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Military Veterans Cautioned Against Working For NAMFS Members

Foreclosurepedia has uncovered yet another US Armed Forces Veteran defrauded by Carol Boyd, Owner of Boyd Property Preservation and Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has known about Carol Boyd’s actions for weeks now along with Adam Miles, National Association of Mortgage Field Services and done absolutely nothing.

While we feel that all Contractors are equal in how they are being discriminated against and defrauded, when a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services singles out Wartime Veterans; both Viet Nam and Desert Storm Era, and when some of the Veterans are 100% Service Connected Disabled, it becomes quite a troubling trend.

East Tennessee is not only the place that I live, but we also have a high concentration of US Armed Forces Veterans. People out here struggle each and every day and make hard decisions with respect to either buying a loaf of bread or getting a flu shot for a child. When Non Profit Associations like the National Association of Mortgage Field Services condones, through its silence, the defraudment of US Armed Forces Veterans it takes on a far more ghoulish position. Veterans, unlike civilian contractors, tend to take things a bit more seriously.

Eric Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and the NAMFS new President Adam Miles, owner of Miles Preservation in Southern California, have turned their backs upon the brave men and women whom served their Country. No other way to look at this. Cowardice. Treason.

We all know that Miller could give two shits about Military Veterans; his treatment of me is testament alone. His refusal to hold Carol Boyd accountable for sending bogus checks to a 100% Service Connected Disabled Wartime Veteran is yet another example. Now, a Viet Nam era Veteran in Dyersburg, TN, is out thousands and Miller along with Miles are still refusing to act.

You know, I tried to sit down and figure it out. I mean when you look at Miller it is pretty evident that push ups were never part of his daily regimen. No way someone like him ever pulled a hitch. Miles strikes me as a wallpaper salesman I used to see back in the Midwest whom took up wallpaper as they couldn’t hack it in the janitorial section at the Five and Dime. Nothing personal; Veterans simply are able to take about a half a second look and determine if someone has a thousand yard stare. So, maybe these hacks simply have a grudge against those of us whom did serve? I mean maybe the wife or perhaps the boyfriend made some comment about a rerun of Patton and the ego got bruised? Why else would men (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY with these two) allow Carol Boyd to  continue to defraud Military Veterans without publicly addressing it?

A close examination of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services reveals a telling trend. Heather Berghorst, owner of Berghorst Enterprises and currently pending litigation from a former female law enforcement officer for failure to pay alongside a litany of Contractor complaints for failure to pay tens of thousands of dollars and bordering on financial insolvency according to some Industry Insiders, could be a primary reason why the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is so hesitant to opine let alone investigate their own.

In essence, the entire Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is merely a surrogate of Lender Processing Services (LPS). Eric Miller, formerly the Vice President of Intelligence for LPS; Ben Windust is the Managing Director of LPS — Hey Ben, do you remember Jeffrey K. Baldwin and your letter to him which stated, we’d also like to hear from you if any of your circumstances have changed or if you can provide us with additional information for consideration[?] Yeah, Ben. I have a file on you about a FOOT THICK; Paul Magaha whom weasels the legislative process for LPS — hell, you get the point. We have files on all of these urchins.

Let’s talk a little bit, though, about Lender Processing Services. See, to understand why the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services are apparently so corrupt, one needs to understand the multi faceted spider web Lender Processing Services has layered out.

The Media angle of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is spearheaded by Paul Jackson vis-à-vis LPS over at Housing Wire. The leading advertiser for Housing Wire is, in fact, LPS (Lender Processing Services). You may have heard of them because they have been implicated in multiple criminal investigations for producing fake documents for foreclosure cases. LPS ran DocX, the company that sold “authentic” documents to foreclosure mill law firms at cut rates. And they continued this profit center even outside of DocX:

Questionable signing and notarization practices weren’t limited to its subsidiary, called DocX, but occurred in at least one of LPS’s own offices, mortgage assignments filed in county recorders’ offices show. And rather than halt such practices after the federal investigation got underway, the company shifted the signing to firms with which it has close business ties. LPS provided personnel to work in the new signing operations, according to information from an LPS spokeswoman and court records including an October 21 ruling by a judge in Brooklyn, New York. Records in county recorders’ offices, and in the judge’s opinion, show that “robosigning” and preparation of apparently false documents went on at these sites on a large scale.

