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Foreclosurepedia: The Bête Noire Of The NAMFS Regime

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is betting big on Propaganda these days. Eric Miller must be having doubts with respect to the self anointed Minister of Propaganda, Terry Platt, and his Dynamic Duo of Joe Hummel of Keystone Property Services and Bret Douglas of IronClad. It would appear that the now infamous NAMFS Regime has attempted to reach out to the Drive By Pundits over at HousingWire in an attempt to push their notorious Propaganda.

Ben Lane, a HousingWire Pundit, went out on a limb drinking the NAMFS Regime Kool Aid. Lane, normally a fairly Middle of the Road guy, made a typical mistake seen in the Freshman Propaganda Guild. Lane linked two firms which normally would not like to be linked for legal reasons.

More on that in a minute. Let’s go back, though, and recap how the NAMFS Regime Propaganda Road Show has been fairing with Minister of Propaganda Platt at the helm. Platt, as everyone knows, took a hiatus from CubicYard in an attempt to drum up money for his inability to produce quality investigative pieces on the Mortgage Field Services Industry. It is surprising as the old CubicYard was revered by many Contractors including myself. What Minister of Propaganda Platt ended up with was a sad shell representative of himself; an old man hocking Porn Store Comics and parading around like a Dean of a non existent University — Platt has already lost one of his larger, Corporate sponsors.

To that end, the NAMFS has partnered with Aspen Grove Solutions and SterlingBackcheck to offer SterlingBackcheck’s background check services as part of Aspen’s industry wide background screening solution iRecord.

My concern is that we now have non profit organizations being used as fronts with respect to for profit corporations. There is no transparency with respect to any of the NAMFS Regime Board Members nor the NAMFS Regime itself with respect to whether any consideration whatsoever is being given by Aspen Grove Solutions.

Lane picked up the torch where Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt left off. The NAMFS Regime has been hemorraghing money and Members since Foreclosurepedia launched #OpNAMFS. This is due, in part, to the non profit NAMFS Regime doing the bidding of for profit firms like Aspen Grove Solutions. Lane, in typical flourish, is attempting to sell Aspen Grove Solutions as a savior in the Industry vis-a-vis their Pay To Play scheme of having their Sponsors force use of their Background Checks. The reality is that Aspen Grove Solutions is hocking a product which they do not even produce for rates at FOURTEEN TIMES that which is currently available! Did I forget to mention that Contractors are now no longer able to independently have command and control over their own businesses through this scheme?!

Our goal is to assist our NAMFS members meet the increasing regulatory requirements and costs associated with background screening and we are excited about SterlingBackcheck’s participation,” said Eric Miller.

It is great that Miller is now, additionally, the Pitch Man for Aspen Grove Solutions. The problem is that the NAMFS Regime’s unilateral decision to enrich their own proverbial war chest has adversely impacted non NAMFS Regime Members. Did I forget to mention that the First Advantage Background Check and Credit Check generates this from Equifax,

We recently furnished a copy of your credit file for employment purposes.

Time and again, the NAMFS Regime attempts to skirt the law. It has been categorically proven in hundreds of examples that NAMFS Regime Members have defrauded Contractors in their refusal to pay them in accordance with legally binding contracts. The above is merely yet another example of the lengths to which the NAMFS Regime will go to sanitize their culpability. Minister of Propaganda Terry Platt might have reason to worry as his self anointment may be in jeopardy.

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