Rainy Days and Door Installs

So, we’ve been having rain here for the past couple days and will for the coming week.  The only way I am able to compare the early springpond doorweather here is to say Washington State.  As a direct result, the grass growth is off the chart here!  Sometimes 5″+ in a week!  Anyway, I went down to a place called Knoxville Railroad Salvage last week and purchased our upstairs exterior door for about half the price it would be at say Lowe’s.  A few paint scratches (no gouges) and as I have to top coat the door anyway it was worth the $203.  This door is what goes out on our deck and overlooks the pond.  That is one of the greatest things about how I aligned the deck and also the master bath; both overlook the huge Oak Tree and the pond!

While most folks take for granted doors and windows and such I was really excited about the built in blinds!  It took a minute to save for the door, but we do not buy anything unless we have cash for it.  No mortgage, no credit and all rolled into a trust!  Anyway, I will continue to post as we continue to move on.





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