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NPPG: Closure or Restructure?

I received word that the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) was closing up shop. Interesting; Page A-19 in a big city newspaper unless you have an interest in it. I do. It is Page A-1 on Foreclosurepedia. Many might think that I have an ax to grind with the the Guild. The reality is that the Guild, in and of itself, is not a bad concept.

Shutting down the Guild serves no purposes other than those desired by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services and the Order Mills whom send Work Orders to the Contractors.

The Guild has had some bumps in the road there is no argument from me on that. The Marine Corp has a slogan, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.” With respect to the Guild, Failure is NOT an option. What do I mean by this? Let’s take a look at the Guild and break it down for a moment.

The Guild was originally founded to provide an umbrella for the Contractors to Regionally organize with guidance from a National Council. The Badge of Honor was to show the ability of Contractors to actively shed off the Imperial Regime of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services determining Contractors fate. I formed the Guild to create the ability within each man and woman the individual capacity to determine their own manifest destinies. Collectively, each man and woman was to contribute what skill or trait each uniquely possessed, to the benefit of the whole.

I took GREAT PAINS to ensure that these protections were hammered out in STONE in the Constitution I created. If you read the lead in on the Document, it is quite apparent that there was interest in the Movement. The problem was that my concept was altruistic; I had removed ALL POSSIBILITY OF MONETARY CORRUPTION and forces within the Property Preservation Industry could not have that.

A small few within the Guild felt that their usurpation and my removal would benefit the whole and a new era was established. Within days a new Regime had established and the removal of all Contractor protections within the Constitution I created began its systematic enrichment of the select few within the Regime.

Back to basics. What no one within the Guild seems to want to accept is the simple fact that unless the Leadership commits to restoring a Commitment to the Contractor, it will never succeed. Contractors could give two shits about Training because they are not Employees; Contractors could care less about a Centralized Repository WITH NO TRANSPARENCY which moves they to the Order Mills; and Contractors ultimately despise Order Mills for the atrocities committed against they and their fellow comrades.

The reality is that tomorrow morning I could reinstate the Constitution I wrote and put into place a formidable Organization. The reality is that I have no political aspirations. The Guild has a lawfully empowered Board of Directors. Their problem is twofold.

First, the Guild’s Board of Directors is indecisive. Granted, they took some big steps — steps I never would have thought they would have had the stomach for. The evisceration of several of their Members displayed to Outsiders that they were capable of Action; the Guild communicated that it was capable of taking the concept of legal legitimacy that I created and implemented a display of fortitude and power. Indecisiveness coupled with the inability to Politically Motivate the masses is a recipe for stagnation.

My money is still on the Guild, though. I think that in the same way that I have had my ups and downs in war with the Industry, so the Guild is going through a period of self doubt. It happens — get over it. We have a saying, “The only easy day was yesterday.” You see, while the minority whom established the Regime within the Guild to enrich themselves left a horrific stain, it is the sign of Leadership to rise above that. A Wartime Leader is not always liked by the Establishment. Patton is a prime example. By proxy, while the several folks whom usurped me hated me; while their financiers within the Property Preservation Industry hated me, the Boots on the Ground respected me.

The Guild needs to have some introspection and get back to basics. I won’t name names; however, the Members of the Board need to throw out the bullshit agendas which the previous Regime implemented and get about doing the business of the Membership. Tough words for tough times. If anyone really thought that the initial formation of the Guild was a cakewalk you would be better suited as an Order Mill.

The Guild will always exist in some way, shape or form. If the organic component; the physicality which was created ceases to exist, the Banner will be carried by others. The concept of the Guild is not owned or controlled legally by anyone. The Non Profit Corporation is. My opinion is that the Commercialization of the Guild; the Establishment of a Corporation by the former Regime, was diametrically opposed to that which the Contractors needed.

Early on, the concept of the Guild was feared. The primary reason for this is not dissimilar to my blog Foreclosurepedia. The Guild, as an Unincorporated Association, was untouchable from either the fiduciary or legal fronts. I made no bones about the fact that we would meet fire with fire. The Industry knew that; the Industry reached out early on with their concerns that my beliefs could foment strikes or even worse physical conflict. Detente only occurs when your opposition knows that the legal Rabbit Holes they scurry down no longer provide proximal defense.

You see, I had no price tag. The Guild had no vested interests other than the Contractor. Whenever your adversary is able to identify soft spots they will burrow down deeply. Take Social Media, for example. I archive everything and I mean EVERYTHING. If you go back along the Timelines you will identify vocal dissent to the Guild UNTIL the Guild became fiscally dependent upon the very same Industry it was Organizing to defend itself against.

