NPPG: Is It Just An Extention of the NAMFS?

There is nothing new under the sun. That maxim is true no matter what one attempts to create within finance. Hustle is Hustle. The Organizational Structure of the Property Preservation Industry is no different. The National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) would appear to be on track to be akin to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) sooner rather than later.

After revelations that Leadership within the NPPG had used Membership Rolls to their advantage in the furtherance of Order Milling one might have thought that a New Vision would have emerged. Umm, this is the Property Preservation Industry, so yeah right. Not missing a beat, NPPG began reaching out and striking deals with Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills to not only move the Membership over into their pools, but additionally to charge NPPG Members to do it and then take a piece of the pie.

In a move which even made the NAMFS blush, NPPG set into motion a Pay to Play scheme which coupled terms like “Elite” with Membership. More on point, the question ultimately becomes what precisely does NPPG know about the background of FuryLearn‘s owner and his financial interactions with Contractors? I believe that this will be the ultimate testament to where NPPGs loyalties lie. Especially, when you are talking about the shifting of TENS OF THOUSANDS OF NPPG MEMBER DOLLARS to a Non NPPG Member.

Here’s how the deal works: The NPPG Board of Directors put together an artifice or scheme wherein National, Regional or Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are able now to Apply For Membership. While these Order Mills are not legally allowed to Vote, it is obvious that their Membership wields an enormous amount of influence over the day-to-day operations of the NPPG. The hustle doesn’t end there, though. First, the NPPG Board of Directors have yet to reveal precisely how much money they receive from these Non Voting Members such as ISNCorp. The NPPG actually published ISN and the US Marshals Service specifications for Winterizations on their website recently.

It doesn’t end there, though. NPPG decided to go ahead and partner up with Rob Preston. This is the same Rob Preston whom owned an outfit known as Stallion and initially put together a Training Presentation for NAMFS. Preston comes into the game for SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT of NPPG Membership Dues. If that number sounds familiar it is because Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services receives almost SEVENTY PERCENT of all NAMFS Member Dues.

Here is the kicker on Preston and NPPG: The Certification — and remember only ISO Certifications are valid — eats “…$75 of which will go towards “Elite” certification.” It is a play out of the NAMFS Book. The big difference is that NAMFS knows full well that as a Non Profit Organization they must be transparent in the revealing of ALL OF THEIR FINANCES. NPPG still has not figured that out.

NPPGs Income Tax Filing, this year, will reveal the full scope of what I believe to be a Pay to Play scheme. Not a single NPPG Member we spoke with could tell us precisely how much money was being paid for access to the NPPG Member Database nor had any of the NPPG Members we spoke to ever seen a copy of the Contracts between Preston of FuryLearn or any other Order Mill Client NPPG currently has or is Courting.

Do some basic math here. $100 times 400 Members is $40,000. Remind me again precisely what the National Property Preservation Guild does other than enrich itself upon the Member Dues without any accountability whatsoever? Sound familiar? Yeah, there’s that pesky NAMFS  analogy again. FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! Many, like myself, are asking if there is a kickback from Preston back to anyone on the NPPG Board. I mean the possibility of THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS BEING PAID TO PRESTON FOR UNACCREDITED CERTIFICATION?! Quid quo pro — Associations and Guilds doing their best to screw the Contractor every chance they get!

Status quo; that is precisely what the Order Mills have always wanted. The National Property Preservation Guild merely gives the Order Mills a more convenient way to divide and conquer. For Contractors whom continue with the Guild, we wish them the best. We predict and are rarely wrong, that we will be writing about them just like we document Contractor Defraudment each and every day of the week.

If you are an NPPG Member — well, technically if you haven’t paid your Dues we won’t tell  😉  — we would like to talk to you!


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