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NAMFS: No Different Than Syria

The Obama Administration is in a world of hurt just like the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). President Obama’s vacillation back and forth on Syria is identical to the Members of the NAMFS deciding to employ Felons and yet telling Contractors they need to pony up millions of dollars in totality to investigate themselves. While the gassing of Syrian civilians is physiological, the sending of fraudulent checks to Contractors for services rendered upon properties under the Control of NAMFS Members is the financial equivalent.

What I write is precisely what Contractors are thinking; however, they are afraid to publicly vocalize it. The raping of Contractors by and through plummeting pay coupled with the inordinate amount of demands which would make even a staunch conservative business owner blush has now become the norm for NAMFS Members.

Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services should be embarrassed to even display a NAMFS Logo on their website. Let’s face the facts: First, top NAMFS Members have now been linked to sending known felons Work Orders on behalf of Financial Institutions. That’s PLURAL! Second, these same top NAMFS Members which we document day in and day out now sit by idly as the Contractors are sent bogus and fraudulent checks from the felons that they hire.

We just had YET ANOTHER Christian Female Contractor contact us with respect to GM Property Services sending them checks which bounced. I call a spade a spade. This is a religious attack, nothing more glamorous. While Amir Klein would have us believe that GM Property Services is not his problem, would the roles be reversed if these women were Jewish? While others all around me feel compelled to buckle to the Ohio Agenda; while honest and hard working Christians are afraid to point out this apparent fact, I am not. What are you going to do, sue me?! You cannot sue for me pointing out that a Company owned by Orthodox Jews is issuing Work Orders to Christians whom are NOT BEING PAID! Let that shit happen with Members of the Synagogue! Yeah, the front row seats would be gone!

Let me predict on Foreclosurepedia what will happen. NOTHING! Safeguard Properties (SGP) and Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) will continue to send work to them and continue allowing them to work even though they are ran by felons. Oh, wait. I know. GM Property Services will go the extra mile and put a new name in the Chief Executive Officer’s position and call it good.

The NAMFS as a Non Profit Organization and its Membership oversaw the largest drop in pay in the recorded history of virtually ANY INDUSTRY even during the depths of the Great Recession! What did they do to celebrate that fact?

They gave the Executive Director a SIXTY THOUSAND PLUS DOLLAR RAISE FOR SIMPLY WORKING A FULL WORK WEEK! Think I bullshit? Check their Internal Revenue Service Form 990s for the past 9 YEARS! Yeah, nearly A FULL THIRD OF ALL MONIES TAKEN IN BY NAMFS GO TO PAY THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR!

So, what is the Executive Director doing? Obviously, not jack shit. First, NAMFS responded to only TWO Media Inquiries out of a plethora submitted. Second, can any NAMFS Member remember the last time that NAMFS went to bat for them on ANYTHING?!!! Each and every time that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), FannieMae, FreddieMac, ANY Financial Institution or really anyone EXCEPT a NAMFS Member orders up a new regulation the NAMFS Board of Directors Rubber Stamp it. Question is do the Board of Directors Rubber Stamp Rule after Rule free of charge? If I was a Member I would want to take a very, VERY close look at folks’ personal bank accounts and business portfolios. I don’t really know as I am not a NAMFS Member.

Foreclosurepedia is rarely wrong. While many may Detest the Oracle, none are able to Contradict Him. The Executive Director’s position of the NAMFS is the Crown Jewel of Ticket Punching. You get the ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PLUS SALARY for doing what? Oh, yeah that’s right: Jack Shit!

Here is the reality: The NAMFS has become irrelevant. Here is a really, REALLY sad statistic: Foreclosurepedia is produced by a one man staff and reaches more people globally in an hour than NAMFS does in a month. When we pick up the phone decisions are made and people react. Foreclosurepedia originates in a county WITH ONE STOP LIGHT!

