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This entry is part 12 of 14 in the series #OpISIS
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#OpISIS: Musings On The State Of Affairs Of The World Today

This entry is part 12 of 14 in the series #OpISIS

This Article is written based upon a message that I got this morning which was a testament to the fact that the Individual is Dead; that the ideological superiority of the Group outweighs the Freedoms of the Masses. The belief that the Collective is more important than those whom they purport to serve is a dangerous concept. This is a quote from a great person, doing GREAT things. It was in response to an inquiry for an Interview and is printed, only in part,

So sorry man. Gotta thank you for sharing our message tho. You’re doing good articles. :/

There doesn’t seem to be a day which rolls by without someone getting their feelings hurt anymore. I mean we seem to have a Cause for just about everything and if someone has figured out an angle wherein they are going to make a dollar off it or if some two bit hack got their pussy bruised about an opinion someone else made, you may rest goddamn assured that there is a Cause for that, too. You will generally find these folks out hocking their Cause on National Public Radio and Fox News. Yes, you got that right. Liberals and Conservatives are categorically the largest hate mongers in the United States today. Let me walk you through a discussion I had with a fellow colleague the other day,

I mean look Paul, you have to understand that whites have really screwed up things in America.

Jim, why do I need to understand anything let alone what white people have fucked up — always drop the F Bomb early and prolifically when you are engaging conversations with ignorant people.

What? Are you serious? I mean slavery, what we did to the Native Americans; look what about what is going on in Ferguson and Baltimore right now?

Natives? I thought you would hit me with the indigenous people. Shit, look let’s run with that bullshit a minute. So, was Cain a fucking racist? I mean look, man. This is a tired rap. We are tribal. And tribes fuck up other tribes. Period. Run with the theory that O 1 and 2 — Omo I and Omo II in Ethiopia — are a testament to the fact that mankind started in Ethiopia. They were black or sans the color who fucking cares. Here’s the reality, over the course of time they and their people got their ass kicked. Hell, the Egyptians; the Mongols; the Vikings; the Germans — everyone got their ass kicked. What is important is whom is around today. This notion that …

See, that’ your problem Paul, you do not give validity to …

No, Jim, it is mankind’s problem. This notion that life is fair; the notion that everyone is created equal, is fucking garbage. So, too, is the notion that some are better than others. We are animals and like animals, some tribes learned to appropriately apply tactics and techniques which were superior to others. I mean when a cheetah hunts, kills and eats a Thomson’s gazelle on the Masai Mara in Kenya, Africa, do we say that the cheetah is racist or that the cheetah owes the gazelle some kind of independent domain where the cheetah must provide for the gazelle? Fuck, no. And the only difference is that we wear ties and they do not; we are bipedal, possess a cerebellum and they do not.

That kind of thinking will get you into trouble, you know. The Old Guard like you are being picked off like the gazelle you mention.

Yeah, I get all shaky and shit with butterflies in my stomach. Does rational man have the ability to comprehend; to opine upon socioeconomic depravity? Sure, we all do; well most of us do to a degree. The problem is that when you start to blame me, a 40 something year old man for my ancestors kicking the shit out of other people, it holds no water; it holds no fucking weight with me. I hear all the bullshit about the Jews, but look I didn’t ask them to lay down and believe that some cloud people were going to rescue them and not once, but twice! As I recall the believers in these gods had some story about Egyptians enslaving Jews and if that’s a fact; if we lend credence to the biggest myth ever thrust upon man, then why in the fuck isn’t Israel fucking up Egypt or why aren’t the Ferguson mobs calling for the heads of the Kings over in Africa as it was they whom had the goddamn slave ports?

You are mad! I mean I know you are out there but do you really believe these are honest questions?

Jim, look, I’ve known you since the war and I’m going to tell you something your white ass isn’t going to like. Egypt doesn’t have money. Africa doesn’t have money. That’s why they are not getting reamed over contemporaneous bullshit. You want reality? Everyone fucks everybody. Look, the bankers fucked us all and I don’t see the mobs burning down the banks. You’re not going to change it, I’m not going to change it. And racism? Shit, racism is the biggest hustle there is. See, if you keep the masses fighting amongst each other, they will never unify to overthrow the very oligarchy which has been fucking us since day one.

