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NAMFS Regime Secretary Accused Of Another Thirty Plus Thousand In Debt

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime simply cannot extricate itself from the fraud and corruption that now hangs over its seemingly Organized Association. Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Regime Secretary, has been implicated with yet another THIRTY PLUS THOUSAND DOLLARS in debt she has refused to pay in accordance with legally binding Contracts. NAMFS Regime Board Members and Eric Miller, NAMFS Regime Executive Director seem recalcitrant to do anything but Circle The Wagons in protecting her. Tragically, the collateral damage is spilling over onto legitimate NAMFS Regime Rank and File and word has it they are not too pleased footing Berghorst’s bill nor receiving the public black eyes.

In relation to your Berghorst investigation, I have documentation which I pulled from the Property Preservation Wizard computer system prior to Heather shutting our accounts off, that shows that I am owed 34600.60. This is real money.. Thankfully I keep all my photos and I never depend on these off site organizations so I have literally thousands of photos of my work over the past two months showing this.

In addition I have contacted the GM of vendor management for Altisource who asked me to send what I am owed and they will get back to me….I won’t hold my breath.

With respect to the source speaking on condition of anonymity holding their breath, I do not believe they will have to do such for long. Altisource seems to be poised to invoke drastic changes. Foreclosurepedia cannot take credit for this; Altisource seems to have, of its own accord, come to the conclusion that continuing to send hundreds of thousands of orders to Order Mills whom do not perform any service other than dilute the amount of money to the Contractor, is not sustainable. For those curious what Berghorst’s thoughts are on her refusal to pay Contractors, here are her own words,

[Redacted], I don’t know anything right now.  I am a broken person right now, having  lost everything over the last week. I’m sorry for the non-response today,  but will get my head together and try to give you an update next week on the financial situation.  We need to consult with our attorney.

Heather Berghorst 593 Heritage Ct. Holland, MI 49423

Um, yeah. I cry rivers of tears in thinking that poor ‘ol Heather is unable or unwilling to pay Contractors. Here is a thought: How about issuing a work order to foreclose upon her home over on 139th?! More on point, though, how is it that Miller and the NAMFS Regime is able to keep a publicly disgraced, non paying Order Mill on the Board of Directors. And let me be very clear here in that when people over at CFPB and the State Attorneys General offices and the US Attorney General begin to look around, they are going to potentially look at ALL MEMBERS of the NAMFS Regime. That is how it works, folks. It is the Company you keep. The reason being is that each and every one of you refused to hold your Members accountable so the supposition is that it is a potential for collusion. Just sayin’ …

So, I ask, how is that good ‘ol Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt going to spin this one?! I mean either you pay people or you don’t! How about a good dose of running background and credit checks begin with respect to these Order Mills? Oh, I know, Miller and Platt would HAVE NOTHING OF THAT! I mean, when you begin to hit the obscene war chest, it causes all kinds of problems.

We will keep you appraised on the outcome of #OpBerghorst as it continues to spiral out of control. Stay tuned for tonight’s explosive Foreclosurepedia Podcast at 2300EDT streaming via Amazon. You don’t want to miss it!

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