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Plantation Capitalism: Why Wal Mart and the Property Preservation Industry Are Not Dissimilar

For quite some time myself and others have attempted to find a legitimate comparison between the National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills (Order Mills) and modern society.  I studied Organized Crime and actually did find quite a few parallels; the outright theft from both Contractors and homeowners, the demands to submit bids calculated to enrich Order Mills as opposed to being legitimate bids generated by Contractors as we just saw in the Berghorst Enterprises recent demands and the overall concept of a Contractor leaving their Civil Rights at the Contract Table as we saw in the A2Z Field Service (A2ZFS) demands that Contractors waive their 1st, 4th, 5th 6th and 14th Amendment Rights under their Vendor Fraud Policy.

The term Plantation Capitalism; the establishment of wealth by determining that some people are expendable, was coined by Reverend James Lawson, Civil Rights Activist, on April 4, 2009, during an interview with Laura Flanders of and took place in New York City in Battery Park at a demonstration……against Wall Street.   Workers, working people, children and women do not matter; the economy runs for the profit of the few.  The Property Preservation Industry both epitomizes and spearheads the aforementioned.  It is the POSTER CHILD of what greed will do to even the most RELIGIOUS of business owners!

The more documents which I have been reviewing from Contractors and C Level folks alike, the more I have come to the conclusion that the Property Preservation Industry has reached a level of corruption only seen during the days of Al Capone.  It isn’t just me.  Blog after blog reports upon it.  The only folks whom seem to feel that this level of criminality is ok is the US Government.  A2ZFS’ Vendor Fraud Policy is now sitting at the Deputy Secretary, US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) office.  Specifically, the Office for Small and Disadvantaged Business.

Why the most powerful Nation on Earth would allow not only innocent people to have their homes broken into and then destroy the lives of the folks attempting to clean up their mess I will never figure out.  While the financial institutions try to keep the levels of insulation between they and the national order mills, the distance is closing rapidly.  Below is an example of the quality of intelligence we are receiving,

We can now place Mike Murphy in charge of of vetting the employment documents.  The hiring practice allowed convicted criminals to work for REAMS LLC whom performed services upon HUD properties.  Is HUD concerned?  Absolutely not.  They possess this information and FAR MORE condemning data which they are attempting to keep under wraps.  We can further prove the complete and total disarray of the REAMS LLC in house staff; pregnancies, restructuring and in fighting.  We are able to ascertain, for example, a treasure trove of information from what is entitled the REAMS RAIL which is an IR CONFIDENTIAL Document.  As everyone knows, we reached out to Will Milling for comment and have received none to date.  I don’t really blame him, though.  Weather the storm.

The Property Preservation Industry has applied the same heavy handed techniques against mom and pop companies that Wal Mart did.  While Wal Mart was refused the ability to build in MULTIPLE towns and weathered the storm, the Property Preservation Industry will not be as fortunate.  Wal Mart was not kicking in the doors of homeowners as the Property Preservation Industry is and stealing their property or to quote the Huffington Post, committing, “larceny.”  Wal Mart, likewise, has never had its hands in the US Government’s cookie jar.  At the end of the day Wal Mart and the Property Preservation Industry pay wages that force Contractors to collect welfare.  At least Wal Mart is honest and puts them on a W2 so that families are ABLE to collect food stamps.  The Property Preservation Industry?  Let’s not bullshit anyone, their racket is going to be put to the test VERY SOON!

There will be no winners when all of the information comes out.  There will be two lists:  The first list will be quite short and have the names of folks whom saw what was illegal and chose to come forward.  The second list will be quite long and will read like an Indictment Sheet.  Choices, we all have them.  Conspiracy to defraud the US Government is not a wise choice.  Get in front of the bus instead of under the bus.

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