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PKMG: A Call For HUD 3.6 Servicers

This is a Request For Information from Contractors whom are currently servicing PK Management on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.6 Contract. As many folks remember, Foreclosurepedia was the first and only Media Outlet to not only report upon the Awarding of HUD M&M 3.6 to PK Managment, but we actually blew the lid off of what we believed to be issues with the transition from A2Z Field Services, in our area here in Tennessee, to PK Managment.

Locally, we have noticed the same Age Old issues plaguing Contractors within both the Pre and Post Conveyance Foreclosure Marketplace. That issue is the farming out of Work Orders to Order Mills. While I understand the need to move work from A to B, when you are a Prime Vendor for the US Government, there is a tacit understanding that the Servicing of the Properties is going to be performed by Contractors. In the case of the Order Mills, PK Management is rewarding paper shufflers for performing NO WORK and these paper shuffling Order Mills are beginning to walk down the road of defraudment as was the case with my father-in-law waiting almost 70 days to be paid and then sans several hundred dollars.

As a footnote, the reason stated by the Order Mill for not paying my father-in-law on time was, “PK Management was not paid by the US Government during the US Government shutdown.” You have to give the Order Mill an “A” for creativity.

The Article coming out this weekend entitled, PK Management: A Year Later on HUD 3.6, is more about the substance of their performance. So far, it is looking like PK Management is achieving Milestones at least here in East Tennessee. Foreclosurepedia actually monitors a lot of the Properties which used to be in the HUD M&M 3.0 Inventory and then randomly looks at some subsets within HUD’s Bid – Sale Database. We additionally took a drive up to Kentucky wherein it has been rumored that PK Management reached out to Mickey Snow to provide coverage. Kentucky and Tennessee are night and day when juxtaposed. While PK Management and all Property Preservation Industry Vendors have always had difficulties covering Rural America, the Quad State — East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia and Northern North Carolina — areas are bar none the most difficult to cover.

We are interested in speaking with the men and women covering the Quad State Bermuda Triangle. We would like to know how the Work Orders are flowing — volumes, interactions with Vendor Management, pay — and whether or not the Work Flow is in a timely manner. We are also interested in whether or not there is any significance being placed upon Service Contract Act Compliance.

We would like to place some emphasis on what you, as Contractors, are seeing from a positive point-of-view. While PK Managment black balled Crystal Mills, owner of Foreclosurepedia the Business for what I write on Foreclosurepedia the Blog, I still am fundamentally interested in whether or not, a year later, PK Management has held up to their Responsibilities and if so I would like to give credit where credit is due.

Obviously, if there is negative to report on I am going to do it. For example, the same Order Mill that jacked my father-in-law recently posted that they were taking a vacation funded no doubt by the obscene profit margins and screwing of Contractors originating from PK Management Work Orders. We reached out to a Senior PK Management employee whom requested information on this Order Mill and after receiving that information chose to go silent.

That is a big problem in the Property Preservation Industry today. With the largest concentration of egregious conduct originating from Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, there is an overwhelming desire to have ABSOLUTELY NO TRANSPARENCY. There is no addressing of the obvious deceit and fraud which is rampantly flowing from Vendor Management to Contractors.

It would appear that Firms such as PK Management have absolutely no problems black balling people from US Government Contracts for speaking out; it appears that the Property Preservation Industry’s Chilling Effect upon the First Amendment is en vogue, but the ultimate question which will present is whether or not it is legal. Ever more so, though, the question will present whether or not it is legal to deny work to a single mother based upon what someone else writes.

I believe that an audit would show that this type of behavior, if not addressed when identified, becomes a legal quagmire. When Investigations commence a lot of silly questions like Did the Order Mill verify Contractors have Insurance, Background Checks, and pay the laborers in accordance with the Service Contract Act start to come up. Not a sustainable way to do business. Why not just hire Contractors instead of Order Mills? Your move; ball is in your Court.

We have received a ton of email so far and are thankful to those of you whom have sent both letters and photos. We wanted to give this last opportunity before we publish this weekend.

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