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National Labor Union: A Primer

Until we have a National Conference Call with this International Labor Union, their Name will not be disclosed. In the meantime, though, I believe some basic information is important. First, there is no Citizenship Requirements. This is fundamentally important because I believe it will encourage undocumented worker participation. Let’s not bullshit around, LULAC is a powerful friend against Corporate America and it is presumed that they would be supportive of this move.

Second, the reality is this: If you own our own Company you are an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR. If you have W2 Employees you are an EMPLOYER. Workers, Independent Contractors AND Employees all have the right to join. Here is what I want you to picture: 10,000 strong taking on the Employers and the Order Mills.

Take a spin through the Social Media forums right now, even on my Group, and the only folks whom are bitching and talking trash are those WHOM WOULD LOOSE MONEY IF YOU CHARGED MORE FOR YOUR WORK! You tell me what any of these folks have done for you lately?! Where they there at your surgery? Help you out on the phone bill while telling you Pay When Get Paid? Hmnn, same folks telling you to go document Discoloration when you are inhaling Mold Spores and Asbestos? Yeah, always love that one. They going to be there to pick up the tab for the ER Visit?!

These people whom condemn entering into an ALREADY ESTABLISHED UNION are terrified because you will impact the amount of money they will put into their pocket.


This letter is a call to organize. We, in the foreclosure industry, work for employers who care little about our health, safety, or livelihoods. Our employers regularly violate laws and our working conditions and our pay reflect this reality. One reason these conditions exist is that we are not organized. With organization, we can improve our working conditions, be better informed, and enjoy more protections and rights. Organization might not fix every problem we encounter on our job, but it will make things better.

We have decided to organize with the                 , a labor union which offers the following features:

  • Democratic unionism and mutual aid
  • Short and long term goals for making work better and more democratic
  • Union membership that we can take to all of our workplaces, whether it is in foreclosure industry or not.
  • Rebuilding the labor movement

Union dues are $9 for workers making less than $2000 a month; $18 for workers making $2000 to $3500; $27 for workers making more than $3500 a month. There is also a one-time initiation fee equal to your monthly dues.

As a member, you get all membership materials (XXXXX Constitution, Publications, Button) and full union rights. Importantly, members run the , both at the local and international level. The main office is in xxxxxxx and All officers are elected annually—all but one serve as volunteers.

In cities with XXXXXXX offices, you will become a full member. In locations without an XXXXXXX office, the larger campaign and union will assist you in your work.

I’ll save the rhetoric for another day. Those on the Short List know what to begin immediately. The Brave Support Us. The Heroic Join Us. The Corrupt Fear Us. That is our rally call! Abolish the Mandatory Line Items!

If you have questions, please contact:

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