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Detroit: Why NAMFS and the Industry Should Relocate

I was relaxing the other evening listening to Patriot Radio and they were harping on how the Lame Stream Media was finally realizing that there was a problem with the Obama Administration’s Benghazi Talking points.  Really?  Do you really think that those with Power and Control would ever lie to cover up murder and terrorism?  At the end of the day, there really is no difference between the cathartic experience the Lame Stream Media is experiencing and that which the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) is going through.  Well, I suppose there is a slight difference as the Obama Administration is bound by law to answer for their actions whereas the PPI continues to find excuses and Contractors to blame

The City of Detroit, in its infinite wisdom, completely destroyed a once vibrant metropolitan community.  The PPI helped every step of the way.  With foreclosed properties left abandoned and NEVER attended to criminal elements began setting up shop.  The lawns of most of the properties in Detroit looked much like Viet Nam and the broken windows and collapsing foundations were similar to Bosnia.

Citizens decided to take matters into their own hands; not dissimilar to the path chosen by the honorable Contractors of the PPI.  Armies of Churches began going out and mowing parks and foreclosed lawns — gotta wonder where the Industry was here?!  They began building bus benches so the elderly could sit down and wait for what few buses were left.  What did the City of Detroit do?  They threatened them.

Everyone remembers what happened when Eric Miller of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) struck the mighty blow on a Friday with a Firm which had 30+ lawyers and backed off Monday.  Eric’s lawyer, a young man (so young in fact he didn’t even have is ABA Card yet) even had the gall to attempt to avoid transmitting our understanding on letterhead.  See, NAMFS’ mentality is the same mentality prevalent in Detroit.  NAMFS and the rest of their Membership feel they can just threaten and intimidate people at will.  While Eric Miller was and is a member of a LinkedIn Group which was quoted as saying:

“…when you publically state you will murder someone and put them in the bottom of the ocean…” and “…Like Mr. Newman, that writes in this blog parts of the Scarface movie where he really believes he will execute and throw Executives bodies in the bottom of the Tampa Gulf. He takes pictures of the execs family members and pictures of outside their homes as part of his collecting practices, he confeses that in this very blog…”

Eric was out making outlandish allegations with respect to hypothetical hogwash against me personally.  Hey Mr. NAMFS lawyer did you, as an Officer of the Court, follow up on that?  Hell no.  Classic case-in-point!  Attempt to silence the media reporting in an unflattering manner!  Going after Ben Hallman over at Huffington Post?  No, even NAMFS doesn’t have that kind of money!  That is the danger, folks.  Take a REAL good look around you and see whom is truly a Friend of Labor.  It’s not just those whom may attempt to put Foreclosurepedia down for that which we do — the reality being NO OTHER PUBLICATION other than Huffington Post is speaking out — although they show whom they are aligned with, a good hard look needs to be taken at those whom seem to be a little too eager to bow down and take price cuts while condoning the unethical requests mounting like Pyramids in the desert.

Safeguard Properties (SGP) has jumped on the bandwagon much like Hillary Clinton’s henchwoman Cheryl Mills (from BTW).  Keep your mouth shut or face civil and criminal penalties is what SGPs latest Contract requires.  No two ways around this:  If you talk we are going to destroy you.  I really REALLY would have loved to see if the cowboy hat flew across the room when Klein was presented with the statistics obtained by Huffington Post.  Just goes to show that if extremely important and sensitive data like this can flow out, at will and under the noses of the IT and INFOSEC in place, how much more so personal financial data from Contractors!

It must be in the water up North.  I mean what are the odds that all of these new policies are originating in Ohio.  I won’t even address the rest of the insanity ongoing.  At least Huffington Post is starting to wake up when they called Robert Klein on the carpet for spewing bullshit numbers as to the amount of TRUE Complaints occurring with respect to larceny.  Let’s all remember here:  All roads dealing with issues within the PPI lead to NAMFS.  NAMFS’ Members have single handedly achieved the highest amount of allegations and lawsuits in recorded history with respect to the PPI.  I personally do not find this to be a coincidence.  Several federal agencies are beginning to take a closer look as well.  Let’s face it, a $62,000 + pay raise to do nothing but work a 40 hour work week?  The Executive Director of NAMFS is now making well over $100K per year!

If people take a look around the Internet the common theme is that NAMFS Members have completely destroyed any hope for Contractors let alone legality in this Industry.  When folks like Robert Klein state that only a small percentage of the work SGP does results in destroyed lives how can anyone sleep at night?!  If someone mistakenly removed everything from his home, changed the locks and laughed at him I am pretty sure they would end up in jail.  The problem is that until we began pushing the issue (FIVE MILLION PLUS TIMES NOW when you view our stats) everyone remained silent.  We took it further and put the LinkedIn Group together and finally began making in roads with C Level people in the PPI and government officials not to mention the banking and investment industry.

One of the biggest problems that is perking in the Industry, as if NAMFS and their Members were not enough, is that there is a negativity ebbing and flowing in and out of the Contractor Communities.  Some of the loudest voices today screaming for a conciliatory approach to NAMFS and their Members is originating from people whom are not even Contractors!  Allowing non Contractors, whom only have an incentive to Order Mill work to Contractors, is unwise at best.  There is a reason why the fox should NOT be in the hen house!  If ANYONE is making statements about the Industry and they DO NOT cut grass and perform clean outs they are NOT a Friend of Labor!

Until the Calvary comes; until the United States Government and the Lame Street Media begin to expose this Wild West, Foreclosurepedia is the only Voice.  No human being deserves to be treated the way Contractors have which we have reported on here.  Daily, the reports stream in from our recent ISTAR Complaint Database.   Keeping the Spotlight on this mess is the only way to force change.  We are hopeful that Contractors will begin to organize in a meaningful manner; however, until then we will fight every day to bring the uncensored and unvarnished truth.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.
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