Go no further than the fact that the LAST VERSION OF WINDOWS EVER was just released. Bill Gates was one of the biggest proponents of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and a proprietary based model. Fact of the matter is that he ran Linux Labs side-by-side with Windows. Windows 10 reflects the same tiling system as seen across-the-board in Open Source Operating Systems.

Foreclosurepedia has been actively involved with a large, open source project known as the Enterprise Vendor Management Platform (EVMP). Based on some of the same technology which Goldman Sachs uses, the EVMP is bleeding, cutting edge technology which is both cost effective and stable with over 100 versions ran, 2 million+ lines of source code and requires NO PHONE APPLICATIONS!

Software is not the only thing moving into the Open Source realm — when we say open source software, we are referring to Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). In fact, hardware has long been under the open source mandates. JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, and B of A are joining Goldman Sachs and Fidelity backing the open-source hardware movement. Charles Babcock, of Information Week is responsible for the above article on Goldman Sachs and their movement into FLOSS as well as the hardware angle below,

The Bank of America told The Wall Street Journal the day before the conference opened that it wants to convert its data center infrastructure into one like Facebook’s and that of other Web-based giants. Facebook launched the Open Compute Project in 2011 by making its designs for data center servers open source, so that any manufacturer could use them to build products.

B of A adds another big name to those of Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs, which were among Open Compute’s organizing members. At the summit, Capital One and JPMorgan Chase took part in the proceedings and said they too were adopting Open Compute specified hardware. Both had technology leaders on a panel that discussed financial services adoption of OCP. It included: Brian Armstrong, director of next generation infrastructure at Capital One; Matthew Liste, managing director, global technology at JPMorgan Chase; Grant Richard, managing director for technology at Goldman Sachs; and Bob Thurston, head of global data center engineering at Fidelity.

All in all, the irony is not lost within the Industry that while Originating Clients and Financial Institutions are all moving away from archaic technologies like AGS and Pruvan, NAMFS Regime Members remain stuck in the past. For how long may only be determined by the next, great data failure.

Lynn Effinger, of Effinger Communications, and formerly Executive Vice President of ZVN Properties, is a Consultant down here in Knoxville, TN. He had a great piece, out yesterday in HousingWire, which had this to say,

Within minutes of the opening bell on Wall Street this morning (Monday), as we are all now well aware, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was off by 1089 points. A precipitous drop in commodities signaled what was going to happen on today, following a downward trend in recent weeks that was largely due to real and perceived events taking place in China.

The reality is that we live in a real time world. The cascading effects of technological failure impact not only this Industry, but potentially global, financial markets. As opposed to other, regulated sectors, the Mortgage Field Services Industry has no oversight and thus the ability for both shoddy applications, virus ridden websites — as we saw with the NAMFS Website for over a month — and the loss of personally identifiable information on both the innocent men and women of Labor as well as homeowners is prolific.

Fact of the matter is that the Men and Women of Labor are not being compensated for the downtime which is a direct result of Pruvan and others technology which is rammed down everyone’s throats. With the Independent Contractor vs Employee Status lawsuits rapidly approaching a hearing in US District Court in a couple weeks, the fact of the matter is that this is yet another nail in the coffin of Too Big To Fail Mortgage Field Services.

We are in a brave new world. Stalwart technologies which met the bar in the past are now light years behind technologies today. The Mortgage Field Services Industry has fought tooth and nail to maintain command and control over the Industry while, at the same time, refusing to invest the required infrastructure investments necessary to keep pace not only with the technological requirements, but also to protect the data thereto. Going forward, Foreclosurepedia’s prediction is that the cascading collapses we are witnessing now will become far more severe.

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