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Anonymous: How Decentralization Pays Off In The End

Whether you like or hate Anonymous, the fact remains that they champion many a cause for the underdog. The System does not like that. The System has a vested interest in keeping the playing field skewed in the House’s favor.

Take the Property Preservation Industry, for example. Here is an Industry which receives hundreds of millions of dollars and is structured in a way to penalize those whom play by the rules. With absolutely no federal or financial institution oversight, the Property Preservation Industry finances felons whom target Ma and Pa Contractors just trying to keep food on the table.

For the record, I no longer am an active Hacker. I still socially engineer a bit here and there; however, that is a far cry from my younger days. Here is the reality: When you unleash the Dogs of War; when an Industry comes together in a calculated manner to destroy Contractors, that same Industry should not be surprised when asymmetrical alliances are forged.

It is a rhetorical argument that the Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) will ever do anything to help the very Contractors whom enrich their coffers. Safeguard Properties (SGP) now faces thousands of lawsuits including one for Federal Racketeering. SGP is the largest NAMFS Member and by far the most recalcitrant.

The NAMFS has stonewalled multiple attempts to communicate with Contractors pertaining to issues such as the employment of felons by its Membership and refusal to pay Contractors by its Membership. Tens of thousands of Contractors are targeted each and every day by predators whom are allowed to roam freely within the Property Preservation Industry. GM Property Services is an example of a recurring predatory attack upon Contractors while NAMFS Members stand by idly.

What the NAMFS would like more than anything is that Foreclosurepedia simply disappear. We saw that when Eric Miller directed the attack upon us by a law firm with 32+ lawyers several months ago. We are going nowhere. If necessary, we will relocate offshore and begin to release the thousands of pages should their be a collective assault upon our Servers as some internal memorandums suggest.

As no apparent change is on the horizon for Contractors with respect to the removal of felons within both the employee ranks of NAMFS Members and the Order Mills they hire, Contractors may have to think outside of the box. It is quite apparent that Banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America do not care whom really works their properties nor if they are ever paid, provided National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are able to keep them insulated.

Foreclosurepedia believes that commonality exists between Anonymous and Contractors within the Property Preservation Industry. That commonality is the Search For Truth!

From the days of active 4Chan and the Scientology Outrage; Operation Chanology, to the most recent Aaron Barr, ex CEO of HBGary (listed, in part, in the below IRC# Log), Anonymous has been at the forefront of Championing the Underdog. I am not calling for an all out assault upon the Property Preservation Industry; what I am calling for is a fresh set of eyes upon the criminal activity in the Property Preservation Industry and the Public Outing, the DOxing, of those whom are guilty.

In an Industry which is recalcitrant to police itself; in an Industry wherein Law Enforcement refuses to bring criminals to justice, there is nowhere else to turn. Those within Anonymous whom have witnessed the raping of homeowners globally are now witnessing the very laborers whom attempt to cut the grass and clean out the trash being raped.

What, if anything, Anonymous does is left to their own discretion. The reality is that while I have forged many Sources within the Industry none have been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring the Property Preservation Industry into the legal world. Innocent lives are being destroyed while those destroying those lives say, “Sue me. I have enough money to destroy you. What are you really going to do?”

Beginning later this week, we are going to Release a tremendous amount of documents ranging from the REAMS LLC Georgia Rail Confidential Documents and redacted emails linking the hiring of known felons and illegal aliens to the criminal records of everyone we have uncovered to date. These will also transmit to Pastebin in the event that we are attacked.

We have washed our hands, like Pontius Pilot. The Rules of Engagement; the Moral Code and Ethics of Business, have not been followed. There is no hope remaining for the honorable men and women of the Property Preservation Industry whom are loosing their homes as they attempt to day after day Play by the Rules. We call upon all of our Sources to release any remaining information which will be redacted for publication around the world. We call upon Anonymous to help the men and women of this Industry protect themselves when their own Government has turned its back upon them in favor of payoffs.  #OpOctOne

Session Start: Mon Feb 07 03:17:59 2011
Session Ident: #ophbgary
15[03:17] * Now talking in #ophbgary
07[03:17] * Topic is ‘tl;dr HBGary pwned. Info: | 50000 leaked company mails: (torrent, tpb) | leaked anonymous data (lulz): | HOWS-MY-SECURITY? 719-510-8478 and ( db)’
07[03:17] * Set by q on Mon Feb 07 03:12:20
[03:18] <eulo> AMG ma keyz, theyve ben logg’d!
04[03:18] <url> this is too good
04[03:18] <url> grats anon
[03:18] <mib_gcdzqm> LOL
[03:18] <&q> hi url 🙂
[03:18] <+c0s> Anthony Non
04[03:18] <url> hi q
04[03:18] <url> allso hi 5
04[03:18] <url> 😀
[03:18] <Pingu> mm…
[03:18] <mib_q3vvvd> the shit of a peacock is worthy of worship
[03:18] <ComradeBush> “reddit…what are you SMOKING?”
[03:18] <Pingu> bulgary?
[03:19] <+c0s> the linked in edit is epic
[03:19] <+c0s>
[03:19] <ComradeBush> bulgaria
[03:19] <ComradeBush> greatest country in the world!
[03:20] <ComradeBush> croatia is cool, too
[03:20] <@BarrettBrown> hey, friend of mine did this, see if it’s useful or relevant to us
[03:20] <@blergh> c0s:
[03:20] <Eddy> Colossal Faggot
[03:20] <Eddy> Colossal Faggot
[03:20] <Eddy> President | COO HBGary Federal
[03:20] <Eddy> Colorado Springs, Colorado Area
[03:20] <@blergh> llololol
[03:20] <@blergh> yeah
[03:20] <@blergh> lol
[03:20] <ComradeBush> I hate java*
[03:21] <ComradeBush> where * is a wildcard
[03:21] <+Uncommon> ComradeBush: java’s standard library is fucking AWESOME tho
[03:21] <spoonzy> ^
[03:21] <spoonzy> Hueg
[03:21] <stumpy_> lolz
[03:21] <ComradeBush> Uncommon: it’s too big
[03:21] <ComradeBush> Uncommon: you must like fat chicks
[03:21] <+Uncommon> nah
[03:21] <+Uncommon> its broken up
[03:22] <spoonzy> Lol
[03:22] <@blergh> no fat32 chicks
[03:22] <+Uncommon> into lots of digestable blocks
[03:22] <ComradeBush> blergh: better than win32
[03:22] <@blergh> ComradeBush: lol well
[03:22] <@Dwaan> lol fat32
04[03:24] <url> BarrettBrown: did you submit a liunk to
04[03:24] <url> or the guardian
04[03:24] <url> they’d get a kkickkk out if this
[03:24] <spoonzy> He works for guardian iirc
04[03:24] <url> damn, new kb
[03:24] <The_Vole> Someone, make a ED entry about this, imma go take a nap
[03:24] <+c0s> url: i did
[03:24] <MGMX> someone seed the damn emails
04[03:24] <url> props c0s
04[03:24] <url> i just maile torrentfreak
04[03:24] <url> they like this shit too
[03:24] <MGMX> or where can i download the emails?
04[03:24] <url> tpb link kin topic
[03:25] <Sneux> still no seeders?
[03:25] <+heyguise> go tell gawker they have a friend now
04[03:25] <url> heh
[03:25] <blackjak__> I am seeding
04[03:25] <url> and acslaw
04[03:25] <url> same blackjak__
[03:25] <MGMX> im torrenting it. none of them have enough data to open
[03:25] <+c0s> i also sent it to nyt, aolnews, cnn, cbs and about 50 others
04[03:25] <url> ahh yeah, the register too
04[03:25] <url> 1s brb
[03:25] <+c0s> everyone ive interviewed with in the last couple months
[03:25] <esc_laptop> ? FUMBLE
[03:25] <MGMX> send it to wikileaks?
[03:25] <blackjak__> someones gettin my shit
[03:25] <Sineffect> fuckin nice one omg
[03:25] <joepie91|coding> c0s: do fox 🙂
09[03:25] * @blergh is seeding
[03:26] <spoonzy> Send to cnn
09[03:26] * +heyguise is seeding all over some leechers face.
[03:26] <MGMX> .277 available
[03:26] <Sneux> Under what trackers? I see no seeders <.<
[03:26] <@blergh> Sneux: topic
[03:26] <MGMX> not enough to download all the files
[03:26] <spoonzy> And all the other acronyms
[03:26] <MGMX> i don’t see seeders either
[03:26] <+c0s> sent it to 5 different people at cnn, 2 on the writing team, and 3 producers of shows
[03:26] <MGMX> !topic
09[03:26] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic: tl;dr HBGary pwned. Info: | 50000 leaked company mails: (torrent, tpb) | leaked anonymous data (lulz): | HOWS-MY-SECURITY? 719-510-8478 and ( db)
[03:26] <+c0s> hopefully one of the faggots does something with it
[03:26] <blackjak__> somebodys uploading from me somehow… what little i have dled anyway
[03:26] <+heyguise> you’ll get seeds shortly. Just be patient.
[03:26] <MGMX> there is no seeders
[03:26] <+heyguise> i have 4
[03:26] <+heyguise> just up some more
[03:27] <+heyguise> and you will get a seed
[03:27] <+heyguise> patient
[03:27] <Sineffect> im seeding
[03:27] <blackjak__> any of you have the whole file?
[03:27] <@blergh> if anyone has the complete set and a fast way to scp/transfer i can put them on my boxes and seed
[03:27] <&Sabu> talk to tflow
[03:27] <&Sabu> he has full file
[03:27] <blackjak__> seeing as he does DoD contracting, I wonder what juicy tidbits are within the file 😀
04[03:27] <url> emailled theregister
[03:27] <MGMX> DoD?
[03:28] <&Sabu> yes
[03:28] <+heyguise> Topiary, message that greenburg guy
[03:28] <+heyguise> or who ever
[03:28] <blackjak__> department of defense (fail)
[03:28] <&Sabu> hbgary does dod and have clearance
[03:28] <+heyguise> forbesies
[03:28] <~tflow>
04[03:28] <url> emailing the inquirer
[03:28] <&Sabu> BUT after this im sure they will lose their clearance
[03:28] <RealNick> add this
[03:28] <RealNick> We must resist, not as a last act of desperation, but as a first act of creation. We will raise public awareness with DDoS attacks like we have successfully done in the past. Comparable to a sit-in, DDoS protesters disrupt business or government actions by obstructing the flow of normal traffic, in order to make a political point. Anonymous will fight against censorship and oppression. The truth is too important. To Quote Bradley Manning: “I
[03:28] <spoonzy> DoD darknet passcodes? Lol
[03:28] <RealNick> I reckon
[03:28] <+c0s> heyguise: you mean glenn greenwald?
[03:28] <&Topiary> heyguise: Already been talking to olson for about an hour
[03:28] <&Topiary> greenburg < olson
[03:28] <blackjak__> sabu probably
[03:28] <ComradeBush> I mean blenn gleck
[03:28] <+c0s> ahh cool
[03:28] <&Topiary> she has one batshit accurate story
[03:28] <+heyguise> ander greenberg, i got it
[03:28] <+heyguise> andy*
[03:29] <&Topiary> heyguise: I can message him too but they won’t want two stories on one site
[03:29] <&Topiary> olson will post
[03:29] <blackjak__> are these his business emails of personal emails?
[03:29] <blackjak__> *or
[03:29] <ComradeBush> business I hope
[03:29] <+heyguise> to many greens
[03:29] <+heyguise> so confusing
[03:29] <spoonzy> Bbl
[03:29] <ComradeBush> alan greenspan
[03:29] <+c0s> blackjak__: business, but probably some others mixed in.
[03:29] <ComradeBush> judenz
[03:29] <+heyguise> message tom hanks
[03:29] <blackjak__> sweeet, will give me something to digest in between wiki cables
[03:30] <antivigilante> guys it’s WORSE than we thought
[03:30] <blackjak__> any of you forwarding it to WL?
[03:30] <MGMX> what?
[03:30] <ComradeBush> message the flying spaghetti monster
[03:30] <blackjak__> ramen
[03:30] <MGMX> emailing farce newS?
[03:30] <mib_gcdzqm> blessed be his Noodliness
[03:30] <mib_tctpr0> what’s worse?
[03:30] <Sneux> Might it be the fact that TPB tracker’s connection is timed out <.<
[03:30] <MGMX> antivigilante?
[03:30] <MGMX> please elaborate
[03:30] <blackjak__> im a big fan of intelligent falling
[03:30] <antivigilante> this idiot wasn’t just SELLING bull to the FBI
[03:31] <+c0s> he was selling outright lies to them
[03:31] <+c0s> and he had to know it
[03:31] <antivigilante> he was SELLING it as an investigation protocol/standard
[03:31] <+c0s> that should be a punishable offense
[03:31] <RealNick> that is good
[03:31] <+c0s> isnt that fraud?
[03:31] <@BarrettBrown> yep. Push that point hard.
[03:31] <MGMX> what? selling fraud info the us gov would have been nice…
[03:31] <RealNick> you call it fraud, I call it easy money
[03:31] <ComradeBush> BLESSED BE
[03:31] <MGMX> don’t car dealers do this all the time
[03:32] <esc_laptop> mgmx: nah, think of the people getting raided without any sense
[03:32] <+goober> spoiler alert: he was helping anon the whole time
[03:32] <blackjak__> lol like the govts contracts with dodge? LoL
[03:32] <antivigilante> he was Going to cause thousands of FBI rookies to do exactly the same quality investigation
[03:32] <+goober> causing chaos
[03:32] <MGMX> .119 available
[03:32] <_7of9_> OMG can’t stop laughing
[03:32] <esc_laptop> guise, that’s the best super sunday in history…y rly
[03:32] <rtrtrt555> he wouldn’t have been able to sell it… let’s be honest.. they would have seized it as evidence… 😉
[03:33] <blackjak__> Anonymous, I love you
[03:33] <+Laurelai> i got someone from crowdleaks
[03:33] <rtrtrt555> you can’t make the US gov give you anything it doesn’t want to but you can’t stop the US gov from taking what it wants to take..
[03:33] <+Laurelai> who wants info
[03:33] <antivigilante> we would be stuck with 10-20 years of flawed investigation protocol
[03:33] <@BarrettBrown> well, we nationalized their means of obfuscation anyway
[03:33] <+Laurelai> `k:
04[03:33] <url> !topic
09[03:33] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic: tl;dr HBGary pwned. Info: | 50000 leaked company mails: (torrent, tpb) | leaked anonymous data (lulz): | HOWS-MY-SECURITY? 719-510-8478 and ( db)
[03:33] <+Laurelai> crowdleaks wants to run a story
09[03:34] * MGMX made the list. Who else made the list?
[03:34] <antivigilante> Millions of people Mitnicked over 10-20 years
[03:34] <+nato> I did! lol
[03:34] <antivigilante> can you imagine that?
[03:34] <@BarrettBrown> Laurelai: basic background here:
[03:34] <@BarrettBrown> press release will be done sooin,m they’re finishing it now
[03:34] <@BarrettBrown> here
[03:35] <+Laurelai> BarrettBrown: yes he would like to interview
[03:35] <antivigilante> BarrettBrown this guy could hurt millions of people
[03:35] <RealNick> what type of company mails are they?
[03:35] <+Laurelai> hes a good person
[03:35] <RealNick> hbgary? what is that
[03:35] <+Laurelai> crowdleaks guy
[03:35] <antivigilante> i’m shaking at the thought
[03:36] <ComradeBush> the thought?
[03:36] <+Laurelai> mind if i bring him here?
[03:36] <ComradeBush> it’s already out, man
[03:36] <ComradeBush> too late!
[03:36] <RealNick> ok, will read article
[03:36] <ComradeBush> I’m just curious, what am I supposed to do here?
[03:36] <+Uncommon> wats crowdleaks?
[03:36] <antivigilante> RealNick the most necessary hack of all time
[03:36] <RealNick>  internet security firm’s website
[03:36] <RealNick> lol
[03:37] <+Laurelai> Uncommon: they translate the wikileaks cables
[03:37] <ComradeBush> translate
[03:37] <ComradeBush> eh?
[03:37] <+Laurelai> and do news articles on them
[03:37] <joepie91|coding> OHSHIT
[03:37] <RealNick> wow
[03:37] <RealNick> sweet
[03:37] <joepie91|coding> A NETSPLIT
[03:37] <joepie91|coding> WE LOST Q, OUR LEADER
[03:37] <joepie91|coding> =D
[03:37] <ComradeBush> NETSHIT
[03:37] <ComradeBush> OH NO
[03:37] <ComradeBush> how about we wait 5 minutes
[03:37] <&Topiary> # for anyone that wants to read what we temporarily defaced HBGaryfederal with
[03:37] <antivigilante> ComradeBush: if Aaron Barr is not stopped millions will be hurt by the most ridiculous investigation protocol i have ever seen
[03:37] <Sneux> lol
[03:37] <RealNick> thanks
[03:38] <ComradeBush> antivigilante: mhmm, and I’m right in the middle of it
[03:38] <ComradeBush> sit and wait, sit and wait
[03:38] <ComradeBush> closer, closer, closer
[03:38] <antivigilante> the guy wasn’t just giving dox
[03:38] <antivigilante> he was passing it off as TRAINING example
[03:38] <ComradeBush> haha
[03:38] <&Sabu> exactly
[03:38] <ComradeBush> adorable
[03:38] <&Sabu> thats why I was so upset by it all
[03:38] <@BarrettBrown> oh fuck
[03:38] <@BarrettBrown> was reading the document
[03:38] <@BarrettBrown> Sleinad is American!
[03:38] <ComradeBush> that is such a good idea
[03:38] <@BarrettBrown> and they know!
[03:38] <ComradeBush> you should sell dox for BTC
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> They should tell the FBI so they can raid him
[03:39] <&Sabu> its crazy he thought could sell this garbage
[03:39] <joepie91|coding> OH WAIT
[03:39] <joepie91|coding> that already happened.
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> !
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> oh noes!
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> Aaron Barr used a time machine
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> to tip off feds
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> and then killed Alexander Hamilton!
[03:39] <Sneux> lol
[03:39] <q> hi gusise
[03:39] <@BarrettBrown> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[03:40] <@`k> lul
[03:40] <antivigilante> but the paradox blew up in his arse
[03:40] <@BarrettBrown> hello chief
[03:40] <+sharpie> well I’m a fucking australian or european
[03:40] <@BarrettBrown> antivigilante: that is the only scientific explanation
[03:40] <q> !up
[03:40] <+sharpie> how to narrow it down
[03:40] <Sneux> Wb q
[03:40] <MGMX> for a bunch of script kiddies (as the media calls us) anonymous sure killed his site
[03:40] <joepie91|coding> xD
[03:40] <ComradeBush> ohhhhhh man, I like the page
[03:40] <joepie91|coding> OUR LEADER IS BACK
[03:40] <joepie91|coding> and lol
[03:41] <joepie91|coding> Neo is in a kill loop
[03:41] <joepie91|coding> xD
[03:41] <joepie91|coding> xDDD
[03:41] <&q> okay some more lolz…. here is how root on was done:
[03:41] <&q> it’s quite hilarious
[03:41] <&Sabu> 02:41 <&q> okay some more lolz…. here is how root on was done:
[03:41] <&q> social engineering for the win
[03:41] <&Sabu> 02:41 <&q> okay some more lolz…. here is how root on was done:
[03:41] <antivigilante> who autojoins #kill?
[03:41] <&Sabu> 02:41 <&q> okay some more lolz…. here is how root on was done:
[03:41] <&q> jussi = admin
[03:41] <&Sabu> 02:41 <&q> okay some more lolz…. here is how root on was done:
[03:41] <@BarrettBrown> lol!/aaronbarr/status/34434441975693312
[03:41] <@BarrettBrown> nice
[03:42] <ComradeBush> that was too easy
[03:42] <RealNick> I just read that deface, SO MUCH WIN :’)
[03:42] <ComradeBush> RealNick: agreed
[03:42] <ComradeBush> I just ____ ___ ____
[03:42] <&Sabu> social engineering kevin mitnick style
[03:42] <&Sabu> ROFL
[03:43] <+Laurelai> i fucking love you anonymous
[03:43] <joepie91|coding> holy shit
[03:43] <joepie91|coding> lol
[03:43] <joepie91|coding> xD
[03:43] <ComradeBush> ugh
[03:43] <ComradeBush> kiddies!
[03:43] <Sneux> [21:42] <&Sabu> social engineering kevin mitnick style
[03:43] <Sneux> [21:42] <&Sabu> ROFL
[03:43] <Sneux> ^ lol’d
[03:43] <ComradeBush> fucking CHILDREN
[03:43] <ComradeBush> WOW
[03:43] <Smiley> what a fucking idiot.  he just gave access to the server?
[03:43] <joepie91|coding> xDDD
[03:43] <+Laurelai> i fucking love you anonymous
[03:43] <+Laurelai> i fucking love you anonymous
[03:43] <+Laurelai> i fucking love you anonymous
[03:43] <+Isis> thats awesome
[03:43] <&q> squeeze that in topic
[03:44] <&q> someone
[03:44] <bonobo> aw man, jussi’s gonna be fired
[03:44] <&q> i cant r8 now
[03:44] <bonobo> poor jussi
[03:44] <bonobo> jussi needs a new job
[03:44] <@`k> lol
[03:44] <@`k> sabu is the sex 😉
[03:44] <+Uncommon> =3
[03:44] <&Sabu> aRF
[03:44] <Smiley> jussi has been 8=====>
[03:44] <+nato> Did we have any more dox on aaron himself?
[03:45] <ComradeBush> nato: can I borrow some submarines?
[03:45] <&Sabu> we have everything from ssn, to his career in the military, to his clearances, to how many shits a day he takes
[03:45] <@BarrettBrown> nato: I called him and asked him to call me back so maybe we’ll get some
[03:45] <&Sabu> but best of all how much of an arrogant fuck
[03:45] <butts> Sabu: so, how many?
[03:45] <+nato> Bush: No. Sure, you can have the old Soviet ones Poland decomissioned
[03:45] <&Sabu> after today. one longggg exposive diarrheatic one
[03:46] <butts> :p for certain
[03:46] <+Uncommon> butts: !
[03:46] <+Uncommon> I just wrote your name on all the money i own with sharpie
[03:46] <+Uncommon> 😀
[03:46] <+Laurelai> I CAN MKAE THIS HAPPEN
[03:46] <Sneux> Finally a seeder.
[03:47] <+Uncommon> :p
[03:47] <MGMX> anons
[03:47] <MGMX> anonymous should be careful with the sql backup
[03:47] <&Sabu> gents (and ladies) if you were a customer of a security firm and you found out they were giving out root to their servers ( how would you feel?
[03:47] <Agamemnon> who should do interciew with crowleakis?
[03:47] <ComradeBush> interview?
[03:47] <MGMX> you don’t want to piss off a forum of rootkit developers
[03:47] <+c0s> Agamemnon: `you.
[03:47] <ComradeBush> you mean “enhanced interrogation”?
[03:47] <MGMX> they know what they are doing
[03:47] <Agamemnon> barrettbrown
[03:47] <esc_laptop> Sabu, pwned like shit
[03:47] <butts> lol hurf
[03:47] <RealNick> – correct site but fucked at this point correct?
[03:47] <Smiley> so is this the end of hbgary as a company?  who is placing bets???
[03:47] <butts> I’ll put it on my onion in a min
[03:47] <MGMX> you don’t know what crowdleaks are… wow. Nobody remembers #operationleakspin ???
[03:48] <&Topiary>!/aaronbarr # new display picture uploaded, what think?
[03:48] <ComradeBush> that’s a company?
[03:48] <&Topiary> RealNick: domain parked
[03:48] <&Topiary> stay tuned
[03:48] <Smiley> lolz
[03:48] <RealNick> <3
[03:48] <pawned101> so let me get this right. This turd Barr was making up faults stuff to sell to the FBI..
[03:48] <+Laurelai> MGMX: yes they used to be leakspin
[03:48] <+Laurelai> im with crowdleaks
[03:48] <+c0s> Topiary: epic as always.
[03:48] <ComradeBush> capitalism, bitches!
[03:48] <butts> pretty much pawned101 ,either that or he is completely inept
[03:48] <Agamemnon> Laurelai …did you PM barrettbrown? he is our public face
[03:48] <heyguise> pawned101, exaclly
[03:48] <+Laurelai> i will
[03:48] <+Laurelai> thx
09[03:49] * ComradeBush stares into /dev/urandom
[03:49] <esc_laptop> pawned101, yeah…but now his life is fucked, destroyed, raped beyond any recognition
[03:49] <pawned101> wow what a low life
[03:49] <butts> his ‘methods’ are what your typical neckbeard would do to stalk girls
[03:49] <heyguise> butts, dont knock neckbeards
[03:49] <pawned101> rock on anonymous
[03:49] <heyguise> richard stallman will cry
[03:49] <butts> stallman doesn’t cry unless someone is using nonfree software
[03:49] <&Sabu> = get this posted to full-disclosure
[03:50] <@BarrettBrown> okay
[03:50] <+Laurelai> BarrettBrown: you here?
