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Myopia: How The NAMFS Regime Is So 18 Minutes Ago

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has been all over the media lately for its corrupt Members and inability to address them. The NAMFS Rank and File, though, have additionally been in the media for far more relevant issues. It is quite apparent to me, from discussions I have had with NAMFS Rank and File, that continued funding expeditions for the NAMFS Regime will become conditioned upon the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors taking public actions. Some NAMFS Rank and File have called for the outright ousting of the entire Board of Directors, while others are extremely concerned by the all white make up of the Board itself which seems to convey a message that minorities are not welcomed. Many are beginning to relate the outright atrocities being committed against Contractors by NAMFS Regime Members such as the former High Ranking and now disgraced NAMFS Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst as a war against Christian Contractors in the United States.

There is quiet discussions within the Beltway to begin to examine whether or not these NAMFS Regime Bad Actors are perhaps appendages of both the Financial Institutions and the Portfolio Holders themselves. Should the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) begin to take this theory as its belief, it could signal that the banks and folks like Ocwen vis-a-vis Altisource may be in for a long haul. The fear is that Eric Miller has sent a clear message that he and his NAMFS Regime Board are encouraging fraud by refusing to remove those Members whom are committing it. This is a dangerous detente in that the US Government has been ratcheting up its investigations and settlements with large, financial institutions. The last thing these people need is to have Contractor after Contractor begin to swarm the CFPB with Complaints which will categorically show that Altisource and others knew of the floating of payments or at least should have known. Either way, Altisource will be held accountable. CFPBs position will be that if Altisource knew it was responsible and if Altisource didn’t know it is responsible due to gross negligence.

Eric Miller is the equivalent of a humanitarian crisis. Miller is divorced from the reality of what happens in the field with Boots on the Ground Contractors. The topic of each and every NAMFS Regime Conference Calls over the past several months have been that which Foreclosurepedia has put forth. Whether it is Heather Berghorst and her horrific actions against Contractors; whether it is the lackluster support for yet another NAMFS Regime Conference; or whether it is to have yet more closed door meetings on how to destroy Foreclosurepedia the reality is that Eric Miller must go. True leadership is displayed by those within the NAMFS Rank and File whom refuse to cosign the continual silence which states each and every Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) supports Heather Berghorst remaining a NAMFS Member in good standing and welcoming her with open arms at NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014. If Berghorst attends Foreclosurepedia vows an unrelenting war against each and all within NAMFS which will never end. There will never be peace.

With respect to Altisource’s quiet support of Eric Miller and his Regime, Foreclosurepedia communicates to the highest levels that the pay offs to Contractors with respect to Berghorst and Buczek do not fix the underlying problems of their business-as-usual policies. Altisource, single handedly shoulders the largest responsibility in the atrocities committed to date. Had Altisource properly performed due diligence upon its Network, the atrocities committed wholesale against Contractors would have never happened. Even today, Altisource is doing business with the worst of the worst the Mortgage Field Services Industry has to offer in their continued support of NAMFS Regime Order Mills.

Altisource, a Foreign National operating on United States soil, needs to be sent a very clear message that its lawyers in Luxembourg are going to be held accountable. Foreclosurepedia has now amassed the names of nine lawyers whom appear to be directly involved in the day-to-day activities of both the sales of homes within the Ocwen – Altisource Portfolio and two of the nine lawyers whom have direct interactions with the Mortgage Field Services Industry Portfolio. While these lawyers continue to parrot Bill Erbey and Bill Shepro’s allegations that they are gravely concerned about the fraud ongoing underneath their mantles of authority, the reality is that neither the lawyers nor the Bills could give two shits. Foreclosurepedia plans on publishing these lawyer’s names and walk through its readership precisely when and how each became aware of the problems on their watch. We are also going to document precisely how each of them, whether it be their interactions with CFPB or Contractors, attempted and in some cases succeeded in thwarting full investigations. Altisource does not desire change; Altisource signaled this when they refused to call Eric Miller on the carpet for publishing Altisource’s Recommendation for Jay Goscinksi that Altisource claims were lies. Altisource reiterated this position when Pat McTaggart, Altisource Atlanta outright lied to Foreclosurepedia. Altisource is put On Notice that Foreclosurepedia is contemplating placing their Company on the Foreclosurepedia Black List. Currently, Foreclosurepedia advises Contractors to exercise extreme caution when performing services for Altisource directly or via an Order Mill. We anticipate problems with Altisource going forward until they decide to become more transparent.

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