The existential threat which the US Government and really all governments fear is the fact that people will one day wise up to the fact that they are more powerful at localized levels than remaining dependent upon a federal bureaucracy or now a global environment. The travails in China’s stock exchange; a Communist Country no less with some of the most Draconian laws around, impact the World’s leading democracies. Random? Happenstance? No, calculated and effective. The reason there is such a move to remove encryption and cut off the spigot on the Internet is because it allows the freedom of thought and expression.

The protection of free speech is meaningless if what we really mean is provided your speech; your ideas, do not upset us, they are welcome. When we prohibit and or then award certain kinds of speech; when the very foundations of our belief system are based upon our ability to shine brighter or condemn far worse than others, we are protecting speech only insofar as it furthers a Cause or Agenda. Satirical strategy, brought to us by the ancient Greeks, is a dying art. In fact, in what I call the Don’t Bruise My Pussy Agenda, we are now understanding the apathy which most citizens of any country on the face of the Earth displays.

See, that’s the deal: You are going to inconvenience people if you truly inquire as to their motivations. Mine are pretty clear: If I find something I don’t like, I generally write upon it. Everyone does, to a degree. Take social media, for example. I covered the beat for awhile. In essence, there are two factions going head-to-head. Folks whom rally under the banner of Anonymous on the one side and the Islamic State on the other. The truly ironic case is this: Each side claims to have a level of purity; a level of purity which is marketed and packaged publicly and really isn’t representative privately.

Those whom claim the banner of Anonymous today are far different than those whom germinated their lulz over in the early 4Chan days. I understand the evolution of belief and concept as I am no stranger to anthropological discussions. What we are seeing, though, is more of a Tit for Tat evolution. There is a carrot and the stick approach to how the factions now appear to present themselves which, in and of itself, lends to the question of whether or not Anonymous as a Concept is even still with us.

When you take action and you do such silently, then you subscribe to the Triad of: To Know, To Dare and To Keep Silent. It is all well and good when people gather collectively to do things under the cloak of darkness for then it is expected that if things go South, well, it rarely sees the light of day. More on point, when people come together and preach purity publicly and yet the stench of their bowels paint a trail to their lair, one needs only scratch the talc upon the surface to realize that things are not as they seem.

The Islamic State (IS) is no different in their sophomoric contentions that they represent some High Power which commands them to do that which they have done. The beheading of people for what amounts to thought crimes is repugnant to the world, as we live in it, today.

That is the problem, though, with any Institution which believes it has The One True Answer. The Oracle of Delphi was poignant when answering the question, What is the meaning of Life. Know Thyself. You see, for all the bravado and back slapping going on over in Twitter about Tangos Down; for all the preaching of what amounts to be hypocrisy from both parties, Anonymous and IS alike, the reality is that each are fighting each other not to save anyone else, but rather as an existential demonstration of precisely why as a civilization we are doomed.

To understand where our world is heading and heading rapidly drop by a Convention held by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA). The military industrial complex (MIC) identified by President Eisenhower no longer reigns supreme within the Beltway. We are now seeing more of a cyberintelligence  industrial complex (CIC). The CIC is far different in than the MIC and the argument may be made that it is far more dangerous. The reality is that as opposed to tending to the business of the American People, by and through a balanced budget, we are now in a permanent war economy. No ifs ands or buts about it.

CIA’s National Clandestine Service (NCS) has always been ahead of the curve, so to speak. While their upstarts, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) — don’t you just love that Soviet – Hitler Era name Homeland — think they have the next, best thing, the reality is that with porous borders; with a Nation fighting amongst itself, we are rapidly becoming Rome in its Ancient Time of Decline. The reality is that while Movements may honestly believe they are autonomous, the reality is that they march to the beat of the Beltway drum when they aspire to create social buzz and yet fear the transparency which attaches thereto.

