PK Management Continues To Allow HUD Information To Be Exposed By Michael Evangelo

A Veritable NAMFS Pedophile Island Appears As Lack Of Due Diligence Reaches Peak

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Board Member Michael Evangelo, National Mortgage Field Services (NMFS) continues to challenge the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by publicly publishing HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) confidential manuals and HUD Master Key Codes. Weeks after Foreclosurepedia exposed Evangelo’s storage of spurious photos of woman and infants on a website marketed specifically for official financial institution foreclosure inspections, PK Management’s official reply was,

Regarding Evangelo, you are only making an assumption that we “didn’t do anything”. That is simply not the case. — PK Management to Foreclosurepedia on 22 March 2018

So, is PK Management incapable of performing a simple Google Search as part of their auditing process? In a latest public search of Evangelo’s website, Foreclosurepedia not only discovered much of the confidential material still remained accessible, but even more disturbing was the release of Lockbox codes for all of the NMFS Client Pool,

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I mean, you just cannot make this stuff up,

For firms like Spectrum, whom was recently acquired, in part, by Chronos Solutions, it paints a bad picture. What we know is that Alan Bunker does not have a firm grasp upon the term auditing and we also know that Chronos Solutions appears not to understand the term due diligence when getting in bed with NAMFS Member firms. And Evangelo is doing his best to ensure that everyone gets exposure. Wells Fargo, the beligured bank whom the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) capped at 2017 financial valuation; Wells Fargo, whom the Fed forced to fire its Board of Directors, has every one of their properties now open to the public eye of the world. I suppose the saving grace is that it would be illegal for criminals to use those lockbox codes to gain access to properties.

Spectrum and Wells aren’t the only ones exposed. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), whom contracts for multiple firms like Fannie Mae, are exposed. PK Management, a HUD M&M FSM Contractor, is exposed. M&M Mortgage, that’s Juan Gonzales and the gang down in Florida, are exposed. Reliance and Wolverine are exposed. Ocwen and Altisource are exposed. National Field Representatives (NFR) and Nations Property Solutions (NPS) are exposed. I think you get the point.

So, how about that Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance requirement? Do you think that Evangelo has it? He may want to pray to whatever god lowlife’s like he worship because he just exposed BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of properties. And when Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) like Fannie Mae want someone to blame, it might be best if they take a long hard look at PK Management and ask why it was that they cleared Evangelo and keep paying him all the while claiming to have had solved the problem. PK Management’s Contracts are still publicly plastered all over Evangelo’s website for anyone to download. Here is one which was just revised in December, 2017, only several months ago,

[tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe file=”” width=”800″ height=”800″ download=”false” print=”false” fullscreen=”true” share=”true” zoom=”true” open=”true” pagenav=”true” logo=”false” find=”true” current_view=”true” rotate=”true” handtool=”true” doc_prop=”true” toggle_menu=”true” language=”en-US” page=”” default_zoom=”auto” pagemode=””]

The file title clearly shows resubmission in December, 2017, on Evangelo’s publicly exposed servers,

Rape, murder, sodomy, pedophilia — there is a common theme going on which surrounds NAMFS and those doing business with its Membership. How about the Mickey Snow revelations? How about Don McPherson’s son, Coastal Mortgage, a NAMFS Legacy Member, whom lured an innocent child out of her window, stoned her to death, and raped her — pre or post mortem is undetermined. And now we have NAMFS Board Member, Michael Evangelo, storing photos of women and infants on his servers?! Anyone having a problem with this? Am I the only parent whom is appalled by the behavior and its coverup by Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director? Miller, whose salary is ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS PER YEAR helps people like Snow and Evangelo continue flying under the radar. Miller’s salary consumes over EIGHTY ONE PERCENT of all NAMFS member dues.

I’m going to get a little bit more out in the weeds. If I were a member of the American Public, I would be concerned about precisely whom is showing up, unannounced, on foreclosed properties. Because, by proxy, those men and women in the field whom are not speaking up are just as guilty as the offenders I write about.

For years, Eric Miller has, through his acquiescence, supported the NAMFS Pedophile Island. Who really knows how many photos there are of women and infants like NAMFS Board Member Michael Evangelo has been storing? Yeah, nothing to see here, just keep moving along. Kinda like Evangelo reading the Foreclosurepedia Newsletter, each week, with baited breath. I mean it’s the hallmark of a predator, if you ask me. Here, take a look at how bad it still is for Evangelo’s Clients, all of whom Foreclosurepedia gave the opportunity to for comment, and most chose not to or defer to the classic, It’s not my fault.

The list is a veritable Who’s Who of the NAMFS Regime. And there is Oh So Much More! Fact of the matter is that the Pequod is sailing with a boatload of fools. And all of those of you whom revel in the shadow of Eric Miller are eventually going to pay the price for his mistakes. No two ways about it. Just like those whom refused to come forward pertaining to the National Field Network (NFN) fraud will stand by and watch their colleagues get paid, so to will the heavy hand of compliance rest its yoke upon EVERY neck in the Industry.


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