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Operation Blackout: An Industry Wake Up Call

When most of the owners of the Regional and National firms go to Ruth’s Cris after buying a new diamond ring I believe the last thing on their minds is what the skill sets are of Contractors.  What do I mean here exactly?  The reality is that the men and women whom are literally dying in this Industry actually held vocations prior to entering into the corrupted trade called Property Preservation.  While no accurate statistics are available to the public — G-d Bless NAMFS for that — my hunch is that there are quite a few combat veterans.

Last month’s projected loss in National’s work stoppage

Veterans are one of the most unique subsets of American Society.  They bring a wide array of knowledge and can do attitude to virtually anything they touch!  More on point, when properly mobilized underneath the Command (C3) of a Leader they trust, they can literally move mountains!  The reality is that we trained these men and women to disrupt foreign nations ability to operate both in overt and covert methodologies.

Where was I?  Ah, yes.  I had the opportunity to speak with an individual whom shares some of the same unorthodox beliefs as I last night.  One would think we both did training at The Farm or over at the Puzzle Palace.  Anyway, a novel concept came out of our discussions.  In the same way that the Nationals are forcing GPS Locations to be transmitted to them, ISTAR is capable of receiving the same.  Now, why would we want to do that?  Before you go there, yes it is legal.

If we took the Contractors whom are aligned with our way of thinking and plotted a fusion table on a map, charted this data for say one or two months and allowed key players within both the pre and post conveyance markets along with investment firms AND INFLUENTIAL SOURCES ON THE TRADING FLOOR OF WALL STREET access along with making it public on the Internet it would make for a hell of a data set.

Now, the data set is no big deal.  What we are talking about is tracking 200+ Contractors for 60 days and geo plotting each and every work order they perform.  What is the Big Deal is announcing Operation Blackout.  Operation Blackout would communicate that every one of the Contractors on board were going to drag their heels for a week or longer on turning in orders in both the pre and post conveyance markets covering both Inspections and Services including Grass Cuts.

Congress does not have the ability to force non unionized Contractors to return to work.  With recent consideration of the fragility of the markets; the ironic role real time social media plays in determining geo political outcomes; with a build up campaign calculated to inform both domestic and global markets that the power brokers in the US Banking Industry do not have the ability to control their serfs, I believe that Operation Blackout is a viable option.

At the end of the day what is the worst thing that would happen?  Chances are the Contractors will never be paid by the Order Mill they are working for so there is no financial downside.  Now, the hemorrhaging of Capital from the Order Mills would be, well … Priceless!  It would also show precisely how impotent NAMFS is.  NAMFS is really no more than a slush fund for the Big Boys to finance a few Conventions.  Operation Blackout would finally show precisely how out-of-touch NAMFS is with the Industry!  Operation Blackout would also communicate to the Financial Institutions that their puppets have spent far too much time becoming greedy and not nearly enough time on tending to the herd.

The beauty of propaganda is that when orchestrated properly NO ONE can escape its full force.  First, the Contractors that would balk on a walk out would be in a bind.  Picture a flat tire, sick child, storm downs internet lines, insert ANYTHING that would disrupt operations.  Well, the Industry could NOT differentiate whom participated nor whom legitimately had issues.  If they begin firing (oh, my bad we aren’t employees ARE we?!) everyone they will undoubtedly be sued by lawyers we hire for those whom have “legitimate” reasons not to work.  Coordinated with a media blitz stocks WILL fall in valuation.

The beauty is that Contractors working for ALL NATIONALS AND REGIONALS have been on board for quite sometime!  The Industry simply invested the finances for the applications which were needed to push forward.  Source code, at the level it has been rolled out on, it trivial in its security parameters.  Lest anyone think I am jesting monitor the IRC chatter on this.  Take a look through Pastebin and if you noobs are real good you may pick up the Puzzle chatter.  You can’t stop it.  Much like the Arab Spring, the revolution of social media has arrived in the Property Preservation Industry.  You greedy sods had the chance to work with Contractors; you fattened your bank accounts while our children went hungry!  You set up your daughters with fancy and gaudy storefronts on and off the internet as our children missed doctor’s appointments.  You attended your Conferences in Babel while we stood in food stamp lines!  The National’s devaluing of human life; of treating Contractors like pawns in their predatory and sick game, is coming to an end.

The Banking Industry is not going to stand by and continue to be double billed while allowing for a work disruption.  They have to move the houses now, more than ever, because the institutional buyers are shrinking and the flood gates of toxic assets will have to open up sooner rather than later.  These same Players also know that now is the time to begin to reign in the sloth of the Nationals and Regionals and focus on bringing operations back under their roofs where they are better equipped to increase their Return on Investment (ROI).

On a final note, make absolutely no mistake that this will be a tactical operation waged asymmetrically.  We now have the funding, support and manpower to bring to fruition Operation Blackout.  Nationals and Regionals no longer control the landscape.  Strategically we are superior as the Movement is completely autonomous.  With European interests taking note, the bell cannot be unrung.

For those whom wish to become involved, if you have not already been contacted, you will have to have both a Public and Private PGP Key which may be verified by a third party as belonging to you.  We recommend Thunderbird for easiest implementation.  To participate in the Project GEODATA you must have an Android and/or iPhone with Root Access.  There is no requirements for National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) membership; however, it is a good idea to check them out as they represent the future of how the Industry will cope with the fallout of this war.  All data transmitted is both encrypted and anonymous.  It streams to an offshore provider and then bounces through multiple servers before reconstituting here domestically.  The only thing you have to loose is the ability to continue being screwed.

COVID Interview With Industry Veteran

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