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NAMFS: Is An Attempt To Rewrite History In The Making?

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime is grasping at straws these days. With their recent addition of the Minister of Propaganda of Terry Platt, CubicYard, QC University and Contractor Comics fame welcomed into the Family, I think that the theory was to capitalize upon some spin mastering in hopes of cleaning up the Public Relations. To date, though, it hasn’t happened; it has honestly been a charity drive to support the health care expenses for Platt. We reached out to speak with Terry Platt, but for the past several months he has been unavailable — fear is a bad thing to live with I suppose. The reality is that just about the only way Eric Miller, Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime — or should I say The Miller Regime — is going to change history is to rewrite it. Speaking of, today we witnessed the Russian State Run Television attempt to do just that with respect to the downing of Malaysian Airline Flight MH17.

A Twitter bot that keeps watch on Wikipedia pages edited by those inside the Russian government spotted major changes to an entry about yesterday’s crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which killed all 298 people on board. The Telegraph reports that a Russian language page about Boeing 777 accidents that mentioned flight MH17 initially included language pointing to “terrorists” before being changed to “Ukrainian soldiers.”

Platt aside, just about the only person out there today whom might be able to massage The Miller Regime’s problems is Kim Fatica. As many recall, Fatica whom is a former SEAS LLC employee, is currently persona non grata. The reason for this, in a nutshell, is that Fatica was bound to a Non Compete Agreement with SEAS LLC and was jumping ship to Keystone Property Services. SEAS LLC made it clear that talent poaching was taboo and they would enforce the Florida based provision. While Keystone would have prevailed in say a year or so of litigation, they did not relish the idea of protracted litigation.

The Eric Miller Sideshow which has been directly responsible for focusing the spotlight upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry in a manner no one most importantly including Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders want, is never going to change their ways. While many of the NAMFS Rank and File are probably honest and hard working members of society, the entire Board of Directors of the NAMFS Regime are just about as corrupt as they come the way I see it. Why? NOT A SINGLE BOARD MEMBER has allowed Ethics Hearings to commence against their pal, the disgraced former NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst. Everyone recalls how Heather decided to file her SECOND BANKRUPTCY to the tune of nearly TWO MILLION DOLLARS, this time, and stiff Contractors on the way out. And yet Berghorst is still a National Association of Mortgage Field Services Member in Good Standing and additionally listed to attend the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 in Orlando, Florida, under the fraudulent name of Heritage Home Solutions much to the discomfort of her former Paymaster, Altisource.

Cleaning house within the NAMFS Regime is a far more difficult task than many believe. The problem stems from an entirely incestuous relationship between Financial Institutions, Portfolio Holders and The Eric Miller Regime Board Members. Complicating matters even further is the fact that Foreclosurepedia’s revelations recently have begun to show the far too cozy relationship between the Federal Non Profit Status of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) and For Profit ventures. To make clear, these are not just random beliefs of mine. Heather Berghorst, herself, implicated THE ENTIRE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE NAMFS REGIME. Here is what a Source speaking on condition of anonymity stated in an email I have paraphrased,

Heather had returned from a recent NAMFS Conference [this would have been a year or so ago].  I was discussing the fact with my superior, that telling Contractors that they would be paid when [Berghorst Enterprises] was paid was troubling because we were not doing this.  My superior stated that, “Well EVERYONE is doing that; the NAMFS board members were all complaining about money and how they were all having issues. It’s what everyone is doing to stay afloat.”

I want to be very clear here. As Altisource was the first to be outed for refusing to both perform due diligence upon their NAMFS Regime Buddy Order Mills and then refusing to properly monitor them, statements like the above are poised to ensure a top-to-bottom investigation eventually. In light of the US Government’s escalated investigations into Financial Institutions to the tune of tens of billions of dollars in new settlements; the foreclosure lawyer mills now paying out tens of millions of dollars for price gouging; and Ponzi Schemes being unearthed daily connect the dots to beginning to examine precisely how US Taxpayer dollars are being fraudulently disappearing. When we look at how Asset Management Specialists (AMS) has been implicated in False Claims Act screen shotting in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s P260; when we look at tens of millions of US Taxpayer Dollars never making it to the very Contractors whom perform the work — charge backs when the Order Mill is paid in full or the National submits and is paid in full — what we are ultimately going to see is lengthy prison sentences and enormous restitution.

A working theory of mine is that I am curious whether or not the guarantee of protection from the NAMFS Regime is funded, in part, by a portion of the monies which Contractors are never paid. I mean let’s take a $100 Work Order. So, you have $100. The job is done. The Contractor is told it is a charge back or simply is never paid. The US Government pays the $100 to the National Order Mill whom, in turn pays the Regional Order Mill say $60. Both the National and Regional send say $10 each to The Eric Miller Regime Sideshow via separate accounts and when you take that on a large scale it is a tremendous amount of money. This would tend to explain why Eric Miller has categorically refused to hold A SINGLE HEARING AGAINST THE PLETHORA OF HIGH RANKING NAMFS REGIME MEMBERS for Ethics Violations. More on point, it would explain the inexplicable ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR PAY RAISE MILLER RECEIVED BETWEEN THE 2011 AND 2012 FISCAL YEAR. I mean I don’t know. Miller and the rest of the NAMFS Regime refuse to even return emails asking for their FY 2013 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 or their Letter of Determination. We have already forwarded an Official Complaint to the IRS as a matter of fact.

So, with Terry Platt unable to live up to his alleged talents of Spin Doctor; with the actual Media Mogul Kim Fatica unable to approach the NAMFS Regime; and with Eric Miller now approaching the nearly ONE HALF MILLION DOLLAR LEVEL IN NAMFS REGIME PAYROLL DURING HIS TENURE WHICH HAS CONSUMED NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES FOR YEARS NOW the Sixty Thousand Dollars that the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 is facing is really a drop in the pot, isn’t it?! Here is a novel thought: How about the NAMFS Rank and File rising up at the NAMFS Regime Fraud Fest 2014 and demanding Buczek Enterprises, Berghorst Enterprises, et al., be brought up on Ethics Complaints? Even more on point, how about the NAMFS Regime demanding financial transparency? I mean Eric Miller shoved Aspen Grove Solutions down everyone’s throat to investigate Contractors and seems to be financially set in his ways to absolutely never have a single NAMFS Regime Member investigated in the same way. Even the Mafia require some due diligence! I don’t know anymore. I mean maybe Michael Evangelo has the answers? Seems he is just about the last financial supporter of the Platt Health Care Roadshow.

Should the NAMFS Regime ever like to sit down and set the record straight, I am all ears. While what I write is my opinion, I reinforce my opinion with facts — facts that are pretty much available to the general public. It is tragic that the NAMFS Rank and File are willing to go down with a sinking ship and not attempt to right it. NAMFS is a viable Association. The problem is complacency. In the 21st Century, juries do not identify with the, “Gee, I was a Member and just didn’t know,” theory.

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