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Boyd Property Preservation: Brand New Year, Same Old Fraud

Carol Boyd, Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and owner of Boyd Property Preservation, has an entire category dedicated to her on Foreclosurepedia. Carol Boyd’s Intelligence File on Foreclosurepedia ISTAR measures not in pages, but by feet now if printed. In response to one of the recent Foreclosurepedia Podcast Videos I did about Carol Boyd’s sending of bogus checks, Contractors whom have been defrauded by Carol Boyd came out of the woodwork.

Bill Conrad is a Contractor here in Tennessee. This is the same State wherein Senator Bob Corker’s office has been alerted to Carol Boyd’s crossing of state lines by electronic means as well as the US Mail. Conrad performed two jobs which have been identified as Work Orders M6024261 and M6043031; 133 Bennett Road, White County, Sparta, Tennessee and 150 Miriah Drive, Warren County, McMinnville, Tennessee. These were Final Secures for which Carol Boyd has refused to pay for.

Here is what I do not understand: NAMFS, while not a law enforcement agency, has active knowledge about what Carol Boyd is doing. We have published letters from Contractors to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director. Miller is the same Executive Director whom is being rewarded with over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR; NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES. To date, NAMFS has done nothing with respect to these allegations nor those levied against NAMFS Board Members.

In reality, I am hard pressed to find ANYTHING which Miller has done is to legitimate inquiries pertaining to Boyd’s and other NAMFS Members and their miscreant conduct against Contractors by Foreclosurepedia.

Duane Davenport is yet another Contractor whom is getting the shaft from NAMFS Member Carol Boyd. He posted on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast,

I’m in the same situation. I did work for Boyd over 3 months ago and still have not received payment for my services my company did. I just watched the video and Carol and Jerry told me the exact same thing as they did Christina in FL. Can You help? I was emailed the inv[oice] to sign and send back and never received payment. I was set up for direct deposit which is scary considering they are scamming people and have access to my business account. Please help!!!!

It goes on. From Seamus Irvin,

HELP ME PLEASE! I was a vendor also for Boyd. They too have left me with the theft of services. My name is Seamus Irvin with East Coast Services. Gretchin Bish has my email. I spoke with her today after I consulted with the police dept. $1,100.00 in fees+ cost to operate for the week.

With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) now placing the Mortgage Field Services Industry under their cross hairs, the common denominator of virtually every single incident of fraud against Contractors we have reported upon has been Membership within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. With that said, I believe there is going to be a very serious reevaluation of that Membership by the honest and legitimate Vendors within the Industry; I believe that these Vendors will have a vested interest in putting distance between they and what I refer to as Order Mills.

More on point, the true reality is that nearly seventy percent of your hard earned money you spend for NAMFS Member dues flows directly into Eric Miller’s pocket. No two ways around this. The position of Executive Director is simply one which is that of Ticket Punching as we used to say in the Military. It is a position which enriches a rotation of the same Names time and time again.

Much like abuse, this Cycle of Dysfunctional Behavior must come to an end. It is time to stop rewarding negative behavior with money. It is time for those financing NAMFS with their blind contributions of Member Dues to take a stand and say, “No more. Not on my Watch.” For if we do not collectively take a Stand for those amongst us whom are weaker and have no Voice, then the Price will be paid on Judgement Day.

Foreclosurepedia encourages legitimate Vendors to leave NAMFS; simply do not pay another dime. Even if you do not care about whether or not Contractors lives and families are being destroyed by your fellow Members, the reality is that far sooner than later, the tarnish of those NAMFS Members engaging in this unethical and illegal behavior will eventually have your good names associated with their actions. Ask yourselves this: What has NAMFS done for you recently?

The answer? Not a damn thing. Foreclosurepedia is not the only one stating this. Both privately and publicly, powerful Industry Executives are calling into question the very existence and legitimacy of NAMFS and its overpriced administrative apparatus.

At the end of the day, NAMFS took a pass on virtually everything which was important to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Now, whether or not this was motivated by Robert Klein threatening to end the financial support of NAMFS is up for debate. I believe that a release of phone records would document my working theory. Regardless and more on point, the telling sign about NAMFS is the reality that as more and more demands from Portfolio Holders came down the pike, NAMFS did nothing.

Unfunded mandate after unfunded mandate went unaddressed. To make things even worse, the once proud logo of NAMFS displayed by hundreds of Members is now more a Scarlet Letter. It is a Branding upon which equates to a target as the CFPB and Congressional Inquisitions begin.

Carol Boyd is the epitome of why NAMFS is both out of tune and unfamiliar with the Main Street of the Industry. Eric Miller has become the Poster Child for Industry Sloth and Greed and what happens when it is left unchecked. Make no mistake that when the dust settles Miller and NAMFS will be single handedly responsible for the ushering in of Regulations. They and they alone because none of them had either the courage or spine to both actively stamp out corruption and address systemic issues within an Industry loathe to look at itself in the mirror.

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