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Berghorst Bankruptcy Trustee Refuses To Hear Allegations Of Fraud

Disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst seems to have the Dream Team law firm with A. Todd Almassian. The fix is obviously in with respect to the fact that Steve Langland, the Bankruptcy Trustee appointed over the Berghorst Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, is completely shunning any Contractors whom attempt to expose the apparent Berghorst Ponzi Scheme. Langland’s point-of-view, it appears to me, goes beyond the pale in his disdain for the Berghorst Bankruptcy being contested.

A Source speaking on condition of anonymity said, I called the trustee this morning  Steve [Langland], 269.382.3703 , He basically did not want to hear anything i had to say,  had no interest  in any suspicions of fraud, and said that it would be a waist of any of our time to show up at the meeting of the creditors. and at the end, said we ( contractors) where unsecured creditors and basically would not be paid! 

Now, I am not that surprised. In fact, I found Berghorst’s lawyer, A. Todd Almassian in pretty close proximity to Langland at a Conference a year and a half ago. Almasian was lecturing on Chapter 13 for Small Business (strange as he is hammering out a Chapter 7 for the Berghorsts) and Langland lecturing on accounting. In and of itself, this isn’t a smoking gun; however, it is my opinion that when you have a US Bankruptcy Trustee refusing to hear a single word with respect to fraud and we find that Almassian had previously advised Contractors that they didn’t have a leg to stand upon, the writing on the wall becomes questionable at best. Almassian’s statements to the Contractor, in his legal capacity, when juxtaposed with the fact that Almassian then went on to represent the very vermin that he, in essence protected vis-a-vis his statement to the Contractor, sets off alarm bells in my world.

The Berghorst Affair is turning out to be a pivotal moment in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. All Americans are fully aware that seven years after the Sub Prime Crisis we are still witnessing the true depths of the criminal actions committed wholesale within the Mortgage Servicing Industry. I believe that the Berghorst Affair is the Smoking Gun that Almassian, Langland, NAMFS Regime, et al., want to disappear very quickly. Like Ollie North said, “Better shred than read.”

In an ironic twist the Honorable Jeffrey R. Hughes, assigned to the case has retired — he retired in September, 2013. Foreclosurepedia reached out to the US Bankruptcy Court in Kalamazo, Michigan, and was told that the new and yet unnamed judge has not been seated. They anticipate a formal announcement later next week. With the First Meeting of Creditors scheduled for 14 August 2014, the potential for the Rubber Stamping may be at risk.

The Hughes issue is most interesting. Now, the Berghorst Bankruptcy is case is codified as 14-04293-jrh. There are simply a lot of curious loose ends which, when taken singularly, do not mean much. When added together, though, they begin to paint a very questionable set of circumstances. He was recognized in the US House of Representatives as doing what most elected officials do when they retire.

After 13 years of service to the nation and to West Michigan, he retired from Federal employment in September of 2013. Judge Hughes is a regular speaker at seminars, including those sponsored by the Institute for Continuing Legal Education and the American Bankruptcy Institute. In addition, he appears as a guest instructor each semester at Cooley Law School’s Grand Rapids campus and has participated in the extern programs offered by Cooley Law School’s Michigan campuses and Michigan State University Law School.

What Contractors need to do IMMEDIATELY in both the Berghorst Matter and the nearly idenctical Buczek Enterprises case is to file a Complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB Complaint Form is located here. With respect to the Berghorst Affair Fox News has become involved and is beginning to speak with Contractors as a direct result. ALL CONTRACTORS should immediately reach out to them and their information is listed below. Make sure that you inform them the Problem Solvers Department is dealing with the issue.

FOX 17
3117 Plaza Drive NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525 
Newsroom: 616-364-1717

If you are on the below list you NEED TO IMMEDIATELY FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU LISTED ABOVE! A very clear and distinct message needs to be sent to the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime that they are no longer going to be able to give safe quarter to Heather Berghorst simply because she was a HIGH RANKING BOARD MEMBER and the NAMFS Regime Secretary! Heather Berghorst is STILL LISTED AS A MEMBER OF THE NAMFS REGIME and receives all rights and benefits accorded. If your name is NOT LISTED then you need to Contact the Bankruptcy Trustee and either have yourself added or contact Counsel to see about being able to sue. Finally, EVERYONE SHOULD LIEN EACH AND EVERY PROPERTY. Berghorst’s bankruptcy does not impact this right, best I can tell, as she does not own the properties. Reach out to TODAY!

Case:14-04293-jrh Doc #:8 Filed: 06/26/14 Page 1 of 5

United States Bankruptcy Court Western District of Michigan In re: Case No. 14-04293-jrh Douglas Berghorst Chapter 7 Heather Berghorst

District/off: 0646-1 User: lanel Page 1 of 3 Date Rcvd: Jun 24, 2014

Form ID: b9a Total Noticed: 91

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NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014
NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014

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