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NAMFS: The Orlando Tragedy Rolling Out


The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is in a double down position. As we reported last night, Fraud Fest 2014 down in Orlando, Florida, this September is looking more and more like a sideshow made up of has been grifters and retired freak show performers. I mean when you cannot even sell your own Membership on a hack production, it is probably time to get out of the Confidence Game and Parlor Tricks. It reminds me of seeing one of the last of the circus performers whom ever came to our hometown. Their winter quarters were in Florida. They all knew it was the last rodeo and you could tell on their faces that they were going to miss it; they all knew they would be reading Amusement Today when they left for their next gig.

Eric Miller has guaranteed one thing for NAMFS Regime Members: If you are not a National Order Mill, you will be fed to the wolves when the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) comes to town. Gone are the days of clinking the fake crystal glasses filled with three fingers of whiskey, neat. This year, people will huddle in corners, like today on the calls, wondering when it will all end. Oh, everyone will spare nothing to show how they are better than the other Rank and File, but deep down where they do not want to go publicly, they will feel the cold prickling rolling up their spines wondering whom is recording what for Foreclosurepedia.

The NAMFS Regime is in a world of shit. They are holding a Trick Bag in that if they do not pull off a monumental production — those chances are in the negative and dropping by the hour — the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders are going to take note. The reality is that a redneck in a county with one stop light brought Goliath to its knees. Instead of simply walking away, sling in hand, Goliath is going to make amends. That is what it is all about. Change. The fraud is down 91%, but we are hearing new problems with folks like National Field Network (NFN). Run. That is all I am going to say if you are a Contractor. The NAMFS Regime will be brought, kicking and screaming, back into being NAMFS. Anyone whom obstructs this will be at the proverbial end of the sling.

This Is What NAMFS Tracks As Now --- Foreclosurepedia
This Is What NAMFS Tracks As Now — Foreclosurepedia

Safeguard Properties rolled out their agreement with Foreclosurepedia on the brave new world of Compliance in the form of their 18 Page PowerPoint Presentation Entitled The Regulatory Environment and Its Impact On Safeguard Properties (accessible in the ISTAR Database). The reality is that the NAMFS Regime should have spent their money not on Kevin “Support The Troop Haters” Sweeney and brought in people to tell the Rank and File precisely what is coming down the pike. Hell, I would have bought a ticket to come report upon that!

Now, the NAMFS Regime is all Back of the Bus and shit involved in a Royal Circle Jerk attempting to pass blame and figure out whether another Break Out Session on how to deal with Foreclosurepedia is going to be recorded or not. The NAMFS Rank and File had better take note that their illustrious Board of Vermin are getting extremely skittish. Never a good thing to have fish in a barrel skittish.

The NAMFS Regime woke up this morning to a very bad reality check. They realized that they are going to have to find some proxies whom can be trusted to pretend that they are going to all of the sudden Sponsor a wide array of shit at the Freak Show. I mean, what do you do? It’s like the Twilight Zone and shit or more like Groundhog Day on steroids. Miller should simply man up and reach out to talk with me. He knows that I will keep in confidence our discussion. More on point, though, is that Miller cannot do that anymore. He has lost the Midas Touch. His Royal Court has begun to realize that all Miller has been doing is Ticket Punching. I mean shit, $100K/yr to do what? And then to realize that Crisis Management isn’t really Miller’s forte; to realize that the real world is both novel and abstract to him telegraphs a Regime Change. Ironic in that Foreclosurepedia’s reporting upon the systemic problems will eventually be a systematic dethroning of each and every NAMFS Regime Member. Unless … unless the NAMFS Regime repents. No need to wipe out the good with the bad. Hey, Eric, my number is still in your emails.

No change for the Fraud Fest, though. I am eagerly awaiting the photos which will stream in. Even the John Ward Memorial Golf outing will be suspect. I mean is the cart bugged? Did he look too long at my golf bag? Did the maid stay too long in my room? The Paranoia Intelligence Agency — I like that.

Now, don’t forget to make a donation to Heather and Doug Berghorst. I mean with these vermin all out and about collecting unemployment. There is something that really should convey precisely how corrupt the NAMFS Regime Board is. Disgraced former NAMFS Regime Secretary, Heather Berghorst, collecting unemployment while telling Contractors to get over it. Yeah, Kevin Sweeney has a whole lot to be proud of preaching to the crowd in September. Duty, Honor, Country … these were words that must not have been around much in his Unit.

Did I forget to mention that Buczek’s Office is Up For Sale?

Yeah, nice ACA Sticker On The Window!

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