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PA HUD Inspector Solicits Burglary On Craigslist

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is realizing that they get what their Prime Vendors pay for. Whereas, US Taxpayers are paying premium prices to tend to the properties, it would appear that it is Business As Usual for the Order Mills in their hiring practices. The reality is that HUD refuses to investigate anything unless it impacts the flow of bribe money running through Atlanta.

Justin Archer used the Craigslist website to sell a refrigerator and stove found within a Bethel Township, Lebanon County, home that he had been hired to inspect, police said. Archer, 31, of Wernersville, Berks County, then listed the items at “ridiculously low prices” and would provide interested buyers with an access code to enter the house and view them, according to Tpr. David Beohm, Pennsylvania State Police. — Click the link to hear the video linking the Inspector to HUD Inspections.

When HUD Prime Vendors hire Order Mills, pennies on the dollar are paid for services rendered. While not an excuse, it is indicative of the world we live in. $15 grass cuts and $6 Inspections all the while National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Members line their pockets and defraud Contractors. Heather Berghorst, the now disgraced and former NAMFS Regime Secretary, is a sterling example of why we have such rampant corruption. While Eric Miller, Adam Miles and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez continue to stonewall any form of Ethics Investigations, Heather Berghorst continues to rack up count after count in federal court.

While the NAMFS Regime continues full steam ahead with displaying a total and complete disregard for the law as exemplified by their illegal appointment of Joe Hummel, co owner of Keystone Property Services, to the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors, it is apparent that the NAMFS Regime has no intention of leading from the front. While the NAMFS Regime continues to refuse to investigate Cheap Suit Jay Goscinski whom has been implicated in fraudulent mold inspections and refusing to pay Contractors, the Mortgage Field Services Industry is on Center Stage as Federal Investigators begin to dig deep. More on point, though, if Farelo-Fernandez believes that the sunlight in Florida is going to sanitize the stench of immorality in refusing to conduct an Ethics Investigation against Berghorst, Buczek, Goscinski, et al., she is sadly mistaken.

The video attached to the quote on Justin Archer leaves no doubt that now, more than ever, the NAMFS Regime Offender Members are in a serious world of shit. Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez have no control over local law enforcement officials. Who knows, maybe indictments may be coming their way soon? Candidly, if I were a Firm shooting all of the rehab and bid work over to Farelo-Fernandez, I would probably be wanting to make sure that I didn’t become implicated in what appears to me to be a cover up of atrocities committed by former high ranking NAMFS Regime officers. While folks are welcome to take my opinions with a grain of salt, I submit that Heather Berghorst is a classic example of what happens when there is no system of checks and balances.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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