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Eric Miller: Financing An Outlandish Payroll For No Services Rendered

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been a vehicle for upward mobility with respect to Eric Miller ever since he has left Lender Processing Services (LPS) as their Vice President of Business Intelligence in 2011. In 2008, after the NAMFS Regime had already moved from West Palm Beach, Florida, to Solon, Ohio, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 990 stated that the Executive Director worked 30 hours per week and was compensated $36,000 per year. By 2012, the latest IRS Form 990 we currently have, Eric Miller the now Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime was making a startling ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE THOUSAND AND FORTY FOUR DOLLARS per year for ONLY WORKING TEN HOURS MORE PER WEEK! That is a SEVENTY SIX THOUSAND AND FORTY FOUR DOLLAR PAY RAISE FOR ONLY WORKING TEN MORE HOURS A WEEK which is FAR LESS than Contractors work each and every day!

To better put this into perspective, if Eric Miller truly worked 40 hours per week — and this is not proven — we are talking about 2080 hours compared to the 1560 hours by his predecessor. That is FIFTY THREE DOLLARS AND EIGHTY SEVEN CENTS PER HOUR! His predecessor was making TWENTY THREE DOLLARS AND SEVEN CENTS PER HOUR!

I want to make sure we are all on the same page here because some very interesting things came down the pike when Miller took the reins. Miller has been awarded an ELEVEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN DOLLAR RAISE between the 2011 and 2012 IRS Form 990 Filings. His current salary is unknown even though we sent the following email to Miller. We want to emphasize that Foreclosurepedia will file suit to obtain the information and this suit will cost NAMFS Rank and File a tremendous amount of money the longer that Miller drags his feet.

This is a Formal Request for the NAMFS IRS Form 990 For FY 2013 and The NAMFS Academy Form 990 for FY 2013. I additionally request IRS Letters of Determination For both entities.

Before you decide to treat these requests off cuff, make no mistake whatsoever I will file Formal Requests with IRS along with Complaints should you not answer this email.

Organizations do have the right to charge the requester “reasonable copying costs” for the document in question. The allowable charge is the same amount charged by the IRS for providing copies—$1.00 for the first page and $.15 for each subsequent page.

The penalty for not disclosing an annual return is $20 per day for as long as the failure to comply continues, up to a maximum of $10,000 maximum fee per return not disclosed. There is no maximum fee for failure to provide the application for exemption.

Organizations that do not wish to provide hard copies of these document(s) do have another option: they can post a copy on their Web site. With the exception of masking donor’s names and addresses on Forms 990, 990-EZ, and 990-PF, the documents must not be altered in any way.

Should NAMFS not have enough money to provide the photocopies and US Mail sent to FORECLOSUREPEDIA PO BOX 13, BLAINE, TN  37709 or provide them via email as is the generally acceptable fashion, advise within 5 calendar days and Foreclosurepedia will have delivered a Cashier’s Check payable to NAMFS.

Thank you.

During the course of Miller’s Pay Raise in the IRS Form 990 Filing we find that Paul Magaha, former LPS partner and recent Assurant Field Asset Services (AFAS) appointee, is listed as the NAMFS Regime Treasurer. It might be me, but Magaha’s signature looks a bit shaky. Neither here nor there, but I do think it is important to point out that there seems to me to be a troubling stacking of the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors with personnel whom are all employed by some of the largest order mills in the Nation. In essence, this allows for political influence to be peddled under the auspices of a non profit organization. In fact, it is actually fairly easy to see how Altisource was able to turn a blind eye to the atrocities being committed by disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst. If they cared, they would publicly request her expulsion from the NAMFS Regime. Here, let me walk you through what I believe happened,

I reached out to Robert Bridges, Altisource Associate Counsel towards the end of October, 2013, and informed him that two things were happening: First, NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst was defrauding Contractors and Adam and Amanda Buczek were both committing the same unconscionable acts. Bridges received the information and went dark for several weeks. The reality is that Berghorst was not completely shut down until in late May, 2014, and the Buczeks we do not know formally whether they are or are not still functioning within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In both cases, Altisource had ample time to clean up their mess and never did. In fact, had Altisource both performed due diligence and not had direct access to Heather Berghorst and NAMFS Regime Legacy Member Buczek Enterprises, chances are pretty good these tragedies would have never happened.

There is no way in hell folks like Bridges can sit with a straight face and state that money has not bought their Company access to the NAMFS Regime Board. Further, with Bridges stating point blank in an email to Foreclosurepedia that the NAMFS Regime newsletter was incorrect in naming Altisource as submitting a Reference Letter on behalf of Jay Goscinski, Michigan Realty Solutions LLC, and yet in the same breath refusing to call the NAMFS Regime on the carpet for this lie strikes me as a tacit support for the current state of events unfolding under the Miller Regime. While many may consider all the information presented, thus far, as circumstantial, I believe that as my digging continues we are going to find a tremendous amount of emails which Altisource currently possesses which paint a far less rosy picture than what Altisource publicly states. In fact, I believe there is little doubt that unless and until Altisource publicly cops deuces to precisely when they knew what and precisely what protocols are going to be put into place to prevent this from happening again, we are going to see Altisource ultimately have problems retaining Contractors to do their work in the coming months. The reality is that when I realized that Pat McTaggart, Altisource Atlanta, had lied to me I then understood that Berghorst and Buczek were simply the top of the pile of proverbial dead bodies Altisource wanted to keep buried.

Quiet as a church mouse, Pat McTaggart, Altisource Altanta, continues to troll the Contractors whom have been injured in indescribable manners by Altisource’s hired henchmen whom are NAMFS Regime Order Mills. With promises to both Berghorst and Buczek victims, McTaggart continues to prime them for documents and information promising money and employment. News Flash — McTaggart has done JACK SHIT, to date, other than continue to rub Contractor’s faces in the shit through her trolling much like a rape victim is forced to confront their aggressor in court. Sickening. If I have the story wrong, I continue to request that Altisource set the record straight. McTaggart and Bridges both have my contact info. Their email may begin with an apology from McTaggart for lying to me.

The reality is that in times where Contractors are continually required to take less and less for more and more services provided, Eric Miller fattens his wallet in an obscene manner for doing nothing other than oversee the largest cesspool of humanity since Nazi Germany. If the NAMFS Rank and File really believe that Miller is entitled to the continual TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR RAISES, then it is apparent to me that the Contractors have nothing in common with the NAMFS Rank and File. As this Altisource mess continues to go unaddressed, we encourage Contractors to file Complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) located here to ensure that a thorough and proper investigation is conducted to protect American Citizens against this Foreign National.

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