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#PresCon 2014 Summit Announced

Foreclosurepedia is pleased to announce Preservation Conference 2014 (#PresCon). As part of the preparation for #PresCon 2014, we are facilitating a Series of Conference Calls to discuss issues impacting Contractors Regionally and Nationally. The Series will be divided by Time In Rank and is targeted towards Boots on the Ground Contractors and Inspectors. We are currently building a website to deal with all things #PresCon and will announce it through the below links when created. Please use the hashtag — #PresCon — when spreading the word!

The three Segments identified are: Contractors and Inspectors whom are 1 year or less in the Mortgage Field Services Industry; Contractors and Inspectors whom have 1 – 3 years in the Industry; and Contractors and Inspectors whom have 3 or more years in the Industry.

The Conference Calls will be Focus Grouped around several topics. Break Out Sessions will be scheduled; however, the Originating Conference Calls will only deal with the Topics at hand. The reason for this is because Portfolio Level Firms have asked for a concise breakdown of issues surrounding the current Zone and Pricing Models currently implemented.

The Conference Calls will be recorded and available to anyone publicly free of charge. The results of the Conference Calls (metrics which can be measured while keeping participants anonymous) will be formulated into White Papers which will be available to the public free of charge as well. Finally, those Contractors and Inspectors whom do not have the time or ability to attend will be afforded the opportunity to submit via a Survey.

The End Game of these Initial Conference Calls will be the hosting of #PresCon 2014 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Between now and then, Foreclosurepedia will establish a Property Preservation Consortium to better empower Local and Regional Contractors to effectively and meaningfully engage the Mortgage Field Services Industry the Contract Bidding Process. The National Consortium; a Trade Association, will additionally begin the process to proactively address the organization of both Contractors and Inspectors into Regional Consortiums. This will allow Local and Regional Contractors and Inspectors to collectively submit Bids direct to Portfolio Holders and their Regional Representatives.

Stay tuned for Updates on the #PresCon Conference Call Series and the formal announcement of the formation of the Property Preservation Consortium. These Updates will be announced via Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, the Foreclosurepedia Podcast, the Foreclosurepedia Website and the Foreclosurepedia Newsletter which is available when you Subscribe on our Main Page. The hyper links for each Social Media aforementioned contain the specific Pages which #PresCon 2014 Announcements will be made.

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