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Ready The Troops: HUD Makes Its Move

Sources within the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inform Foreclosurepedia that they are finalizing the paperwork on the checks necessary with the United States Department of Labor (DoL) for the rolling out of HUD 3.5.  This will be good news for many of the possible Prime Vendors as most have been waiting since December, 2011.  These awards will make their way onto the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website in the next week or two.

Our Source, speaking on condition of anonymity, also stated what everyone has rather been waiting for.  There will be a new set of Sources Sought being issued out with respect to the dismal performances under HUD 3.6.  We understand these to be with respect to both the Asset Management (AM) side and the Field Service Management (FSM) side.  They will roll out as HUD 3.7 and 3.8 accordingly.  As a betting man and I generally try to own the odds before betting, I would look towards July for a Pow Wow Industry Day down in Atlanta.

Make no mistake that the Big Boys, including those from the Beltway at the Cabinet Level — Weaver Building, are going to be there.

Here has always been the problem:  The Prime Vendors involved in the HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) have never really changed.  It would appear that even when one looses the Contract, their relative gains it.  Folks, those days are going to change.  I have been cautioned to keep this kind of information close to the chest; however, Foreclosurepedia has never ran with the herd.  We have always stood out from the Pack by bringing about change!  What I am hearing from multiple Sources is that change is no longer desired by simply Contractors.

Over the next several installments, we are going to bring information onto the ball field which will demystify how this Game is played.  We are going to talk about terms like Lowest Price Technical Value (LPTV).  We are going to talk about Surety Bonds.  We are going to talk about how SMALL BUSINESSES CAN WRITE THEIR OWN CONTRACTS!

Washington is becoming more and more concerned with the apparent waste and abuse going on under its watch with specificity to the HUD M&M.  In the same way that Foreclosurepedia broke the story on 3.6 first, we are breaking this story as well.  Make sure that you go over to the Foreclosurepedia Channel on YouTube.  Over the next several days we are going to begin to break down what is going on and also begin to introduce the Foreclosurepedia A Team.  These are the ladies and gentlemen whom are coming on board to work both on behalf of our Clients and begin participating in the ISTAR Intelligence Project.

Folks, Foreclosurepedia is going to open the doors to this netherworld of smoke filled rooms.  We are going to put the reach of the HUD M&M front and center on our agenda.  While we do some consulting work with several Consortiums, they are well aware of the fact that we feel ALL Small Businesses should have the right to meaningfully participate in the Contracting Process.  The only way to effectively bring about change is to educate everyone in how this process works.  The reality is that the days of the National Order Mills simply dusting off last year’s Proposal are going to come to an end.  The ability to keep confidential the back room deals and make NO mistake they abound with respect to the HUD M&M are going to diminish.

 Help us help you by supporting Foreclosurepedia.  Whether that support is monetary (by donation, subscription purchase or even preparing your SAMS Federal Contracting Package and Website), hiring us as a Consultant or anonymously sending us information, it ensures that the last line of defense remains in place.

In closing, we are going to put together a timeline for the 3.7/3.8 and ultimate 4.0 and post it.  We are going to introduce the Players and hopefully introduce the new Game Changers.  So, pull up a chair; put on the headphones, because Forelcosurepedia is going to give you an All Access Pass to the biggest HUD M&M Shakeup in years!


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