[03:50] <@BarrettBrown> I’m on the phone with president of HBGary
[03:50] <@BarrettBrown> she wants to tell you
[03:50] <deafboy> butts +1
[03:51] <Smiley> lol
[03:51] <@BarrettBrown> that they are a separate company
[03:51] <Eddy> I’m sure she has nice things to tell us
[03:51] <@BarrettBrown> they only own 15 of the stock
[03:51] <+Laurelai> BarrettBrown: would you like to do an interview with crowdleaks
[03:51] <@BarrettBrown> and their e-mails were also released
[03:51] <Sneux> lol
[03:51] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: ask PENNY to come here and speak.
[03:51] <butts> maybe they should deal w/ it
[03:51] <antivigilante> an irresponsible low life – he wasn’t selling info – he was SELLING training – he was going to lobotomize the FBI with his techniques – millions jailed and harrassed over the next 10-20 years
[03:52] <@BarrettBrown> she’s on
[03:52] <&Sabu> antivigilante: please post hat you’re saying online. you are 100% correct mate
[03:52] <&q> hi Crikey 🙂
[03:52] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: ask her to idendity herself
[03:52] <mib_gcdzqm> BarrettBrown: who owns the other 85%?
[03:52] <+Crikey> g’day
[03:52] <antivigilante> where is the posting to post to
09[03:52] * mib_gcdzqm bleets at Crikey
[03:52] <@blergh> Laurelai: join #reporter
[03:52] <Agamemnon> i just pm’d him for you Laurelai
[03:52] <@blergh> 😉
[03:52] <mib_q3vvvd> worship my shit
[03:52] <heyguise> BarrettBrown, tell her to pick her friends better
[03:52] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: if she is here please ask her to identify herself so we can all speak to her
[03:52] <&Sabu> and everyone in this channel quiet down so we can talk
[03:53] <heyguise> +1
[03:53] <+goober> protip: +m
[03:53] <mib_dp5tx8> hi
[03:53] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: you relay that/
[03:53] <esc_laptop> another first down….gogogo
[03:53] <mib_dp5tx8> hey what about the arrogance of the infosecisland? those people are supported the jester
[03:53] <+Uncommon> Laurelai: is no reporter
[03:53] <&Topiary> # here we are gentlemen
[03:53] <&Sabu> mib_dp5tx8: they are thejester 😉
[03:54] <mib_dp5tx8> lol
[03:54] <RealNick> excellent
[03:54] <esc_laptop> PARMY *waves a fanboy flag*
[03:54] <pawned101> Sabu is correct
[03:54] <antivigilante> where the piratepad
[03:54] <&Sabu> pawned101 and mib_dp5tx8 as well as I know that the infosecisland’s main security researcher == the jester
[03:54] <&Sabu> hes very obivous about it
[03:54] <antivigilante> i gotta add the danger thingie
[03:54] <&Sabu> whoever has not figured it out yet are morons
[03:54] <&Sabu> but the jester is old news. they’re skillest
[03:54] <mib_dp5tx8> I cant believe it
[03:54] <@BarrettBrown> okay
[03:54] <&Topiary> esc_laptop: I shall not give you her cell number you fanboy
[03:54] <&Sabu> in fact just to give you guys a little secret
[03:54] <RealNick> serious. holy shit,, the j3ster
[03:54] <@BarrettBrown> Penny is going to come here
[03:55] <mib_dp5tx8> but they troll us every isngle day
[03:55] <&Sabu> no they dont.
[03:55] <mib_dp5tx8> single*
[03:55] <&Sabu> anyway
[03:55] <Agamemnon> fuck the J3st3r
[03:55] <esc_laptop> Topiary: aww 🙁
[03:55] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: is she here?
[03:55] <RealNick> j3ster is a trolling faggot
[03:55] <&Sabu> ok
[03:55] <Agamemnon> ^
[03:55] <&Sabu> everyone will have to quiet down
[03:55] <&Sabu> we’ll set +m for a minute
[03:55] <&Sabu> to talk to her
[03:56] <&Sabu> q you there?
[03:56] <@BarrettBrown> it will take her a few minutes
[03:56] <butts> voice me I might have something important to ask!
[03:56] <butts> q
[03:56] <@BarrettBrown> she needs to download a client
[03:56] <&q> Sabu: yes
[03:56] <&Sabu> ok
[03:56] <Agamemnon> well at least +v ppl who dont talk bs if you are goin to +m
[03:56] <+Isis>
[03:56] <&Sabu> q when she comes in and identifies
[03:56] <&Sabu> pleas +m chan
[03:56] <&q> Sabu: who?
09[03:57] * blackjak__ is going to make like a catholic and pull out
[03:57] <&Sabu> penny, the owner of hb gary
[03:57] <&Sabu> shes coming here now to talk
[03:57] <&q> okay, you set +m plz
[03:57] <Corey|afk> LOL
[03:57] <Agamemnon> well at least +v ppl who dont talk bs if you are goin to +m
[03:57] <&q> i am busy in pressroom
[03:57] <Sneux> -.-
[03:57] <&Sabu> ok
[03:57] <@BarrettBrown> rabbit: you here?
[03:57] <Corey|afk> q, you can set it. derp
[03:57] <&Sabu> what other ops are here?
[03:57] <@BarrettBrown> rabbit: PM me if so
[03:57] <~tflow> k
[03:57] <heyguise> dont m
[03:57] <&q> your sop
[03:57] <&q> make ops
[03:57] <&q> if you need.
[03:57] <heyguise> dont +m plz ;-;
[03:57] <&Sabu> nah
[03:57] <&Sabu> I’m not going to do chan mods
09[03:57] * Sneux agrees with heyguise.
[03:57] <&Sabu> tflow, you in charge kneegrow
[03:58] <&Sabu> so
[03:58] <~tflow> Sabu: i think someone’s ddosing the seed server, lol
[03:58] <Agamemnon> lol
[03:58] <~tflow> but np. i still have the files elsewhere.
[03:58] <Agamemnon> orly
[03:58] <mib_00z89m> yeah, the server isn’t moving
[03:58] <&Sabu> we need to question her on why the fuck she would allow her employee aaron barr to go off on a tangeant
[03:58] <Sneux> ETA 3Days -.-
[03:58] <&Sabu> spreading bullshit
[03:58] <Agamemnon> she probably didnt know anjything about it
[03:59] <Agamemnon> \be fckin ‘
[03:59] <Agamemnon> resanaoble
15[03:59] * MGMX is now known as FarceNews
[03:59] <&Sabu> tflow, please upload the file to those machines. the ones I gave you. then pm me urls I’ll spread
[03:59] <butts> she claimed they owned w – 16%?
[03:59] <butts> 15*
[03:59] <&Sabu> Agamemnon: don’t say that because she was 100% involved
[03:59] <butts> this is a significant amount
[03:59] <&Sabu> you do realize we have their emails correct ?
[03:59] <mib_q3vvvd> What do you expect from a women
[03:59] <Agamemnon> you know that sabu?
[03:59] <&Sabu> in tohse emails you see her involved
[03:59] <butts> certainly they were after exposure
[03:59] <mib_q3vvvd> They are stupid creatures
[03:59] <butts> mib_q3vvvd: :p
[03:59] <antivigilante> where’s that piratepad?
[04:00] <mib_q3vvvd> 😀
[04:00] <&Sabu> hi penny
[04:00] <heyguise> every one be nice
[04:00] <mib_q3vvvd> Yes sir
[04:00] <Agamemnon> helolo penny
[04:00] <Sneux> Pleasure to meet you Penny.
[04:00] <+butts> this whole thing is because of a woman, let’s be gentle with the fairer sex
[04:00] <mib_q3vvvd> Hello penny
[04:00] <@BarrettBrown> oh hai Penny
[04:00] <mib_q3vvvd> Welcome
[04:00] <Agamemnon> atfu butts
[04:00] <&Sabu> penny, can you see us?
[04:00] <@blergh> tflow: do you have the complete files?
[04:00] <heyguise> just type to say hi penny
[04:00] <heyguise> we are your friendly neighborhood legion, we dont bite.
[04:00] <Penny> HI it’s me
[04:00] <FarceNews> HI.
[04:00] <q_> what
[04:00] <&Sabu> penny when you situate yourself we have some questions
[04:00] <@blergh> tflow: if you wish/have the possibility i can leech/then seed on well connected boxes
[04:00] <+nato> Aloha penny!
[04:00] <Sneux> We dont bite.
[04:00] <Sneux> Hard <.<
[04:01] <Penny> FIrst time using this so forgive me if I’m slow
[04:01] <ComradeBush> whoah
[04:01] <Agamemnon> hello penny
[04:01] <+nato> It’s ok
[04:01] <ComradeBush> hey penny!
[04:01] <+Uncommon> first time using IRC o.O
[04:01] <Sneux> No worries Penny, everyone was new to IRC once.
[04:01] <heyguise> Every body, ask your question clearly and orderly and she will handle you when she gets the time im sure.
[04:01] <&Sabu> indeed
[04:01] <~tflow> blergh: yes, I have complete files
[04:01] <Penny> Not the sophisticated computer user like you guys and girls
09[04:01] * Sneux chuckles.
[04:01] <@blergh> tflow: PM
[04:01] <+Uncommon> Who is Penny =/
[04:01] <mib_q3vvvd> Hi Penny
[04:01] <~tflow> the seed server is back now
[04:01] <&Sabu> let admins ask first then users can ask away
[04:01] <mib_q3vvvd> Uncommon +1
[04:01] <Sneux> Thanks tflow.
[04:01] <heyguise> Penny, we aren’t sophisticated.
[04:02] <mib_q3vvvd> Disregard that statement by heyguise
[04:02] <mib_q3vvvd> We are very sophisticated.
[04:02] <heyguise> mib, sush
[04:02] <@BarrettBrown> Not me
[04:02] <Agamemnon> Penny, did you know that Arron was surveilling this network?
[04:02] <joepie91|coding> CRASHING MY FUCKING BROWSER
[04:02] <ComradeBush> sophisticated?
[04:02] <ComradeBush> wat
[04:02] <Corey|afk> derp
04[04:02] <url> 504 on typewith for me 🙁
[04:02] <joepie91|coding> [/RAGE]
[04:02] <mib_q3vvvd> I want to worship your shit
[04:02] <Eddy> +m
15[04:02] * q is now known as AnonGuest1438
[04:02] <Agamemnon> jsesus christ
[04:02] <RealNick> agreed joepie
[04:02] <&Sabu> penny. before we get started–know that we have all email communication between you and everyone in hbgary. so my first question would be why would you allow aaron to sell such garbage under your company name?
[04:02] <ComradeBush> jesus cristo
[04:02] <+Uncommon> Yeah, get some +m in here
[04:02] <Agamemnon> +m please
[04:02] <evilworks> go on
[04:02] <&Sabu> Penny: did you also know that aaron was peddling fake/wrong/false information leading to the potential arrest of innocent people/
[04:02] <+butts> How much was the US government willing to pay for you ridiculous data collection?
[04:03] <+Penny> I did know he was doing research on social media and the problem associated with it, the ease of pretending to be one of you
15[04:03] * heyguise is now known as voice_plz
15[04:03] * q_ is now known as q
15[04:03] * voice_plz is now known as heyguise
[04:03] <+Penny> He was never planning on giving it to the gov’t.  He was never going to release names, just talk about handles
[04:03] <Eddy> are you aware all data he collected are incorrect?
[04:03] <+Laurelai> hi Penny
[04:04] <+butts> then why create it? if it had no purpose?
[04:04] <+butts> You were just going to discuss it internally? I find that highly doubtful
[04:04] <Eddy> I hope that guy gets fired by tomorrow
[04:04] <+Penny> We have no idea we have not seen the list and we are kind of pissed at him right now
[04:04] <evilworks> lol
[04:04] <Neo> kind of pissed
[04:04] <Neo> lol’d
[04:04] <evilworks> so youre saying this was just an experiment or something?
[04:04] <+Uncommon> Penny:  The list has been published.
[04:04] <evilworks> a social media proof of concept
[04:04] <@BarrettBrown> Don’t be mad at him, he doesn’tr know any better.
[04:04] <~tflow> Penny: truth was, you were trying to create a name for your business at the cost of damaging our name.
[04:04] <evilworks> please..
[04:04] <+Laurelai> Penny: so would you say that this is a case of one person going rouge?
[04:05] <+Penny> Yeap it was supposed to show RSA people how easy it is for people to “say” they are someone and not be that person
15[04:05] * ComradeBush is now known as pleaseVplz
[04:05] <@BarrettBrown> Penny: Also, did you see the Financial Times article?
[04:05] <@BarrettBrown> I would assume you did.
15[04:05] * pleaseVplz is now known as ComradeBush
[04:05] <+Penny> It was for security research only, the article was to get more people to the event
[04:05] <Eddy> does not make sense, as all his data are wrong
[04:05] <+Agamemnon> thank you Barrett
[04:06] <&Sabu> Penny: if what you are saying is tree then why is Aaron meeting with the FBI tomorrow morning at 11am? PLEASE KEEP IN MIND WE HAVE ALL YOUR EMAILS.
[04:06] <+Sneux> I fail to see why he would need such information if it was only to prove he could ‘pretend to be one of Anonymous.”
15[04:06] * FarceNews is now known as MGMX
[04:06] <&Sabu> true rather not tree
[04:06] <Eddy> he actually just made a fool out of himself with his research
[04:06] <evilworks> haha
[04:06] <+Penny> OK, we do NOT have the data, Aaron has the data.  We don’t even sell a social media product,
[04:06] <@q> Penny: well the pdf is in the topic, check for yourself. it has info like “Bonny Clyde” and “Guy Fawkes”
[04:06] <+Penny> This was a topic Aaron has been intersted in for awhile
[04:06] <evilworks> what DO you sell?
[04:06] <&Sabu> can someone link peeny to the data
[04:06] <Eddy> !topic
09[04:06] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic: tl;dr HBGary pwned. Info: | 50000 leaked company mails: (torrent, tpb) | leaked anonymous data (lulz): | HOWS-MY-SECURITY? 719-510-8478 and ( db)
[04:06] <+butts> you employee aaron, and pay him to do such things
[04:06] <Neo> lol.
[04:06] <Neo> peeny
[04:06] <@q> << PDF
[04:06] <@q> that one
[04:06] <+butts> therefore the data is technically yours, you know this
[04:07] <&Sabu> penny q has given you the url. please go there and download what aaron was peddling
[04:07] <+heyguise> Penny, ahh
[04:07] <+heyguise> q got it
[04:07] <+Penny> Aaron is not an employee he is the CEO of HBGary Federal  HBGary Federal is an LLC that is owned by individuals and
[04:07] <@BarrettBrown> Guys
[04:07] <&Sabu> penny please note that the names in that file belong to innocent random people on facebook. none of which are related to us at all.
[04:07] <@BarrettBrown> I should also note
[04:07] <+Penny> HBgary only owns 15%.  It was an investment
[04:07] <@BarrettBrown> That Penny was very nice when she called
[04:07] <@BarrettBrown> And seems reasonable
[04:07] <&Sabu> yeah shes nice.
[04:07] <Eddy> 🙂
[04:07] <+butts> 15 percent is a significant amount
[04:07] <@q> mh? we have nothing against penny 🙂
[04:08] <+Sneux> She seems very reasonable and intelligent, no doubt.
[04:08] <@q> just stating facts here 🙂
[04:08] <+Sneux> ^
[04:08] <+heyguise> Penny, we understand that you made an investment in the company. How ever when the officers of that company make bad decisions it hurts the investor. Its the duty of the investor to be sure her officals are on the up and up.
[04:08] <@q> and yes, aaron made us a bit mad.
[04:08] <+Penny> Not really, it’s kind of a small amount and we did it because there was work we didn’t want to pursue at HBGary
[04:08] <&Sabu> well penny like I said 4 times we have all the emails. theres lots of emails from you promoting aaron’s research so… I’m curious
[04:08] <+heyguise> im still seeding the emails
[04:08] <+heyguise> hope they hurry
15[04:09] * Pingu is now known as Pingu|iglu
[04:09] <+Penny> I think what he was doign was good, it was informative and it will shed lite on lots of issues associated with social media
[04:09] <+butts> Say I owned 15 percent of google stock, you would call that a small amount?
[04:09] <Eddy> wrong investment 🙂 that guy just made a fool out of himself. Oh well, he got what he deserved
[04:09] <evilworks> yeah but seeling it to FBI?
[04:09] <+Penny> This really was nothing to do with Anon just you were in the news,
[04:09] <+Agamemnon> Penny do you understand that we fight for YOUR right to free speech? We take great persoanl risk to defend the right of everyone to have free speech.  Do you appreciate that?
[04:09] <+Penny> If Aaron wanted to release this he would have done so by now, he didn’t
[04:10] <Eddy> can you even sell “investigative” data to the FBI? I mean is that possible? lol
[04:10] <@BarrettBrown> Penny: Unless he wanted to sell it.
[04:10] <+Penny> I totally get that, but right now you are targeting a company that had nothing to do with this and its hurting me, it makes what you are doing less
[04:10] <+heyguise> Penny, can i ask. Why are you here? What is it that you want US (Anonymous) to do for oyu?
[04:10] <+heyguise> you*
09[04:10] * evilworks is gutted!
[04:10] <+Penny> pertinent and it will cause people to question what you do.  I’m all for free speech
[04:10] <@q> Penny: we don’t target anymore
[04:10] <@q> it’S done.
[04:10] <Eddy> yes, it’s done
[04:10] <evilworks> yep
[04:11] <+Penny> You need to remove HBGary’s email from the download
[04:11] <~tflow> Why?
[04:11] <+Sneux> Might we ask why?
[04:11] <@q> and i am NOT co-founder of anonymous, just ftr
[04:11] <+butts> lol
[04:11] <Eddy> we’re not removing info from anywhere btw
[04:11] <+Sneux> If there is nothing you dont want seen why shoud the emails be taken down?
[04:11] <@q> Penny: lol thats not possible
[04:11] <Neo> Yeah
[04:11] <@q> it is a torrent now
[04:11] <&Sabu> penny. we will not target its done. what you can do is motivate your investment from hbgaryfederal over to bradley mannings defense fund. and distance yourselves from aaron barnetts’ research
[04:11] <+heyguise> Eddy, we cant remove any info. ITs already leaked.
[04:11] <@q> it is wild 🙂
[04:11] <Neo> 1. It’s not possible
15[04:11] * MGMX is now known as WHYISITPLUSM
[04:11] <Eddy> I know
[04:11] <Neo> 2. We are not fond of censorship here, you see.
[04:11] <Eddy> even if possible, we’d not do it for sure
[04:12] <+butts> perhaps you shouldn’t have gotten involved with the likes of Aaron Barr
[04:12] <~tflow> is %99.4 finished seeding
[04:12] <+Penny> Because there is private information there of clients etc.
[04:12] <+heyguise> Shouldn’t be sending emails you don’t want your mother reading.
[04:12] <+Agamemnon> Penny… we are under fire in ways you do not understand. Not just the feds .,..right wing ‘freedom’ fighters trying to take us down …infiltrators have hurt us …Arrons research contains personal information of ppl who never did anything but show up here …please try to understand our rage
[04:12] <@q> Penny: thing is, several people have the complete mail archive by now. they WILL spread it further. even IF we said PLEASE DONT!
[04:12] <Eddy> Penny: blame it on that guy
[04:12] <Eddy> he was the one collecting crap
[04:12] <+heyguise> Agamemnon, no it doesnt.
[04:12] <+heyguise> THat paper is complete bullshit
15[04:12] * wowelrisk is now known as evilworks
[04:12] <&Sabu> everyone slow down a bit
[04:12] <Eddy> and trying to sell it to the FBI
[04:12] <+heyguise> agreed
04[04:12] <url> penny have you contacted everyone in the mail archive
[04:12] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[04:12] <+heyguise> Every one slow your roll.
[04:12] <+c0s>
[04:12] <+c0s> needs to be downvoted
04[04:12] <url> you need to inform them of the breach
[04:12] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[04:13] <~tflow> Penny: then perhaps you can get investigated by the FBI too. you see, your company try to use us for media purposes – we use you for media purposes.
[04:13] <+Penny> Can you guys slow down, this is coming at me so fast and I want to respond
15[04:13] * WHYISITPLUSM is now known as AnonLeaving-PlusM
[04:13] <+goober> Hello. I’m moot, founder and CEO of Anonymous, LLC.
[04:13] <&Sabu> EVERYONE SLOW DOWN
[04:13] <+Sneux> ^
[04:13] <&Sabu> admins talk to penny first
[04:13] <&Sabu> then regular users
[04:13] <&Sabu> please
[04:13] <+Isis> done c0s
09[04:13] * +Sneux nods, “Please give Penny time to respond.”
[04:13] <+Agamemnon> kk
[04:13] <@blergh> Penny: Are you a representative from *Gary?
[04:13] <~tflow> she’s the ceo i believe
[04:13] <+Agamemnon> slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww dowwwwwwwwwwwwwnn for her
[04:13] <Eddy> give her time
[04:14] <+heyguise> Maybe we should do this on a pirate pad?
[04:14] <+Agamemnon> let her respond
[04:14] <+Penny> I am the President of HBGary Inc which is a private company
[04:14] <@blergh> Penny: in all seriousness, i would really like it if your employee or someone residing on your network stopped trying to attack one of my servers
[04:14] <Eddy> maybe it’s that guy again
[04:14] <@blergh> Penny: I have log-files/proof of a host residing on your network attacking one of my boxes
04[04:14] <url> penny, you need to email your contacts list before we do
[04:14] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[04:14] <+heyguise> ssshhh blergh
[04:14] <@blergh> 😉
[04:14] <+Penny> Hey guys, I’m at home on my comcast, who is attacking
[04:14] <evilworks> 🙂
[04:14] <+heyguise> let her talk
04[04:15] <url> i think its a legal requirement for you or something
[04:15] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[04:15] <+Penny> Do I sound like a hacker, I didn’t even have IRC chat on my computer
[04:15] <+Penny> I am on Comcast
[04:15] <@blergh> Penny: No, not blaming you..
[04:15] <&Sabu> no one is attacking you penny I PROMISE.
[04:15] <Eddy> blergh: maybe you can share logs with her, the attack came from a single domain, right?
[04:15] <+Penny> I can give them to someone techniccal
[04:15] <@blergh> Penny: What i am saying is that someone residing on your network attacked one of my boxes
[04:16] <evilworks> well Penny i’m sorry for your firm
[04:16] <+Isis> ^
[04:16] <+Agamemnon> ^
[04:16] <evilworks> but i guess thats what you get when you involve yourself with greedy fucks
[04:16] <Eddy> not hope IP Penny he’s saying one of the servers
[04:16] <&Sabu> penny, your husband is greg hoglund or am I incorrect?
[04:16] <Eddy> home*
[04:16] <+Penny> OK how do I know who is on my comcast network?
[04:16] <+heyguise> lol
[04:16] <+heyguise> omg that is precious
[04:16] <Eddy> blergh try to explain better 🙂
[04:16] <+goober> He is talking about your work network.
[04:16] <&Sabu> its cute
[04:16] <&Sabu> aww penny<3
[04:16] <+heyguise> Penny, we like you.
[04:16] <+heyguise> I think
04[04:16] <url> ha
[04:16] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[04:17] <+Penny> OK, so someone from HBGary is attacking you?
[04:17] <evilworks> do we have pics of Penny yet?
[04:17] <Eddy> right
[04:17] <+Nessuno> tits?
[04:17] <evilworks> come on, deliver
[04:17] <~tflow> evilworks: there was a pic on
[04:17] <Neo> LOL
[04:17] <@blergh> Penny: Let me try to break it down for you. Someone residing on your company’s network (not comcast) tried to attack (send malicious data) to one of my servers.
[04:17] <&Topiary> Penny, nice email earlier you sent about being amazed at Anon’s counter-attack.
[04:17] <+Penny> Yes Greg hoglund is my husband, he is right here next to me
[04:17] <~tflow> ^
[04:17] <~tflow> oh yeah.
[04:17] <&Sabu> ok
[04:17] <+heyguise> hahaha
[04:17] <&Topiary> We enjoyed reading it
[04:17] <+heyguise> Hi Greg.
[04:17] <+Agamemnon> whoops
[04:17] <@q> greetings to him
[04:17] <&Sabu> hi greg
[04:17] <&Sabu> can you please have greg talk?
[04:18] <&Sabu> we have questions for him
[04:18] <Eddy> … guys be civil
[04:18] <&Sabu> as he is more involved
[04:18] <&Topiary> Hey Greg, tell me what you think of Ted’s new linkedin name
[04:18] <+Penny> Greg said nice hack
[04:18] <&Sabu> haha
[04:18] <&Topiary>
[04:18] <&Topiary> I feel it fits him
[04:18] <+Agamemnon> lol\
[04:18] <&Sabu> penny
[04:18] <@blergh> Penny: If possible, let Greg know about the logs + attacks aimed at my host.
[04:18] <&Sabu> can you sho greg something for me?
[04:18] <+Isis> HEHE
[04:18] <+Isis> *hehe
[04:18] <@`k> how does it feel to get hacked by a 16yr old girl?
[04:18] <Eddy> ^^^^
[04:18] <+heyguise> Penny, we are just trying to improve the world. If we have investors (your self) giving money to people who are hurting the world we have to do some thing.
[04:18] <+Penny> Where is host info, greg will look
[04:18] <&Topiary> oh u kayla
[04:18] <Neo> kayla: lulz
[04:18] <@`k> 😉
[04:18] <&Sabu> greg, a 16 year old girl social engineered your admin jussi and got root to
[04:18] <evilworks> k i LOVE JB!
