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A Peak Under The Tent For 2013

So, here’s a peek under the tent for 2013 and what we are cooking up in the Labs here at Foreclosurepedia.  We have been working pretty hard giving the Site a face lift.  When we first began our foray into cyberspace we primarily were wanting a CMS to simply field inquiries and allow our Contractors to submit work for us to process.  During the course of this, though, we realized that there simply wasn’t a Contractor orientated source of information in the Property Preservation Industry (PPI).  Foreclosurepedia has always been at the forefront of Industry News which impacts the Contractor; we actually began the Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel in an attempt to get some basic, instructional videos and commentary out pertaining to what was going on and how to safely perform mundane tasks associated with the PPI.  As a direct result of this, Jim Roberts reached out a few months back and encouraged Foreclosurepedia to put together some packages he felt would be beneficial to both himself and Contractors within the Industry as a whole.

So, what’s in store you might ask?  Quite a bit, actually!  We started taking a look at what kinds of Products were available for the Contractor.  Man, what a crock of sh*t!  I read a couple of the books that were out there:  one told Contractors to use one not two 2x4s for boarding.  They dealt with archaic stuff like building 2×6 frameworks for pools; HUD walked away from that months ago!  So, we are putting the finishing touches on our Property Preservation Bible as I type this.  Should be available by mid January.  Additionally, we have set up the framework to begin transmission of the Industry Insider and Quarterly Updates via email.  We are really excited about this as it will allow for all to participate in a Q&A session to be posted in the upcoming releases.

Another item we have fired up is the Monthly Webinars.  We partnered up with a pretty decent provider whom is letting us stream at a fairly reasonable rate.  We are doing several a month.  We do a monthly series for the New Contractors; a monthly series for the Administrative/IT end; and have begun private consultations for those whom are requiring hands on assistance in walking them through the entire process.

Video.  We had always wanted to make a move into this area.  We finally got the equipment together and have begun shooting on location footage for Training Videos.  These will be available in our Store towards the end of January.  The Foreclosurepedia YouTube Channel is always going to have the Screencasts and some Training and Commentary; however, a lot of our time is now being dedicated to our Premium Members and accordingly the quality is far superior!

Software.  You know, if you search around the Web you are not going to find anything specifically tailored for the Contractor.  We recently brought on Bob Walley to do some custom coding to create a package utilizing both Excel and Access.  This Package will allow the Contractor to track orders, invoicing, contractors, bids — hell, it will do about everything except make coffee!  We are shaking out a few of the last bugs and will bring it aboard soon for resale.  Here’s the real kicker:  Most of these Packages retail for about $10,000 or more.  We are going to release our Package for around $399.  Stay tuned for the video we are working up to show how the $399 will pay for itself in approximately five (05) days!

Finally, the biggest request we continue to get is that Foreclosurepedia open doors for Contractors.  Here’s the deal:  You don’t want us to.  Why?  You Company should be able to show why a Client needs them!  The merits of your Company are generally all that is necessary to get the ball rolling.  With that said, we realized that the biggest, single hurdle for Contractors getting hired today is the Application Process.  By-in-large, if your vocabulary, grammar and punctuation are lacking, most Clients will avoid you like the plague.  The reason for this is that the PPI is one which is based upon the transmission of data to Clients in a meaningful manner.  Accordingly, what we did was poll the best Clients we could find or have worked for in the past and created a Master Application Process.  This feature will be available by late January and will enable the Contractor to simply submit their pertinent data to us and we will submit and deal with all follow ups with respect to the Application Process.  While this does not guarantee employment we have found in our Pilot Program that many Contracts have been landed!

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