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Precalculated Failure: Order Mills

One of the biggest problems in the Industry today is that the Contractors today have an unbridled fear of telling the Order Mills that they can go straight to hell.  At the end of the day anyone whom farms orders out instead of doing their own work are predators whom should be forced to register just like a criminal offender.

I know of absolutely no other profession on Earth wherein a Contractor (really employee) is forced to submit to dehumanizing questions revealing more private information than is collected during a homicide investigation!  As a matter of fact prostitutes and drug dealers even know what they will be paid before they render services.

This portion of the Post has been removed due to Eric Miller and NAMFS having a law firm threaten us with litigation.  Eric, I guess as neither he nor his lawyers (about 32 of them) would ever respond to a phone call or email, is fearful that the language used would motivate someone, somewhere at some unknown time to interpret the language in some manner and act in a criminal manner.

With that said, I am flattered that NAMFS and their lawyers feel that I have such a large following that I rise to the level of acknowledgement requiring such an esteemed law firm.  I do not know what more these folks want.  I am sure they will require rewording which violates the Constitution of the United States.  If they are content then they have my humble and sincere apology for that which they felt was offensive or scary or whatever.

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