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SEAS LLC: New Map And Straight Talk

When SEAS LLC lays out a concept, it reminds me a lot of the Steve Jobs days. Big. Real Big and generally monumental. Below is a copy of the Proposed National Zone Map (SEAS LLC may have a different title for it and it did include AK and HI I just gutted them for space reasons) I received from Kim Fatica, SEAS LLC Director of Marketing and Business Development.


Now, the map is not really all that new; most large scale outfits have been familiar with the Zones for quite some time. To most Contractors, it may seem both overwhelming and obviously new as many have never really understood the overall concept of truly how Pre and Post Conveyance Contracting worked or, rather, how it was delineated.

The argument pertaining to pricing aside, the reality is that to become a Regional or National Player, a map like this or similar becomes your Holy Grail. True insiders — not the $7.50/hr hacks we reported upon being recruited last night — learn every intimate detail of every Zone they are responsible for. With military precision, those whom size up their Competition and execute upon OPLANs will be the ones whom prevail.

By the same token, while in some metropolitan areas, Zones like these may be unfathomable. It may also open up unique concepts like I originally proposed when I founded the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) a year ago. The partnering of Contractors together to further a business goal is the norm in bona fide Contracting Circles. One also needs to understand that the RFQ; the Request For Qualifications, is simply that. Are you able to perform. Herein, true businessmen and women look to a term called Scalability.

Here is the real world example: You want to make a run on the RFQ for Zone ABC. So, you do a Take Off of how much overhead, material, equipment, etc. you need. Then, calculating factors such as petrochemical derivatives (gas hikes based upon the Futures Index), Supply vs Demand in the Labor Sector, etc., you approach either a government, conventional or financial institution and show them a 5 Year Business Plan. Or, you dig into that 401K and roll the dice. Regardless, you also factor in the variables when the RFB; the Request For Bid, comes up.

Rurally, like say in Tennessee where my girlfriend covers, 18,000 square miles has been the norm for the past 17 years. She is Scalable based upon my Consulting. That is the reality: Everyone wanted a fair shake, but no one wanted the responsibility. It is the Chore Syndrome. Dad says take the trash out and he will pay you $1.50 a week. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You have to pay to play; it takes money to make money. I do Consultations 6 days of the week. Some are Large Scale and some are simply someone buying an hour of my time. Here’s the deal: If you do not know what you are doing and you do not want to pay me or someone else to lay it out for you, stick with the Safeguard Properties of the world.

Nothing is fair or unfair; what you have in life are variables. You must be able to interpret the data to understand the micro and macro consequences. Make no mistake on this, though, those Contractors whom do not eventually figure out how to perform at these levels will either become W2 Employees of those whom do or they will migrate out of the Property Preservation Sector.

Migration is not a bad thing. I move 3 or 4 Contractors a month over into Federal Contracting. Many cut grass; some simply provide cleaning services for County, State and Federal Facilities.

This is the new norm. Oh, not necessarily the RFQ type material. That will take some working upon because there are very few Contractors whom even understood that there was to be a Bidding on Pricing after the acceptance and selection of those qualified. Truth be told, a large percentage of Contractors submitted horrendous RFQ’s.

If you are not a Word Smith; if you do not know grammar or forgot how to use the Spell Checker and have no idea what a Thesaurus is, then the reality is your first impression with a Client whom you are wishing to conduct business with is a lost cause. Remember, whether it is this process or any process, if you do not know what you are doing you either hire it out — ALL REGIONAL AND NATIONAL ORDER MILLS HIRE SOME OR ALL OF THEIR RFQs OUT TO PROFESSIONALS — or simply do not become involved.

So, there you have it. SEAS LLC has a vision which could, in fact, drill down Nationally. As I predicted, the Regionals will eventually capture the empty space wherein the others are not performing by capitalizing on quality labor at Sector Pricing. If I may ever be of any help on this or any other matter, feel free to reach out and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to each and all!

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