Sat Feb 4 22:15:08 EST 2023
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Foreclosurepedia Under Cyber Attack

We figured, sooner or later, nefarious entities organized domestically would make a run on our site.  So, we began back tracking them through logs.  While the spoofed IPs are appearing to originate Internationally, some are domestic.  Now, as I am back tracking these attempts to login and scan I am noticing a common pattern; I used to hack so I am not an idiot.  Read up a bit on Mitnick and do the math.  I have forgotten more than most of the two bit wonks out there will EVER learn.  I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with incendiary thugs and their bullshit.  I will track down your IPs; I will find you.

Brute force attack underway and the Word Press article are not covering, entirely, what is going on here on Foreclosurepedia.



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