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Cheryl Lang is an accomplished businesswoman; owner of Integrated Mortgage Solutions (IMS) and Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), Lang identified an issue which was silently impacting the Mortgage Field Services and Society as a whole. The reality is that each and every day of the year, the largest victim class within the foreclosure crisis are animals. I do not make this statement off the cuff.

The reality is that animals generally suffer the unintended consequences of a foreclosure. Right or wrong, families whom are not even able to keep the power on have difficult decisions to make. Animals, as opposed to their human masters, have no voice; there is no safety net for these defenseless creatures whom had given so much pleasure in the good times and the bad. These animals are all too often left behind; abandoned, with nowhere to go as the former families move on.

Cheryl Lang is one of those rare individuals whom you speak with and instantly makes you feel at home. She took a call at her Houston based IMS and when she discovered the discussion was to surround No Paws Left Behind, Lang’s landmark Charity Foundation, she was immediately in her element. Cheryl Lang struck me as an individual to whom the Cause was visceral; a real life experience, as opposed to many whom embrace trends or fads as an outer trapping.

From the Website,

No Paws Left Behind, Inc. is a focus driven not for profit organization, designed to bring awareness to all communities the silent victims of foreclosure who have no voice or rights to implement change. As a united front, we will restore moral obligations toward all pets that have the potential to be, or have been, left behind to suffer needlessly. We further pledge to act as a support group for those who find foreclosure imminent and need help to find shelter for their beloved pets; be a resource for those who find or know of abandoned pets; and last, but by no means least, we must unite to end the needless suffering by creating a national movement targeting lawmakers to change the laws categorizing pets as personal property.

Berksire Hathaway’s BusinessWire ran a piece on Lang and No Paws Left Behind which stated, in part,

In an effort to help families coping with the devastating foreclosure process, we are bringing awareness to the growing trend of abandoned pets and offering possible solutions, said Cheryl Lang, president of Houston-based Integrated Mortgage Solutions, a collateral protection resource for the mortgage servicing industry, and founder of No Paws Left Behind. We founded No Paws Left Behind to provide homeowners facing foreclosure with a resource for finding alternative housing for their pets during this difficult time. Through visiting our Web site, borrowers are provided with an array of housing options for their pets, whether a no kill shelter or temporary foster care. No Paws Left Behind will also provide monetary assistance for pet deposits required by new landlords.

The interesting point on this is that the aforementioned piece was in 2008. The reason that is so interesting to me, at least, is that most Non Profit Corporations which are spun up around humanitarian concepts have a finite lifespan. Additionally, it generally is fair to say that once the new has worn off, the motivation leaves. That Article was SIX YEARS AGO and both Lang and No Paws Left Behind strike me just as motivated and concerned today as the message was conveyed in 2008.

Lang and IMS are not the only Industry Veterans involved in the relatively unknown world of animal abandonment. Christina Chancey, Client Manager at SEAS LLC, had this to say,

I applaud everything that Cheryl does, and it was pleasure to meet her at NAMFS and learn more about No Paws Left Behind! We are pleased to announce that SEAS supports the cause more than ever as several of us are die hard animal lovers just like Cheryl! Without here, countless innocent lives of animals would be lost. Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to working with IMS and Cheryl in the future for a very long time!

While it is unknown whether or not the higher echelons of power within NAMFS are supportive, it is self evident that the Rank and File of NAMFS are markedly supportive of both Lang and her Mission. It is in unique examples like this that I hold out hope for NAMFS; it is in these rare opportunities that I am conservatively optimistic that if NAMFS Rank and File are able to unite upon a singular goal, perhaps they might eventually impact the Leadership — Hey, a guy can hope can’t he?!

While each and every one of us in the Mortgage Field Services Industry are intimately involved in the despair and destruction of human lives inherently created by this Industry, the vast majority of us are insulated from the toll exacted upon the innocent animals. The reality is that No Paws Left Behind provides a plethora of assistance to combat the plight of animals abandoned during the foreclosure process.

No Paws Left Behind assists in the location of No Kill Shelters. No Paws Left Behind assists with Foster Pet Families during viable transitions. No Paws Left Behind assists with pet deposits when families relocate. In addition, No Paws Left Behind works tirelessly, behind the scenes, to bring care and compassion to the weaker in our midst.

Many know that I am a brutally honest person. I do not see problems, I see solutions. The fact of the matter is that each and every one of you reading this Article has the ability RIGHT NOW to render Aid and Comfort in the form of a Tax Deductible Donation to No Paws Left Behind. Two minutes; the price of a cup of coffee which you are going to toss out half consumed anyway.

Lang and her staff and volunteers work tirelessly day in and day out to help those whom have no voice. The animals are the collateral damage of a set of circumstances out of their control.

Don’t put the call off another minute. Reach out to No Paws Left Behind today! Even the smallest donation helps. If you cannot donate today, you have no excuse for not reaching out and at least inquiring as to how you might be able to help. This is a fundamental, Nationwide Epidemic. Become Involved; do not be part of the problem, be part of the SOLUTION! Educate yourselves and those around you. Why not attach the No Paws Left Behind Website Link to your Facebook Post or Tweet? 1.3 seconds is all it takes to create a Viral Movement!

No Paws Left Behind, Inc.
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