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Obama Administration Targets Foreclosurepedia – HUD M&M 3.5 R-ATL-02006

In an astonishing move at 1634EDT, 02 December 2013, the Obama Administration by and through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s Office of the General Counsel demanded that Foreclosurepedia remove a Document leaked by a High Level US Government Source which intimated impropriety in the Federal Contract Bidding Process under HUD Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.5 R-ATL-02006.

Kevin M. Simpson, Associate General Counsel for Finance and Administrative Law, Office of General Counsel, HUD threatened Foreclosurepedia under what may only be described as National Security Protocols of Title 18 of the United States Code in an attempt to have the Leaked Document buried.

The final sentence of the Demand Letter read, “Please treat this as a formal demand to remove this document from any and all locations on the Internet, refrain from any further public distribution and return the original materials to my office here at HUD.”

The language in the last section, “…return the original materials to my office…” is identical to the language which the Obama Administration has used in cases such as the now infamous Edward Snowdon National Security Agency Leaker and WikiLeaks Julian Asange.

The anger and incredulity in which the Obama Administration is focusing upon Foreclosurepedia’s continuing exposure of corruption within the Mortgage Field Services Industry; the obvious fear of exposure within the Highest Echelons of Power within the Beltway, has now reared its ugly head against a lowly blogger in a county with one stop light.

Closer to home, FoxNews Reporter James Rosen was also recently on the receiving end of the Obama Administration’s targeting of journalists whom did not tow the Regime’s Party Line.

It has become abundantly clear, at least to me, that Simpson’s Demands are and have been made in an attempt to create a Chilling Effect Upon Free Speech. When you Google Demand To Return Original Materials To US Government the implications of Black Helicopters and Gitmo Bay become a stark reality.

Whether those of you whom read my material like it or not, the concern should be upon today it is me; tomorrow is it you? With concerns rising with respect to the safety of my family; the HUD M&M 3.5 R-ATL-02006 valuated at $100 Million or above so the tactics being implemented by the Obama Administration are only in their first stages, I have reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union amongst other folks. We are additionally pursuing a Washington DC Bar Complaint against Kevin Simpson for verbally entering into an Agreement and refusing to place that into writing.

This should be a testament to those Protestors under HUD M&M 3.5 R-ATL-02006, that the Obama Administration will not tolerate the interference with its Contract Award Process. Those of you out there, right now, reading this need to become fully aware that dissent will never be tolerated.

We reached out to several media outlets including the Huffington Post and the Washington Post; however, it would appear that they were more concerned with Obama Administration Photo Ops. If Foreclosurepedia is silenced; if US Citizens are no longer allowed First Amendment Rights, it will be a very grave day indeed.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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