Northsight Management Hires Debt Collector Assessed The Largest Fine In Minnesotta History

Josh Sarchet And His Motley Crew Are Attacking Labor With A Vengeance

Times are getting tough for Josh Sarchet and his Team over at Northsight Management. The nearly all white C Level staff at Northsight Management are pulling out all the stops to make a dollar on the backs of Labor. With COVID killing people globally; with riots and demonstrations the daily norm, Sarchet knew he had a golden opportunity. Sarchet knew that the assets where his contractors — or misclassified employees depending upon which Department of Labor you ask — had never been decontaminated, to prevent the contraction and spread of COVID, it didn’t matter. Labor to Sarchet was given no more thought than passing the salt at the dinner table. Labor was, is, and always will be a means to a financial end for Sarchet and Northsight. This has been known, though, for years. Sarchet has always been the protégé of Milan Thompson and the now defunct ASONS out of Muncie, Indiana. Never quite capable of emerging from the shadows of his mentor, Sarchet has focused his shortcomings upon the disembowelment of Labor whose companies are scattered across the landscape like so many bones from a chicken wing night at Hooters. Right, wrong, or otherwise, Sarchet’s latest conquests have crossed a line in the sand which even his fellow National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) competitors have been loathe to do.

Minority Females and Labor have been caught in a pincer like movement, flanked on the one side by COVID itself, and on the other by a gut wrenching fear of Sarchet’s theft of their money — but you know this already.

Sarchet’s latest round of spurious, at best, chargebacks paint the picture of a firm in disarray and circling the drain. And while their master, Hudson Advisors, has begun to keep them at arm’s length — more on that in this weekend’s Foreclosurepedia Industry Insider — the reality is that the former luster of Northsight, by way of comparison to a vehicle purchased by Jay Leno for restoration, has worn off. Northsight’s inability to retain Big League contracts, as demonstrated by their loss of Fannie Mae several months ago, has emboldened firms such as Xome to begin nipping at the heels. And as opposed to revamping the enormous clusterfuck of top heavy administration — take for example the millions of dollars spent to enshrine Bill Roach outside of Safeguard Properties backyard — the reality is Sarchet’s impotence reeks of the type of man whom apologizes for beating his wife, yet again. The only difference is that Sarchet is beating Labor and not his wife. I don’t make the analogy off hand. In fact, Sarchet has targeted a female in the Las Vegas area, which is the partial genesis for our Six Part Weekly Series on Northsight Management and Hudson Advisors.

Josh Sarchet dropped the hammer on a woman, last week, in attempting to extort money from her in emails exclusively obtained by Foreclosurepedia.

Northsight Management hired Tucker, Albin & Associates, Inc. out of Richardson, Texas, to throw the gauntlet down on innocent victims. And to demonstrate precisely what kind of people Josh Sarchet gets in bed with, we did a little bit of digging. In fact, here is how the Minnesotta Department of Commerce put it when they hit Tucker, Albin with the largest penalty in their history of $500,000, several years ago,

“As a matter of company policy, its debt collectors were trained and directed to deceive, harass and threaten small business owners to coerce payments from them,” says Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman. “They used caller ID to pretend to be family members or neighbors when calling, they claimed to be private investigators when they were not, and they threatened to hire people to stand in front of businesses with signs saying they didn’t pay their debts.”

Tucker Albin’s employee training manual listed instructions for collectors to spoof fake numbers to use with fake names, the Commerce Department found. If the debtor was a farmer, Tucker, Albin would use the number of a local farmer’s market. If the debtor was a volunteer fire firefighter, it would mimic the number of the local city hall. Then the company would make outrageous threats to freeze the target business’ assets, revoke its license or report its owners to the IRS.

Tucker, Albin is no stranger to litigation, though. Using false, deceptive, and misleading means to collect a debt; using harassing and abusive means to collect a debt; misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of the debt; and failing to validate the debt as requested were listed in another lawsuit against Tucker, Albin and are similar to the moves which Josh Sarchet, Northsight Management, and NAMFS members have deployed to unjustly enrich themselves, for years. The female victim we spoke about earlier is in a nearly identical position. In emails wherein Foreclosurepedia was carbon copied, both Sarchet and Tucker, Albin received requests to present accounting data of the alleged debts, informationals in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) 15 U.S.C. § 1692 –1692p, court judgments, and other items. Sarchet and Tucker, Albin have both refused to justify their demands. In fact, Sarchet and Northsight doubled down on the fraud and began to misappropriate the money through a series of illegal moves as seen to the right. And it is through that accounting that the depths of the fraud is seen. Note the thirty cents spuriously alleged at the bottom and its offset in removal from the top. Nothing new under the Sun with these hacks.