[04:19] <&Sabu> penny can you tell him that?
[04:19] <evilworks> i LOVE IT
[04:19] <+Nessuno> JB
[04:19] <+Penny> We do not disagree with your agenda, but we are we are trying to shed light on a problem area in security
[04:19] <+Penny> I’ll tell Jussi,
[04:19] <evilworks> bah, bullshit
[04:19] <+Agamemnon> evilworks ….
[04:19] <&Topiary> Penny: We want Aaron to publicly admit defeat and to drop anything he’s planned or is planning to do with Anonymous or the FBI
[04:19] <evilworks> this is why we hide from you fuckers
[04:19] <&Topiary> Or things will get worse for him, we promise
[04:19] <+heyguise> <Penny> I’ll fire Jussi* fixed
[04:19] <@blergh> Penny: I think i’ll simply forward it to the correct person and go from there. As its’ a case of you doing something illegal.
[04:20] <evilworks> fuck you and your firm
[04:20] <&Topiary> then we’ll leave the rest of you alone.
[04:20] <&Topiary> No joke.
[04:20] <evilworks> i hope you go bakrupt
[04:20] <evilworks> asap
[04:20] <~tflow> and the leaks?
[04:20] <@blergh> Penny: not you personally, but someone residing on your company
[04:20] <+heyguise> Topiary, we really can’t make demands. Its not like we could redact any data.
[04:20] <+Penny> OK so if this shed light on your plight how is this bad?
[04:20] <Eddy> clearly they got bad apples
[04:20] <Eddy> don’t blame her, blame that idiot
[04:20] <&Sabu> I think we can all agree that aaron fucked up
[04:20] <&Topiary> We’ve read emails of the company in general being skeptical of Aaron’s plans
[04:20] <&Sabu> and he took down his investors and companies down with him
[04:20] <&Topiary> which is valid
[04:21] <@q> Penny:  we are we are trying to shed light on a problem area <<< that is all good and well, and we approve. many here also think social media is a problem. but if you let total incompetent people work there who then even meet with the fbi to negotiate that info.. uhm
[04:21] <@q> we get mad
[04:21] <+heyguise> Penny, we’ll probably be able to better formulate a response when more anons get the emails and read them.
[04:21] <evilworks> i can’t wait myself
[04:21] <&Topiary> I mean come on, Penny, I messaged Aaron in PM and told him about a “secret” Washington OP, then he emailed the company (including you) being entirely confident that we were directly threatening you, and he thought we didn’t know who he was.
[04:21] <&Topiary> He seriously works at a security company?
[04:22] <+Penny> GUys he was not going to the fBi, but what you did today, it wasn’t good. YOu attacked not Aaron but innocent people
[04:22] <+Agamemnon> Guys …Penny showed up …give credit for alpha response at least …most would never
15[04:22] * asfdasd is now known as holden
[04:22] <+Penny> like you say he was doing
[04:22] <+Agamemnon> Guys …Penny showed up …give credit for alpha response at least …most would never
[04:22] <Eddy> ^^^
[04:22] <+Agamemnon> don be assholes
[04:22] <+Penny> Yes he emailed me the exchange becuase of the threat in it, he was concerned
[04:22] <&Sabu> penny he has a meeting with FBI @ 11AM today monday. He was already planning to present his research
[04:22] <&Sabu> and your husband greg was fully aware of it all
[04:23] <&Sabu> I am looking at his email exchanges no
[04:23] <&Sabu> now*
[04:23] <+Baas> Our ‘plight’?   Err…Well, let’s face it.  This isn’t our problem, really.  An agent representing your firm took action against Anonymous, and Anon responded in kind.
[04:23] <+heyguise> Investor (Penny We Liek As Much as Mudkip) -> Gives Money To -> Company who sells faulty info to govt -> Who pays for it by -> Spending Tax Payer Dollars.
[04:23] <+Penny> I’m sure Greg was aware, we were all aware thought it was a great topic and timely, still not clear why this was wrong
[04:23] <+Penny> If you read email you know we weren’t goign to release names
[04:23] <@blergh> Penny: You’re husband accused innoncent people, we fight back by all means needed
[04:23] <&Sabu> because all the info in the research is WRONG
[04:23] <+Agamemnon> ^^
[04:23] <@q> was it Mark or Ted that mailed before “This will not end well.”
[04:23] <+Penny> MY husband is Greg, not Aaron
[04:23] <Eddy> it’s not her husband
[04:23] <@q> he was right.
[04:24] <&Sabu> because all the info in the research is WRONG == and the problem ith that is that if aaron planned to sell the doc he would have gotten MANY innocent and RANDOM people sent to jal
[04:24] <@blergh> Still
[04:24] <+butts> I’m still curious as to how much you were planning to sale your “information” for
[04:24] <&Topiary> Aaron fought against us and dragged you into it. We bit back and hit all of you hard: Aaron should admit defeat, quit, and go back to the sandbox where he belongs.
[04:24] <+Penny> Guys, there is nothing in my emails or greg’s that said ANY info was goign to be sold
[04:24] <+butts> hb gary provides services to the US federal government, fact
[04:24] <+nato> Aaron’s document contains names and contact information of people who did nothing more than “like” Anonymous as a page on Facebook, and he’s linked them to random nicknames.
[04:24] <Eddy> Penny, let me tell you just one thing: it was a BAD idea to invest on Aaron, and I hope he gets what he deserves, and that you’ll think again before doing any such thing to us.
[04:24] <@q> aaron suggested it at some point
[04:24] <+butts> you were going to sell it, you may not have revealed such info in your emails but this was the ultimate plan -t o capitalize, does you company not make profits?
[04:25] <+Penny> I get you are mad at Aaron,
[04:25] <+Agamemnon> Blergh I suspect we pissed Arron off and he is source of attack on your host
[04:25] <+Penny> He has his company we have ours, we do provide him leads to business but it’s NOT our fight, it’s not our model
[04:25] <@blergh> Agamemnon: might be the case
[04:25] <+Penny> We sell software and we deal with malware
[04:25] <+Baas> Wrong on a number of levels.  It propagated falsehoods that Anon is kind of sick of having to clear up.  It abused a system that is shamefully gullible, implicated people that were not involved, and lended legitimacy to something poorly attempted.
[04:25] <@blergh> I will have a more detailed look at the logs when the host is brought back up
[04:25] <+butts> you accept tax dollars for information, now we’ve seen the quality of your data – As a tax paying citizen I am pissed.
[04:25] <evilworks> Penny, the best thing for you gus then would be to issue a public statement denouncing anything arron has done for your firm.
[04:25] <+Sneux> The problem you see Penny is as Sabu has stated, his info and research seems to be rather, well wrong. That research could have and might still get innocent people in trouble for no reason at all.
[04:25] <&Sabu> everyone relax slowdown please.
[04:25] <Eddy> then how came this “social network” idea? We’re not spreading malware
[04:26] <evilworks> if you agree with what you say that is
[04:26] <@q> Penny: what evilworks said.
[04:26] <+goober> Aaron hasn’t done anything for her firm, just a branch of it that she invested in.
[04:26] <+goober> (if that)
[04:26] <evilworks> but first you’d need to get your website up and running ofc
[04:26] <&Sabu> PENNY: Who is involved in HBGaryFederal? AARON BARR? TED VERA? and who else?
[04:26] <@q> 🙂
[04:26] <+Penny> Aaron has worked with social media for ages.  This is an area of deep security concern for him.
[04:27] <evilworks> yes
[04:27] <evilworks> how to extract money from it
[04:27] <+Penny> He was just trying to put together a talk for B-sides in SF which is during RSA.
[04:27] <+Agamemnon> Penny, we do not take eception with anyone who wnats to get an inside view of our movement … hell we have a channel called #reporter where interviews go on at this very moment …it is the totally backstabbing lying way this happened that outrages us
[04:27] <@q> yes lul
[04:27] <+Penny> Extracting money for services
[04:27] <@q>
[04:27] <@q> Name: Aaron Barr
[04:27] <@q> Talk: Who Needs NSA when we have Social Media
[04:27] <@q> he’s so elite
[04:27] <&Sabu> q/tflo/topiary can someone paste her the email where AARON declares his beef with anonymous is good for business ?
[04:27] <+Penny> I know of NO plan to sell this data and aaron says he was not planning to
[04:27] <+Baas> Aaron’s intentions are kinda irrelevant here.  We’re pissed at what he -did-.
[04:28] <@q> Sabu: mmmm i remember that but i havent saved it anywhere right now
[04:28] <&Topiary> sec
[04:28] <+Penny> I get that, but please do not release the HBGary emails.  You can take it down, yes it will still be out there but why fuel the fire
[04:28] <Eddy> Aaron is supposed to have a meeting with the FBI shortly
[04:28] <Eddy> Penny they are already released, and they can’t be stopped
[04:28] <@q> Penny: they have been released already
[04:28] <+Isis> its too late. its out there.
[04:28] <@blergh> Baas: on a  totally unrelated note, have you done interviews for swedish media?
[04:28] <+Penny> Yes, he has lots of meetings with customers
[04:28] <@q> and they are released on peer to peer basis
[04:29] <Eddy> they’re on a torrent file, it means nobody can take them down
[04:29] <@q> we cannot stop it
[04:29] <+Penny> nope I dont’ think so
[04:29] <+Agamemnon> Penny how badly would it harm your company to have this released?
[04:29] <Eddy> they’re out now
[04:29] <+Agamemnon> but not publicized
[04:29] <Eddy> even if we wanted, and we don’t want, the leak can’t be stopped
[04:29] <+Baas> Err…I may have.  Hit me on PM if you want to go into detail.
[04:29] <+Penny> I asked Aaron he said no
[04:29] <&Topiary> From Aaron to HBGary
[04:29] <&Topiary> “”But its not about them…its about our audience having the right impression of our capability and the competency of our research. Anonymous will do what every they can to discredit that. and they have the mic so to speak because they are on Al Jazeeera, ABC, CNN, etc. I am going to keep up the debate because I think it is good business but I will be smart about my public responses.””
[04:29] <&Topiary> leakers gonna leak
[04:29] <@q> thanks Topiary 🙂
[04:29] <~tflow> You did this to yourselves.
[04:29] <@q> that was a quote from aaron
[04:30] <+Penny> You only release TEd and Aaron and phil/?
[04:30] <+Baas> If there’s some way you can burn notice Aaron as a gesture of good faith, it would be a nice start.
[04:30] <+Nessuno> competenccy lulz
[04:30] <+Agamemnon> Topiary was just quoting Aaron
[04:30] <Eddy> everything’s been released
[04:30] <~tflow> And what amazes me is, for a security company – you had such a basic SQL vulnerability on your website
[04:30] <@q> ang greg
[04:30] <+heyguise> Penny, we believe that unless the information has some thing shady in it, being public knowledge wont hurt. IF you run an honest business your emails won’t be a problem. If you ran a competent buisness then your files wouldn’t be leaked in the first place.
[04:30] <+Agamemnon> Baas +1
[04:30] <+Sneux> Kinda of situational irony tflow.
[04:30] <+Penny> Yes we fired the firm who wrote it
[04:30] <@blergh> 5016.7
[04:31] <@blergh> seed ohoy
[04:31] <Eddy> hmm
[04:31] <+Penny> It’s not the content it’s the customers that would have a problem with it,
[04:31] <Eddy> you can email them all and blame it on Aaron’s actions
[04:31] <Eddy> the info are out already
[04:31] <+Baas> If there’s some way you can burn notice Aaron as a gesture of good faith, it would be a nice start.
[04:31] <~tflow> OK and what about the innocent people that the FBI would arrest after your meeting with them?
[04:31] <Eddy> can’t be stopped
[04:31] <+heyguise> Penny, no matter what you say the files have allready started flowing. We cannot stop them now.
[04:31] <@q> it’s the magic of the internet
[04:31] <~tflow> Are they less important than your customers?
[04:31] <@q> information IS free
[04:32] <Eddy> she thinks the leak can be stopped, but it can’t
[04:32] <Eddy> so they better deal with it
[04:32] <+heyguise> technologically we cannot stop the information from spreading. It wants to be free. Its up to you to protect your customers but you appointed incompetent officals.
[04:32] <+Penny> What does burn notice mean?
[04:32] <+Baas> Let’s face it, this IS Aaron’s fault, and Aaron IS directly responsible for what is happening.  So it wouldn’t really be a scapegoat.
[04:32] <+heyguise> less competent than many of the “bored nerds” here.
[04:32] <+joepie91|coding> ^
[04:32] <+heyguise> Penny, fire him, black letter.
[04:32] <+Agamemnon> Your clients, Would they really know or understand the import Penny?
[04:33] <+Penny> OH, OK, I get it,
[04:33] <+Baas>
[04:33] <+Penny> Yes I think they’d understand it
[04:33] <+Agamemnon> hm …that is bad
[04:34] <+Agamemnon> Aaron is to blame
[04:34] <+Penny> Hey guys, I get you are trying to make a statement, but you are out of the realm of it being pertinent now, you crossed over to not a good place
[04:34] <+heyguise> Penny, desperate times.
[04:34] <+Penny> I get you all hate Aaron, got it
[04:34] <evilworks> Penny, get rid of him
[04:34] <Neo> unfortunately Penny, if you haven’t realized yet:  It’s too late to change what’s been done today.
[04:34] <evilworks> this is what we want
[04:34] <evilworks> thats all
[04:34] <evilworks> info is out
[04:34] <evilworks> can’t be stopped
[04:34] <evilworks> he worked under your company name
[04:34] <+Agamemnon> We dont hate Aaron …just what he did…
[04:34] <evilworks> it got in the way
[04:35] <+Baas> What is done is done.  Your association with Aaron is limited – we get it.  Easy enough to mitigate further damage.
[04:35] <+c0s> Agamemnon: wrong.
[04:35] <@q> Penny: as we said before, the operation is done. we do not target you anymore. the emails have been leaked. kudos for you to coming here; we just make you aware of the facts.
[04:35] <~tflow> Penny: your company was also trying to make a statement by claiming that you’ve uncovered 80% of Anonymous ‘high command’. your point is?
[04:35] <+Uncommon> Penny: big tip right here
[04:35] <+c0s> Speak for yourself on that one.
[04:35] <+Agamemnon> lol
[04:35] <+Uncommon> Penny: DAMAGE CONTROL.
[04:35] <+nato> Were you aware of his infiltration of (as the Financial Times article states) a United States military group and a nuclear plant?
[04:35] <&Topiary> Simple: fire Aaron, have him admit defeat in a public statement. We won’t bother you further after this, but what we’ve done can’t be taken back. Realize that, and for the company’s sake, dispose of Aaron.
[04:35] <+Penny> Aaron was making the statement about 80% not HBGary INC
[04:35] <+c0s> Penny: the document that he had produced actually has my girlfriend in it.  She has never done anytihng with anonymous, not once.  I had used her computer a couple times to look at a group on facebook or something.
[04:35] <~tflow> Aaron represented your company in the media
[04:36] <+c0s> But thats the extent of it
[04:36] <~tflow> If I’m not mistaked
[04:36] <+c0s> and I have never done any of the illegal activities
[04:36] <+Penny> IF you read article, it states HBGary Federal NOT HGary
[04:36] <+c0s> I am gregg housh.  I am not anonymous, I have been talking to the press for years about this stuff.
[04:36] <@q> Penny: it was hosted on and your internal emails all supported him to post updates
[04:36] <+c0s> so he was WAY off.
[04:36] <+c0s> and he was going to turn that over to the feds
[04:36] <+c0s> as facts based on his new “method”
[04:36] <+c0s> you have to see why that makes me angry.
[04:37] <+Penny> Hey I”m not sure how this whole Torrent thing works, I’m sure I”ll find out but I can tell you that if you want freedom of press and
[04:37] <+heyguise> c0s, she sees that
[04:37] <~tflow> Penny: ironically, the vulnerability was on, not
[04:37] <+Penny> documents, there is a better way than doing it this way.  What you did was illegal and it will hurt you guys as well
[04:37] <+heyguise> what shes argueing is that “THINK OF THE CUSTOMER THEY WILL BE HURT”
[04:37] <+heyguise> which is a legitmate arguement.
[04:37] <Neo> that’s unlikely Penny.
[04:37] <+joepie91|coding> Penny
[04:37] <&Topiary> Penny: We’re not hurt.
[04:37] <+c0s> Penny: it wont hurt them at all.
[04:37] <Eddy> very unlikely
[04:37] <+joepie91|coding> what Aaron did was probably illegal as well
[04:37] <+Baas> The solution is simple.  Put a knife in Aaron’s back and everyone is happy.
[04:37] <+c0s> PEnny: in fact it will lead to a lot of press that works in their favor
[04:37] <+heyguise> I think it will hurt the customer a little.
[04:37] <+joepie91|coding> if he would indeed have gone to the FBI
[04:38] <+heyguise> In the short run.
[04:38] <+Agamemnon> \no …she is arguing that ppl who never intended any harm are going to be hurt
[04:38] <+joepie91|coding> legality is completely irrelevant in this matter
[04:38] <+Isis> its pretty hard to give Anonymous a bad name or hurt the image we carry 😛
[04:38] <Neo> ^
[04:38] <+c0s> Indeed Isis.
[04:38] <+Penny> Yeah the programmer on HBGary Federal wasn’t ours
[04:38] <+Agamemnon> Isis+1
[04:38] <+Baas> The information is out.  Sorry to say, nothing to be done about that even if we wanted to.
[04:38] <&Topiary> Yeah, this isn’t “evil” compared to what we’ve done in the past. Nobody here sees this as anything new or malicious. Aaron stomped on the Anonymous foot and we roundhouse kicked him into orbit.
[04:38] <+Nessuno> night guys
[04:38] <+Nessuno> penny dispose of aaron
[04:38] <+Penny> I’m nt sure the legality of what Aaron did, but I’ msure we’ll find out
[04:38] <+joepie91|coding> as a (digital) security company you are even more responsible for doing an internal audit on your websites, and not just outsource it and think it’s ok.
[04:39] <+c0s> Penny: ive done >300 interviews with the press in just the last 2 months alone.  I can tell you quite clearly that this wont hurt any “image” or anything else to do with whats going on here.
[04:39] <+heyguise> Topiary, our “Evil” should be compared against the “Evil” we don’t liek.
[04:39] <@q> hey SteveD3
[04:39] <evilworks> wb SteveD3
[04:39] <+c0s> Good evening SteveD3
[04:39] <+SteveD3> evening all
[04:39] <+Isis> hey SteveD3
[04:39] <Neo> evening.
[04:39] <@q> you gotta story 🙂
[04:39] <+heyguise> IE) “OHH LAWD YOU HURT MY STOCK PRICE!” is an okay weapon against “OHH LAWD YOU ILLEGALLY DETAINED ME FEDS!”
[04:39] <&Sabu> Penny: for the record your emails were not leaked. emails ere not leaked. only ted/aaron/phil. so you’re in the good as far as I see. but your investment in aaron is killing you
[04:39] <&Topiary> Hey Steve
[04:39] <+SteveD3> so I guess it is clear what has me on IRC
[04:39] <&Topiary> SteveD3: good stuff huh
[04:39] <+SteveD3> interesting to say the least
[04:39] <+Baas> The ‘legality’ of what Aaron did is less relevant.  The point is, he’s responsible for the harm rendered to you.  If you want to negotiate with Anon, your best route lies through hanging him to dry.
[04:40] <+SteveD3> is the FT story legit?
[04:40] <~tflow> yes
[04:40] <~tflow> no
[04:40] <+Penny> Phil was an HBGary employee NOT a federal employee
[04:40] <+c0s> SteveD3: no
[04:40] <+SteveD3> Ive not spoken to anyone at HB in a long time
[04:40] <+joepie91|coding> lol
[04:40] <~tflow> I mean, it’s 99% bs
[04:40] <+c0s> SteveD3: the data collected, and the methods were entirely BS.
[04:40] <+Agamemnon> Aaron -9000 …Penny he hurt you… he never understood us …and tried to pimp us for personal gain …this is an outrage
[04:40] <&Sabu> Penny: perhaps you should have not allowed him to use your company name to build his.
[04:41] <~tflow> ^
[04:41] <Eddy> <Sabu> Penny: for the record your emails were not leaked. emails ere not leaked. only ted/aaron/phil. so you’re in the good as far as I see. but your investment in aaron is killing you
[04:41] <+Penny> Hold on guys
[04:41] <+SteveD3> who is Penny
[04:41] <+Penny> Can you take PHil out?
[04:41] <Neo> no
[04:41] <+c0s> Penny: its already out there
[04:41] <+c0s> it already leaked
[04:41] <&Sabu> also if he is not your employee why is aarons company email ?
[04:41] <~tflow> SteveD3: the CEO of
[04:41] <+c0s> SteveD3: she works at HG
[04:41] <+c0s> indeed
[04:41] <&Topiary> We’ve been observing all your email contact throughout the past day, we know what Aaron is doing and how he thinks. We want him wiped out, fired, gone. Forever.
[04:41] <+Baas> It’s like letting your kid swat at the hornet’s nest near your BBQ, then asking the hornets why they’re stinging everyone.
[04:41] <&Topiary> Simple ^
[04:41] <+Penny> Yes hindsight is 20/20, it was a start up they needed help
[04:42] <@q> bad investment, it turned out.
[04:42] <+Penny> WE do it so we can easily transfer information to Aaron and ted,
[04:42] <Eddy> worst decision ever to invest on him 🙂
[04:42] <+Penny> OK I get it guys, next time I invest I’ll call you
[04:42] <Eddy> lol
[04:42] <+Baas> Hang him out to dry.  Blacklist him.  Burn him.
[04:42] <@q> invest in anonymous 🙂
[04:42] <@q> lulz
[04:42] <+c0s> Penny: dont take that part so badly…
[04:42] <Eddy> shit happens
[04:42] <evilworks> Thats actually a good idea Penny
[04:42] <+Baas> Burn the witch, etc.
[04:42] <evilworks> most 16 year olds here know more about security than all your techies combined
[04:42] <+Penny> Perhaps I’ll invest in you guys, but invest in me, please do not leak any of the emails from HBGary
[04:43] <@q> evilworks: and that’s fucking sad
[04:43] <+joepie91|coding> Penny: the fact you invested in him, and licensed him to use your company name, makes you partly responsible for what has happened.
[04:43] <evilworks> no bro its the future
[04:43] <~tflow> Penny: you’re only saying that after the leak
[04:43] <+Baas> Penny, I don’t think you understand about that part.  It’s…Kinda done.
[04:43] <+Sneux> We cant fairly blame her for investing in him in the first place, you could however lay blame on the fact she still is.
[04:43] <~tflow> Penny: we don’t forgive
[04:43] <+joepie91|coding> and the e-mails are leaked and it cannot bre reversed
[04:43] <+joepie91|coding> be*
[04:43] <@`k> Penny: the emails have allready been leaked
[04:43] <+Agamemnon> If Penny dumps Aaron …Anon will forgive? ………….. +1 if yes
[04:43] <Eddy> hbgary emails are not leaked, ted/aaron/phil are
[04:43] <@`k> they are out there
[04:43] <+c0s> Penny: the point being made is actually pretty simple.  What has happened today is proof of the bad move that was made by associating with Aaron Barr.  So it shouldnt keep being said to you, I doubt you need to be convinced much more.
[04:43] <Neo> Penny; the way torrents work… Several computers already have all the e-mails and are ‘seeding’ them to the others who want them.  They are not being uploaded to the others ‘centrally’.
[04:43] <&Sabu> OK PENNY Let’s say we stop seeding the emails. what will you do to correct the situation?
[04:43] <+c0s> But what happens next
[04:43] <&Sabu> OK PENNY Let’s say we stop seeding the emails. what will you do to correct the situation?
[04:43] <Neo> But rather by MANY, many people.
[04:43] <+Baas> You’re asking us not to press the red button after we’ve already pressed the red button.
[04:43] <&Sabu> OK PENNY Let’s say we stop seeding the emails. what will you do to correct the situation?
[04:44] <+c0s> thats up to you.
[04:44] <+joepie91|coding> look, Penny: what would have happened had all this (emails, deface, etc) not happened? would you still have done something against Aaron?
[04:44] <+Penny> You only leaked Ted and Aaron and Phil, that much has been said, so why release the rest?  What am I not getting?
[04:44] <evilworks> Penny: realize this: THE INFORMATION IS OUT!
[04:44] <evilworks> it CANNOT be stopped
[04:44] <+heyguise> joepie91|coding, has a great point
[04:44] <+Isis> evar
[04:44] <evilworks> it is OUT on the internet
[04:44] <&Sabu> penny WE WILL NOT RELEASE THE REST.
[04:44] <evilworks> period.
[04:44] <+c0s> Penny: no more is set to be released.
[04:44] <Eddy> Sabu
[04:44] <+SteveD3> where are the emails
[04:44] <Eddy> what has been released?
[04:44] <+SteveD3> 🙂
[04:44] <+c0s> Penny: that is already agreed upon
[04:44] <evilworks> SteveD3: right here:
[04:44] <+c0s> Penny: you should have nothing to fear of any more releases.
