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CorePres: 30 Years Experience, Actively Recruiting And An Unfinished Website

There is rarely, if ever, any truthfulness to any Firm whom attempts to recruit in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. CorePres or CorePres National or CorePres National Contracting (CPN) is the quintessential example of fraud as best I can tell. First, the name. So, the Nevada Secretary of State has no record of them in any of the aforementioned combinations. To make sure, I went to the CorePres Contacts Page and that is where I ultimately began to understand that this is simply another fine example of business as usual with respect to how National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Offender Members function. When you look at the map, this alone tells you what is going on. Here we have a Company purporting to be CPN and allegedly operating legally out of Henderson, Nevada, and yet their map shows them to be in New York City! Their emails state that they are in Henderson, Nevada. I mean what a total and complete crock of shit and yet Contractors, just like crack addicts, get all the way down on their hands and knees with their mouths wide open for a chance to taste!



I have no idea if CorePres is a NAMFS Regime Offender Member as the NAMFS Website is infected with viruses. In fact, I reached  out to Eric Miller, NAFMS Regime Executive Director whom clears well over ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES and sent him the reasons that the NAMFS Website is infected and how to cure it. All I asked was that he keep his word AND OBEY THE LAW by sending me a copy of the NAMFS FY2013 IRS Form 990 like he promised to do back in July, 2014. To date, Miller has refused to repair the NAMFS Website which potentially places anyone whom visits it in harm’s way and still is recalcitrant to send IRS Form 990. On that point, fuck Eric Miller and his bitch boi attitude!

Some of the infections currently present on NAMFS
Some of the infections currently present on NAMFS

Eric Miller’s Letter To Me on 20JUL14

The reality is that CPN does not exist anywhere other than in bits and bytes of data that seem to become fleeting when one attempts to capture it. There is not a single name attached to their website nor within their Contracts or Paperwork. Even their cheesy emails they send out are absent of any identifying information.

Hello – We found your information on the website & wanted to reach out to you personally to let you know about our company and to share with you our information, which you can find on our website at

We have been in business for over 30 years as national construction contractors and builders.  For the last couple of years we have been involved in the Preservation Management on a national scale managing thousands of preforeclosed & REO properties.  We Would Like To Have You Join Our Network For Future Work!

 What sealed the deal for me; what convinced me and should convince anyone beyond any reasonable doubt that CPN is a Fraud Shop, was the fact that their website is nowhere near finished. Now, remember, they state they have been around “…30 years as national constrution contractors and builders…” and yet they couldn’t afford to finish a website?! Did I forget to mention that CPN just bought their website on 09 October 2014 and only paid for one year of hosting! Yeah, here are some folks really planning on being around for a bit, huh?! More on point, why would you have a website and documents crossing state lines using electronic means without your legal company name? Finally, why would you not want anyone to know whom owns and works at your “…30 year…” old business?





Folks, if you got a Recruitment Email from CPN your best bet is to refer it over to your State Attorney General’s office along with your local, county, state and federal representative. In fairness, I reached out to CPN for comment before publication and received none. At the end of the day, CPN strikes me as no different than those whom come into urban communities and open up liquor stores and pawn shops.


Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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