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Laura Wyman Medlin: Why Order Mills Are Grasping At Straws

I have never had any respect for Order Mills or their employees. Prime Vendors are a different matter as that is more federal contracting. Order Mills suck the very life blood out of Contractors … period. While Prime Vendors and National Order Mills are a necessary evil, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills like the one where Laura Wyman Medlin is employed are definitely predatory at best. Typical Power and Control issues from a washed up old lady whom has been beaten down by life; nothing more glamorous than a leech whom makes her money on the backs of hardworking Contractors. We really do not even need to go past that last sentence. A paper shuffler whose job it is to make money by assigning jobs and then figure out ways to Back Bill to make even more money. Hey, can you pass the nail file?!

Laura Wyman Medlin has been taking pot shots at myself and others for quite sometime. Her recent demands to release US Department of Defense Records on Facebook are typical of the Order Mill Mentality. In the same way that it is obvious that Laura Wyman Medlin will stoop to any level in an attempt to garner attention; in an over-the-hill manner typical of classic menopause, Laura Wyman Medlin will do what it takes to both sully the waters to continue bleeding Contractors and capture the attention that she missed out on in her younger and more presentable days.

Carl Arredondo, Chief Meterologist for WWLTV Channel 4 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is no stranger to Laura Wyman Medlin’s odd and baseless outbursts on the Internet. Back in February, over on Facebook, Laura Wyman Medlin felt so compelled to inject herself into matters which she had no knowledge of, that both Arrendondo and Laura Buchtel a fellow news reporter had to correct Laura Wyman Medlin.

All 12 Posts are listed here on Facebook

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February 10 at 12:57pm ·

Laura Wyman Medlin:        Where is the rain that was suppose to wash out the parades?

Carl Arredondo Wwltv:       Laura Wyman Medlin I don’t think any of us said that today was going to be a wash out. We said yesterday and I said today that most may be north and west of the lake today. There is still a chance for a few showers this evening on the southshore. There have been some as close as St Charles parish.

Laura Buchtel Wwltv:          Laura – the heavier rain will move in Monday and Tuesday as the cold front stalls over the region. Today’s threat was mainly the strong storms. Parades moved up their start times today, but no parades in metro New Orleans were cancelled today, and we’ve only heard of Hera and Zeus cancelling tomorrow night.

February 10 at 1:37pm · 1

Laura Wyman Medlin:       Therein was problem I watched the wrong station !

[Editor’s Note: Gee, you think so?! Too much sauce maybe? Too many Xanax to muddle through the Work Orders for the day?!]

February 10 at 1:45pm · 1

Gotta love that. No apology, no shouldering of responsibility. Simply this innate demonstration of typical Order Mill Mentality.

In a nutshell; when taking into consideration that the above is merely one of many slip-of-the-tongue examples, one has to ask themselves what the end game is. Personally, I believe that as we DRILL DOWN DEEPLY on Laura Wyman Medlin’s employer, what we are witnessing is a National Association of Mortgage Field Services sympathizer whom attempted to take on Foreclosurepedia and miserably failed.

Laura Wyman Medlin’s jihad would be comical were she not directly involved with US Financial Institution Banking and Regulatory Information; the bad publicity which her employer’s Clients and ultimately the Financial Sector face due to Laura Wyman Medlin’s MEDDLING around like a drunk sailor on leave, may very well be costly.

I know as people approach the Half Century mark in age they become a bit incoherent. Conrad and James aside; we all know that 2006 was a bad year anyway, people really need to decide if they want to through Stones in a Glass House.

Laura Wyman Medlin’s frantic pleas on Facebook for attention aside (the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual speaks volumes on Laura Wyman Medlin’s organic and inorganic condition from a subjective point-of-view), the drill down on Laura Wyan Medlin’s pathetic and dismal attacks upon myself and others is nothing more glamorous than Narcissism.  At the core of extreme narcissism is egotistical preoccupation with self, personal preferences, aspirations, needs, success, and how he/she is perceived by others.

The problem which Laura Wyman Medlin presents, though, is not attacking myself or others. In a Grasping For Straws mentality, Laura Wyman Medlin diverts both time and energy from bringing down Order Mills and their employees such as Laura Wyman Medlin. You see, Laura Wyman Medlin is FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT UPON Contractors being screwed. If Laura Wyman Medlin can no longer convince Contractors that she is the Gateway to the Financial Institutions and National Order Mills, Laura Wyman Medlin is in the unemployment line. Laura Wyman Medlin has a vested interest in keeping Foreclosurepedia quiet about reporting upon Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services defrauding Contractors ergo Laura Wyman Medlin is Part of the Problem and not Part of the Solution!

Laura Wyman Medlin has attempted to leverage conversations for quite some time now in the direction that Order Mills are really these warm fuzzy entities. As we all learned several days ago, Order Mills are complicit in the starvation and death of innocent animals as a side bar to the defraudment of US Armed Forces Veterans, single mothers and half a dozen other hot button Contractor types.