In one instance, it helped set up a massive signing operation at the nearby office of a major client, a spokeswoman for the client, American Home Mortgage Servicing, confirmed. LPS-hired notaries who worked there said in interviews that troves of documents were improperly handled. They said that about 200 affidavits per day were robosigned during the two months the two notaries remained there.

What is Housing Wire, anyway? The principals of it and its parent company, the LTV Group, are Paul Jackson, and Richard Bitner. He used to be a subprime mortgage broker, and he wrote a book about it called Confessions of a Subprime Lender. Bitner has compared himself in interviews to a drug dealer for his career in the subprime industry.

The main shareholders in Housing Wire, and its publisher LTV Publishing, which is also an advertising/PR/marketing company, are:

Robert Jackson, Paul’s father and a CEO at Jackson and Associates, an REO (real estate owned; it means a property owned by a bank or government entity after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction) lawyer; Berry Laws, a partner at Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen, a foreclosure mill law firm out of Kansas, linked to robo-signing, which also owns a title company; and Benny Nassiri, the owner of Asset Financial Network, which specializes in foreclosure properties. Basically, someone cashing in on the misery of others. She has also worked with IndyMac, the collapsed subprime lender.

So, we now understand that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, an Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(6) Non Profit Business Association, is chock full of current and former Lender Processing Services employees. We understand that Paul Jackson, whom is a hack in my opinion anyway, is the mouthpiece for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, ergo, why the National Association of Mortgage Field Services feels comfortable allowing its Members to defraud US Armed Forces Veterans. What we need to know, now, is precisely how corrupt Lender Processing Services is so that we are able to see where the mentality of defrauding US Armed Forces Veterans comes from — not that simply being Eric Miller or Adam Miles wasn’t reason enough.

Let’s set the Mentality first; let’s look at how you doctor Legal Documents:

From: Nicholas Leonhard

Subject: FITNO Issue

The plaintiff on the complaint/AIO and our system of record do not match. Please advise us regarding a reliable procedure whereby the appropriate foreclosing party can be situated in the matter such that we can proceed to judgment of sale’

you very much’


Nicolas S, Leonhard




From: BAC Affidavits
Subject: Re: FITNO Issue

After reviewing the documents uploaded to LPS, the plaintiff on the complaint and the AOI match the information given to us.

Please let me know if I can further assist you.

Have a great day.


From: Nicholas Leonhard

Subject: Re: Re: FITNO Issue

we did an Internal review and see that the investor has requested that we FC in our name, given the point in the FC we are in.

Is this possible? Please provide us with a reliable path to proceed.


From: BAC Affidavit
Subject: Re: Re: Re: FITNO Issue
Good afternoon Nicholas

This should be corrected by quit claim deed after the sale takes place. Changing the plaintiff at the time of sale may result in significant increase in fees due to the condominium or homeowner association involved in this case. correcting post sale may result in documentary stamp taxes being incurred, but the taxes should be less than the association dues unless the loan is very large. Please note your system and advise us to make this correction when you advise of your bidding instructions


Intercom Message ;: Client Ref # 7419g144 :; Vendor Ref #

FROM: Leonhard, Nicholas
TO: Affidavits, BAC;
DATE: 8/17/20t1 7:30:00 AM
SUBJECT: Re: Re: Re: Re: FITNO Issue
TYPE: General Update

We approve your recommendation to do a QCD. Thanks for your help.


Nicolas S. Leonhard

Now, let’s take a look at the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Lender Processing Services has been paying out lately due to their corrupt actions — Sound like Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services?!:

Lender Processing Services will pay $127 million to settle charges by 46 states that the company forged documents that were used to foreclose on homeowners.

Following a felony guilty plea from the chief executive officer of wholly owned LPS subsidiary DocX LLC, Lender Processing Services has agreed to pay $35 million in criminal penalties and forfeiture to address its participation in a six-year scheme to prepare and file more than 1 million fraudulently signed and notarized mortgage-related documents with property recorders’ offices throughout the United States.  Lorraine Brown, 51, of Alpharetta, Ga., faced a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, or twice the gross gain or loss from the offense.   — So, Georgia is ground zero (coincidence?) as is Carol Boyd, Owner of Boyd Property Preservation and National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member and Bronze Level Contributor , followed a somewhat similar scheme by committing wire fraud and mail fraud, in my opinion, by transmitting and causing to be transmitted, fraudulent checks sent to Disabled Wartime Veterans, Viet Nam Veterans and other Contractors some of whom became homeless.