Now, I have been around the block a time or two. And a few things I have learned is that the statistical chance of a Client cancelling and charging back the precise amount owed upon a separate payment exceeds those of the Sun not rising tomorrow. In fact, Sarchet is attempting to seize nearly $50,000 without any legal authority to do such in the instant case. If a person does work at 123 Main Street, you cannot take funds from 124 Main Street to cover any alleged issues. And anywhere else other than Russia, when you want to steal money from a female contractor, you must first go to Court and receive a Judgment to do such. Tucker, Albin and Josh Sarchet have refused to do such in the above matter.

The question that presents is why should Labor not file Unemployment Claims against Northsight Management? As we are seeing in other states, those filings are forcing the State Departments of Labor to label Contractors as Misclassified Employees.

This isn’t the only case brought to the attention of Foreclosurepedia, though. And as if angling for a Class Action lawsuit, Sarchet seems hellbent upon airing the dirty laundry of his masters over at Hudson Advisors. Let me give you the backstory on this. Last year, when Hudson Advisors brought Northsight Management into their stable, it was done upon a false bill of goods. Promises of being capable of performing upon all Hudson Advisors projects were made and when the time came to take over the former Ameritrust, now ResiPro, accounts went down, it was an abysmal failure. Reinforcing that failure were the millions of dollars thrown in order to poach Bill Roach from ServiceLink — the very same Bill Roach whom oversaw the entire outing of Assurant’s roster of Contractors, Realtors, and their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — and create an office just a proverbial stone’s throw away from Safeguard Properties. To date, that office has simply become the lapdog which, by in large, performs the tenant occupied Zillow portfolio of ResiPro. The term incestuous relationship comes to mind.

Foreclosurepedia has already documented several cases wherein Josh Sarchet and Northsight Management have targeted Labor in order to disenfranchise them from their hard earned money. And if there is smoke, you damn sure know there is fire. To that point, Foreclosurepedia would like to speak with you if you are a victim of the Sarchet – Northsight Management Axis. Additionally, we believe that there may be a potential to bring victims to attorneys in order to file a Class Action lawsuit. Moreover, though, if you are capable of drawing the lines between Sarchet and Hudson Advisors, the pot grows exponentially.

Sarchet’s embracing of Tucker, Albin, though, is being heard loud and clear throughout the Mortgage Field Services Industry. It demonstrates why the reins of power should never be delegated to one so young and inept. Due diligence is a pre-requisite when adopting policies or creating relationships. Take, for example, the US Department of Treasury’s agreement to release data on those whom receive Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loans. That data is soon to be forthcoming and will paint a picture of precisely whom borrowed what. Information like that is, well, advantageous when looking into a private firm through the lens of public assistance.

Sarchet, Northsight Management, and Hudson Advisors response to the COVID pandemic has been spurious, at best, and potentially life threatening, at worst. The chorus emitted from this trifecta has been one of complete refusal to proactively address the potential for COVID contamination. In millions of dollars of assets under their control, not a single COVID cleaning upon rehab flips has occurred. This is serious at so many levels. Let me explain it in the way that only Foreclosurepedia is capable of doing,

With multiple construction workers, material providers, inspectors, Realtors, and potential homeowners and tenants cycling in and out of a remodel, the chances of COVID contamination increase exponentially. And those assets are often controlled by a lengthy list of Clients such as the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Fannie Mae, Financial Institutions, and hedge funds such as the Lone Star Fund. And while Sarchet, et al., continue to refuse to protect their Labor force, they are potentially endangering the lives of Americans whom come into contact with their assets.

When you scratch the talc which covers the true intentions of white privilege Josh Sarchet so cherishes, you expose a festering wound. That wound is infected with the pustules of Labor raked over the coals, time and time again. Sarchet’s long ago zenith was reached and now the reality of his infection is threatening to spread within many of the same folks whom read Foreclosurepedia. And that is the deal with an infection: Many within the financial sector have no issues cutting off a limb to save the body. I posit that Northsight Management is, in fact, that limb. And while piercing the corporate veil may prove to be difficult to track the infection to Sarchet’s masters, the cleansing effects of transparency vis-à-vis the Discovery process in Class Action litigation is always a dish best served cold.

The tragic course which Josh Sarchet has plotted for his Ship of Fools appears to be calculated. I could understand a one off situation and legitimate litigation. This is not the case. Neither Sarchet and Northsight nor apparently Hudson Advisors seem to care about the precipice they are rapidly approaching, full steam ahead. Like the Titanic, the Master and Commander of the ship is in a haze of Bacchanalian proportions. Whether or not Sarchet will continue to be allowed to run the ship aground is unknown. What is known is that there is a mutiny onboard that ship and Labor has had their fill of white privilege and are screaming from the rooftops that the Emperor Wears No Clothes.


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