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Uncanny Similarities: Hard To Separate The Lines Anymore

Foreclosurepedia has been doing a large, semantic based search utilizing an internet bot for quite sometime in hopes of finding correlations between Companies, people and other meta data. Sometimes, though, human Sources are just as good. We have been doing a larger Article on the proliferation of Companies out there hoping to harvest Contractor information and market it to National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills.

We recently found two interesting correlations. Here’s an example of the National Property Preservation Guild‘s (NPPG) information,


The mission of the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) is to serve as an advocate for Contractors whom provide quality services that aid in ensuring maximum Return On Investment (ROI) for property preservation clients.


Our vision is to provide education regarding property preservation best practices to both qualified Contractors and national/regional mortgage field services companies.

Here is an example of National Contractors Direct (NCD) information,

NCD is made up of only the elite field contractors in the industry. We are in the best possible position to offer the client better return on investment through a properly motivated, skilled, proven, and vetted group of field service providers. Our certification of market managers ensures only the finest and most professional companies work for our clients interests. NCD provides a single source option for clients nationwide, to provide a national model, while addressing the individual needs and challenges offered at the statewide level. We are a contractor cooperative working together, but not profiting off of one another. We seek nothing less than transformation of the industry from the top down, and putting the majority of the allocated to an assets preservation back where it should be. Actually preserving the asset.

See any similarity? The additional key here is the fact that the NPPG pushes a concept entitled Elite Contractor.

One of the other items we noticed was the fact that NCD is not hypertext transfer protocol secure (https). We have been seeing that a lot lately; websites moving and storing data which is sensitive without https. NCD also displays some other interesting characteristics. First, they state with a big badge, that they are Veteran Owned. Being a Veteran myself, that is always a selling point. The problem is that there is NO WAY to verify this. Why? Well, NCD doesn’t tell anyone whom is the owner let alone whom their personnel are. Big red flag. When we move on to the Links such as their Charities, well it doesn’t work. Is NCD saying they are a charity? I don’t know. Finally, the other Social Media Badges are unoperative as well.

So, what does all this mean? I don’t know. It would strike me that this was an alpha launch which should have been polished. This is merely an observation. In the old days there used to be a term called branding. When a business started, they branded it by unique characteristics; it separated them from their competitors. Today, it would seem that the lines blur.

Should either the NPPG or NCD like to opine with respect to the stark similarities they are free to do such. At the end of the day who really knows who owns whom.

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