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A2ZFS: A Truly Sad Loss For HUD

I usually do not compliment Nationals as, at the end of the day, they usually are screwing me in some way.  I feel, though, that one National in particular is getting the shaft.  A2Z Field Services has always been a pretty decent outfit to work for.  Granted, they have some of the similar issues all have such as periodic favoritism, trivial kick outs, etc.  What made A2ZFS stand out was their pay.  Point blank their pay floated us through some  challenging times when we were transitioning from the last FSM, Pyramid Real Estate.

With that said, A2ZFS had payroll down pat.  Wait 30 and then weekly after that.  Man, that was real deal.  Quite honestly, though, I realize they made a boat load on us; however, at least they tried to keep the playing field fairly level.  We never had big issues with them; we headed up a big QC/IT infrastructure for an outfit and worked for them the entire time they had the M&M III.  I can only think of one time in those years we had any issues and in this business that is pretty damn good!

By in large, Foreclosurepedia is going to exit the HUD market.  The reality is and this is my personal opinion that the lines between HUD and its Prime Contractors have become far to blurred and quite possibly quasi legal.  We are hoping to forge ongoing and new relationships on the pre conveyance end and are actually working towards such beginning with a four (04) state tour next week.  We’ve never been too keen on the “…fill out our form online…” mentality.  I learned years ago you need to look someone in the eyes and feel their flesh on yours in business.

With that said, A2ZFS was one of the few that never screwed us around.  I mainly put this up for historical purposes.  In an Industry fraught with thieves and crooks, I thought it would be nice to show that at least one company stood up somewhat for an honest days work for an honest days pay.

My two cents — ach, sorry one and a quarter as Uncle Sam took half and the other quarter just got taken for back billing!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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