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Florida FAST Conference 2014

Things are moving rapidly as we draw closer to the Florida FAST Conference 2014. In keeping with the changes of landscape within the Mortgage Field Services Industry, a good portion of the Conference will be dedicated to Regulatory Compliance and Education. Both of these have been identified by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) as lacking and will become mandatory going forward. The reality is that today’s successful Contractor; the Contractor with whom Financial Institutions, Portfolio Holders and thus Order Mills will interact with going forward requires both the comprehension and real world application of Compliance and Education.

Adriana Farelo, owner of the Farelo Group, will be the Keynote Speaker. Farelo is an accomplished figure in the Mortgage Field Services Industry and a distinguished Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Farelo relies upon three fundamental pillars to guide the Farelo Group to the pinnacle of success it has attained thus far:  1) Passion For Service; 2) Corporate Vision; and 3) Pristine Quality.

In 2013, Farelo ran for the Vice Presidency of NAMFS. Her clear and concise bullet points identified a woman whom is confident both direction and the required guiding vision to get there. Her Five Year point was most astute in identifying the need to move from a laissez-faire approach in how both NAMFS engages its Membership and how the Mortgage Field Services Industry operates as a whole to a more hands on environment which benefits Clients, Order Mills and Contractors as a whole.

Bret Douglas, owner of the W2 based Ironclad Preservation, has been instrumental in laying the solid foundations for Florida FAST 2014. His ability to identify talent within the National Association of Mortgage Field Services sends a telegraph that NAMFS Rank and File have a tremendous wealth of experience to bring for the Industry. Farelo represents the good that NAMFS has to offer both Contractors and the Industry.

Florida FAST 2014 will be groundbreaking in several aspects. First, it is the first time in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry that a Conference has occurred financed by Contractors for Contractors. Second, Contractors will be spoken to in the FIRST PERSON sense. What I mean is that common sense dictates that those folks actually working in the field have far more need for a comprehensive understanding pertaining to Compliance than even those whom scrutinize Contractor photos in an attempt not to correct deficiencies, but to pad the pockets of their Bosses. Finally, Contractors have never been looked at as human beings; Contractors have always been considered a means to an end. We have confirmed through Sources speaking on condition of anonymity that CFPB is already privately informing Firms like Safeguard Properties and Altisource that Background Checks are a good first step, CFPB has communicated in no uncertain terms that the Verification of Skill Sets and absolute Compliance to issues such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) are not just lip service.

Contractors and Clients alike will make the pilgrimage to Florida FAST 2014 on 02 August 2014 in Orange City, Florida. The presentation of Educational Venues such as the NAMFS Academy, QC University and NAARPI will finally be presented to Contractors as OPTIONS and not demands for conditions of receiving Work Orders. Contractors and Clients alike will be allowed to interact amongst themselves in an OPEN MARKETPLACE which is far more conducive than the cost prohibitive settings available today. The reality is that the current Conference Settings within the Mortgage Field Services Industry virtually guarantee the fact that not a single Boots on the Ground Contractor will ever attend. Florida FAST 2014 will be a casual dress affair. While the Convention will not supply  Beluga Caviar — Florida FAST 2014 is more of a Corona and Bar-B-Que setting — it will allow for an absolute guarantee of both learning about the complexities of Compliance and work towards the solidification of Client’s ability to identify those Contractors whom are able to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenging landscape in today’s Mortgage Field Services Industry.

For those Contractors whom are interested in joining the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), SIRS, SOFI and other Industry Membership associations, we will have a booth set up with flyers from each. I believe that both Douglas and Farelo are well versed on NAMFS and would probably be glad to sit down with folks about their Association. With respect to the others, I am currently working on compiling information and will have such available by the date of the Conference.

Florida FAST 2014, contrary to private scuttlebutt, is not a Bitch Session. The presenters present are there to present their product on behalf of the originators. Foreclosurepedia’s involvement with Florida FAST 2014 is primarily pertaining to the technological and Public Relations aspects. Foreclosurepedia is donating its services Free of Charge. Pre Conference, Foreclosurepedia will have daily Podcasts from the Ironclad Preservation Compound. We will interview government officials pertaining to the new laws which have been enacted pertaining to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We will additionally speak with Matt Weidner, a man I consider to be a friend of mine whom is a lawyer and has been involved in foreclosure litigation for just about as long as it has been around. Weidner is the premiere expert on Florida Foreclosure Law and is bar none the expert with respect to the legal status of Contractors operating in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. For Homeowners and Contractors alike, Matt Weidner is the go to man for those whom need action now! Weidner and his staff at Weidner Law should be on SPEED DIAL if you are a Contractor in the Mortgage Field Services Industry and operating in the State of Florida.

Taken from the Weidner Law Firm Website —

Finally, Foreclosurepedia is proud to announce that West Point Graduate and distinguished National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member Jerry Hahn will be flying in to deliver a speech on the the importance of Team Play and Getting It Right The First Time. These ideals and many others ensured that Hahn was one of the select few whom were nominated to the US Army’s West Point Academy and ensured not only his graduation, but also the time he spent in country in hostile places such as Somalia. Hahn has taken these ideals and made them the cornerstone of his highly successful Mortgage Field Services Industry firm Precision Property Management LLC based in Philadelphia, PA.

Jerry Hahn, Somalia 1993

Hahn graduated from the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. After serving five years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, he began a career with DuPont holding various management positions. In 2005, he left DuPont and became and entrepreneur starting several companies. He is currently the President of Precision Properties Management as well as the managing member of four other companies doing business in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and New Castle County, Delaware. Jerry has been a member of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church since 2001. Currently, he is serving as their Building Committee Chairman. Jerry was a founding board member for Landenberg Christian Academy.

Folks, you do not want to miss Flordia FAST 2014 which is a kickoff for the National Circuit of Contractor Based Conferences whose Schedule will be released later next month. Join with the rest of your colleagues and RSVP TODAY! There is no cost and you have nothing to loose other than perhaps a New Contract with a Client whom might actually appreciate your work!

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