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New Contractor Webinar

As part of Foreclosurepedia’s 2013 Campaign to Empower Rural Enterprise, we are going to host a Webinar to assist the New Contractor in entering the Property Preservation business.  Topics for the Webinar will include:

  • The Application Process
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Business Fundamentals 101
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Insurance and You
  • OSHA:  What You Don’t Know Can Cost You
  • Record Keeping:  It’s Not Just About The Money
  • The Cloud:  21st Century Property Preservation

The Webinar is a basic introduction for new Contractors wishing to enter into the Industry.  As opposed to winging it, Foreclosurepedia has put together Monthly Series dedicated to those wanting to enter or whom have recently entered the Industry.  We break down the barriers which time and again prevent New Contractors from gaining a foothold; we assist YOU in landing YOUR career as opposed to simply a job.

Over the next several days we will begin to update you with both snippets and graphics to go over the Webinar and show YOU how and why it makes sense to Register!  For preregistration inquiries, please click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page!

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