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Pruvan Software: Are They Tracking You?

Just about each and every National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill is touting a phone application today. Many of these phone apps are being powered by Pruvan Software. When we first entered into the phone app world we reached out to our Client and requested some detailed information; source code, what precisely it stores, etc. To our dismay, they simply referred us to the Terms of Service (ToS) at Pruvan. So, we sent multiple emails to Pruvan to no avail. We even sent an inquiry to several of the Palmer Dynasty whom seem to have a veritable command over Pruvan, one Palmer is even on my Google+ Page. What did we get? Yup, nothing.

In a time when inordinate amounts of data are collected from simple photos, it would seem to be the legal right of a consumer to request information about a third party app required to be downloaded. Pruvan apparently does not think so.

We wanted to put out this story as a prelude to our big story coming over the weekend. We reached out to several of our coding associates on Pastebin and in Eastern Europe to get us some answers. We additionally reached out to our Senator, Congressman and Governor. Why? Well, Pruvan may think that they are able to bully whomever they want. The reality is that they use electronic means to cross state lines in the furtherance of interstate commerce.

With the upload feature OFF, the photo we took still rendered the Geo Tag position by latitude and longitude. Does this mean Pruvan is tracking where I take my children to play in the park? Are they able to access my private and intimate photos and data? I don’t know because Pruvan feels that they are above questioning.

Here is the really, really sad thing. Pruvan has a fairly decent app. What will ultimately be their downfall it their refusal to be transparent. Consumers have a right to fully understand what a private company is putting on their phones. Not to imply Pruvan would be involved in nefarious activities; however, the nuances of meta data are front page with respect to the National Security Agency (NSA) today. If I were Pruvan, I am not sure I would want that type of relationship.

At the end of the day I am going to get to the bottom of the story with or without Pruvan’s help. The $64,000 dollar question will be does Pruvan want its version of precisely what their phone app does released? The ball is in Pruvan’s Court.

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