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Censorship: If You Can’t Beat Them Sue Them

By now, everyone is familiar with Eric Miller’s launching of a scorched earth policy against apparently anyone whom the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) does not personally agree with.  Their recent hiring of Ryan A. Kuchmaner, a lawyer with Black McCuskey Souers & Arbaugh is the most recent example of attempting to ensure that NAMFS’ Zeitgeist is the dominant belief system prevalent in the Property Preservation Industry.  As such, we decided to take a stroll down Kuchmaner’s dossier and attempt to discover what makes him tick.  I want to be very clear here:  The hiring of a lawyer is a very personal thing.  People likegbs Miller do not just roll out of bed, scratch their legs and randomly dial numbers and hope a lawyer will answer.  In his previous career, prior to becoming Executive Director of NAMFS, Miller was Vice President of Business Intelligence for Lender Processing Services (LPS).  So, I believe it is safe to assume that Miller read the bio on Kuchmaner.

A thumbing through the Secretary of State of Ohio’s Business Filing Platform reveals some interesting filings over Kuchmaner’s rather insignificant career.  1910 Holdings LLCAIM Field Solutions, LTDCompass Field Services, LLC,  N.A. Wood Properties, LLC and Kuchmaner Chiropractic, Inc. (would presume this is a family member initially as the original has  typos).  You may view all of his filings here.  Normally, the innocuous process of a lawyer filing incorporation papers is rather mundane; however, when one exerts a unique skill set the aggregated data becomes quite fluid as opposed to being static.  Anyone kept up with Kimco Realty recently?   Neither here nor there, more of a question to myself I suppose.

The idea that the Property Preservation Industry achieves something noble by silencing contrary opinions; that threatening Contractor’s whom subsist FAR BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL is both insane and a public relations nightmare.  What could have been accomplished with a simple phone call or email has now drug in members of the media and legal communities.  I speculate that the Clients whom will be indirectly impacted by closer scrutiny will not be well pleased.  Simply attacking undesirable speech; stifling perceived abrasive dialogue tends to paint an overly rosy picture of any Industry.  How much more so, though, the Mortgage Field Services Industry, whose track record has resulted in tax payers footing the bill for multi billion dollar bail outs, the largest transfer in both property and wealth in the recorded history of mankind under dubious circumstances and what seems to be an inordinate amount of both defrauding Contractors and illegal breaking and entering into private dwellings will come full circle into the Media Spotlight.

Driving the resentment of Contractors, whom are being abused, underground is neither healthy nor wise.  Any Industry which is so fearful of its very own labor force is long overdue for investigation.  The overboard tactics of attacking a US Citizen for exercising free speech with an assault by a 90 year old law firm with 30+ lawyers will be seen for precisely that which it is.  I once again reiterate the fact that a simple phone call or email from Eric Miller whom had recently been engaged in both verbal and written dialogue would have quelled this now festering firestorm.

Perhaps the youthful indiscretion of Counsel is at play?  One would think that a prestigious law firm such as  Black McCuskey Souers & Arbaugh would be above the fray.  With age comes wisdom.  Discretion is the key to longevity in any diplomatic setting.  History will reflect back upon what has happened here and determine that there is no difference between the Banks and the Clients that service them.  The wanton overkill which Eric Miller and NAMFS expended upon persecuting me is a testament to the lengths to which they will go to display their perceived power.  The reality is, though, that their power is fleeting like grains of sand flowing between their fingers.  The nearly two decades of stranglehold with which the Property Preservation Industry has dominated its Contractors like serfs on a fiefdom is winding down.

In closing, let me ask you this Eric.  What are you going to do?  You going to sue me?  Son, I put my land in my child’s name in a bullet proof trust years ago when I saw how this Industry works.  You going to attach my bank account?  Good luck.  I keep no funds in there as I have never trusted banker types since I left the military.  My 401K?  Yeah, I am not an idiot giving money for blood suckers to play with; I keep my liquidity in gold.  No, I think what is going to happen is that we are going to return to the status quo.  I think there will be unG-dly fall out over this miscalculation though.  I wish you no ill nor any of your cohorts.  It is business Eric, not personal.  See, that’s where you dropped the ball.  This is not the Minority Report.  Let us move beyond this ugliness and get back to what I believe we both want;  to move properties on behalf of our Clients and feed our families.  Give me a call.  I greatly enjoyed the conversation we did have and even though this was unsavory, I still believe that you have merit in what you do.  I reaffirm my desire to bring this Industry back to the honor it once had and I believe that you and NAMFS should be a part of that.  I cannot be any more humble than I am now Eric.  You picked this war, not I.  Let us bury the hatchet and speak about more important things.

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