[04:44] <&Sabu> Eddy: penny et all ONLY AARON BARR, TED VERA, AND PHIL EMAILS – RELEASED
[04:44] <@q> SteveD3: (torrent)
[04:44] <+SteveD3> ty kindly
[04:45] <Eddy> Penny: we won’t release other stuff
[04:45] <@q> SteveD3: has the statement, too
[04:45] <~tflow> Penny: we were actually planning to also leak greg’s inbox after this
[04:45] <@q> convenient
[04:45] <~tflow> but the only reason we didn’t do it now is due to time constraints
[04:45] <@q> Penny: btw, did you read the statement here:
[04:45] <+SteveD3> I have Ligatts email
[04:45] <~tflow> he has a massive inbox
[04:45] <+SteveD3> like 12gb worth
[04:45] <~tflow> 27,000 email
[04:45] <+SteveD3> its not worth much tflow
[04:45] <+Penny> OK guys, I’m not you so work with me so the files uploaded were only Ted and Aaron and Phil?
[04:45] <+Penny> YOu are going too fast
[04:45] <Neo> Yes Penny.
[04:45] <&Sabu> penny yes.
[04:45] <Eddy> yes
[04:46] <&Sabu> gregs emails we have but not released.
[04:46] <+c0s> Penny: correct, and they have greg’s but havent released it
[04:46] <+Sneux> Correct.
[04:46] <~tflow> so far, yes.
[04:46] <Neo>,,
[04:46] <+Penny> WHo is Ligatts?
[04:46] <&Sabu> LOL
[04:46] <@q> haah
[04:46] <&Sabu> ligatt is irrelevent
[04:46] <~tflow> Penny: another whitehat company which got pwned
[04:46] <@q> for you at least yes 🙂
[04:46] <~tflow> last week
[04:46] <+Penny> OK, so you are not going to release Greg’s emails?
[04:46] <&Topiary> Hey Penny, does Aaron want his twitter back or can we use it for lulz some more
[04:47] <+Agamemnon> ^
[04:47] <+Agamemnon> lol
[04:47] <@`k> Don’t give it back lol
[04:47] <+Isis> lol
[04:47] <+Laurelai> lol
[04:47] <Neo> what kayla said
[04:47] <evilworks> can i have Gregs?
[04:47] <+Sneux> Lol `k
[04:47] <evilworks> pleeeease
[04:47] <Eddy> so are we planning to release gred’s email or not?
[04:47] <+c0s> Penny: what reason do they have to keep gregs emails quite?
[04:47] <&Sabu> penny. what are you going to do to motivate us not to release the emails? more importantly — are you going to drop your investment in aaron ?
[04:47] <Eddy> greg*
[04:47] <+Baas> Well, if Greg’s emails haven’t been released…Then there is room to negotiate.  What we want is clear.
[04:47] <+heyguise> i think its kind of murky
[04:48] <+Baas> Burn Aaron.  I think it’s simple.
[04:48] <&Topiary> The reason attacks didn’t happen sooner today was because Greg’s emails were in abundance and taking ages to compile – maybe we won’t release them if Aaron is, ^, burned
[04:48] <+Penny> OK, so if we fire Aaron, you won’t release?
[04:48] <+Agamemnon> Baas +1
[04:48] <+Agamemnon> ^
[04:48] <+Agamemnon> \??
[04:48] <+Agamemnon> yes??
[04:49] <+c0s> Penny: I beleive that is what they are asking for
[04:49] <&Sabu> And gregs emails are safe
[04:49] <+Baas> Penny, will you be our Pontius Pilate?
[04:49] <+heyguise> i’m behindi can get down with that.
[04:49] <&Topiary> Penny: Hmm, fire him and make him admit defeat in a public statement. Maybe post a picture of a shoe on his head.
[04:49] <&Topiary> Then deal!
[04:49] <+Sneux> Penny: What is being said is that if you fire Aaron they will NOT release Gregs emails.
[04:49] <+joepie91|coding> Baas: that sounds like a sort of modified will you be my valentine
[04:49] <+joepie91|coding> lol
[04:49] <~tflow> what’s the link to the .pdf of anon dox again?
[04:49] <+Sneux> lol Joiepie91
[04:49] <@q> Penny: not many ppl have greg’s mails. and they are listening here.
[04:49] <+Baas> It’s that time of the month, Joe
[04:49] <+c0s> tflow:
[04:49] <&Sabu> Also, one more request I personally have is to take your investment in aaron’s company and donate it toBRADLEY MANNINGS DEFENCE FUND
[04:49] <+joepie91|coding> tflow:
[04:49] <&Sabu> someone link her
[04:50] <@q> Sabu: HAH
[04:50] <evilworks> jesus, why arent i logging this
[04:50] <@q> THAT IS EXCELLENT!
[04:50] <+heyguise> Sabu, that’d be nice.
[04:50] <+heyguise> Or at least a odnate to brad manning
[04:50] <+heyguise> 20k?
[04:50] <+Sneux> Yes it would.
[04:50] <+heyguise> not to much
[04:50] <+joepie91|coding>
[04:50] <~tflow> ty joepie91|coding
[04:50] <+c0s> dude
[04:50] <&Sabu> PENNY ALL WE ASK OF YOU IS 1) remove yourself from aaron 2) donate to bradley manning’s defense fund.
[04:50] <&Sabu> thats all
[04:50] <+joepie91|coding> let me get a direct link,, if my browser doesnt fail on me
[04:50] <&Topiary>!/aaronbarr/status/34457235484577792
[04:50] <+heyguise> encrypt greg files and spread them around in case some body “Disappears” at least send them to wikileaks.
[04:50] <&Sabu> ok joepie
[04:50] <&Topiary> hey look even Aaron himself wants to be fired
[04:51] <+Penny> OK guys, you are going so fast, I am trying to keep up here.
[04:51] <+joepie91|coding> Bradley Manning Defense fund:
[04:51] <Eddy> shut up and let her talk
[04:51] <Eddy> lol
[04:51] <+c0s> Penny: they want Aaron fired
[04:51] <evilworks> eh why that remark on the pic
[04:51] <+Penny> You want me to fire Aaron and donate to bradley mannings fund?
[04:51] <evilworks> you failed guise
[04:51] <&Sabu> yes penny
[04:51] <+c0s> Penny: and as a show of good faith they would appriciate it if you donated to the fund.
[04:51] <Eddy> yes Penny
[04:51] <&Sabu> thats all
[04:51] <&Sabu> thanks.
[04:51] <+heyguise> dont forget
[04:51] <+heyguise> aaron should maybe donate some thing too
[04:51] <+heyguise> 🙂
[04:51] <evilworks> kidneys
[04:52] <+heyguise> lol
[04:52] <evilworks> both
[04:52] <Eddy> yeah try and get him to 😀
[04:52] <Eddy> he’s so screwed anyway
[04:52] <@q> donate his monthly salery or consultant fee, whatever he gets to
[04:52] <+Penny> I’m not trying “guise” if I was we would be having a different conversation.  I’m trying to limit damage and work with you guys
[04:52] <@q> salary*
[04:52] <+Agamemnon> Penny: fire Aaron …do press release ….Greg’s email stays private….  deal? Oh and donations to eff or somebody we like would be nice… deal?
[04:52] <evilworks> donations to bradley manning
[04:52] <evilworks> thats an excellent idea anons
[04:52] <+Penny> I think Kidney’s are a little much
[04:52] <+Agamemnon> bradly manning +1
[04:52] <evilworks> yeah, true
[04:52] <@q> Penny: donate his monthly salery or consultant fee, whatever he gets to
[04:52] <+heyguise> Penny, can i ask? Like what do you think about what we are trying for?
[04:52] <&Sabu> ok bradley manning is good to me
[04:52] <Eddy> we’re joking
[04:52] <+joepie91|coding> once again, the donation page is here ->
[04:53] <+Penny> So, can I ask a question you might think is stupid?
[04:53] <Eddy> yes
[04:53] <evilworks> no
[04:53] <+Agamemnon> not joking …
[04:53] <evilworks> yes
[04:53] <+Sneux> Sure
[04:53] <+heyguise> ask away
[04:53] <+Sneux> No question is stupid.
[04:53] <&Sabu> ask away
[04:53] <evilworks> no
[04:53] <evilworks> ok yes
[04:53] <Eddy> shut up evilworks 😛
[04:53] <Eddy> lol
[04:53] <+Agamemnon> go Penny
[04:53] <+heyguise> give her time
[04:53] <+heyguise> gawd
[04:53] <+Penny> So if you say you won’t do harm and keep things private then you release them, would you trust that person?
[04:53] <+heyguise> lol
[04:53] <+heyguise> probably not
09[04:54] * @blergh imagines Penny going “takatakatakatakatakataka” on her keyboard
[04:54] <+Agamemnon> rephrase huh?
[04:54] <@q> regarding greg’s email?
[04:54] <@q> you can trust.
[04:54] <evilworks> when we see a press release from your firm
[04:54] <@q> i think.
[04:54] <&Sabu> we are not releasing gregs emails. so, you can trust us on that.
[04:54] <evilworks> stating what we discused here
[04:54] <evilworks> and a donation to bradley manning
[04:54] <evilworks> anons will keep to their word
[04:54] <+heyguise> We’ve kept to our promises pretty well so far. We’ve not attacked media, ectra.
[04:54] <evilworks> and those emails will not be released
[04:54] <&Sabu> agreed
[04:54] <+heyguise> even fox news.
[04:54] <+Sneux> Anon keeps it word if the agreement holds.
[04:54] <+Penny> This isn’t about Greg’s email this is about Bradley.  When you work for the military and you take an oath, shouldn’t that count?
[04:54] <~tflow> there is only 1 copy of greg’s mails around
[04:54] <@q> Penny: as we said, only very few people have greg’s mail. maybe 1 or 2. and they are listening here.
[04:54] <Eddy> …. we said on all honesty what happenes and what should need to be done for it to be fixed
[04:54] <Eddy> happened*
[04:54] <@blergh> I don’t think anything will happen if you just do this, this is actually a very nice and easy way for you to get out of the heat so to speak
[04:54] <+Penny> Don’t get me wrong, the gov’t does stuff that should be uncovered, BUT
[04:55] <+Agamemnon> Penny …we don’t negotiate
[04:55] <&Topiary> Greg’s emails aren’t going anywhere. Secure.
[04:55] <&Sabu> Penny I don’t think it is time for you to peddle your philosophy on bradley manning.
[04:55] <+Agamemnon> forget negotioation …
[04:55] <+heyguise> Penny, Bradley Manning took an oath to protect american citizens above all other things. Is it not protecting them by trying to undermine merits the very war in which they are dieing?
[04:55] <evilworks> agreed Sabu
[04:55] <&Sabu> because at the end of the day his oath is to protect the united states of america
[04:55] <&Sabu> and he did
[04:55] <+Penny> It’s not negotiation, I’m asking a question I want answered.  You want me to donate to bradley’s fund
[04:55] <evilworks> not everyon is 16 here
[04:55] <+Agamemnon> stoooooooooooooooooooooooooop0    no negotioate on manning…stop\
[04:55] <evilworks> i’m 13
[04:55] <Eddy> we said we’ll not release the other emails
[04:55] <+Baas> If Bradley was a traitor, he’d have sold his information – not released it to the public.
[04:55] <@n0pants> There’s no evidence Bradley leaked anything.
[04:56] <+heyguise> Baas, is right.
[04:56] <+Sneux> ^
[04:56] <@n0pants> He’s been held in solitary for EIGHT MONTHS
[04:56] <+Baas> Additionally, this. ^
[04:56] <+Penny> OK BUT what if it puts people in harms’ way?  What if it cause bad ramifications for US citizens?
[04:56] <&Sabu> penny bad timing
[04:56] <evilworks> i had enough
[04:56] <Eddy> we’ll not release the other emails
[04:56] <evilworks> RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!!
[04:56] <&Sabu> because I’ll leak gregs emails right now
[04:56] <&Sabu> don’t fuck with us
[04:56] <evilworks> err EMAILS
[04:56] <@n0pants> without trial, on suicide watch, woken up every 5 minutes if he sleeps
[04:56] <+heyguise> so is n0pants. But bradley manning is trying to protect people not by shooting at them, but by trying to help answer the question “Why are we shooting at each other in the first place?”
[04:56] <Eddy> we’ll not release the other emails
[04:56] <+heyguise> Sabu, stfu
[04:56] <+heyguise> 😛
[04:56] <+Penny> I’m not fucking with you trying to understand where you are coming from
[04:56] <+Agamemnon> Penny …dont get political about manning … that is bullshit
[04:57] <evilworks> Penny
[04:57] <+Baas> Consider that some newbie PFC somehow accessed obscure documents dating generations before his birth.  You don’t just trip over that.
[04:57] <&Sabu> Penny: its not the time for that.
[04:57] <+joepie91|coding> Penny: all he released was the truth. If that brings people into danger that means that not Bradley would be the cause of that, but the people who did those things in the first place.
[04:57] <evilworks> go read up on our previous actions
[04:57] <+Penny> I believe in freedom of the press, I think it’s important and made american what it is today
[04:57] <+heyguise> Penny, We believe bradley manning has done a greater service to the american people be educating us with the leaks. Than any amount of bullets.
[04:57] <+Baas> That he hasn’t been brought to trial is telling.
[04:57] <Neo> I’d rather the people that are corrupt die than those that are innocent.
[04:57] <Neo> That’s my standpoint.
[04:57] <+Agamemnon> oh penny …what it is today …you make me sadz
[04:57] <Neo> ideally, no one dies
[04:57] <+Agamemnon> but okay
[04:57] <+Agamemnon> fuck that
[04:57] <Neo> but innocent people? no.
[04:57] <+Agamemnon> ‘deal?
[04:57] <evilworks> Sabu just release those fucking emails and lets be done with it
[04:58] <+Baas> The government may have pissed over our rights, but “innocent until proven guilty” still holds in court.
[04:58] <+butts> do it
[04:58] <+Agamemnon> do we have deal?
[04:58] <@n0pants> yeah, really, Penny your not exactly in a very strong position here.
[04:58] <+Sneux> I think she is trying to say “Why should I support him if the info he leaked might endanger lives.” the truth is secrets can cause more hurt than the truth, because in the end all there will be is truth.
[04:58] <+Penny> I have no problem donating to his fund, I’m just trying to learn more from you guys since you have followed this way more than me
09[04:58] * +Sneux nods
[04:58] <@BarrettBrown> Barr is on the phone
[04:58] <@BarrettBrown> just called me
[04:58] <@BarrettBrown> talking to him now
[04:58] <&Sabu> tell him to come here
[04:58] <evilworks> if it were up to me
[04:58] <@BarrettBrown> k
[04:58] <evilworks> i’d gzline you already penny
[04:59] <@`k> BarrettBrown record it lol
[04:59] <evilworks> but since we ALL decide
[04:59] <evilworks> i cant 🙁
[04:59] <~tflow> implying she knows what gzline is
[04:59] <@blergh> evilworks: you should also stfu
[04:59] <+Penny> what does gzline
[04:59] <@blergh> Penny: bans you
[04:59] <evilworks> blergh, i will not
[04:59] <+Laurelai> Penny: ban from the server
[04:59] <evilworks> i reserve my right to speak freely
[04:59] <Neo> network*
[04:59] <+Penny> Ok thanks Laurelai
[04:59] <@blergh> evilworks: Well, there is a big difference between voicing your opinion and being a rude jackass. Please don’t be the latter
[05:00] <evilworks> OKAY
[05:00] <@blergh> Thank you
[05:00] <evilworks> np
[05:00] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: hows the conversation going?
[05:00] <Eddy> so do we have a deal?
[05:00] <@n0pants> Penny: salon on Bradley Manning:
[05:00] <evilworks> Eddy she’s to busy hacking us
[05:00] <Eddy> c’mon….
[05:01] <shitstorm> :0
[05:01] <+Penny> I’m not hacking you OMG, if you only knew
[05:01] <shitstorm> no haxing plox
[05:01] <Neo> no plz no hax
[05:01] <Eddy> he’s kidding Penny
[05:01] <+Penny> I am the Marketing Sales side of business, not a programmer, not a hacker
[05:01] <+SteveD3> only knew what Penny
[05:01] <@n0pants> personally, I don’t care what you do re: aaron or bradley or emails, I think our point has been made
[05:01] <&Sabu> PENNY, Can we come to agreement already. this is prolonging
[05:01] <+SteveD3> how did you end up on here?
[05:01] <+SteveD3> if you dont mind me asking
15[05:01] * shitstorm is now known as Jeffrey
[05:01] <&Sabu> SteveD3: BarrettBrown walked her through it
[05:01] <Jeffrey> herp derp
[05:01] <Jeffrey> hurrr
[05:01] <evilworks> yeah thats what surprises me as well
[05:01] <&Sabu> also her husband is greg hoglund, blackhat researcher.
[05:01] <+Penny> I have to say this has been educational, OK I’m going to make a total old reference this is like talk
[05:02] <+Penny> SHows you how long I’ve been in the business
[05:02] <@blergh> Go on 🙂
[05:02] <&Sabu> ok penny
[05:02] <+Penny> Barrett told me how to log in, if that is what you mean
[05:02] <+Penny> He was very accomodating
[05:03] <&Topiary> If Aaron can find his way here, anyone can
[05:03] <&Sabu> Penny, when are you going to eliminate aaron barr from your company, and when will you release a press release?
[05:03] <+Penny> Aaron isn’t in my company he’s with Federal but yes, we are going to have a discussion.  I don’t think anyone including Aaron thought it would
[05:03] <+Penny> be this way.
[05:03] <@n0pants> oops
15[05:03] * Corey|afk is now known as Corey
[05:03] <&Topiary> Excellent – perhaps he should work at Burger King in the future
[05:04] <@`k> one question
[05:04] <&Sabu> Penny: you invest in his comapny. are you going to eliminiate your investment with him?
[05:04] <@`k> u mad?
[05:04] <@n0pants> Moral: Don’t try to drum up business by beating on a hornet’s nest.
[05:04] <Neo> kayla lol
[05:04] <Neo> :p
[05:04] <@`k> 😛
[05:04] <@blergh> Penny: I know you are under a lot of pressure at the moment, and us wanting you to take a particular action might seem very uncomfortable and odd. But seeing that this is a very easy way to get out of trouble and getting your company even more humiliated/dragged in to dirt i’d say you should consider what we’re offering
[05:04] <@`k> *dances*
[05:04] <+Penny> I can’t rely eliminate an investment because we already invested but we can refuse to give additional funds
[05:04] <@q> !topic
09[05:04] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic: tl;dr HBGary pwned. Info: | 50000 leaked company mails: (torrent, tpb) | leaked anonymous data (lulz): | HOWS-MY-SECURITY? 719-510-8478 and ( db)
15[05:04] * workerbee is now known as detectsnewcolonypoint
[05:05] <+Penny> What happened?
[05:05] <@blergh> Penny: A donation to Manning + the firing of your employee is not much if you see how we *can* affect your business/revenue if you choose not to
[05:05] <+c0s> blergh: he is not an employee of hers
[05:05] <@blergh> Employee/associate
[05:05] <+c0s> he is an employee of another company, who shares part of the same name, which she invested in
[05:05] <+c0s> she has no power to actually fire him
[05:06] <@blergh> Well, she does have some say
[05:06] <+c0s> of course
[05:06] <+c0s> It just needed clarifying 🙂
[05:06] <@blergh> Thanks for clarifying tho 🙂
[05:06] <+Penny> Guys, I can’t fire someone that owns a portion of the company  What i can promise is we will have a meeting to discuss next steps
[05:06] <+Penny> If you want a follow up conversation after I am open
[05:06] <@blergh> Depends on how you wish to proceed from there
[05:07] <Eddy> okay, we’re here
[05:07] <@n0pants> Also: could Bradley Manning defense fund even accept money under these conditions?
[05:07] <+SteveD3> oh! I want one of those follow-ups Penny, that would be awesome.
[05:07] <+c0s> Penny: this server isnt going anywhere
[05:07] <+Penny> This has morphed into something no one planned.
[05:07] <@blergh> And oh, trying to some sort of revenge-plan will just backfire
[05:07] <@blergh> So yeah
[05:07] <&Sabu> also penny remind him that the information he has on any of us is 100% equivocally incorrect
[05:07] <@blergh> Not much to discuss, more a matter of trying to cut the loose ends and sorting that stuff out.
[05:08] <+Penny> I’m sure the press is all over this,
[05:08] <&Sabu> so do not allow him to use it as a bargaining chip with you
07[05:08] * q changes topic to ‘Mission: Aaron Bratt FIRED. His salary donated to Bradley Manning Defense Fund. Simple.’
[05:08] <@q> There
[05:08] <&Sabu> if it were correct wwe would not leaked it
[05:08] <&Sabu> I like that
[05:08] <@q> 04:08 -!- Topic for #ophbgary: Mission: Aaron Bratt FIRED. His salary donated to Bradley Manning Defense Fund.  Simple.
[05:08] <+Penny> Sabu, are you talking about his list?  That is not a bargaining chip
[05:08] <@q> 04:08 -!- Topic set by q [] [Mon Feb  7 04:08:14 2011]
[05:08] <+c0s> Penny: I have given all the information about whats happened because of aaron to as many people in the press as I have contact with.
[05:08] <+c0s> from gawker (puke) to the new york times
[05:09] <+c0s> we’ll see who runs with it
[05:09] <&Sabu> Penny: ok good. if he brings it up, shoot it down because we’ve proven how invaluable his research and data is.
15[05:09] * detectsnewcolonypoint is now known as newnick
[05:09] <+c0s> good evening biella
07[05:09] * q changes topic to ‘Mission: Aaron Bratt FIRED. His salary donated to Bradley Manning Defense Fund. Simple. | HBGary emails:’
[05:09] <Jeffrey> I find this lulzy
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> ukay
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> okay
[05:10] <~tflow> >Bratt. Was that intentional?
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> just got off the phone with Aaron Barr
[05:10] <&Sabu> ok
[05:10] <@q> oh
[05:10] <&Sabu> what does he say ?
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> told him to come in
[05:10] <~tflow> jk, lol.
[05:10] <@q> no 😡
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> said he’s kick banned
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> he said a lot of stuff
[05:10] <owen> nope
[05:10] <&Sabu> like?
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> I said even more
[05:10] <+biella> was he here earlier?
[05:10] <@n0pants> q: pm
[05:10] <@blergh> there’s not even any bans in here
[05:10] <&Sabu> do you have recording?
[05:10] <+Penny> What is kick banned?
07[05:10] * q changes topic to ‘Mission: Aaron Barr FIRED. His salary donated to Bradley Manning Defense Fund. Simple. | HBGary emails:’
[05:10] <&Sabu> or can you tell us what he said
[05:10] <@BarrettBrown> well, he was indeed going to meet with Feds tomorrow at 11 and still is
[05:10] <@blergh> Penny: Means you’re unable to join the channel/server
[05:10] <~tflow> Penny: when you’re kicked and banned from this channel
[05:11] <+Penny> Thx
[05:11] <@blergh> No problem
[05:11] <~tflow> kicked out of, even
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> he described what he was doing as merely the same thing a hacker does when he tests security
[05:11] <owen> lies
[05:11] <Eddy> …. an incompetent hacker
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> I told him that those hackers tend to tell their subjects the vulnerabilities
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> rather than going to the press and FBI
[05:11] <@`k> hackers dont snitch to the feds
[05:11] <@blergh> A hacker would actually get the facts straight before trying to publish/sell
[05:11] <owen> and at least succeed
[05:11] <Eddy> right
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> I asked him if he provided that info to any of us
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> he said no
[05:11] <@BarrettBrown> then he said, “Who would I give it to?”
[05:12] <@BarrettBrown> I said, “How about our leader Q?”
[05:12] <@BarrettBrown> jajajajajajajaajjaajajajajja
[05:12] <+c0s> hah
[05:12] <Eddy> lol
[05:12] <Jeffrey> lulzy
[05:12] <&Sabu> LOL
[05:12] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: you laugh like a brazillian
[05:12] <@BarrettBrown> I know
[05:12] <Jeffrey> oh dox’d
[05:12] <Jeffrey> :0
[05:12] <@`k> uehuheuheuheuehuehuehuehueheuheuehueheuh
[05:12] <@BarrettBrown> I play online games with a lot of Brazilians and decided I like jajajajajajaj better
[05:13] <Eddy> lol
[05:13] <@BarrettBrown> speaking of which
[05:13] <@BarrettBrown> I’m done with this silliness for tonight
[05:13] <evilworks> LOL
[05:13] <@BarrettBrown> going to play some Fallout New Vegas like I keep saying I am
[05:13] <+Penny> Hey Guys, if you read the emails you know Aaron was not going to release any names, he didn’t think it was right
[05:13] <@BarrettBrown> Penny: That’s not under contention, I think
[05:13] <@BarrettBrown> But see above
[05:14] <+Penny> I saw about
[05:14] <&Sabu> BarrettBrown: I appreciate you sir <3
[05:14] <@BarrettBrown> regarding our conversation
[05:14] <@BarrettBrown> Incidentally
[05:14] <@n0pants> Penny: exactly, innocent ppl would be getting door knocks from FBI, not cool
[05:14] <+Penny> Hey the Fallout is a great game
[05:14] <@BarrettBrown> I recorded that conversation
[05:14] <Eddy> great
[05:14] <@BarrettBrown> As a way to inform him of his structural vulnerabilities
[05:14] <evilworks> game
[05:14] <@`k> upload pls
[05:14] <@BarrettBrown> I’ll send it to Financial Times later
[05:14] <owen> as i see it, he got nothing right
[05:14] <Jeffrey> ^
[05:14] <Jeffrey> not even close
[05:14] <@blergh> lol no
[05:15] <&Sabu> he should be embarrassed
[05:15] <@`k> im just upset i didn’t get a mention in his pdf D:
[05:15] <owen> indeed he should
[05:15] <@BarrettBrown> I don’t know if he is
[05:15] <Jeffrey> lol
[05:15] <evilworks> do you think FBI will laugh at him as well?
