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Boston: Whom Is The Handler?

I am beyond upset about the mainstream media calling these terrorists boys.  Look, Russian Special Forces (Spetznaz) were telling us back in 2000 that the Chechen Islamic fanatics were gunning for the United States.  These are not boys; these are trained soldiers executing a very detailed set of compartmentalized tasks.  While Wolf Blitzer and the White House were looking at right wing Christians and Uncle Joe was slurring through his bottle of Scotch about Tax Day I called it like I saw it.  The attempt to label it domestic and then the need to retreat and clean up the mess.  Problem is that these people are not Al Qaeda or the Taliban.  These are rat shit crazed terrorists whom could give two shits about negotiating.

Take a look at Boston right now.  It is locked down so tight you couldn’t get a stick pin through the sphincter of the town.  Now, also understand, it is precisely this easy to shut down any major metro area, anytime for any reason!

The best thing they can do is catch the one still alive as I type this and ship him off to a Black Facility or down to The Farm and find out whom his Handler is.  First, there was a Recruiter.  Then, the funds streamed in from overseas.  Then the Handler began to compartmentalize the Plan.  We need this information by any means necessary.  Scopolamine for all!  Folks, these terrorists did NOT just wake up and begin to build bombs.  You watch the footage (I am an old hand at this shit) and you will see that the gait of their movement was confident on the path they walked.  These folks were radicalized and recruited.  So, you might as well figure that the sleeper cells are being awakened.   G-d bless the idea that porous borders, removal of the 2nd Amendment and peace are alive and well in the Beltway!

I’m not going to get too deep into the HUMINT here as I don’t want to deal with a bunch of crazy questions; however, here is a question for the Nationals, Regionals and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills:

In light of the fiasco of hiring known felons (PPMS), have terrorists been hired as well?  It is quite obvious that, to date, the only concern I have been able to identify concern over has been profits.  Mark my words, at some point-in-time the laxness of hiring on Craigslist is going to result in the establishment of Safe Houses for these vermin and they will be paid to boot!

Two small pressure cooker bombs locked down one of the largest cities in the United States for several days now.  The financial fall out, not to belittle the human casualties, is far more severe!  While my thoughts and prayers go out to the families impacted by these scum sucking terrorists, I must concern myself more appropriately on what may be done now.  Not just now, but in the long term.  The Order Mills are going to have to grow up.  They are going to have to begin to properly maintain the properties lest they become safe havens for terrorists.  Finally, they are going to have to cease their recruitment from Craigslist.  You know, this is the only Industry I know of wherein you can provide some information and not only get a paycheck, but have access to millions of vacant homes with NO OVERSIGHT!  The blame will lay squarely at the feet of the Nationals whom were hired to tend to these properties and follow the laws of the United States of America.

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