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Foreclosurepedia To Host Contractor Summit

Foreclosurepedia will be hosting a Contractor Summit to discuss the predominant issues presenting problems in the Industry and create Panels to discuss solutions. Participation does not require Company or Participant Names. We are hoping to drill down the Top Ten issues which are actively preventing Contractors from both being financially profitable and additionally identify the primaryBarganing inhibitors preventing optimal Return on Investment to Contractor Clients.

We have created a Forum to introduce Contractors to each other and announce the First Annual Contractor’s Summit. Simply Register and enter the Contractor Summit Category and Click the First Annual Summit Thread.

For those attending and participating in Committee Discussions, we are offering a 25% Discount on any DUNS and SAM Account creation coupled with a 2 Hour Complimentary Consultation. We will additionally donate 10% to the National Property Preservation Guild‘s (NPPG) Treasury.

This event is FREE OF CHARGE! We are hopeful that the information obtained and the end product of the Committees established will finally bring together a cohesive picture of what Contractors are experiencing locally, regionally and nationally. We will liaise with the NPPG in delivery of the raw information and prepare White Papers so that the NPPG may become better acclimated to precisely what issues currently present and additionally submit recommendations on how to best implement Solutions to what has become a systemic drain upon productivity in the Industry for both Contractors and Clients.

All Registered Participants will receive a copy of all materials prepared as a result of the Summit. There will be absolute transparency  in both the molding of the final product and the recommendations forthcoming. All Committee Participants will also be eligible to have their Company entered into the Alpha Stage Contractor Database which is currently providing Contractors to the Financial Institutions and Investors Nationwide.

Don’t miss out on this chance to become a part of history; be part of the Solution! This is not an ax grinding production. What the Industry needs is a candid presentation from Contractors of that which is inhibiting their ability to deliver both a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for Clients while retaining the financial vitality of Contractors.

For those interested in forming the Outline for the Summit, contact me directly at your earliest convenience and Register on the Forum!

Paul Williamshttps://foreclosurepedia.org
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