The NAMFS is a has been. What started off as a great thing has been co- opted by the status quo. Oh, I’ll give Eric Miller his 15 minutes of Fame (or is that shame) and state he did try his best to sick 32+ lawyers on me pretending that all NAMFS Members were afraid I was orchestrating some type of unknown action, at some unknown time in an unknown location. Yeah, see what I mean here? This type of mentality is precisely what psychiatrists look at in the clinical setting. I do not know if an Organization has the ability to have organic early onset; however, what we are seeing is an Organization attempting to relieve its years of glory when it was something.

The NAMFS is probably a decent tax write off. I won’t argue that. Hell, maybe I should join?! Yeah, maybe I will do that this Fall. How would the NAMFS Members like that? Paul Williams asking a hell of a lot of questions as a Member? Sounds like a very good idea because then if my questions aren’t answered we have a whole new can of worms.

I used to have some respect for the NAMFS Members whom were legitimate; whom did not hire felons and allow for Contractors to be paid. These days, though, I just do not feel it is justified. I vowed to never work for Safeguard Properties and today I pull up to a job for one of my few folks I work for and lo and behold a Safeguard Properties Sign In Sheet. Don’t worry Klein, I documented the HELL OUT OF THE PROPERTY and it was BAD — NOT JUST BAD, HORRIFIC! A half million dollar home which had mold spreading and had spread by hundreds of square feet since I had last been there. No power, no dehumidifier. Just MOLD! I probably should just reach out to the bank and do a public service as the Company I work for has been giving me the shaft anyway.

Members of the NAMFS, in totality, turn a blind eye to the Sins of their Fellow Members. Many call that a Conspiracy. Me? I call it Business as Usual in the most ILLEGAL Industry on the Face of the Earth!

Even Arms Brokers are honest in that they sell death!

So, where does the NAMFS go from here? If I had my druthers they should all go the same way they have sent the Contractors whose backs they made money upon. Here these rich hypocrites meet, in cabal, and act so sanctimonious. Pretending to care about the homeless and poor with their 4 hours of trivial bullshit with the Franciscans. I would’ve loved to have seen the Florsheims and High Heeled Dalis scraping on the pavement; muttering under their breath curses at the righteous monks for not having air conditioning installed outside.

No one these days has much good to say about the NAMFS. Even its own Membership is disillusioned. Eminem opines, “Where is Kanye when you need him.” The NAMFS is in a similar situation now. Drunk on the cheap money made upon the backs of cheap labor while picking their proverbial teeth with the splintered bones of bankrupted Contractors; the tide is turning against this mentality.

Even the Banks had enough common sense to know when they had to get legal and legitimate. At some point a lawsuit is going to stick and no pay off is going to silence it. Federal Racketeering against Safeguard Properties may be the one. I mean are you listening to this: FEDERAL RACKETEERING?! This is the depths of the gutter that Members of the NAMFS have stooped. No way in hell would I EVER associate with that kind of people. Right or wrong, there has to be a basis for filing these types of cases.

Hell, how about the multitude of cases we break on here and help Contractors with?! It’s not like this happened overnight. A predator becomes more emboldened each and every time they get away with something. Is that what we are seeing here? I have my opinions.

Why not clear the air? I invite any NAMFS Member to debate me publicly on the air. If I am wrong; if the Property Preservation Industry is NOT being adversely effected by NAMFS Members why not pump your best man or woman and unleash them? Oh, that’s right. We saw how that played out with the NAMFS President on LinkedIn when she wanted a shoulder to cry upon when her Vice President was caught out in the rain.

The NAMFS is out of its depth; they never found a niche other than parlor games. Didactic versus dialectic thought; the pseudo Ph’d Mentality. The inability to reason; iconic symbolism with just a dash of horseshit.

It’s a new game. The days of the Suits and Orthodoxy controlling things are over. The Silencing of the Masses through fear and intimidation with respect to work; the ability to stonewall via the judicial system; and the fundamental insulation of the Financial Institutions are done.

Foreclosurepedia is going to begin to rack up Page One listing on the Banks. Make no mistake we are done with Amateur Hour at the Club. The days of Southeastern Asset Services (SEAS) pushing people around are over. Pick up the phone and ask Robert how things are going. Yeah, I thought so.

This is a promise: Foreclosurepedia is a Friend of Labor. Foreclosurepedia is a Friend of the Contractor.

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