The Guild was never intended to be representative of Order Mills — pure and simple. The Contractor whom has subs or W2 employees never had any business in the Guild at least from a voting perspective. Why? These folks would NEVER EVER take on the very Industry that enriched them. True change is painful. Top heavy Contractors with inordinate overhead like huge mortgages, vehicles, etc. can never risk pissing off the Establishment. By proxy, these same people will always be opposed to change which would increase both the education and prosperity of the Sub Contractor or W2 Employee. A more educated and more wealthy Sub or Employee would cost the Order Mill Contractor more money.

The reality is this: For an Organization to be successful they must have a singular objective. Currently, the Guild does not have that. Hamstrung by the earlier Regime’s commitment to a faulty educational model and the intermingling of Client and Contractor, the Board of Directors were doomed to the Regime’s Path. My opinion? These nefarious people whom implemented the Education Deal and the Non Profit Corporation knew precisely what they were doing. They were guided by the Industry in an attempt to ensure collapse.

The Board of Directors need to determine whether or not they serve the true Boots on the Ground Contractors and whether or not they are able to perform with military precision. Instead of following the lead of 3 or 4 Facebook Order Mill Voices whom tell others they cannot do something, they need to step out of the way of those whom ARE DOING SOMETHING.

If the Board of Directors does not have the resolve to tough it out; to invest the time and dedication at 0308HRS to hammer out yet another 500 words on the White Paper; if the Board of Directors is too preoccupied with Work Orders and concerned with gossip columns on Facebook, then spin the Guild down and be done with it.

Candidly, I believe that in the same way they may want to Ring The Bell, they need to be pushed. I personally believe that they are barely getting off the bus and Training is getting ready to start. While the Board of Directors, by in large, find me distasteful — true irony as they would not even exist other than by my creation of the Guild — they need to come to an understanding that the enemy of their enemy is their friend.

The Guild needs to come to the realization that the Founding Documents is what ensured success of the Guild. You see, $46 per year was all the financial overhead necessary to run the Guild. Eric Miller and his puppet Regime I believe he put into play feared that. Now look at the Guild — bogged down with debt and insanity. Contractors do not want problems, THEY WANT SOLUTIONS. No Leader ever EVER tells his troops he does not have a solution, ever! You improvise, adapt and OVERCOME!

Suck it up. Cut the debt, create a bona fide Platform of what you will DO FOR THE CONTRACTORS and PRODUCE! Even if it is simply informing them of what Dodd – Frank is going to mean to them! If you don’t understand it yourselves, reach out and swallow your pride. The Guild is NOT about the Board, it is about the Contractor. See, that is the deal. An extremely small minority preaches the Gospel that I am evil. Fine with me. The reality is ALL OF THAT MINORITY, some of whom still sit on the Board of Directors, have a vested financial interest in not rocking the boat. Drill down on precisely what these folks make a year, whom their Clients are and track their Social Media connections and you will find what I say is the truth.

Guilt by association. A perennial affection I dare say. If you believe in the Guild then step to the plate and get your shit into gear. You want good PR? Do something DESERVING OF THE GOOD PR!!!! Psy Ops 101 ladies and gentlemen. You may hate me, but I am read and discussed EACH AND EVERY DAY. A simple stroll through Facebook relates that! Even those whom attack me publicly reach out privately for advice. You see, it is win – win! Get over your grudge and pull up a chair. I am motivated to assist you people; however, your bank accounts and pride get in your way.

In closing, I am hopeful that the Guild will exercise its back channel ability to communicate. If it spins down, make no mistake whatsoever I will not hesitate in the creation of yet another Entity to fight this Industry. I, as opposed to many, have nothing to loose nor any fear of these suit and ties. I will take a core of 20 Contractors and foment a groundswell of grass roots websites. If the National Association of Mortgage Field Services thinks it has a problem today, I dare say that 20 becomes 200 overnight.

If you are sick of the drama, can keep your mouth shut and the Guild folds, reach out and let me know what your Vision would be. Let me know WHAT WOULD HELP YOU AS A CONTRACTOR! This isn’t for Publication; this is for the NextGen. Many of us participate in ISTAR each and every day. We do it without drama and have not had issues for the past year. ISTAR is a Consortium of Contractors whom exchange Intelligence and work both within the Property Preservation Industry and within the Federal Contracting Community. If we can do it, the Guild out to be able to as well!

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