[05:15] <+c0s> Penny: in the end the biggest problem of all was the huge list of innocent people who were on that list that were completely wrong, misidentified.  All of them being handed to the FBI as people taking part in illegal activities.
[05:15] <Jeffrey> evilworks: yes
[05:15] <evilworks> sup Jeff
[05:15] <@BarrettBrown> He wasn’t a terrible douchebag but he was douchebaggy enough for me not to give a shit
[05:15] <Jeffrey> nm
[05:15] <Jeffrey> just waiting for v&
[05:15] <@BarrettBrown> Also, he couldn’t hang
[05:15] <Jeffrey> I suppose
[05:15] <evilworks> ya me neither
[05:15] <evilworks> just being an ass
[05:15] <Jeffrey> down in cali
[05:15] <Jeffrey> lol
[05:15] <Jeffrey> me 2
[05:15] <evilworks> oh ya
[05:15] <owen> you can copme visit me in NY
09[05:15] * @blergh is still here, not dox’d
[05:15] <Neo> ^
[05:16] <owen> im retiring after all
[05:16] <Eddy> lol
09[05:16] * @blergh replaces owen
09[05:16] * @blergh is actually q
09[05:16] * @q retires.
[05:16] <@BarrettBrown> owen: I’m going to crash on your couch in Manhattan for the April conference
[05:16] <owen> lol
[05:16] <@blergh> and q is acutally an illusion
[05:16] <evilworks> thats because all you do is show your face when you need to be nazi blergh!
09[05:16] * Neo fires kitty cannon at owen
[05:16] <@blergh> evilworks: fair enough
[05:16] <owen> i <3 kittehs
[05:16] <@blergh> evilworks: lusers raus!
[05:16] <evilworks> even Token was less nazi than you bro!
09[05:16] * Neo puts his cats outside in the cold
[05:16] <@blergh> o/
[05:17] <Jeffrey> impossibru
[05:17] <@blergh> \o
[05:17] <owen> token is CEO
[05:17] <Jeffrey> Neo bad
[05:17] <@blergh> yes
[05:17] <@blergh> token is indeed CEO
[05:17] <evilworks> but i do <3 you nigs for it let it be known
[05:17] <@blergh> Reichsfúhrer
[05:17] <&Sabu> well
[05:17] <evilworks> sup Finn-Riggins
[05:17] <evilworks> hows the weather in florida?
[05:17] <+joepie91|coding> lol, offtopic much?
[05:18] <evilworks> oh i thought they moved on to interviews
[05:18] <evilworks> k ill shut up
[05:18] <evilworks> its past my bedtime anyway
[05:18] <+joepie91|coding> ye I’m doing a thousand things
[05:18] <evilworks> cya hackers
[05:18] <+joepie91|coding> so I might have missed something
[05:18] <Jeffrey> indeed
[05:18] <Jeffrey> nn evilworks
[05:18] <Neo> nn
[05:18] <@blergh> Penny: Well, please let us know on how you wish to proceed with all this. Preferably as soon as you’ve had the meetings with the correct persons
[05:18] <Neo> hmm, song sort of related.
09[05:19] * Neo playing: deadmau5 – Bad Selection (945kbps) [00:10/05:01] – 3%
[05:19] <@blergh> Penny: And as we’ve said earlier, no point in trying to fool us. We’ll know if you try to
[05:19] <+Penny> Thanks everyone it was very nice talking to you.  How do I re-connect you?
[05:19] <@BarrettBrown> Penny: I took down the link to the e-mails from my Daily Kos post
[05:19] <@BarrettBrown> which is all I can think of in terms of minimizing the impact
[05:19] <&Sabu> penny, can you have greg hop on your computer and talk to us for a few minutes /?
[05:19] <@BarrettBrown> But feel free to get in touch at any time
[05:19] <+c0s> Penny: you can come on here, you can contact BarrettBrown and he can get you back on? a million other ways im sure.
[05:19] <+Penny> OK give me a minute
[05:19] <+Penny> I’ll go get him
[05:19] <&Sabu> thanks
[05:20] <&Sabu> yay we get to talk to greg
[05:20] <@blergh> Penny: Visit our website on and press the “join” link above the wtitterfeed
[05:20] <~tflow> Penny,
[05:20] <+Penny> Hold on
[05:20] <@n0pants> while we’re pausing…
[05:20] <@BarrettBrown> If it makes you feel any better, I’m an opiate addict and still on Suboxone maintanance
[05:20] <@BarrettBrown> which I’m ending in a couple days
[05:20] <@n0pants> I don’t think the bradley manning defense fund could accept $$ from Penny under these circumstances anyway
[05:20] <&Sabu> I love you BarrettBrown
[05:20] <+joepie91|coding> n0pants howso?
[05:20] <@BarrettBrown> Speaking of which, I’ll be incapacitated for a few days
[05:20] <@BarrettBrown> So better get in touch tomorrow lol
[05:21] <@BarrettBrown> oh right, fallout
[05:21] <@n0pants> joepie91|coding: well, we’re kinda into extortion territory, aren’t we? it’d be conspiracy for them, they have enuf problems
[05:21] <@BarrettBrown> see you fags later
[05:21] <&Sabu> later babygirl
[05:21] <&Sabu> greg, ylu there?
[05:21] <&Sabu> you*
[05:21] <+Penny> he’s on the pohone
[05:21] <&Sabu> ok
[05:21] <+Penny> Hey Sabu thanks for being so nice rough day
[05:21] <@n0pants> dunno, IANAL, but…
[05:21] <&Sabu> its all good. rough day for us too
[05:21] <+joepie91|coding> n0pants: uh? conspiracy for who? the defense fund? I don’t see how a donation from HBGary would be any different from that of a random person
[05:22] <+Penny> Yeap can understand
[05:22] <@n0pants> joepie91|coding: under threat from Anon of releasing SEKRIT EMAILS?
[05:22] <+joepie91|coding> actually
[05:22] <+joepie91|coding> not a threat
[05:22] <@n0pants> heck, they might not even need to know we did that, if it could be demonstrated that the $$ originated under these circumstances
[05:22] <@n0pants> f’ing RICO
[05:22] <@q> nah, it was never a threat
[05:23] <+joepie91|coding> we have requested them to donate to the defense fund as a good gesture
15[05:23] * RealNick is now known as giganticpropane
[05:23] <@q> i’m sure someone has a log
[05:23] <+joepie91|coding> and while the releasing of emails is not directly influenced by whether that happens or not
[05:23] <+Agamemnon> thank you
[05:23] <+joepie91|coding> I can imagine that Anonymous’ opinion on HBGary might influence it
[05:23] <@blergh> Agamemnon: no problem
[05:23] <+joepie91|coding> it is not strictly related to the donation though 🙂
[05:23] <&Sabu> well greg should be in here shortly
[05:23] <&Sabu> thatll be a fun talk
[05:24] <+joepie91|coding> also, the doxing was quite a fail….
[05:24] <+joepie91|coding> 😛
[05:24] <Jeffrey> ^
[05:24] <+joepie91|coding> just a note to HBGary: while this may have been an experiment, better not do it again
[05:24] <@q> yes, everybody knows that by now 🙂
[05:25] <+joepie91|coding> I have counted two persons that are easily doxable who did not have any relevant information 🙂
[05:25] <+joepie91|coding> in the document
[05:25] <+Agamemnon> seems like this was net positive guys …win
07[05:26] * q changes topic to ‘leaked anon info: | response, leaken HBGaryMails:’
07[05:26] * q changes topic to ‘leaked anon info: | response, leaked HBGaryMails:’
09[05:28] * &Sabu waiting
[05:29] <@q> hmm setting -m so long?
[05:29] <+Penny> He is still on the phone
[05:29] <+Penny> We have so many friends calling in?
[05:29] <+c0s> Understandable
[05:29] <+c0s> I hope they are the good kind of friends who are being reassuring and not the assholes most of us know who would be laughing at us 🙂
[05:30] <+Agamemnon> Penny.. thank you for addressing us directly …might I say that this is something you could share with your cklients as a strategy when things go wrong?
[05:32] <&Sabu> I think penny has earned our respect in many aspects. namely confronting the issue
[05:32] <@n0pants> yeah, props for showing up at all Penny, that took balls. 😉
[05:32] <+Penny> I would address you anytime
[05:32] <&Sabu> once greg comes on to talk I will go back to whatever it is I do
[05:33] <+Penny> It’s my nature, I think this would have gone differently if we talked prior
[05:33] <&Sabu> well that fault lies on aaron barr
[05:34] <@q> Topiary: argh
[05:34] <+Penny> I get what you guys are saying, I’m just saying I am reasonable and we could have influenced
[05:34] <@q> got that .. mail quote again
[05:34] <+c0s> ive always wondered why someone would actively and openly opke the hornests nest.
[05:34] <&Topiary> q: ?
[05:34] <@q> Topiary: see press chan
[05:34] <+Penny> Topiary, don’t be so bummed
[05:34] <+c0s> poke too.
[05:34] <Jeffrey> c0s they think its fun
[05:35] <Jeffrey> until they get bit, some dont learn
[05:35] <+nato> or they see it as a way to advance their career.
[05:35] <+Baas> Like I said in the other room.  It’s like an Aesop fable.
[05:35] <+Penny> I never liked th Aesop fables
09[05:36] * +Agamemnon hated Aesops fables …so bs moralist
[05:37] <+Baas> Well, the moral of this story was not to screw with Anon and…You know what, nevermind.
[05:37] <+Agamemnon> lol^^
[05:37] <+Penny> Greg here
[05:37] <@BarrettBrown> Penny: A donation to a fund in support of Tunisia, a small one, would go a long way towards PR at this point, particularly among Anons, whom of course we don’t control ourselves.
[05:38] <+Agamemnon> I thought we agreed on Mannings fund barrett?
[05:38] <@q> hi greg
[05:38] <@BarrettBrown> I know it’s an odd thing to ask of someone whose company has been damaged
[05:38] <@q> Penny: /nick greg
[05:38] <+Penny> Tunisia was a wonderful thing  That poor man who died will change the face of the Middle East, BTW this is penny
[05:38] <+Baas> Curious.  We understand that Aaron isn’t an employee and that you can’t really ‘fire’ him and somesuch.  But it’s pretty clear what we want.  What is the closest you can manage?
[05:38] <&Sabu> hi greg
[05:38] <@BarrettBrown> Agamemnon: That was my first thought
[05:38] <@BarrettBrown> Agamemnon: But I don’t know to what extent he needs a legal fund
[05:38] <+Agamemnon> whatever anon decides if fine by me
[05:38] <@BarrettBrown> $1,000 can go a long way towards building dark nets
[05:38] <&Sabu> penny change your nick to greg /nick greg
[05:38] <+Agamemnon> ^^true
[05:38] <@BarrettBrown> anyway, I’m off for real this time, hopefully
[05:39] <+Penny> How do I do that?
[05:39] <+Agamemnon> nn barrett
[05:39] <evilworks> /nick Greg
[05:39] <+Agamemnon> ^^type that
[05:39] <@`k> So penny is now gregg?
[05:39] <&Sabu> Greg, you’re a blackhat presenter and don’t know  how to use irc?
[05:39] <@q> owener never heard of irc?
[05:39] <evilworks> haha
[05:39] <@q> i am a bit amazed
[05:39] <+Penny> ?nick Greg
[05:39] <@q> nonplussed
15[05:39] * Penny is now known as greg
[05:39] <evilworks> success
[05:39] <&Sabu> greg. how are you a owner and dont know how to use irc?
[05:40] <@q> epic success
[05:40] <+greg> SOrry guys it was me it was my computer and greg went away
[05:40] <+greg> he’s back
[05:40] <&Sabu> ok
[05:40] <&Sabu> GREG IS THAT YOU
[05:40] <+greg> yea
[05:40] <&Sabu> OK
15[05:40] * RunAway is now known as Run|Zzz
[05:40] <&Sabu> greg
[05:41] <@`k> Greg have you ever heard of ssh keys?
[05:41] <&Sabu> first off, if you havent read already take a look at
[05:41] <&Sabu> thats how we owned
[05:41] <evilworks> oh wow Sabu
[05:41] <@q> haha, yeah
[05:41] <@q> that’s a good one
[05:41] <@q> 🙂
[05:42] <@q> that was a 16 year old girl i heard
[05:42] <@q> tztz
[05:42] <@q> what a security company you are
[05:42] <&Sabu> yeah
[05:42] <@`k> 😉 <3
[05:42] <+greg> yeah i saw you sent an email to jussi or something
[05:42] <+c0s> Sabu: awesome
[05:43] <&Sabu> pretty funny. the girl that did it was 16 and sweet,3
[05:43] <&Sabu> <3
[05:43] <&Sabu> anyway
[05:43] <&Sabu> lets get to the real topics
[05:43] <+c0s> greg: I would love to hear your opinion on Aaron at this point.
[05:43] <&Sabu> yes tell us
[05:43] <@`k> sabu 🙂
[05:43] <&Topiary> q: wait, what?
[05:43] <&Sabu> whats your opinion on what aaron did to you, your wife and your company
[05:44] <+greg> i’m pissed
[05:44] <&Sabu> we read your emails with mark and its obvious you guys were bothered by what he was doing
[05:44] <&Sabu> is there anything you can do to stop him from using your company name // hbgary ?
[05:44] <+greg> so you got my email spool too then
[05:44] <&Sabu> yes greg.
[05:45] <+c0s> greg: knowing that you dont have any actual power to fire Aaron, being that he works for another company.  What, beyond yelling at him, do you think is possible here?
[05:45] <@`k> greg we got everything
[05:45] <+Agamemnon> Greg, I’m curious to know if you understand what we are about? Do you understand why we do what we do?
[05:45] <@`k> some of the bash historys were funny too
[05:45] <+greg> you realize that releasing my email spool will cause millions in damages to HBGary?
[05:45] <@`k> you guys like screen alot 🙂
[05:45] <@`k> yes
[05:45] <+c0s> greg: another reason its not out yet.
[05:45] <+Agamemnon> yes we do greg
[05:46] <@`k> greg is will be end of you 🙂 and your company
[05:46] <+Agamemnon> Greg, I’m curious to know if you understand what we are about? Do you understand why we do what we do?
[05:46] <evilworks> gred do you realise that we have the emails?
[05:46] <&Sabu> greg. relax. we arent releasing your spool. depending on what YOU and YOUR WIFE do
[05:46] <+greg> really?
[05:46] <+c0s> greg: I do beleive the people around here are very honest when they say they would be happy not to release it.  But that they will be basing that decision on what happens with Aaron.
[05:46] <+c0s> which is why I asked you to possibl explain your ideas on what might be done there.
[05:46] <@BarrettBrown>
[05:46] <+c0s> so they might have an idea of what you can do.
[05:47] <&Sabu> greg, in essence we want you to distance yourself and company from aaron
[05:47] <+c0s> possibl/possibly.
[05:47] <@BarrettBrown> Like I said, great time to donate to Tunisia
[05:47] <evilworks> or Bradley manning
[05:47] <evilworks> whichever
[05:47] <&Sabu> its aaron
[05:47] <&Sabu> coganon
[05:47] <&Sabu> thats his SPY NICK
[05:47] <&Sabu> hi aaron
[05:47] <+c0s> Good evening Aaron.
[05:47] <+greg> aaron is CEO of his own company, that unfortunately, shares the HBGary name – I can’t do anything except yell at him on the phone
[05:47] <@`k> hahaha they’re all here
[05:47] <Jeffrey> hai aaron
[05:47] <+CogAnon> there we go.
[05:48] <&Sabu> goodie we hae greg and arron here
[05:48] <@q> no wait
[05:48] <&Sabu> let greg speak first
[05:48] <@q> can you confirm he’s real?
[05:48] <&Sabu> hes more important
[05:48] <@q> 🙂
[05:48] <+joepie91|coding> greg: am I right that there is some sort of license given out for HBGary Federal to carry the HBGary name?
[05:48] <+Agamemnon> I don know… seems important to know if Greg understand who we are and why we are …other anons agree? Greg do you?
[05:48] <+joepie91|coding> seeing as they are independent companies, apparently
[05:48] <+greg> I can tell you, but does it matter to you?
[05:48] <&Sabu> yes it does
[05:49] <+greg> HBGary Federal was created to do all of our classified work for the U.S. government
[05:49] <&Sabu> I see
[05:49] <+greg> the reason is that HBGary makes products, and we didn’t want to have the gov. classify the IP.
[05:49] <+c0s> The separation is perfectly normal, and understood
[05:50] <@q> 😮
[05:50] <&Sabu> sounds like hbgary federal is important to you
[05:50] <&Sabu> so, why would you allow aaron to do what he did
[05:50] <&Sabu> e.g. start a war with a big organization
[05:50] <+greg> its legal in nature, and designed to protect my company HBGary – federal is owned by Aaron and Ted
[05:50] <&Sabu> spreading misinformation
[05:50] <+c0s> greg: The question the people around here have is what could be done by you to help rectify this situation.
[05:50] <@`k> you do know 98% of people who poke the hive get stung?
[05:50] <+greg> hbgary (my hbgary) has 15% ownership of hbgary federal, for the record
[05:51] <+greg> yeah, and aaron just had to poke the wasp nest didnt he
[05:51] <evilworks> i’m downloading some emails
[05:51] <Jeffrey> so it seems
[05:51] <+greg> do you guys realize that attacking a U.S. company and stealing private data is something you have never done before?
[05:51] <evilworks> do you really think so low of us?
[05:51] <+c0s> Gawker?
[05:52] <evilworks> to sell us to FBI
[05:52] <+c0s> greg: do you not follow the news when it comes to this?
[05:52] <evilworks> to establish yourself with them
[05:52] <+c0s> greg: that has happened a few times in fact
[05:52] <+c0s> by random people who have claimed to be anonymous, which is all it takes to be anonymous.
[05:52] <+joepie91|coding> hm, Mastercard, PayPal, VISA, Gawker….
[05:52] <+greg> no, I think you might have considered your public reputation – it doesn’t look good.
[05:52] <+Agamemnon> Greg. Please answer: do you understand who we are and why we do what we do?
[05:52] <+greg> ddos attacks are plebian
[05:52] <+c0s> its not mine, i just deal a lot with the press
[05:52] <+CogAnon> I was never going to sell u have it wrong.
[05:52] <evilworks> we don’t CARE about reputation
[05:52] <+Baas> Greg, are you familiar with the concept of a burn notice?
[05:52] <&Sabu> greg, our reputation is not at stake here. yours is.
[05:53] <Jeffrey> hmmm
[05:53] <+greg> i mean this was a real hack – and btw, i have to concede you really did hack us good
[05:53] <evilworks> we do what we think is right
[05:53] <+c0s> Greg: and the people here dont care about reputation, at all
[05:53] <evilworks> there are numerous ways to make us look bad
[05:53] <evilworks> we dont care
[05:53] <+c0s> Greg: in fact, that is about the least worried about thing of all
[05:53] <Neo> kayla: you hear that?
[05:53] <Neo> lol
[05:53] <@`k> yeh 🙂
[05:53] <&Sabu> kayla deserves the credit. shes 16 and owned your network
[05:53] <&Sabu> kinda sad isnt it?
09[05:53] * +Sneux gives Kayla a round of applause.
[05:53] <Jeffrey> 😀
15[05:53] * Jeffrey is now known as shitstorm
09[05:54] * +Agamemnon claps for kayla
[05:54] <&Sabu> in any case mate I’m glad you’re talking with us
[05:54] <+greg> i guess, then credit given, good job kayla
[05:54] <+greg> i respect a good hack
[05:54] <+Agamemnon> Greg. Please answer: do you understand who we are and why we do what we do?
[05:54] <&Sabu> but the truth of the matter of is you could have stopped aaron from persueing this drama
[05:54] <+Baas> Granted, you guys don’t do burn notices proper…But it’s the thought that counts.  We want Aaron’s reputation nuked for this.
[05:54] <evilworks> jesus
[05:55] <+c0s> greg: the big problem is that the people around these parts just dont work like everyone else.  So coming at them from the angle of legal problems, or public perception, or really any of the normal ones just doesnt work.
[05:55] <+c0s> greg: they really dont care, its a strange thing to deal with.
[05:55] <+Agamemnon> I want to know does he understnd who we are? waht we do? it seems important
[05:55] <+greg> well, i thought there was an altruistic goal
[05:55] <+c0s> sometimes
[05:56] <+Agamemnon> there is greg please continue
[05:56] <&Sabu> greg: the problem I have is that the anonymous_v2.pdf file contains a list of facebook names and idendities that have no relation to anonymous and yet aaron was peddling this as anonymous leadership
[05:56] <+c0s> sometimes they want to help a countries people rise up against oppression. sometimes they are bored and want some laughs and fuck with people for fun.
[05:56] <&Sabu> had aaron sold the dox, or gave it up in a subpoena
[05:56] <+c0s> it really swings both ways, pretty far in both directions.
[05:56] <&Sabu> dozens of innocent people could have gone to jail
[05:56] <&Sabu> does that not bother you?
[05:56] <@BarrettBrown> he’s still meeting with FBI at 11 tomorrow, remember
[05:56] <+c0s> That is the thing that bothers me the most.
[05:56] <&Sabu> he literally picked out random people from facebook and conntected it to irc nicks
[05:56] <@BarrettBrown> and will no doubt discuss me personally
[05:56] <&Sabu> doesnt that fuck with you?
[05:56] <evilworks> no, let’s go from beginning
[05:57] <evilworks> why did you start working on this anyway?
[05:57] <+c0s> BarrettBrown: indeed
[05:57] <@BarrettBrown> As I told him, my family was fucked by Feds
[05:57] <evilworks> was it personal interest, for research?
[05:57] <@BarrettBrown> I take that pretty seriously
[05:57] <evilworks> or were you planning on making this pay out right from the start
[05:57] <+CogAnon> do u want me to answer?
[05:57] <evilworks> YOur wife mentioned interest in social networks
[05:57] <&Sabu> oh shit aaron s here i forgot
[05:57] <shitstorm> lol
[05:57] <&Sabu> greg can you answer first
[05:57] <+CogAnon> guys it doesn’t matter anyways…you have released my emails.
[05:57] <evilworks> i suspect its for monetary gain
[05:57] <&Sabu> and then aaron?
[05:58] <&Sabu> greg. please respond
[05:58] <+Agamemnon> \shitstorm 😉
[05:58] <shitstorm> 🙂
[05:58] <+Laurelai> in during shitstorm
15[05:58] * heyguise is now known as voice_the_masses
[05:58] <&Sabu> aaron. btw dude we shared your research and found that its literally all wrong man… does that not bother you?
[05:58] <&Sabu> aaron does it not bother you that you could have had random facebook users arrested because of your misguided research?
[05:58] <&Sabu> how irresponsible do you feel
[05:59] <+CogAnon> ok I am going to say this one more time…
[05:59] <+Laurelai> CogAnon: does it bother you your networks were comprimised by a young girl?
[05:59] <+Baas> About as irresponsible as his reputation will be when we’re done?
[05:59] <+CogAnon> I did this for research.
[05:59] <+CogAnon> The fbi called me because of my research.
[05:59] <+c0s> CogAnon: that has nothing to do with the problem at hand
[05:59] <+c0s> you were going to turn this in to them.
[05:59] <shitstorm> how can you consider that research
[05:59] <+c0s> and you knew it was false
[05:59] <evilworks> lol shitstorm iknorite
[05:59] <+CogAnon> the email you are refering to about selling data was about a model built on this type of research.
[05:59] <+c0s> you knew, or your a complete idiot, you KNEW that your methods were flawed.
[05:59] <evilworks> that was just BAD
[05:59] <shitstorm> lol
[05:59] <shitstorm> yes
[05:59] <+CogAnon> it was not to sell specifically this data.
[06:00] <shitstorm> but thanks for playing
15[06:00] * Nico_Robin is now known as Nico_Robin_Off
[06:00] <+c0s> giving the government flawed data is fraud if you profit from it.
[06:00] <evilworks> why did you agreeto it?
[06:00] <+c0s> and you had to know this was flawed.
[06:00] <+CogAnon> some of the data is not false….you have an old document…
[06:00] <+c0s> most of it, 95%+
[06:00] <+c0s> that is flawed, horribly
[06:00] <+CogAnon> research is about discovery…it starts rough and gets better…
[06:00] <+Baas> Like saying ‘not all of the jews were gassed’
[06:00] <+c0s> you cant possibly have a 95% margin of error.
[06:00] <evilworks> CogAnon
[06:00] <+CogAnon> ok well it was never going to be released…
[06:00] <evilworks> let us have the new version
[06:00] <+joepie91|coding> CogAnon: did you actually succeed in getting, for example, my details? The fields were left blank in the document, while a 2 minute google search would have solved that.
[06:00] <+Sneux> If I may butt in, you were going to sell the FBI a model built on how to collect data, but since the data is wrong doesnt that make the model itself flawed?
04[06:01] <url> are we still +m
[06:01] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
04[06:01] <url> :/
[06:01] #ophbgary You need voice (+v) (#ophbgary)
[06:01] <+joepie91|coding> Seriously, your method of research was flawed in the design.
