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Inspectors Encounter Gunfire And Violence For Three Dollars

National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members are profiteering like a Vegas Casino on their three dollar inspections. And as opposed to the inspections during the 2008 Financial Crisis, NAMFS members have added an entire cornucopia of new requirements moving the former three dollar inspection which was an average of four minutes to well over nineteen minutes — if you can even complete it. That, though, is the least of inspector’s worries. Today’s Mortgage Field Services inspection is more akin to a drone strike survey in Syria than a foreclosure occupancy in the US. Multiple reports have been streaming in about confrontations, dog attacks, and even gunfire. And with COVID hitting new highs in nearly half of the US — especially throughout the Sunbelt where the desire to foreclose is akin to breathing oxygen — I was mortified to see Five Brotherscaution their website is insecure — pushing out their new agenda of demands to make contact again come July 1st. Death by COVID or Protest, take your pick as the chances of both are exponentially higher than in 2008.

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Five Brothers has always led the charge, from a profits driven point of view, going back as far as the False Claims Act charges against them voluntarily dismissed. And even when they had an opportunity, early on in the COVID pandemic, to get ahead of this perception, with their latest Memo, Five Brothers is demonstrating the same callousness as they always have had. Face masks and hand sanitizer are listed as new requirements — and aptly so. The only problem here is that there is no compensation for them. Period. End of Conversation. The reality is, if you want to increase your chances of contracting or spreading COVID, Five Brothers may be one of the NAMFS members you wish to work for. It does not take a mathematician to understand that contact visits increase your chances of infection and spreading the disease — even if you are asymptomatic. Here is a novel thought: Why not have NAMFS members allocate funds for testing? And why don’t NAMFS members submit their asset addresses to national databases for contact tracing? Yeah, right. Three dollar inspections are just that — a potential death sentence.

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