NAMFS Offender Members Under Cyber Assault

We just reported upon the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) website being reported by Google as potentially hacked. According to Google, it is unsafe to even go to the website. Days later, the NAMFS Regime is unable to fix their website to comport with the standards Google considers to be safe for consumers. Now, Spectrum Field Services appears to have been hacked as well,


One of several possibilities present. First, the email address could have been spoofed, but I doubt that. Second, Spectrum has been penetrated. Now, herein lies the quandary: As opposed to every other Company dealing with Interstate Commerce and their requirements to both notify the US Government and complete a postmortem, the Mortgage Field Services Industry keeps this hidden. In fact, the reality is that potentially anyone whom has worked for Spectrum already has had their systems infected. This means EVERYTHING — credit cards, passwords, banking information … EVERYTHING!

For years, Eric Miller, the hack whom receives OVER ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR TO DO JACK SHIT has operated on the belief that if you bury your head in the sand long enough, the problem will go away. It is not going to go away and I predict it will become horrific in weeks and not months or years. Out of deference and concern, I have not released the entirety of that which I have discovered. I did release about Joel McCall and GTJ Consulting LLC as those breaches were beyond salvage. In all the years I have been on the web, I have never seen such a disregard for information security as I have in this Industry. More on point, any Firm requiring Internet Explorer or Java have already preordained their demise.

The level of sophistication to pull off this type of #Op is mid level. First, I have warned there is not a single computer server in the Industry which does not have a welcome mat at the entrance — that includes Aspen Grove Solutions. Second, this means that all of the email addresses, or at least the addresses of those whom have received emails similar to the aforementioned, have been compromised. Now, truth be known, I have in upwards of 85,000 email addresses as NAMFS Regime Offender Members are always loathe to use the bcc function. Fuck them, it serves them right.

I have tried and tried and tried to warn people that there are nefarious groups targeting the Industry. Even Miller doubted it when I mentioned this at the Florida FAST Conference. Miller has done such at his own peril and now has cosigned the demise of Labor. Make no mistake whatsoever these fucking Order Mills are not going to be there for you when your identity is stolen.

Foreclosurepedia has been working with some NAMFS Rank and File to both build and reinforce existing web based technologies including websites and encrypted email, voice and video communications. The sad state of affairs is that Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, the NAMFS Regime Vice President whom has refused to conduct Ethics Investigations against its own former Board Member whom defrauded Contractors and financial institutions, has now shown that business as usual is over for those whom do not want their information spread all over the Darknet. If you need help with your IT, feel free to reach out to me for a free, initial consultation.


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