[06:01] <+CogAnon> I was going to use it to describe the process of how social media exploitation works…
[06:01] <evilworks> let us have the new version
[06:01] <evilworks> i want to see it
[06:01] <shitstorm> ^
[06:01] <evilworks> it’s my name in there anyway
[06:01] <+c0s> CogAnon: you have my nick in the document. c0s. I have never taken part in any of the activities. Worse still, you only have my nick.
[06:01] <evilworks> i wanna see what you know about me
[06:01] <evilworks> i know nothing about you
[06:01] <@q> CogAnon: why the hell did you name me as “One of the Co-Founders of Anonymous” — i REALLY would like to know.
[06:01] <@q> what in hells name …
[06:01] <shitstorm> evilworks: fag ./description
[06:01] <+Baas> He’s probably filling it in with google as we speak.
[06:01] <+CogAnon> The most data I was going to show was an org chart of IRCs with icons representing those nicks I thought I knew…
[06:02] <+c0s> CogAnon: I have done >300 interviews, front page of the new york times 9 times in the last 3 months. 81,000 articles show up on google news for me, with my nick.
[06:02] <+CogAnon> no way are u getting it now no way…
[06:02] <+c0s> CogAnon: how could you possibly not have put it together?
[06:02] <evilworks> well
[06:02] <evilworks> theres still some emails we havent released
15[06:02] * voice_the_masses is now known as heyguise
[06:02] <+joepie91|coding> CogAnon: I honestly do not see a reason to not pass this info on, seeing as all data is (supposedly) about us.
[06:03] <+joepie91|coding> additionally, regarding the empty fields in your research, which, if there is indeed a newer version, I hope has been fixed:
[06:03] <+joepie91|coding> now I’ll shut up.
15[06:04] * tvxq is now known as joepie27
[06:04] <&Sabu> aaron. at the end of the day I understand your point of view as I am a security researcher too however
15[06:04] * joepie27 is now known as tvxq
[06:04] <&Sabu> your methodology is flawed and you could have fucked over a lot of innocent people
[06:04] <+c0s> there is a big difference between research and putting innocent people at risk.
[06:05] <+Agamemnon> ^\
[06:05] <+Sneux> ^
[06:05] <+c0s> you made a huge error in judgement.
[06:05] <&Sabu> indeed
[06:05] <evilworks> plus, i don’t like someone juggling my name in a document he plans on giving to the FBI
[06:05] <+Agamemnon> then theres that^
[06:05] <&Sabu> I mean you could fix this all, if you did the right thing by 1) stating you did not identify 80% of anonymous leadership BECA– USE THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP believe it or not I do not answer to anyone or vice versa no one answers to me
[06:06] <+Uncommon> The law enforcfement guys have this error to contend with, and are already probably very aware of such techniques you were planning on selling them, but they have to deal with enough evidence to get a warrant in the eyes of a court of law.
[06:06] <+Agamemnon> plus thats just wrong
[06:06] <evilworks> we’re not getting anywhere with this
[06:06] <evilworks> you think you just walked in into an irc channel full of 16 year old kids
[06:06] <+Agamemnon> 80%  >>??
[06:07] <shitstorm> im 15
[06:07] <shitstorm> to be fair
[06:07] <evilworks> i already doxed myself as being 13
09[06:07] * +Sneux snickers softly to himself at Shitstorm.
[06:07] <+Agamemnon> Greg …Penny outlined a deal earlier … does that hold?
[06:07] <shitstorm> 🙂
[06:07] <&Sabu> aaron, you need to take some actons
[06:07] <evilworks> in any case
[06:07] <evilworks>
[06:07] <&Sabu> you need to do the right thing
[06:07] <evilworks> the emails are here
[06:07] <evilworks> there will probably be more
[06:07] <+Agamemnon> ^^
[06:07] <+Agamemnon> Greg?
[06:07] <&Sabu> aaron, you need to apologize to us, your investers at hbgary and set the record straight
[06:08] <&Sabu> that you DID NOT identify anonymous leadership
[06:08] <+Sneux> ^
[06:08] <&Sabu> and that your research is purely academic and theoretical
[06:08] <+greg> what deal did penny make?
[06:08] <+CogAnon> ok guys I have to go to bed.  I repeat this was only about research on social media vulnerabilities….u guys crossed the line…
[06:08] <@q> lol
[06:08] <+c0s> No CogAnon, you did.
[06:08] <+Uncommon> CogAnon: you did bro
[06:08] <+Agamemnon> no u crossed the line
[06:08] <evilworks> fuck you
[06:08] <+c0s> this was an eye for an eye by pepole you wronged.
[06:08] <&Sabu> you did by doxing innocent fucking people
[06:08] <&Sabu> dude
[06:08] <&Sabu> fuck you forreal
[06:08] <evilworks> Fuck you ok?
[06:08] <&Sabu> look at the names on your doc
[06:08] <+Agamemnon> fuck it
[06:08] <+c0s> And you just made it way worse
[06:08] <+Baas> I want him to say:  “Disregard, I suck cocks.”
[06:08] <+c0s> wow.
[06:08] <evilworks> it’s ALL going out my man
[06:08] <&Sabu> kick this faggot
[06:08] <+nato> You are not helping your situation in any amount.
[06:08] <evilworks> hold on to your company
[06:08] <&Sabu> he deserves to get owned
[06:09] <+c0s> greg: you really need to shut him up somehow.
[06:09] <@q> Sabu: ohwait, he WAS owned
[06:09] <+CogAnon> ok then I will leave.
09[06:09] * +Sneux snickers softly again.
[06:09] <&Sabu> he’ll get owned again if he keeps talking shit
[06:09] <&Sabu> he FUCKED UP and can not admit it
[06:09] <+Uncommon> Sabu: repeat own ftw
[06:09] <+Baas> The problem is that he doesn’t even consider that he did something wrong.
[06:09] <&Sabu> yeah
[06:09] <+Baas> That would be a start.
[06:09] <&Sabu> hes ok with doxing innocent people
[06:09] <&Sabu> I MEAN HOLY SHIT
[06:10] <&Sabu> AND ITS FUCKED UP
15[06:10] * Witch is now known as voice_me
15[06:10] * voice_me is now known as Witch
[06:10] <+CogAnon> It was only for research.
[06:10] <+Agamemnon> Greg: make deal now …shut him up. ..all will be well
[06:10] <+greg> deal? what kind of deal?
15[06:10] * MGMX is now known as SoundsLikeBlackmail
[06:10] <+Sneux> [00:09] <+CogAnon> It was only for research. <—Intentions dont matter, its the fact that no matter what your intentions were it could still hurt people.
[06:10] <+Agamemnon> Aaron shuts the fuck up … your email stays private
[06:10] <+Baas> Your ‘research’ compromised the integrity, safety, and livelyhood of alot of people.  And that’s terrible.
[06:11] <owen> guys
[06:11] <owen> control yourselves
15[06:11] * Witch is now known as voice_me
[06:11] <+Agamemnon> owen?
15[06:11] * voice_me is now known as Witch
[06:11] <+shitstorm> Witch eff off
15[06:11] * Witch is now known as ok
15[06:11] * ok is now known as Witch
[06:11] <+Sneux> Sorry Owen, was just trying to help him understand that specific point.
[06:11] <Neo> owen D:
[06:11] <Neo> :D*
[06:11] <+heyguise> Baas, has a point i think. I’m very torn about whats happening here. But it is true what Baas says to.
[06:12] <+Agamemnon> owen is right …shit gets too random
[06:12] <+CogAnon> I thought my email was already out there.
[06:12] <+Agamemnon> lol^
[06:12] <+joepie91|coding> CogAnon: is this about yourself or about other people? Or rather, what do you value more?
[06:12] <+CogAnon> please explain to me how I compromised peoples lives.
[06:12] <+Agamemnon> it is
[06:13] <+joepie91|coding> Your reputation, or the safety of others, including not just Anonymous, but also Gregs email
[06:13] <+joepie91|coding> ?
[06:13] <+c0s> CogAnon: greg said very clearly that his email getting out would cost millions and destroy the company
[06:13] <+Agamemnon> Aaron… back up so you dont hurt Penny and Greg … how’s that?
[06:13] <+c0s> CogAnon: they have his email and have not released it yet
[06:13] <+c0s> CogAnon: you are currently sitting here pissing them off, seemingly on purpose
[06:13] <+c0s> CogAnon: right in front of greg who is trying to convince them not to release it.
[06:14] <+c0s> CogAnon: make more sense now?
[06:14] <+CogAnon> social media provides huge vulnerabilities for everyone…nuclear power plants, military installations, and anonymous…
[06:14] <+CogAnon> this was about research.
[06:14] <@q> 05:12 <+CogAnon> please explain to me how I compromised peoples lives. <<< YOU SERIOUS?
[06:14] <+Agamemnon> and?
[06:14] <+c0s> You should really stop repeating that one
[06:14] <+c0s> It is actually going to piss people off more
[06:14] <&Sabu> look at anonymous_v2.pdf
[06:14] <+Uncommon> CogAnon: Look up whaling for ‘research’ in japan. ‘research’ can hurt.
[06:14] <+c0s> you made a list of nearly 100% innocent people
[06:14] <&Sabu> theres a list of names that has no relations to us
[06:14] <@q> THAT.
[06:14] <+c0s> and connected them with possibly illegal activities
[06:14] <@q> you know that doc.
[06:14] <+Baas> You were about to hand over ‘100% reliable data’ about Anonymous to the FBI.  The people currently manhunting Anon.
[06:14] <+c0s> and you dont think it would affect anyone?
[06:14] <+joepie91|coding> CogAnon: try responding to the topic at hand, instead of singing loudly with your hands on your ears saying “IT WAS JUST FOR RESEARCH”
[06:15] <+Agamemnon> ^^
[06:15] <+Baas> I’m not sure how you could possibly consider anyone in the US safe from having ties drawn to the leadership of a ‘terrorist group’.  Seriously.  You’re not stupid.
[06:15] <+CogAnon> I was never going to release the names.
[06:15] <+c0s> You say that now
[06:15] <@`k> we’ve even released the list because of how inaccurate it is you’re putting innocent people at risk just to make a name for yourself
[06:15] <+c0s> but you said you had done it
[06:16] <+c0s> and you were meeting with the fbi
[06:16] <+CogAnon> I said it in the FT article too.
[06:16] <+c0s> it can be assumed that they would ask for it
[06:16] <+CogAnon> they called me.
[06:16] <+c0s> and you would of course turn it over.
[06:16] <+c0s> yes, and you dont think they wouldnt ask for it?
[06:16] <+c0s> and/or supoena it if need be?
[06:16] <@q> 03:35 <~tflow> Penny: your company was also trying to make a statement by claiming that you’ve uncovered 80%  of Anonymous ‘high command’. your point is?
[06:16] <+Agamemnon> doesn’t matter CogAnon …fall on your sword …let penny and greg off the hook
[06:17] <+Baas> How could you possibly have kept that safe?  What, were you just going to say “No you can’t have it, neener neener?”.  I don’t think the FBI would have taken kindly to that.
[06:17] <+c0s> CogAnon: cut your losses, your methods are completely useless.  Your broad statement that social media is a security hole in most peoples lives, while true, has nothing to do with the conversation.
[06:17] <@q> It was kept pretty safe *cough*
[06:17] <+c0s> CogAnon: the people here want a statement from you that you understand that fact.
[06:17] <+Baas> ^
[06:18] <+Sneux> ^
[06:18] <+CogAnon> understand what fact?
15[06:18] * anonymous_ is now known as _7of9_
[06:18] <+Uncommon> That you are just plain wrong, CogAnon .
[06:18] <+c0s> That you failed horribly, your method is flawed, and you agree that your information was just plain wrong.  Your statements were outright lies.
[06:18] <+Agamemnon> jesus christ
[06:19] <+Agamemnon> dont be thick
[06:19] <+c0s> Admitting that is only the start to calming the people around here down.
[06:19] <+c0s> While making huge mistakes in the last few days, you are not as dumb as you are playing.  I am quite sure you are just annoying them more by playing dumb.
[06:20] <+CogAnon> guys you hacked our servers, took our data, and posted it to the public…its criminal now… its out of my hands…
[06:20] <@q> we stand back in fear
[06:20] <+c0s> That is also not the right thing to say. That goes without saying.
[06:20] <@q> oh no wait, we don’t.
[06:20] <+Agamemnon> and all your doin really
[06:20] <+c0s> That will not placate them in the slightest.
[06:20] <@q> david davidson is still on the run.
[06:20] <+Uncommon> Its also been proved that even if it is criminal, you cant dox us for shit.
[06:20] <&Sabu> they havent caught david davidson yet ?
[06:20] <+shitstorm> nope
[06:20] <+shitstorm> hes safe
[06:20] <+Agamemnon> how eill we save david?
[06:20] <&Sabu> fuck
[06:20] <+shitstorm> in the anon safe hoouse
[06:21] <&Sabu> im glad
15[06:21] * Raph is now known as GoDzilla
[06:21] <+c0s> CogAnon: that is sort of another problem with that point, no one involved has ever been successfully doxed, especially by you. So the legal angle isnt going to scare to many people
[06:21] <+shitstorm> indeed
[06:21] <+CogAnon> doesn’t matter…I am very accessible they will want our logs, data, everything.
[06:21] <@q> CogAnon: also, what you tried to do.. was pretty criminal as well
[06:21] <@q> put it all public
[06:21] <@q> make more noise
[06:21] <@q> SUE ANONYMOUS
[06:21] <+c0s> CogAnon: I did not take part, and have never, I do not do any of the illegal activites.  But I can make the points that need to be made.
[06:21] <+Uncommon> What logs ar ethese?
[06:21] <+Uncommon> I was under the impression shit got rm’ed
[06:21] <+c0s> CogAnon: I am trying to make sure you understand exactly what they are saying here.
[06:22] <&Sabu> CogAnon: what you did was stalking. cyber-bullying. and at the end of the day you will go don as well
[06:22] <&Sabu> fun fact but you broke the law as well
[06:22] <&Sabu> so enjoy your ownage
[06:22] <&Sabu> self-ownage also
[06:22] <+CogAnon> like I said…its too late…this is a public spectacle that I can not unlike u run from…
[06:22] <@q> CogAnon: you think that the loogs will reveal some 16 year old kids in the US that hacked you?
[06:22] <&Sabu> and by the way once the people on your list get wind of what you were doing you are liable for suit
[06:22] <+c0s> What he did was also fraud.  Lying about your reasearch figures and then working on anything that uses public funds (such as work for the fbi) is fraud.
[06:22] <@q> mmm
[06:22] <@q> think again.
[06:22] <+c0s> Misrepresenting your data, in that situation, is fraud.
[06:23] <+CogAnon> doesn’t matter they will want whatever I have.
[06:23] <&Sabu> another thing thats fucked up about your sitation; you’re a charalatan.
[06:23] <+c0s> And you are intelligent enough to know just how flawed your data was sir.
[06:23] <@q> CogAnon: where am i located? california? new zealand? antarctica? you must have SOME clue.
[06:23] <@q> i’m a freaking co-founder
[06:23] <+Agamemnon> ^^
[06:23] <+joepie91|coding> ^
[06:23] <@q> i DEMAND to be doxxed
[06:23] <+CogAnon> that was never the point or my intent…
[06:23] <+Agamemnon> q is god… better tell them that
15[06:23] * Witch is now known as ^^^^^
[06:23] <+shitstorm> ya why was I mentioned like 3 times
[06:23] <@`k> i was upset i didn’t get a mention in the pdf 🙁
15[06:23] * ^^^^^ is now known as ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[06:23] <@`k> am i not working hard enough?
[06:23] <&Sabu> coganon if that was never your intent  how the fuck did your ‘research” become news
[06:24] <+shitstorm> poor kayla 🙁
09[06:24] * @`k  crys
[06:24] <&Sabu> why were you selling that shit so hard
15[06:24] * ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is now known as TheHelpOftenGetIgnored
[06:24] <+Uncommon> Yeah, kayla is the awesome one here =3
[06:24] <+Agamemnon> shitstorm is god’s assistant apparently
09[06:24] * +Sneux hugglez and consoles Kayla.
[06:24] <+c0s> CogAnon: no, your intent was to land more government work.  And to use this method to give more speeches and presentations, to drum up more business. Pure capitalism.
[06:24] <+shitstorm> lol
[06:24] <@q> NEWS. in the fucking financial times. then on yahoo. rlly serious
[06:24] <@q> well you got your attention now.
[06:24] <+Agamemnon> lol
[06:24] <+c0s> CogAnon: but it was at the expense of a bunch of innocent people.
[06:24] <+Laurelai> `k: aww sorry hun 🙁
[06:24] <+c0s> CogAnon: and that was the mistake you made.
[06:24] <+CogAnon> ok good night.
[06:24] <+Baas> Is he seriously threatening us with legal action?
[06:24] <+CogAnon> no I am not.
[06:25] <+shitstorm> lol
[06:25] <+shitstorm> wow
[06:25] <+Sneux> Seems to me like he ran away.
[06:25] <+c0s> He is not, he is saying that after tomorrow the goverment will want heads to roll
[06:25] <+c0s> and he is not wrong in that fact
[06:25] <+c0s> but if they use his information
[06:25] <+c0s> they wont get very far.
[06:25] <+Laurelai> lol
[06:25] <+shitstorm> nope
[06:25] <+Sneux> With his tail between his legs <.<
[06:25] <+Agamemnon> o fck n great
[06:25] <+Agamemnon> what an hero
[06:25] <+Baas> Far as I know, they’ve wanted heads to roll the moment Corporate America said “Wah wah, get them.”
[06:25] <+Uncommon> lol’d
[06:25] <@q> shits getting serious :p
[06:25] <@q> welcome back, operation payback
[06:26] <+c0s> I think that went about as well as any of us expected?
[06:26] <+shitstorm> indeed
[06:26] <+Uncommon> q:  shits been srs since the net was founded son
[06:26] <+Baas> Crucify him, I say.
[06:26] <+c0s> greg: any chance your still around and got to witness that mess?
[06:26] <@BarrettBrown> looks like I’m going to a goth bar with my gf now
[06:26] <@BarrettBrown> gonna wear my nicest clothes
[06:26] <+Sneux> Lol Uncommon.
[06:26] <owen> waitwut
[06:26] <owen> you have a gf?
[06:26] <@BarrettBrown> take that, goths
[06:26] <+shitstorm> lies
[06:26] <@BarrettBrown> I mean
[06:26] <@q> Uncommon: well .. ddos != this
[06:26] <+Agamemnon> lies
[06:26] <@BarrettBrown> my boyfriend
[06:26] <owen> you are no longer invited to sleep on my couch
[06:26] <owen> oh ok
[06:26] <+Uncommon> q: what the hell?
[06:26] <owen> thats better
[06:26] <+c0s> hah
[06:26] <@q> BarrettBrown: can we argue this as protest? 🙂
[06:27] <+Uncommon> How is that statement even relevant to what I was saying?!
[06:27] <@BarrettBrown> owen: I’m starting to suspect that you may not actually live in NYC anyway…
[06:27] <+Uncommon> ddos is lame as fuck 😛
[06:27] <@BarrettBrown> PErhaps Aaron got something wrong
[06:27] <+joepie91|coding> just saying… -m?
[06:27] <+Uncommon> Hekkin’ hard is the way imo
[06:27] <@q> yes, but you can argue that ddos is a legal form of protest
15[06:27] * TheHelpOftenGetIgnored is now known as Witch
[06:27] <Brickwall> :3
[06:27] <+Uncommon> q: eh
[06:27] <Finn-Riggins> finnaly
[06:27] <+Agamemnon> \lol
09[06:27] * owen opens the flood gates
[06:27] <&Sabu> guys dont waste your time with aaron, this guy just wants the fucking attention
[06:27] <@q> uh noooo
[06:27] <SoundsLikeBlackmail> HEY?
[06:27] <&Sabu> +doesnt deserve it
15[06:27] * SoundsLikeBlackmail is now known as MGMX
[06:28] <Brickwall> Greg is still here?
[06:28] <MGMX> Damn about time
[06:28] <+Agamemnon> owen hows the big apple?
[06:28] <Witch> :O
09[06:28] * @q drowns
[06:28] <+Baas> Well, can also argue that copying information isn’t theft.  Sadly, the law is kinda arbitrary on that.
[06:28] <Finn-Riggins> u guys do realize greg is still here
[06:28] <MGMX> That guy was a serious fucking troll.
[06:28] <@BarrettBrown> oh, so what happened in last ten minutes? Was playing battlefield
[06:28] <antivigilante> Aaron got hacked because he is an attention whore
[06:28] <mib_gcdzqm> mad props to Penny, you got a keeper there Greg
[06:28] <@q> Baas: eh.. it was more
[06:28] <_7of9_> i just wanted to say fuck  off Aaron  🙁
[06:28] <+Uncommon> `k: yt?
[06:28] <Brickwall> Aaron is pretending to be a dumbass, he’s wrong and he knows it
[06:28] <@BarrettBrown> Sabu: I’d say he was succcessful in getting attention
[06:28] <antivigilante> i took it froom Aaron’s doc
[06:28] <Brickwall> He’s running from the truth
[06:28] <MGMX> What is this, Jessi Slaughter?
[06:28] <@q> BarrettBrown: +1 🙂
[06:28] <Brickwall> I mad
[06:28] <@`k> Uncommon sup?
[06:28] <antivigilante> it says attention whore in the doc
[06:29] <+Uncommon> you dced RIGHT after i pmed you >.>
[06:29] <MGMX> What is doxxed?
[06:29] <mib_gcdzqm> he never explained how the FBI wouldn’t subpoena all info after only revealing 1 or 2 names
[06:29] <GreenSmoke000> !topic
09[06:29] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic: leaked anon info: | response, leaked HBGaryMails:
[06:29] <muninn> <tRiNiTy@I2P> glad we got that out of the way.
[06:29] <Brickwall> Releasing info
[06:29] <+Agamemnon> jessi sloaughter has a crush on owen …so stfu
[06:29] <Brickwall> Greg?
[06:29] <Brickwall> You there?
[06:29] <Guido_Puddi> Well that was interesting
[06:29] <MGMX> jessi will call owen the day she turns 18?
[06:29] <mib_gcdzqm> seriously, dude should’ve stuck to social engineering Chocolate Lovers Collective
[06:29] <Brickwall> lol
[06:29] <+Agamemnon> one hopes 😉
[06:29] <muninn> <shizuo@I2P> oh yeah muninn works now =D
[06:29] <+heyguise> I have to say. THis anon is torn.
[06:29] <+Uncommon> i’ll re-pm you on this serv if PM is actually ‘private’
[06:30] <owen> um my name is BonnieClyde
[06:30] <@BarrettBrown> lol social engineering
[06:30] <@q> gotta love this
[06:30] <@BarrettBrown> god I’m ready for some liquor
[06:30] <mib_gcdzqm> precisely
[06:30] <+joepie91|coding> I am…. kind of baffled, lol
[06:30] <muninn> <tRiNiTy@I2P> priceless.
09[06:30] * mib_gcdzqm passes BarrettBrown the whiskey
[06:30] <+joepie91|coding> !showclones
[06:30] <+joepie91|coding> hm.
[06:30] <@BarrettBrown> lol Barr is a former Navy cryptographer?
[06:30] <+heyguise> social engineering is real -.-. Its the humanties response to physcology
[06:30] <MGMX> Though I don’t like his stupidity, I must say that he did have a point in the social research… his methods were wrong, but I must say that it was a valid research.
[06:30] <@BarrettBrown> how is that even possible?
[06:30] <MGMX> I will concede that he did have /some/ points.
[06:31] <Brickwall> MGMX he’s not stupid, he’s pretending
[06:31] <MGMX> How come ted’s emails won’t fully seed?
[06:31] <+Baas> Because alot of Navy Cryptology is just advanced script kiddie stuff.
[06:31] <@BarrettBrown> oic
[06:31] <mib_gcdzqm> pretending to be stupid is even worse than stupid
[06:31] <antivigilante> let’s break it down
[06:31] <@BarrettBrown> All I know I learned from Cryptonomicon
[06:31] <@BarrettBrown> I don’t even know basic math
[06:31] <MGMX> there is one tiny part that isn’t seeded on one of the files…
[06:31] <Brickwall> Exactly, mib_gcdzqm
[06:31] <@q> !axx list
[06:31] <Elliki> he speaks of the old ones!
[06:31] <antivigilante> because greg deserves a full exposition
[06:31] <@q> owen: that better axx list? 😛
[06:31] <+c0s> Well, we tried to talk some sense into him.
[06:32] <Elliki> i his house at ry-eleh, where unbreakable cypyers dwell
[06:32] <+shitstorm> 0_o
[06:32] <@BarrettBrown>
[06:32] <antivigilante> is greg still on?
[06:32] <@BarrettBrown> Bernard Keane’s latest awesome piece
[06:32] <MGMX> greg has been gone for a long time
[06:32] <Elliki> except noted hetersexual Tom Cruise.
[06:32] <MGMX> I pinged him, no reply a long time ago
[06:32] <MGMX> Seriously, cna someone seed a full ted rar?
[06:33] <MGMX> It’s like 99.8% complete 🙁
[06:33] <Brickwall> Last message 22 minutes ago
[06:33] <Finn-Riggins> well his name is still in the nick list
[06:33] <+Agamemnon> OP concludes with smile and toasting aall around
[06:33] <antivigilante> OP pulls a EURAKARTE
[06:33] <Elliki> so anything interesting in douchetards emails?
