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NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014 Near $60000+ In The Hole

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, with Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller at the helm, is rapidly approaching financial ruin. I want you to look at these numbers below and let them sink in. There is A NEARLY SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLAR SHORTFALL in the NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014. No way in hell, this late in the game, anyone can honestly believe people are going to step to the plate. Oh, Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller will ensure that money is trafficked from slush funds to make it look like people were just slow coming forward, but everyone will recognize it for the sham it is. It will also call into question precisely how NAMFS Regime funds are obtained under the auspices of a federal non profit association.

  • Presidential Reception — Sponsor Needed  —  $6,500
  • Keynote Speaker — Sponsor Needed and ANYONE needed — $6,500
  • Networking Lunches — NOT A SINGLE SPONSOR with two spots open — $13,000
  • Business Breakfasts — Sponsor Needed — $6,500
  • Closing Keynote — Sponsor Needed — Unknown but believed to be — $6,500
  • Business Resource Sessions — SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT UNFILLED — $10,500
  • Beverage Breaks — ONE HUNDRED PERCENT UNFILLED — $10,000
  • Raffle Prizes — Sponsor Needed — $2,000

Now, I am not too good at math, but that is a minimum of a FIFTY THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR shortfall. If the Closing Keynote Sponsorship is the same as the Keynote Speaker Sponsorship, we are talking about a catastrophic SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLAR shortfall. Either way, Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller, Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has finally been held out to be the pathetic, miserable fascist he truly is. Look, Miller never has been nor will he ever be worth more than a few kopeks. In his Kim The Younger mind, NAMFS Rank and File are all peasants whom server no purpose other than funding his lavish lifestyle in Ohio.

Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller is an abject failure, but he should not be completely blamed for this. First, he took on the Contractor’s Highly Trained Media Professional. My arguments are impossible to break. Miller functions from a distinct disadvantage in that he has insulated himself with corruption. I am and always will be a Friend of Labor. You see, Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller never had any skin in the game whereas I still, to this day, work in the trenches with my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Labor.

In closing, if you are a Rank and File Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), ask yourself this: When was the last time you attended a Conference wherein the NAMFS Rank and File elected its Board of Directors? Never. Never have the NAMFS Rank and File elected those whom have sold them down the river. Soon and I mean VERY SOON a revolt is coming. The one thing that Captain Eric “Ahab” Miller and the rest of his criminal cronies cannot prevent is Parliamentary Procedure. So, while Miller and disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst sneak off for their nightcap — Doug gotta ask yourself some questions here — at NAMFS Fraud Fest 2014, the NAMFS Rank and File need to decide where they are going to draw the Line in the Sand at. Make no mistake whatsoever that I have honed the art of that which I do. And I am coming. The Roosters Have Come Home To Roost.

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