Asking that global citizenry roll out the red carpet for yet another Messiah or Captain Save-a-Ho and refusing to engage in dialogue with the very people you pretend to be saving from themselves or the Evil Minions is the epitome of Business as Usual. Shit, I can buy the same thing at Wal Mart for half price as my ex used to tell me about the Victoria Secrets gifts I would bring home.

Participatory democracy died out, years ago, along with the belief that all men are created equal. The US Constitution was, long ago, relegated to its proper place in history on the coffee table, neatly tucked in between The New Yorker and Gay Pride: The Collectors Edition. In fact, when company is invited into the home, it is generally used as a coaster for the Smoothies which are served during a discussion on how each party is going to make a larger contribution to the Carbon Emissions Tax Fund and Save the Whatever We Are Saving This Week Pledge Drive. Men have been relegated to a position of menial servitude to the superior woman and the Gods forbid they object to attending the #BlackLivesMatter meeting being held at the local Gee We Are So Moderate Islamic Forum.

Where the US Flag once flew proudly on the front porch reminding Americans why their grandparents died in World War II to free the very same degenerates whom are attacking us now, flies the limp Rainbow Rag preaching decadence and debauchery. The pendulum has swung, as it always does generationally, but this time it has swung too far. The physics of mankind are far out of whack and the reality is that no amount of money printed and distributed to the Blacks; the Indians; or any other We Are Owed Something Movement, will restore the balance.

I am sickened to my stomach when I read about people honestly believing that they are OWED something! If America is so fucking bad, why not head on over to Africa — seems to be all the rage with the Black Panthers — Mexico — seems to be all the rage with La Raza — or fucking the Middle East — which ALL THE MODERATE MUSLIMS pretend they so love?!

I am an American. I could give two fucking shits what color you are. If you come to my house and need some food or a place to lay your head, you’ll get it provided you respect my beliefs and culture. Many have passed through here and their colors are as wide as the Rainbow as the locals will tell you. You see, I don’t go to Compton and tell the residents what to think or believe. I don’t say that even though I was homeless, grew up in an abusive home; went to war; and some fucking how I made it to where I am today I am owed something from my government or anyone. That is because I am an American. I am not a White American; I do not watch White TV; I do not have White History Month and I goddamn sure don’t celebrate White Cultural Values. Why? I am an American.

We have a sickness in the United States today and that sickness is The Entitlement Syndrome. And the Gods for fucking bid that a person might actually step up and try to actually help with something. And if they are White?! Shit, there is going to be a world of hurt coming down the pike for them. I have experienced this, first hand, time and again! And you know what? I am getting to the point that I just really don’t give a fuck. Baltimore burned down?! Good. Ferguson on fire again? Here’s five bucks for the fuel. I mean out of the 192 murders in Baltimore for 2015 on this map, there is only one IN ALL RED raising hell with respect to the police. My bad, whitey is to blame. It is the story as old as man himself — fuck the feminists if they don’t like the masculine demonstrative.

How The World Views Whitey And Yet Wants Whitey To Save It From Its Enemies
How The World Views Whitey And Yet Wants Whitey To Save It From Its Enemies

While I am not going to expound upon the perversely obvious rhetoric flowing throughout cyberspace about whom is more pure than the other, it should suffice to say that I am not alone in my opinion. The image above is a testament to the fact that while everyone will come to collect from whitey with their Causes and Beliefs, they sure in the fuck do not have the purity they preach. I mean therein lies the rub, as the bard would say. You’re going to take blood money from the very race that apparently is the bane of humanity. Fucking grow up. Take some responsibility for your own lives, for a change. Instead of attempting to export demagoguery and save people ten thousand miles away how about a little bit of introspection beforehand. The reality is that the exportation of hate begins at home and for all the lauds ALL GROUPS seem to heap upon themselves for solving the iniquities abroad, apparently they missed the splinter in the mind’s eye which compels them to not fix themselves; to not KNOW THYSELF, as they attempt to fix others.

Make no mistake whatsoever, Anonymous under all of their banners, are doing great things. I always have and always will support Anonymous. It is dangerous though; ney, it is blasphemy to the very core foundations of that which the lulz was formed upon, to refuse to allow inquiry in all of its shades of grey — 50 Shades as I like to see them. 😉

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