Law enforcement authorities on both state and federal levels are probing whether individuals at these foreclosure companies and at the banks that hired them committed an array of possible crimes – mail and wire fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and racketeering. Wait a minute … Is that a Foreclosurepedia Headline?! That almost sounds like the Hlista Litigation pending against yet another Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, Safeguard Properties!

A Bethel Park couple claim in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that a national property management company that handles foreclosure services had a local contractor repeatedly break into their home in 2012.

Alexandra and Anthony Hlista claim that Safeguard Properties of Valley View, Ohio, and the local contractor violated federal racketeering laws because they used the mail and electronic communications in setting up the break-ins and also violated state and federal consumer protection laws.

Michael Malakoff, their lawyer, said the contractor nailed windows shut, damaged screens and storm windows and changed the lock on their back door without any type of court order.

So, Adam Miles, of Miles Preservation LLC (200735110032); who’s website only lists Carbon Monoxide Law, California Hazmat Law and a Coming Soon Contractor Manual — I guess Miles Construction Group had issues and say hi to Jarom Renfeldt — has his work cut out for him. Make no mistake whatsoever, we are going to ensure that Adam Miles is able to communicate better with Terry Platt over at CubicYard as to precisely whom I am. We will get back to the Adam and Eve — or is that Adam and Steve — Show in just a minute.

Nickie Bigenho, National Association of Mortgage Field Services Board Member is currently the Vice President of Compliance over at Mortgage Contracting Solutions (MCS). Good ‘ol Nickie was also the Vice President of Compliance over at Countrywide Home Loans — yeah, the SAME COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS that triggered the 2008 financial meltdown. Real reassuring that Bigenho was over “Compliance.” Reality is that it seems to me the only Compliance Bigenho is hip to is fraud, deceit and corruption. My bad. Angelo R. Mozilo still has her back (no sexual connotations meant). Bigenho is also overseeing the Compliance of the hiring of two wanted felons, Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert whom defrauded Contractors here in East Tennessee. Don’t worry, Nickie darling, I made sure that Senator Bob Corker’s office got a copy of that one which was posted on Foreclosurepedia as well.

Kris Katoa-Johnson, Carrington Home Solutions and National Association of Mortgage Field Services Board Member is also in on the Play. See, to make what looks like to me a COMPLETELY UNETHICAL AND IMMORAL AT BEST AND ILLEGAL AT WORST ASSOCIATION FIT INTO THE FEDERAL RACKETEERING GAME WORK you have to come with your A Game.

Screw American Home Mortgage or Pacific Investment Management and Neuberger, Bruce Rose, Carrington Mortgage Chief Executive, makes money on every loan that is modified because his Greenwich, Connecticut hedge fund, Carrington Capital actually owns many of the first loss pieces of the mortgage securities that his servicer collects. The secondary investments are designed in a manner that Rose will continue to receive interest payments as long as the loans remain current.

Why is any of this important? Hell, the Holding Company runs the Show. I am simply too tired tonight to walk the uneducated through the Smoke and Mirrors. Irvine is a hell hole; what Irvine also has is an inordinate amount of people whom will give you information for a crack rock.

So, back to dear ‘ol Adam Miles of Miles Preservation LLC. It has to suck to now have a fairly clean company associated with the defraudment of US Armed Forces Veterans. When juxtaposed with the latest allegations of the murder of innocent animals to turn a buck on the corpses and passing of enormous amounts of cash under the table to avoid taxes by Miken Construction — yeah, Adam we also know about the emails awhile back — it makes you wonder if you are going to make it out intact. Deanna Alfredo Simmons learned real quick. Crying because the Vice President was caught out in the rain changing a lock on LinkedIn — Jesus, what a pathetic lot you people truly are. How John Ward ever allowed it to come to this; having is legacy now spiral down the sewer is a testament to what the National Association of Mortgage Field Services truly is.

More on this tomorrow and we are going to get down and dirty with the Details on the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Board Members as well.

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