[06:33] <MGMX> …what. the. hell. The rubber feet fell of!
[06:33] <+Agamemnon> Finn? whose name?
[06:33] <Brickwall> Maybe Greg just isn’t talking
[06:34] <@q> he’s pissed
[06:34] <+c0s> highly possible
[06:34] <MGMX> someone won’t seed the very last part of ted’s email rar.
[06:34] <antivigilante> well here’s the deal greg
[06:34] <+c0s> He should be, Aaron just poked the nest again.
[06:34] <petra> wouldn’t you
[06:34] <@q> 04:43 <+greg> i’m pissed
[06:34] <+Agamemnon> Greg semed pissed …fut not at us
09[06:34] * +Sneux was looking forward to reading the released emails haha.
[06:34] <@BarrettBrown> HuffPost “joining forces” with AOL
[06:34] <Brickwall> If you don’t want to talk Greg, maybe go get Penny again?
[06:34] <@BarrettBrown> terrible timing for HuffPo
[06:34] <mib_gcdzqm> yay Bernard Keane. He may be a prick, but he’s an aussie prick so there
[06:34] <petra> Me too
[06:34] <MGMX> missing TWO pieces.
[06:35] <mib_gcdzqm> also a journalist on respected online news site… putting that in the list WTF
[06:35] <mib_gcdzqm> lol
[06:35] <+c0s> BarrettBrown: fuck.
[06:35] <@`k> g nite guys 🙂 neeeeeeeeeedddd sleeeeeep
[06:35] <@`k> <3
[06:35] <+shitstorm> nn k
[06:35] <Brickwall> Night
[06:35] <&Sabu> goodnight kaylalicious
[06:35] <+shitstorm> kayla*
[06:35] <+Agamemnon> nn k
[06:35] <xo> nn
[06:35] <&Sabu> good job 😀
[06:35] <xo> good job.
[06:35] <MGMX> ……… seriously? nobody will seed it?
[06:35] <+sleinad> nn
[06:35] <+Agamemnon> wtf?
[06:35] <antivigilante> Aaron not only connect lines that didn’t exist
[06:35] <+Agamemnon> of course well seed it
[06:36] <antivigilante> so he’s clueless
[06:36] <antivigilante> but he passed it on as protocol to be imitated
[06:36] <MGMX> Agamemnon: Ted’s file is like 2 pieces away from a full seed.
[06:36] <+c0s> No, I think he is in cover-my-ass mode.
[06:36] <antivigilante> and that’s the big one
[06:36] <+Agamemnon> give link
[06:36] <petra> yup
[06:36] <&Sabu> hes going to go on full google/facebook mode tonight
[06:36] <&Sabu> and search all our nicks and pseudonyms
[06:36] <petra> lol
[06:36] <&Sabu> for a new report in the morning
[06:36] <&Sabu> fucking lame
[06:36] <+c0s> if he doesnt dox me by morning
[06:36] <Brickwall> Put your FB accounts on fully private
[06:36] <+c0s> since my full name was in the channel twice with him in here
[06:37] <+c0s> i will be sad
[06:37] <Brickwall> Or just delete them
[06:37] <MGMX> link to…?
[06:37] <PewPewPewPewPew> He’s got the fucking shitz right now…lol.
[06:37] <+joepie91|coding> c0s: try googling joepie91… it doesn’t get more sad than that, seeing as he had blank fields next to my nick
09[06:37] * +SteveD3 enjoys his popcorn
[06:37] <+c0s> yeah
[06:37] <case> are you guys really using the same handles you normally do elsewhere?
[06:37] <Guido_Puddi> To be fair, he could have just asked us for our info lol
[06:37] <+Agamemnon> fucker logged tis wholle chat …done be silly
[06:37] <+c0s> case: I am not anonymous.
[06:37] <MGMX> Nope! This is my secret handle.
[06:37] <Brickwall> LOL I’m not case
[06:37] <@q> Guido_Puddi: would have given him better results
[06:37] <@q> MUCH better
[06:38] <Guido_Puddi> I know!
[06:38] <+SteveD3> I am case, but then again there is a reason for that…
[06:38] <Elliki> we aren’t supposed to use real names? Why do you always tell me last?
[06:38] <Elliki> dammit.
[06:38] <SHiiZNO> peter joseph from the zeitgeist movement says the fbi can fuck off if they want to put the zeitgeist movement under investigation
[06:38] <antivigilante> i use the same handle but my group os called Magnanimous and I’m the only member
[06:38] <+c0s> Elliki: your also not supposed to be logging, supposed to be behind 7 proxies too.
[06:38] <case> I’ve been picking my names purely based on whatever object I glance at
[06:38] <Guido_Puddi> Look at my name, my mother obviously hated me 🙂
[06:38] <PewPewPewPewPew> he just has a majorly bruised ego right now.  tomorrow he has to face the sec community with shit smeared all over him and has to defend hiimself to greg/penny too when they go WTF?
[06:38] <Elliki> heh. oh really. go ahead and look into them.
[06:38] <Elliki> 😉
[06:38] <Brickwall> lol Guido
[06:38] <antivigilante> ZM and ED
[06:39] <MGMX> Use I2P?
[06:39] <+c0s> ED is a hacker forum.
[06:39] <antivigilante> that was hard lulz
[06:39] <@q> fuck, he would have gotten more about me if he just had bothered to query me once with a simple, intelligent question
[06:39] <@q> but he never did
[06:39] <@q> but assumed i am co-founder of anonymous wtf
[06:39] <SHiiZNO> im just baffled that tzm was in that
[06:39] <esc_laptop> maybe he’ll put up some stories, that he got harassed by those cyber terrorists in their top secret IRC darknets. :p
[06:39] <Guido_Puddi> Can I be a caretaker?
[06:39] <petra> don’t worry q
[06:39] <+c0s> guys
[06:39] <petra> he fucked up 1st
[06:39] <Brickwall> q: “co-founder of anonymous” made me wtf really hard
[06:39] <+c0s>
[06:39] <MGMX> Serious Question: Does anyone have a full file in the torrent………..
[06:39] <case> who hacked the email account?  no one, right?
[06:40] <+c0s> its already starting
[06:40] <+c0s> that article is great
[06:40] <+heyguise> case, i hear it wa the jester
[06:40] <+heyguise> who is in charge of anonymous
[06:40] <@q> Crikey: 🙂
[06:40] <case> I think it was lolz0r
[06:40] <esc_laptop> case: i think it was david d. davidson
[06:40] <+c0s> that crikey article is beautiful 🙂
[06:40] <+heyguise> could have been john galt.
[06:40] <PewPewPewPewPew> someone tell aaron…to quote Training Day “This shit is chess…it ain’t checkers!”
[06:40] <case> the jester would never help anonymous, everyone knows that
[06:40] <xo> heyguise: word on the street has it, something with ‘toke’.
[06:40] <+heyguise> <— consider reading this anon.
[06:40] <+heyguise> just think about it
[06:41] <antivigilante> if he ever found my info (not hard) he’d shit bricks – I can cover a lot of ground without concern for secrecy
[06:41] <+sleinad> we have streets?
[06:41] <+heyguise> sleinad, no but we have tubes.
[06:41] <Brickwall> Haaah the Wave I remember that
[06:41] <+heyguise> a series of them
[06:41] <antivigilante> heyguise seen that already
[06:41] <case> I already know he could never find my info
[06:41] <pawned101> c0s i read it. he calls a journalist a member of anonymous. lol
[06:41] <@q>!/AnonymousIRC/status/34486779138543616
[06:41] <@q> RT plz
[06:41] <case> all those companies like intelius and pipl and shit don’t even know my real name
[06:42] <case> and I put in my school email to search, which is my real name XD
[06:42] <nerfquark>
[06:42] <+c0s> q RT’d
[06:42] <nerfquark> navy cryptology isn’t even ELINT. glorified translator?
[06:42] <MGMX> lol… im researching cryptology
[06:42] <MGMX> seriously. I am.
[06:43] <antivigilante> i’m researching decryptology
[06:43] <nerfquark> make sure it isn’t cryptozoology first
[06:43] <+Sneux> lol
[06:43] <antivigilante> the many mysteries of legalese in patents
[06:43] <ununu> mmm, prior art base
[06:43] <+Sneux> 3 seeders but not one online <.< sad
[06:43] <antivigilante> that sheet is hard
09[06:43] * @q studies cryptlulzuly
[06:44] <muninn> * tRiNiTy@I2P use I2P
[06:44] <MGMX> Sneux: the ted file has like a99.8% seed
[06:44] <muninn> <MGMX@I2P> i2P?
[06:44] <antivigilante> ok where’s the torrent lemme at it
[06:44] <muninn> <tRiNiTy@I2P> thats right.
09[06:44] * +Sneux finds only about 40%available -.-
[06:44] <nerfquark>
[06:45] <+SteveD3> Q – RT’d
[06:46] <MGMX> Sneux: The ted file and part of aaron are the only ones seeded so far…the rest are down for me
[06:46] <@q> SteveD3: thx 🙂
09[06:46] * +Sneux nods
[06:47] <+joepie91|coding> availability shows 100% here
[06:47] <+joepie91|coding> but I barely get anything
[06:48] <mib_gcdzqm> k, i’m out. thx for the lulz gusy. keep up the good work and stop the shit stuff. cheers!
[06:49] <+shitstorm> bai
[06:49] <+Sneux> joepie91|coding what trackers are you using that are working?
[06:49] <+Sneux> A few of my trackers are timed out <.<
[06:49] <+Crikey> thanks guys.
[06:50] <anon37> can i ask a ?
[06:50] <+shitstorm> sure
[06:50] <+Crikey> yep “naval cryptologist” FTW
[06:50] <anon37> so he gets to let a bunch of ppl get rounded up in the usa and prob just locked away, and he gets $ too???
[06:50] <Brickwall> Greg’s still here
[06:51] <+Sneux> We know.
[06:51] <MGMX> Still waiting for seeds.
[06:51] <+heyguise> im at 52.2% complete
[06:51] <Brickwall> K, I was just saying because he was talking to me
[06:51] <+heyguise> just give it time
[06:51] <+Sneux> Wow I’ve got 5 however unavailable seeders.
15[06:52] * GreenSmoke000 is now known as GreenSmoke
[06:52] <+joepie91|coding> Sneux: PublicBT
[06:52] <Dwaan> q you thar?
[06:52] <+joepie91|coding> meh, my shitty download might also just be my connection
[06:53] <Neo> dont think so joepie
[06:53] <Neo> lol
[06:53] <+Sneux> Well, both TPB trackers are down for me so that may be why I dont have 100% availablility :p
[06:53] <MGMX> i have run out of data to download 🙁
[06:54] <nerfquark> maybe.. there are multiple super-seeders..
[06:54] <MGMX> I’m at 38
[06:54] <@q>!/AnonymousIRC/status/34489949373861888
[06:54] <@q> retweet that shit
[06:54] <Neo> same MGMX
[06:54] <nerfquark> ditto
[06:54] <MGMX> Any chance we could all add a tracker?
[06:54] <+Sneux> I am 38 bu there is still .4 more for me to dl based on availability.
[06:55] <ev0> im putting it on 1gbit seedbox
[06:55] <MGMX> not exactly sure how trackers work…
[06:55] <+Sneux> Thanks ev0
[06:55] <Neo> same Sneux
[06:55] <Neo> 0.393
[06:55] <MGMX> same as Neo
[06:55] <MGMX> i want aarons emails, not teds
[06:55] <MGMX> i don’t really care about ted’s emails
[06:56] <MGMX> he didn’t do anythign wrong
[06:56] <petra> rt’d
[06:56] <mib_v5oemr> well done anon, fuckin hilarious
[06:56] <Neo> yeh i have aaron set to high priorit
[06:56] <Neo> y
[06:56] <+Sneux> Trackers at least from what I understand are what keep track of who has what, for instance how many people are seeding and or leeching, when I do a mass torrent I go around to sites with different trackers and DL the same torrent to pile the trackers on each other so as to get more seeders 😛
[06:56] <Neo> lol
[06:56] <+joepie91|coding> Sneux: trackers should be the same for every .torrent that refers to the same files
[06:56] <+joepie91|coding> no matter where you get the .torrent
[06:56] <Neo> getting better atm
[06:56] <Neo> 38.1
[06:56] <+Sneux> joepie well they arent 😛
[06:57] <+joepie91|coding> they should be
[06:57] <Neo> andd going back down
[06:57] <+joepie91|coding> that means the person making the .torrent changed the tracker list later
[06:57] <MGMX> i’m at .393 . maxed out all available
[06:57] <+joepie91|coding> and resubmitted somewhere
[06:57] <+joepie91|coding> else
[06:57] <+joepie91|coding> 😛
[06:57] <Neo> i’m at .393 too
09[06:57] * +Sneux nods
[06:57] <Neo> was dling at like 200k/s for a few seconds
[06:57] <holden> night guys, moar lolz tomorrow
[06:57] <Neo> then back down to <1
[06:57] <Neo> nn
[06:57] <+Sneux> Well all I know is if I go around to different sites I get more trackers so I made the correlation :p
[06:57] <idontgetit> i dont get it
[06:57] <+Uncommon> just use openbittorrent
[06:58] <MGMX> i thought tpb only used DHT?
[06:58] <@q> so much lulz
[06:58] <+joepie91|coding> Sneux: then the uploader fails lol
[06:58] <+joepie91|coding> MGMX: tpb has no control over the tracker list
[06:58] <+joepie91|coding> that is done by the person who originally made the .torrent
[06:58] <+Sneux> .385 avail at 0.1kB/s -.-
09[06:58] * +Sneux nods
[06:58] <Neo> no, but you can add additional trackers from the client
[06:58] <Neo> *shrug*
[06:58] <UnknownUser> who’s seeding?
[06:58] <MGMX> .393…..
[06:58] <MGMX> full seed?
[06:58] <+joepie91|coding> true, Neo… but it would make no sense if noone else is on those trackers
[06:58] <+joepie91|coding> lol
[06:59] <+Sneux> No one atm UnknownUser :p
[06:59] <Neo> mhm
[06:59] <MGMX> you think they would have at least seeded the whole thing
[06:59] <mib_gcdzqm> hey is that Mr Barr on a second twitter account? @HBGaryFederal
[06:59] <UnknownUser> no one has 100%?
15[06:59] * Deim0s is now known as bl0x
[06:59] <Dwaan> ive seeded 10gb so far
[06:59] <+heyguise> theme song for #ophbgary ?
[06:59] <Dwaan> i have ~40%
[06:59] <mib_gcdzqm> oh, maybe not. I’m still gone.
[07:00] <MGMX> that twitter is old gcdzqm
[07:00] <+c0s> Well I hope someone is dealing with Greg to fix that part of the situation.
[07:00] <Dwaan> ONLY — USEFUL TRACKERS::
[07:01] <+c0s> his idle time is 4 minutes, so he has been doing something
[07:01] <antivigilante> let me investigate
[07:02] <MGMX> i don’t have that dnis.stalker one
[07:03] <nerfquark>
[07:03] <nerfquark> oop
[07:03] <Dwaan> BarrettBrown
[07:04] <Dwaan> you there?
[07:04] <MGMX> Dwaan: Timed out
[07:04] <Dwaan> wait
[07:04] <+c0s> he went out
[07:04] <+c0s> to a goth bar, with his boyfriend.
[07:04] <Dwaan> maybe i spelled wrong
[07:04] <+c0s> (his words.)
[07:04] <MGMX> dennis? or denis?
[07:04] <+joepie91|coding> uh
[07:04] <+joepie91|coding> I heard gf
[07:04] <+joepie91|coding> not bf
[07:04] <+joepie91|coding> lol
[07:04] <goober> bbl
[07:04] <PewPewPewPewPew>
[07:04] <Dwaan> Topiary?
[07:05] <Dwaan> Avunit?
[07:05] <+c0s> owen questioned him on it, and he conceded that it was indeed his boyfriend.
[07:05] <Dwaan> Sabu?
[07:05] <Dwaan> MrBarr?
[07:05] <&Sabu> yes?
[07:05] <+joepie91|coding> lolol
[07:05] <antivigilante> i need to know when the press release on this goes out
[07:05] <antivigilante> denis
[07:05] <Dwaan> pm please
[07:05] <stumpy_> lolz
[07:06] <MGMX> tracker still not working.
[07:06] <Dwaan> Try
[07:06] <Dwaan> also remember to use udp and http
[07:07] <Dwaan> Sabu pm please
[07:07] <+joepie91|coding>
[07:07] <MGMX> offline: timed out
[07:07] <+Laurelai> article will be published sometime tomorrow
[07:07] <+Laurelai> got a good rough draft and were gonna clean it up in the morning
[07:07] <+c0s> great Laurelai
[07:08] <+c0s> I wish Aaron would have responded more positively to my lines of questioning.  I was doing my best to remain level headed.
[07:08] <+Laurelai> since penni was nice enough to answer question and showed some balls
[07:08] <+c0s> He just would not admit any level of failure.
[07:08] <+c0s> frustrating.
[07:08] <MGMX> I wanted to just boot his ass.
[07:08] <+Laurelai> im going to go with her’ i had no idea wtf he was doing”
[07:08] <PewPewPewPewPew> aaron’s ego wouldn’t permit him to admin he was p0wned or made any mistakes
[07:09] <PewPewPewPewPew> admit
[07:09] <+Laurelai> he got pwned by a girl
[07:09] <+Laurelai> 😀
[07:09] <+SteveD3> Laurelai who are you workin with if you dont mind
[07:09] <PewPewPewPewPew> 😛
[07:09] <+Laurelai> SteveD3: crowdleaks
[07:09] <+SteveD3> cool
[07:09] <+Laurelai> SteveD3: you?
[07:09] <+SteveD3> nice to meet ya fellow journo
[07:09] <+SteveD3> The Tech Herald
[07:09] <+Laurelai> cool
[07:09] <+c0s> and im just a tool 😛
[07:09] <@q>
[07:10] <@q> oh
[07:10] <@q> didnt see that yet
[07:10] <+sleinad> same c0s
[07:10] <+Laurelai> penni seemed nice
[07:10] <+SteveD3> wait c0s you are the co-founder tool
[07:10] <+SteveD3> remember
[07:10] <+Laurelai> she also seemed scared shitless
[07:11] <+SteveD3> I have the HBGary report on iy
[07:11] <+joepie91|coding> SteveD3: that was q right?
[07:11] <+c0s> hah
[07:11] <+c0s> q was the co-founder
[07:11] <+joepie91|coding> also, Penny is fine
[07:11] <PewPewPewPewPew> penny seemed innocent.  I understand her points.  She’s kinda in a fucked up situation since they don’t own HBGF and can’t fire the douche but his ego impacts their shit now
[07:11] <+joepie91|coding> Aaron is, to be honest, a massive asshole
[07:11] <+SteveD3> Penny was out of element, but hopefully she is ok, and not worried.
[07:11] <+Laurelai> PewPewPewPewPew: i made that clear in my article
[07:11] <+SteveD3> if she is the lead in marketing
[07:11] <+SteveD3> she has just gotten the worst PR relations mess of the year
[07:11] <+SteveD3> it will be hard to top that
[07:12] <+joepie91|coding> ^
[07:12] <PewPewPewPewPew> really a mistake by them though.  who allows another company to use their name like that, especially one that identical
[07:12] <@q> oh man
[07:12] <+joepie91|coding> this is easily the biggest internet fuckup of the year
[07:12] <@q> this is so good
[07:12] <ununu> ifI owned 15% of a ‘security’ company proved to be so undeserving of the name, I’d be selling FAST
[07:12] <PewPewPewPewPew> true dat
[07:12] <+joepie91|coding> ununu: wouldn’t surprise me if that happened
[07:13] <+Laurelai> she could probably sue him for defamation
[07:13] <+Laurelai> not a lawyer or anything
[07:13] <MGMX> ya do realize the FBI will most likely be keeping a more active watch on Anonymous now.
[07:13] <+Laurelai> but seems like she could
[07:13] <ununu> not defamation – tort claim for negligent damages might fly, though
[07:13] <PewPewPewPewPew> like they don’t already
[07:13] <@n0pants> actually, they could sell their stake, probably at a huge loss, *maybe* get ’em to change the name
[07:13] <Dwaan> q
[07:13] <Max> Anonymous needs more of being anonymous. 😛
[07:13] <muninn> <MGMX@I2P> Yeah, but it will be more now. Time for I2P.
[07:13] <Dwaan> may i talk to you?
[07:14] <ununu> haven’t been able to find any useful corporate info for an insight – for some reason their site seems down ;]
[07:14] <+joepie91|coding> n0pants: actually, I assume Federal has a license to use the HBGary name, and that license can, I think, be retracted
[07:14] <+c0s> PewPewPewPewPew: many people actually do that with company names
[07:14] <+c0s> PewPewPewPewPew: its a way to get instant credibility
[07:14] <PewPewPewPewPew> how do you get more anonymous than anonymous?  super anonymous squared?
[07:14] <+joepie91|coding> lol
[07:14] <PewPewPewPewPew> yep agree…
15[07:14] * greg is now known as penny
[07:14] <@n0pants> hi penny/greg
[07:14] <+joepie91|coding> welcome back penny?
[07:14] <Brickwall> Oh hi Penny
[07:15] <+penny> Hey guys,
[07:15] <@q> Dwaan: stfu, you don’t need ops :p
[07:15] <+penny> There is a legal position here that is for sure, but the bigger issue is that what was a legitmate endeavor now went criminal
[07:15] <Max> PewPewPewPewPew, something like that. Anons need to stop gabbing and actually be anonymous.
[07:16] <+penny> I understand the fear but really
[07:16] <+penny> The goal is a good one but the way is not
[07:16] <+penny> HBGary Federal was an investment, period, plan and simple
[07:17] <+penny> The fact that someone broke into their site and compromised their data is not good
[07:17] <+c0s> penny: that just isnt the way people around here think
[07:17] <@n0pants> penny: like c0s, i don’t do illegal stuff (my wife would kill me)
[07:18] <@n0pants> but these folks do not care
[07:18] <+penny> It’s sad I agree with the mission not the methods and I wanted to appeal to their rational side
[07:18] <+c0s> penny: I personally can see exactly where your coming from, but that wont be anything that speaks to these people.
[07:18] <MGMX> Did it just go +m?
[07:18] <muninn> <MGMX@I2P> Why the hell is penny and greg sharing a nick?
[07:18] <gandp> penny: the BS your partner pulled, how do you call that?
[07:18] <+penny> It’s too bad because no one will remember the good
[07:18] <+c0s> MGMX: husband and wife
[07:18] <ununu> all parties are operating at the limits of the law in this regard – until a court decides, neither companies, the government, nor ‘we’ know the true position
[07:18] <@n0pants> muninn: can’t use IRC. ;-\
[07:18] <antivigilante> penny: if I see an armored truck on fire with people inside, what do I do?
[07:19] <Guido_Puddi> What good has come from this? really?
[07:19] <muninn> <MGMX@I2P> ohhh…. that explains quite a bit
[07:19] <antivigilante> somebody’s instinct was right on the money here
[07:19] <+c0s> penny: there are always ways out of these types of situations
[07:19] <Guido_Puddi> From your point of view penny?
[07:19] <+joepie91|coding> I have to be honest here to the point of being rude: an investment comes with risk.
[07:19] <+penny> I know they have been so instrumental in many countries in changing things
[07:19] <+heyguise> hey whats garys last name?
[07:19] <PewPewPew> Penny…the way aaron acted on here about questioning shows he doesn’t give a fuck about you and greg.  his ego was more important than worrying about your emails coming out.
[07:19] <+joepie91|coding> it ended up not so well
[07:19] <+heyguise> gregs last name
[07:19] <+c0s> penny: think to yourself for one moment, if the people behind all of this really wanted to release gregs email they would have already.  It wasnt part of the goal here.  They were after someone else.
[07:19] <+heyguise>  i mean
[07:19] <+joepie91|coding> PewPewPew +1
[07:20] <+penny> I understand what you say
[07:20] <+c0s> penny: so you can honestly believe them when they say they wont put it out unless horribly provoked
[07:20] <+Baas> The alternative to screwing Aaronfag was to let innocent people be compromised by the government – not to mention the fraud/waste/abuse.
[07:20] <+c0s> penny: but you have to know that it isnt so tough to provoke them in this situation
[07:20] <+Baas> Seems like an easy choice to me.
[07:20] <+penny> Sorry it’s my computer Greg has his own but uses mine:)
[07:20] <+c0s> penny: and that Aaron just did a good job of stiring the pot again
[07:20] <antivigilante> penny: let me explain the situation
[07:20] <antivigilante> i’m only like a few days anon collaborator
[07:21] <+penny> I get what you are saying, I’m not debating that
[07:21] <antivigilante> i have my own little scheme called magnanimous
[07:21] <enforcer> Good job guys. epic lulz had
[07:21] <+c0s> enforcer: stufff still happening.
[07:21] <enforcer> Url
[07:21] <+joepie91|coding> antivigilante try writing on one line… it might be easier to read 🙂
[07:21] <+c0s> enforcer: the owners of hbgary are in the chanenl now.
[07:21] <+c0s> and have been for hours
[07:22] <antivigilante> my touchpad is a pain
[07:22] <+Baas> You can take us to task for our methods, sure, that’s a legitimate argument.  I’d argue that the moral imperative was greater than  the legal one.
