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NAMFS Secretary Implicated In Nearly Twenty Grand And Counting

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary, Heather Berghorst whom recently closed her doors in shame, has Contractors asking NAMFS Regime Members, yet again, “Where is our money?!” The NAMFS Regime’s highest ranking Member has now been shown to have the same morals as the rest we have been reporting upon like Buczek Enterprises, Boyd Property Preservation, Safeguard Properties … on and on.

I worked for the past 2 years for Heather Berghorst’s 2 companies–Berghorst Enterprises and [Heritage]–earlier this month we were notified that there would be no more work and she was closing the doors–owing me approx. $18,500.00 and no explaination on when I will receive payment. I don’t want to say any thing over an e-mail but I would be happy to talk to anyone that is trying to remedy the situation many of us are in that did work for these arrogant and unscrupulous companies run by Heather Berghorst. I have all the invoice with amounts, dates and addresses so if you need them please let me know and thank you for all your help!

It should come as no surprise that Altisource is, yet again, front and center with respect to yet more Order Mill fraud. For over a year now, we have reported upon Altisource turning a blind eye to the fraud against Contractors in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. As recent reports show, though, Altisource has been alleged to be committing wholesale violations across the board. Altisource, whom failed to make whole Contractors in the Buczek Enterprises fiasco, will most assuredly be front and center with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) discussions next week — not that they care as they are too busy dodging consumer complaints anyway.

Memes: So many people, so little time!
Memes: So many people, so little time!

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