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NAMFS: Under Siege With No End In Sight

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is in panic mode right now. Eric Miller, the NAMFS Regime Executive Director whom is paid OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES is realizing that even is closest confidants are toxic. All hands are hunkered down; the problem is the 1MC is broke and no one realized that the General Quarters call came out. Or, maybe they did? Neither here nor there. The most telling sign is that the self anointed Minister of Propaganda is MIA — Terry Platt. Recent inductee to the NAMFS Regime, Platt along with Caped Crusader Joe Hummel seem to be at a loss to stem the tide — looks like one post per year these days. Really not their fault, though, as the wave after wave of Taliban like revelations of corruption and fraud are exploding all around. The analogy is apt as the NAMFS Regime and the Taliban have any similarities. There appears to be a disproportionate failure to pay females versus males in claims against the NAMFS Regime. Likewise, the Taliban seem to hate women. The concentration of wealth seems to be centered within a very small group of people existing on a Board. Likewise, the Taliban uses a shadowy Council which controls the dispersal of all funds. Terry Platt, the Minister of Propaganda, does not seem to be able to stay focused on anything meaningful and no one takes him to be anything other than the traitor he is. The Taliban Minister of Propaganda is similarly situated.

Heather Berghorst whose LinkedIn Page now has removed her Title as Owner and merely lists, Experienced Business Manager, is leading the charge as the NAMFS Regime Secretary with respect to public sentiment. Berghorst, the highest ranking Member of the NAMFS Regime, has defaulted on hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt owed to Contractors. It has left fellow NAMFS Regime Rank and File whom used Berghorst as an Order Mill in a prickly position of liability with respect to both litigation and potential liens against their Client’s properties.

The prevailing question on everyone’s mind today is why the NAMFS Regime does not either dismiss Berghorst as NAMFS Regime Secretary; why Berghorst does not resign and save the NAMFS Regime the daily black eye; or why does the NAMFS Regime not commence Ethics Hearings against her? One reason: Berghorst knows too much. Period.

It is the proverbial checkmate performed by a PSYOPS Master. Let me walk you through the Operation. If Berghorst steps down, it will be a Public Relations nightmare. If she is forced out of office it will be even worse of a nightmare. If she is brought up on Ethics Violations she will deny them and fight to the end. You see: Hook, Line and Sinker.

#OpNAMFS is a carefully orchestrated endeavor to bring people to justice whom have defrauded Contractors. It will never end; there are no plea bargains nor are there any prisoners — no exchange of the Obama 5 on my watch! What Eric Miller could never have predicted was that Contractors would finally begin to bring their Complaints public. You see, Miller has always stated that none of the information ever presented was legit. I mean think of that statement for a minute. Miller is saying that ALL CONTRACTORS are, in essence, liars. Let that sink in; those of you owed money, how does that make you feel?!

So, where do we go from here? Well, Foreclosurepedia is 5 for 5 right now. That’s a pretty tight batting average. You know, we did a bit of digging into Missouri where Miller used to work. That just might be the next area of interest. Or perhaps Adam Miles and the California environmental issue we have heard about which was sluffed off as a WD 40 issue. The reality is that it is pretty irrelevant as when CFPB steps in, the game is over. There is not a single contract in this Industry which will pass Constitutional Muster. Take SEAS LLC, for example. Their demand that a private Contractor cannot turn down work; that they will be sued for $50,000 if they pursue non payment issues outside of SEAS LLC; and you cannot lien any property are all illegal caveats. In fact, in Tennessee where SEAS LLC operates, we have a law passed in 1996 which addresses their lien bullshit.

As predicted, the US Government has entered in Q2 of 2014. The days of the Order Mills are drawing rapidly to a close. The monopolization of the Background Checks by Aspen Grove Solutions are going to soon be on their way out as well. I mean this is like saying you can only buy Coca Cola or whites are only allowed in certain areas. The reality is that those prominent firms which are NAMFS Regime Members are going to get some extremely close scrutiny.

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