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Doing It Right: Why Some Companies Stay The Course

It seems like call after call that I field deals with yet another National, Regional or Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills. I was recently going over some intelligence data in an attempt to identify why some Order Mills do well over the long haul without having to screw people in the process. Two interesting correlations presented themselves.

Many will remember earlier this year I profiled ASONS and its pater familias Milan Thompson. Thompson gave us rather unprecedented access and allowed a rare look inside a successful Property Preservation Company which did not sacrifice its relationship with its Contractors in favor for a profit margin. One of the key fundamentals that I came away from the discussion with was the fact that ASONS took the time to identify and nurture the relationship with Contractors whom were worth their salt to coin a Roman term.

ASONS, as a whole, is both ethically run and financially stable. While Firms on all sides of ASONS are laying off employees and Contractors, ASONS is actually making great strides in the diversification of their business. USA Spending actually shows some quite impressive numbers for ASONS. What is even more impressive is the fact that I am extremely hard pressed to find anything negative about them. Pricing is always an issue no matter what side of the table one is on; however, Contractors I spoke with were content with their relationships with ASONS.

The National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) has recently entered into the realm of organizing Labor in a cohesive manner with distribution to Clients whom have an immediate need for the job being done right the first time. When you juxtapose ASONS’ dedication to honesty, integrity and hard work with the NPPG’s Mission and Vision Statement, it is no wonder why both Firms seem to be on the right track today.

In a constricting Industry wherein Financial Institutions are looking more closely at the relationships between Labor and Management, both of these Firms seem to be likely candidates for closer examination. Let’s face it: Financial Institutions are becoming more and more concerned with the liability presented by incompetent Contractors and the staff which oversee them. Case after case have been presenting themselves wherein the lack of background checks and minimal training have been translating to felons as Operations Managers and Contractors cleaning out the wrong homes based upon faulty GPS readings — What ever happened to simply checking the address?

At the end of the day, the Property Preservation Industry would do well to take note of how ASONS has conducted itself with respect to professionalism and likewise how the NPPG has taken the lead in putting forth vetted Labor in a meaningful manner.

The jury is out with respect to how both Firms will prevail in a changing landscape. Will the Financial Institutions identify with lack of liability, higher Return on Investment (ROI) and professionalism? Or, will the Financial Institutions continue down their dead end path of having the doors of innocent victims kicked in and gutted, felons having access to their confidential documents and ultimately pennies on the dollar actually reaching their properties?

Many may question why I wrote this Article. I currently have no relationship with either ASONS or the NPPG. Over the next couple of weeks, in anticipation of the upcoming US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Industry Days, we are going to profile Companies whom have both a history of Compliance with the Service Contract Act (SCA) and seem to be inherently interested in the honor and integrity of the Property Preservation Industry. The biggest problem which I see today is the obvious subversion of HUD Contracts; the tacit agreement between Big Business and the US Government to ensure Small Business is excommunicated. The current fiasco on the Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.5 Contract Award process truly brings into focus the worst in Corporate and Government malfeasance.

Accordingly, I am going to focus on the Small and Mid Size Businesses whom deserve an honest chance to compete in an obviously corrupt Industry. If you happen to have a Business you feel deserves attention, please feel free to reach out and let us know!

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