Thursday, May 13, 2021
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PK Management: Yeah, They Want Your Car Too!

So, we spoke several months ago about how Foreclosurepedia refused to add PK Management as a Certificate Holder to our private vehicle policies.  The reality is that by doing such either a) makes us their employees; or b) makes them a third party to ANY CLAIMS ever filed on samesaid policies.  Chief Operating Officer Albert Martinez, PKMG and President Pedro Kolychkine had both assured us that this was not going to be an issue.  We also asserted our position that being a Certificate Holder was acceptable; however, being named as Additionally Insured was a problem as we then became their Insurance Provider at our expense.

Lo and behold we got an email today.  Take a look at the demands.  Here’s a company that obviously states one thing and then implements a diametrically opposed course of action.  Also, note that this is a multi BILLION dollar corporation and they cannot even spell!  You will note that the word Company is misspelled.  Remember, these are the folks that have taken over an unholy percentage of market share of HUD Contracts.  One would think that with a portfolio approaching FOUR (04) BILLION DOLLARS they could afford a lawyer whom could employ an editorial spell checker!!!!

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