Since the Foundation of the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) people like Laura Wyman Medlin have weaseled their way through the System of Checks and Balances. Laura Wyman Medlin, as last I recall, was pending Membership. I predicted this kind of covert strategy by the Order Mills. The Pox Upon The House whom allowed Order Mills to ever join NPPG. Nothing new there, though, as the greed and corruption of Order Mills is rampant throughout the Industry.

So, here you have a Guild I founded with VERY CLEAR mechanisms to keep out Order Mills. Why? Because it was to be a Contractor’s Guild. So, the Board of Directors tossed out the Constitution which ENSURED no Order Mills would EVER be Members and then started collecting money. Or so they thought. Three NPPG Members reached out recently and stated that NPPG went even further and now wanted money from the Contractors, to boot!

October, 2013, was to be the deadline for the collection of NPPG Member Dues. My guess is that not even a quarter of the Members paid. Much like Obamacare, though, NPPG is loathe to report anything Publicly. Why is this important? Well, when you have folks like Laura Wyman Medlin jumping in the ring to create the Circus Environment Contractors are not going to be the compliant sheep that she and NPPG want. You see, there are a few Contractors still out there whom say, “Why am I going to pay any money to continue to simply partner me up with yet another Order Mill?”

The difference between Laura Wyman Medlin and Foreclosurepedia is Google. Laura Wyman Medlin and her Order Mill friends really, REALLY need to sit down and see if attempting to distract me from reporting upon Order Mills defrauding Contractors is worth their Companies showing up on the radar. Take for example National Contractor Direct. Now, here is a Firm which proudly states they are Veteran Owned.

NCD Would Seem To Be A Charity For Facebook, et al.
NCD Would Seem To Be A Charity For Facebook, et al.

I know of the two owners of this Firm; one in San Angelo, TX, and the other in San Diego, CA. You see, depending how a Statement like that is interpreted, it could be enough to destroy a business. I am sure that neither of them would want to resurrect email archives. More on point, though, the question is why is Laura Wyman Medlin not screaming for their US Department of Defense Form 214 to be plastered all over Facebook? Or, as there is a Charities Button (that doesn’t work) why not ask the question many others are quietly asking. Hell, why not just ask how it is that their Mission Statement reads eerily like that of the National Property Preservation Guild?!

You see, this is how it goes down. My Mission is to bring a Level Playing Field to the Property Preservation Industry. Whether or not people like what I write is immaterial. A million folks a day state they hate Rush Limbaugh and yet still tune in to listen. I generally brush off Comments that attack myself as a person because that comes with the Territory; that is Big Media. When those Comments, though, threaten my ability to get Contractors paid I address those Comments and People.

Those folks whom choose to take me on, I applaud. I love a good fight. Those folks whom associate with them, though, suffer as well. Much like the ongoing debate about the changing of the Washington Redskins name is bringing peer pressure by other Teams, so will pressure come from within the Industry to have people pick their battles wisely. You see, Order Mills are all the same; they all depend upon Contractors being left in the dark.

Foreclosurepedia is an opinion based Blog. Even though I do not have to have material to back up what I say, I still ensure that I do. That is one of the main reasons that Google churns such a high SEO Page Ranking. Even more basic, I reach MILLIONS; Laura Wyman Medlin’s name will FOREVER be associated with the Foreclosurepedia Agenda and she will NEVER HAVE A PLATFORM to disagree upon! Simply Google Laura Wyman Medlin in a couple weeks as this is the FIRST IN MANY ARTICLES I am going to hammer out as I have time — Time which could have been better spent documenting Order Mills defrauding Contractors. Take a good, long look at your Social Relationships with Laura Wyman Medlin as well. If you are an Order Mill you are going to come up on the Radar. Sad, really, as I had no proverbial ax to grind; Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services had my undivided attention.

In closing, everyone has a Freedom of Speech within the United States. I encourage those whom disagree with what I say or what I do as it fosters dialogue which is what the Property Preservation Industry needs. When people, though, target me personally then they and their Order Mill associates get their Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes of Fame. At the end of the day some of the most powerful lawyers in this Industry were unable to threaten and intimidate Foreclosurepedia — not that they didn’t give it the Good ‘ol College Try. These were lawyers representing Multi Billion Dollar Firms.The Industry also thought that it would unwisely threaten my family and I by and through its surrogates. Much like AT&T I will reach out and touch someone should that ever happen again.

Never make any mistake whatsoever that Foreclosurepedia is the WikiLeaks of the Property Preservation Industry. Those whom are smart decided to simply clean up their act and refocus. Eric Miller and Adam Miles aside, I will not rest until I have convictions. The Laura Wyman Medlin’s of the world simply allow me to open new doors to concentrate on other Order Mills whom I normally would have left alone.

Hey Laura Wyman Medlin, Can You Hear Me Now?

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