[07:22] <enforcer> Hahahaha
[07:22] <antivigilante> here’s the deal
[07:22] <+Baas> Fuck me for arguing morality in anything Anon does.
[07:22] <+penny> I just joined, after login off a couple of hours ago
[07:22] <enforcer> what’s up hbgray
[07:22] <gandp> penny: why don’t you work to settle things?
[07:23] <+penny> I’m trying
[07:23] <@n0pants> lemme propose something here… I can’t speak for anyone w/ greg/^hbgary$ emails, I’m not one of them.
[07:23] <antivigilante> i was kinda hovering over this story what with the broken methodology
[07:23] <+c0s> she is
[07:23] <+c0s> she has been for awhile
[07:23] <+c0s> there was a break, but she has done quite a good job at building a bridge here
[07:23] <+c0s> dont go burning it down around us.
[07:23] <antivigilante> and then you know what broke my silence penny?
[07:23] <+penny> I am trying to work with people, it’s a two way street
[07:23] <+bl0x> Penny: Aaron stated he had a revised version of this supposed “list of anon colabs” do you have privy to this list ?
[07:23] <+c0s> indeed
[07:24] <@n0pants> penny, throw these ppl a bone, renounce Aaron public, explain the relationship b/w the 2 companies. maybe make a small donation to some org or another, the EFF. Or not.
[07:24] <gandp> penny: get Aaron off the radar and do some good to what ppl here care about
[07:24] <antivigilante> i realized that this was going to be incorporated into the FBI’s methodology
[07:24] <muninn> <MGMX@I2P> OH! Greg+Penny… I thought Penny+Aaron… wow… I’m dumb. It’s pretty late though… so please excuse my stupidity. its um… well its actually fairly common
[07:24] <PewPewPew> I think Aaron was full of shit because his work got called out as a big pile of dump…and he didn’t have any new list.  How can it be old when he had new updates on it as of a few days ago?
[07:24] <+c0s> Penny: so in the end here you want one final thing out of this ordeal.  You want the anons around here who were involved to not put out gregs email.
[07:24] <@n0pants> and Anon can put a positive media spin on this as well by *not* releasing the emails – “Anonymous: Not total mindless lulzfags…except those of us who are”
[07:24] <+joepie91|coding> “I have a newer version” is the standard excuse 😛
[07:24] <antivigilante> kinda like oops I dropped arsenic in a vat of chocolate milk going to many little school children
[07:25] <+penny> To all that haven’t been involved, there are TWO companies here, HBGary, INc and HBGary Federal.  HBgary Federal is a LLC that only isowned in small portion by HBGary Inc, 15%
[07:25] <+c0s> Penny: they want a statement from someoen invovled on that side that Aaron will no longer be used in any capacity by HBGary, knowing full well that you cant fire him from hbgary federal.
[07:25] <+penny> We are upst with what has happened
[07:25] <@n0pants> so are we
[07:25] <+heyguise> hey penny is this you? also is the younger black haired lady you?
[07:25] <MGMX> Availability of the torrent is now .390 – its dropping
[07:25] <@q> upset. now that’s an euphemism.
[07:25] <+c0s> Penny they also seem to want a public statement, press release, however you want it done, stating clearly that you condemn his methods, his mistakes, and the innocent people he might have put at risk
[07:26] <+c0s> penny: i am telling you this just so you have a perfectly clear picture of what will probably make these people happy
[07:26] <+penny> HBGary Federal is owned by multiple people and I can’t fire Aaron but as I promised we will have a discussion
[07:26] <gandp> Penny: your job to get Aaron off
[07:26] <+heyguise> all we want is all we’ve been promised.
[07:26] <PewPewPew> lol… @ gandp  I’m sure her husband won’t like that
[07:26] <+c0s> penny: i am normally just around here for what you might call media translations, and general interest.
[07:26] <MGMX> … this anon is trying to act mature but with a comment like gandp its hard to do so
[07:26] <+c0s> penny: so I am only trying to help make this end well for everyone involved.
[07:26] <antivigilante> penny: what made me start screaming bloody murder is that it went from 150 victims to potentially millions over 10 to 20 years
[07:26] <antivigilante> aaron was selling a tool
[07:27] <antivigilante> and it had shrapnel
[07:27] <+penny> I am in support of your ideals, just not the way you have conducted it today, I get your point I’m just saying there are better ways
[07:27] <antivigilante> that’s what probably alerted anon
[07:27] <@q> breathe.
[07:27] <+penny> I have tried to be pretty up front as most will tell you
[07:27] <@q> everyone.
[07:27] <+c0s> Indeed. And I am pretty positive everyone around here has been happy to see that.
[07:27] <+penny> aaron is NOT selling anything!!!!
[07:27] <+c0s> He is not, that is a simple thing to understand
[07:28] <+c0s> But if we wanted to be snide, he is to some degree selling himself.
[07:28] <@n0pants> he was selling himself and HBG Fed with that article
[07:28] <+c0s> Meetings like this, and research like this can all lead to more work and more jobs with the government
[07:28] <+c0s> the speeches and presentations on his “method” were all to drum up business
[07:28] <+penny> He is not out to get you guys, he was just trying to make a point, good or bad, it was a point
[07:28] <+c0s> right.
[07:28] <+c0s> and it is actually a valid point
[07:29] <+penny> Guys, see how you were affected but understnad how a corp could be affected
[07:29] <+penny> it’s a valid point
[07:29] <+c0s> social media to a large extent is a hole in peoples security.
[07:29] <+joepie91|coding> penny
[07:29] <+joepie91|coding> I don’t believe he was solely aiming at anonymous
[07:29] <+penny> that is the point exactly C0S
[07:29] <+c0s> Indeed
[07:29] <+heyguise> penny, we don’t care about corps they are not our master.
[07:29] <+c0s> I agree with the general concept
[07:29] <+joepie91|coding> I do believe that the methods he used for this, could do a LOT of damage in the long term
[07:29] <+joepie91|coding> whether related to anonymous or not
[07:29] <+joepie91|coding> if they were universally adopted
[07:29] <+c0s> The problem, as you stated hours ago I do believe, is in the method (or lack their of)
[07:29] <+heyguise> +1
[07:30] <+c0s> So we are now at what would look like a standstill
[07:30] <+c0s> I am talking from this side of the fence merely because I agree with it
[07:30] <+c0s> not because I took part, I could never, I am too public
[07:30] <+penny> We want people like hospitals, US companies to understand many people log into their 4G network at lunch and download lots of info OR give up lots of info because it makes them feel importnat
[07:31] <+c0s> you want to strengthen security measures at locations that do actually need it done.
[07:31] <+joepie91|coding> also, penny, from a practical point of view: for Federal to use the HBGary name, there must be some sort of agreement or license, and with either an agreement of a license you usually have a method of leverage. I think it is very possible to put pressure on Federal, *even* if it is technically independent.
[07:31] <+penny> Corps or not think of the ways individuals could be affected, think children, think vulnerable people
[07:31] <@q> !vop add Dwaan
[07:31] <+c0s> that is not something that I believe anyone around here can argue as a bad thing (other than the ones who have fun at their expense.)
[07:31] <+Sneux> Sounds to me more like Psychology than security <.<
[07:31] <@q> !voice Dwaan
[07:31] <@n0pants> THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
[07:31] <+heyguise> god emails hurry
[07:32] <+SteveD3> The Kids are alright
[07:32] <+c0s> penny: of course, it is nice to actually talk to someone who is all about making valid points.
[07:32] <+heyguise> i want to be well read at least.
[07:32] <+penny> There is a pressure point, we don’t deny that and we will exert
[07:32] <+c0s> penny: the problem is still that we are sitting here at some what of an impass
[07:32] <+c0s> we agree that the overall goal is a worthy one, we can agree that the actual statement attempting to me made is true for the most part and for most people
[07:32] <+c0s> but where does that leave the situation?
[07:32] <+c0s> some anons around this place have gregs email
[07:32] <+c0s> and dont know if its going out or not
[07:33] <+c0s> and Aaron just came on and spent 45 minutes pissing them off more
[07:33] <+c0s> before most of them went to bed
[07:33] <+c0s> and thats where it seems to be
[07:33] <+SteveD3> Penny, Greg was here. Aaron tossed you to the wolves.
[07:33] <+penny> The situation is that anon was only ONE of the ways Aaron showed vuln’s  The point is there needs to be more security in this comm’s
[07:33] <+c0s> absolutely
[07:34] <+penny> I get Aaron pisses them off, I’m here to temper and be rational
[07:34] <+SteveD3> but that isn;t how he pitched it to the media
[07:34] <+c0s> he was the magnet, and more happened that wasnt entirely related to him
[07:34] <+joepie91|coding> I agree with the concept of being more careful… but things *did* go very wrong
[07:34] <+c0s> penny: what im driving at here is something from your side that will calm everyone down on this side
[07:34] <+c0s> penny: so they dont want to release the emails
[07:34] <+penny> How did he toss me to wolves?
[07:34] <+c0s> because in the end, they really dont have any major need to do it
[07:34] <+c0s> the point was made
[07:34] <@n0pants> lulz was had
[07:34] <@q> btw
[07:35] <@q>
[07:35] <@q> Name: Aaron Barr
[07:35] <@q> Talk: Who Needs NSA when we have Social Media
[07:35] <@q> Feb 14
[07:35] <@q> San Francisco Fags, visit there 🙂
[07:35] <+heyguise> when an investor gives money to a person/business. Its the duty of the investor to make sure that the beneficiary of the investment is compentent and proper?
[07:36] <+c0s> heyguise: a mistake of this type could be a first time.
[07:36] <+penny> Aaron has a great pedigree, We researched this
[07:36] <+c0s> these types of mistakes usually dont have second times.
[07:36] <+c0s> so they could have honestly had no way of knowing
[07:36] <+c0s> other than possible personality traits, but people can hide those well.
[07:36] <+penny> He is smart and articulate I get you didnt like his methods, but guys, wake up, lots of others are publishing this but do the same thing, he had the balls to admit
[07:36] <+c0s> I called him out on specifically being smarter than he was acting in here
[07:36] <+heyguise> idk
[07:36] <+heyguise> im still torn
[07:37] <+heyguise> i’ve not read the emails yet
[07:37] <+c0s> which is part of the reason people were getting angry with him.
[07:37] <+heyguise> when im done reading them i’ll have a better opinion.
[07:37] <+c0s> he kept repeating things he knew to be false
[07:37] <+c0s> and that is where he was throwing you to the wolves, in many peoples eyes
[07:37] <+c0s> both you and greg came here to open up good dialog
[07:37] <+c0s> fix whats left of the situation
[07:37] <+penny> I get that people are angry, but be angry at what is relevant  He pointed out a flaw and took advantage of it
[07:37] <+c0s> and right in the middle of it, he shows up and starts pissing on the conversation
[07:38] <+c0s> that is what they meant when they said you were thrown to the wolves by him.
[07:38] <+heyguise> lets all take the anger down a notch? ;-;
[07:38] <+penny> He showed that anyone could to this, and what did you guys do????YOu attacked an innocent company, nt the target that targeted you
[07:38] <+c0s> penny: if it was such a flaw, he would have identified people correctly.
[07:38] <+c0s> he did not.
[07:38] <@n0pants> penny: it’s not a flaw, our openness is a strength
[07:38] <+penny> Talk about a PR nightmare???
[07:38] <+joepie91|coding> penny, to be completely honest, Aaron came across as an egoistic asshole that did not give a shit about what happened to you, Greg, or HBGary in general, refused to admit that even his data would be wrong, kept repeating BUT IT WAS ONLY FOR RESEARCH, and refused to properly answer
[07:38] <+c0s> penny: this is the biggest thing we need to get by to move forward here
[07:38] <@q> INNOCENT?
[07:38] <@q> wtf
[07:38] <+c0s> he did not show anything of the sort
[07:38] <+joepie91|coding> as opposed to you and Greg, who are actually acting responsibly in here
[07:38] <+heyguise> penny, dont get all defenseive. Anonymous doesnt like that. You don’t have to defend your self. All you have to do is support your opinion and if its strong and true it will catch on.
09[07:39] * owen looks up the phrase ‘beating a dead horse’
[07:39] <@q> in what universe are you guise living in?
[07:39] <+penny> I get that, but guys, I am very reasonable, anyone could email me and when Barrent emailed greg I was on it
[07:39] <+c0s> penny: he showed that anyone could make a document full of unbelievably wrong data
[07:39] <+c0s> right
[07:39] <+joepie91|coding> yes, the issue is that Aaron is apparently not
[07:39] <+c0s> But you are stating that he showed something
[07:39] <+c0s> and while he would have shown that specific thing, with another group
[07:39] <+heyguise> penny, you wouldn’t have answered us. Activists have sent letters to companies for years. THey never get a dialog going.
[07:39] <+heyguise> this did
[07:39] <+c0s> with this group, he got it 99% wrong.
[07:39] <+penny> I am open to working together, I’m not a dicatator or someone who opposes openess, I want to work a solution
[07:39] <+c0s> the data in that list is amazingly inaccurate
[07:40] <+heyguise> I think this talk between us is the best thing to come out of this.
[07:40] <+c0s> proving his method was flawed, and that he actually has proven nothing.
[07:40] <+penny> He was NEVEr repeat NEVER releasing personal info
09[07:40] * owen points to the above mentioned horse
[07:40] <+sleinad> solution: people need to learn not to screw with anons…
[07:40] <+heyguise> sleinad, no solution is people need ot learn not to screw with other people.
[07:40] <+penny> It might be I did not validate list nor do I have the skills, I’m a manager
[07:40] <+c0s> penny: I think I have been fairly reasonable throughout our conversation, correct? more than others, less than some, but reasonable right?
[07:40] <+joepie91|coding> owen: be clear in what you mean 🙂
[07:40] <+Laurelai> penny: dont you find it a bit odd that his systems were so easly comprimised?
[07:40] <+penny> BUT if it isn’t accurate it seems to me tyou haave an out
[07:41] <owen> ok youre rehashing the same thing over and over
[07:41] <+heyguise> +1
[07:41] <owen> the horse is dead
[07:41] <owen> stop beating it
[07:41] <+penny> Screwing with Anon, come on, guys, be legit
[07:41] <+heyguise> i agree with penny
[07:41] <+sleinad> can we beat it a bit more? please?
[07:41] <+penny> We aren’t screwing with you we are trying to work with you
[07:41] <@q> we are legit. i am morally legit.
[07:41] <+heyguise> sleinad, we need more lube
[07:41] <+c0s> penny: indeed
[07:41] <@q> i feel what i do is GOOD and JUST
[07:41] <+c0s> penny: and I beleive that
[07:41] <+c0s> penny: what I was asking for was some sort of statement of what you plan on doing next
[07:41] <+c0s> that would help move the conversation forward
[07:42] <+c0s> instead of the circles we keep going in.
[07:42] <+heyguise> c0s, shes not going to give one. I’m sure its some complicated tangled thing we couldn’t understand that has to do with investors and boards.
[07:42] <+c0s> that is highly possible
[07:42] <+c0s> but the statement could be just that.
[07:43] <+c0s> I think everyone is currently attempting to be reasonable about everything
[07:43] <+penny> we will talk to Aaron, we will notify our customers.  You r painting me with the same brush as Aaron and that is not fair. I can’t “de-invest” becaus there is already an investment
[07:43] <+c0s> I am not
[07:43] <+c0s> I know the money is already spent
[07:43] <+heyguise> i agree with penny once again
[07:43] <+c0s> I was attempting to get that point across earlier
15[07:43] * antivigilante is now known as pennyIsNotAaron
[07:43] <+c0s> most people here do get it now.
[07:43] <+Baas> I think we’re aware of that much by now.
[07:43] <+heyguise> im just glad we are talking
[07:44] <+Baas> It’s less about what you can retroactively do to Aaron, but what you can do from here on out.
[07:44] <+c0s> The question is really more along the lines of pubically admitting wrong doing.
[07:44] <+c0s> not on your part, not in the first person
[07:44] <+penny> OK people I am only human and I need to read, wait one min
[07:44] <+c0s> but Aaron needs to retract just about everything he has said.
15[07:44] * pennyIsNotAaron is now known as InstitutionalInertia
15[07:44] * InstitutionalInertia is now known as EqualsMillions
[07:44] <+heyguise> Baas, she probably cant issue a statement thats anti-Aaron because it would some how be an attack on her investment. Im sure its some how illegal to attack your own investment
[07:45] <@n0pants> oh, it’s not worth very much after today anyway
[07:45] <@joepie91|coding> thanks q
[07:45] <+c0s> heyguise: indeed
[07:45] <@n0pants> she’s got responsibility to shareholders of HBGary foremost
15[07:45] * Guido_Puddi is now known as lol
[07:45] <+Baas> I don’t think it’s illegal to attack your investment…But I could see her being reluctant to stab herself to appease us.  Especially if we’re threatening to stab her over it.
[07:46] <+penny> OK got it all,
[07:46] <+PewPewPew> I think HBGary has investors so they’re definitely going to have to answer to them before moving forward.  Those investors would would be on their board of directors.
15[07:46] * lol is now known as Guido_Puddi
[07:46] <+c0s> publically, not pubically 😛
[07:46] <+heyguise> idk really how the corporate world works. Im realy poor so i dont understand it.
15[07:46] * EqualsMillions is now known as antivigilante
[07:46] <Brickwall> lol pubically
09[07:46] * MGMX breathes
[07:46] <Finn-Riggins> cool beans
09[07:47] * MGMX was holding his breathe for a long time.
[07:47] <MGMX> breath*
[07:47] <+Baas> Penny can’t make this decision on her own.  She’s held accountable to other people.
[07:47] <+c0s> of course
[07:47] <efg> what it basically is is that we’ve fucked her over too
[07:47] <+c0s> which is why everyone is being reasonable
[07:47] <@n0pants> whis is pretty amazing in itself. ;-P
[07:47] <owen> i thought i saw the horse twitch. figured the rest of you needed to kick it or smth
[07:47] <+Baas> People who don’t give a fuck about this and would rather see people screwed over sunken cost with Aaron.
[07:47] <@joepie91|coding> lol, owen, srsly… 😛
[07:48] <Brickwall> She’s getting dragged into a situation she doesn’t deserve to be in
09[07:48] * efg applies cpr to the horse
[07:48] <+heyguise> owen gets it. This is srs biznzz
[07:48] <+PewPewPew> Well, tbh, there was little way to not know HBGary and HBGary Fed were separate companies.  They even shared the same network/email servers and such.  A lot of cross overlap for two separate companies.  I would think audit issues, no?
[07:48] <owen> yo uall want he rto do smth at midnight on a sunday
[07:48] <owen> ffs
[07:48] <antivigilante> penny you’ve been gracious
[07:48] <antivigilante> and we appreciate that
[07:48] <+heyguise> yes, penny you’ve been great.
[07:48] <mib_stuzly> penny: I have not heard, what you are offering to calm things down
[07:49] <efg> shush, mib, she doesn’t need to offer anything
[07:49] <mib_stuzly> she does not?????
[07:49] <efg> her business partner was a dick
[07:49] <efg> it’s not her fault
[07:49] <Finn-Riggins> that guy says he will give my information to the fbi? but i am illegal immigrant my family and me be deported
[07:49] <antivigilante> penny isn’t the one responsible
[07:49] <Brickwall> Aaron is the real problem here
[07:49] <Finn-Riggins> what to do?
04[07:50] <url> am stroking it reading this
04[07:50] <url> its been too lulzy
[07:50] <+heyguise> Brickwall, its not aaron. Its the “Aaron mentality” thats the problem.
[07:50] <eulo> woo 29% complete!
[07:50] <eulo> ETA 17 hours
[07:50] <Brickwall> How do you mean?
[07:50] <MGMX> eulo: it’s not 100% up. None of the files are complete.
[07:50] <eulo> aww
[07:50] <@n0pants> penny: when would you be able to make a statement on behalf of HB Gary?
04[07:51] <url> i’m 39% it’s been on that for a while
[07:51] <eulo> Also I’m behind a proxy so it’s fucking slow
[07:51] <MGMX> ffs people it has been less than a day
[07:51] <@n0pants> like, can you round up yr board or the C*O’s tomorrow?
[07:51] <+penny> Guys, thanks for talking to me, I gotta go. I got responsibilities to do
[07:51] <Brickwall> kk
[07:51] <+Sneux> Be well Penny
[07:51] <Brickwall> Byebye
[07:51] <MGMX> you guys seriously need to learn to give people some time. Anonymous needs to pull a Hosni
[07:51] <+Sneux> Pleasure meeting you.
[07:51] <+penny> I appreciate you talking to me
04[07:51] <url> gl
[07:51] <antivigilante> Simple problem – when it went from 150 people to millions I had to say something
[07:51] <+PewPewPew> bye Penny
[07:51] <_7of9_> it’s about 8AM in this part of the globe… soon people will read their name on that idiot list associated with illegal actions… most of them won’t be happy..
[07:51] <@n0pants> MGMX: was trying to
[07:51] <Brickwall> We appreciate you talking to us
[07:52] <antivigilante> nite penny
[07:52] <MGMX> Pull a Hosni?
[07:52] <+Sneux> Sleep well Penny.
[07:52] <@n0pants> thanks penny
[07:52] <eulo> Your husbands gonna get indited Penny
[07:52] <_7of9_> bye penny…
[07:52] <MGMX> Um…
[07:52] <Brickwall> _7pf9_ I know where you live
[07:52] <+PewPewPew> Needs to delay time
[07:52] <_7of9_> where???
[07:52] <antivigilante> i know where i live
[07:52] <Brickwall> UK
[07:52] <MGMX> Anonymous doesn’t really thank people, but I suppose I will say ‘Goodnight’
[07:52] <ununu> re shared same network servers – wasn’t the point of sep companies to keep the ‘classified’ stuff seperate from the product IP? -was not there a lesson in US govt depts banning access to sites detailing cables specifically because regulations prohibited having classified data on non-classified networks?
[07:52] <+PewPewPew> Aaron isn’t penny’s husband
[07:52] <_7of9_> nope!!
[07:52] <Brickwall> Damn
[07:52] <_7of9_> try again…
[07:52] <antivigilante> Magnanimous thanks people
[07:52] <+PewPewPew> that is my point ununu
[07:52] <Brickwall> Nah
[07:53] <Brickwall> France?
[07:53] <MGMX> Didn’t penny say she was the marketing… person?
[07:53] <_7of9_> ask aaron then…
[07:53] <+PewPewPew> They shared information on the same servers, how can this pass any fed audit for class stuff?
[07:53] <Brickwall> lol
[07:53] <_7of9_> 🙂
[07:53] <antivigilante> i’m a concernfag and I’m ok
[07:53] <MGMX> ??? anybody?
[07:53] <+heyguise> <— concernfag
[07:53] <ununu> probs would seem to go beyond auditing, to potentially include breach of clearance
[07:53] <efg> <–sometimes moralfag
[07:53] <@n0pants> MGMX: y, and wife of CEO
[07:53] <antivigilante> concerner than you
[07:54] <MGMX> lists her as a president
[07:54] <+heyguise> MGMX, her name is “Peggy leavy”
[07:54] <Finn-Riggins> shes just a greedy elitist imo
[07:54] <giganticpropane> tired
[07:54] <+heyguise> this is what penny looks like
[07:54] <+heyguise> you can find out what you can about her
[07:54] <eulo> I concur Finn-Riggins
[07:54] <efg> her company is slightly fucked
[07:54] <+PewPewPew> exactly…  how can an unclass network share info with a class network?  all unclass people on the network would need clearances
[07:54] <MGMX> If they are married why are their last names different?
[07:54] <Brickwall> Actually I sort of agree with FIn-Riggins
[07:54] <efg> mgmx: lotta women keep their last names these days
[07:55] <MGMX> I wouldn’t recommend finding out too much info
[07:55] <MGMX> You know how dumb some of anonymous is.
[07:55] <+penny> Guys, a FYI, when you say you knw where i live that is a threat in the US.  FYI we don’t have a “classed” network
[07:55] <ununu> hope that side of things gets thoroughlly investigated ;]
[07:55] <+SteveD3> Penny is the president, she started at Cenzix, and helped shape Finjan and Tripwire
[07:55] <+PewPewPew> probably because they don’t want to make the company seem like it’s run by the Hoglund family :p
[07:55] <mib_stuzly>
[07:55] <MGMX> ah. sorry penny just running a background check!!!
[07:55] <Finn-Riggins> AAron barr said he knew where i live
[07:55] <efg> sigh, Anonymous, doxing someone is not a normal display of concern
[07:55] <eulo> Penny fyi you’re on IRC
[07:55] <+heyguise> penny, your company tried to figure out our names and locations
[07:56] <+heyguise> we can do the same
[07:56] <+heyguise> its only fair
[07:56] <+heyguise> even if it was just an “Example of your method”
[07:56] <Guido_Puddi> Its ‘Researc’ 😉
[07:56] <Guido_Puddi> *Research
[07:56] <+heyguise> this is just an “example of our method”
[07:56] <+PewPewPew> it’s not a threat to say you know where someone lives.  it’s a threat if you say you are going to do something to someone.
[07:56] <Finn-Riggins> your info is freely available on the internet
[07:56] <Finn-Riggins> penny
[07:56] <+SteveD3> guys be nice to her, she is honestly wanting to help out
[07:56] <efg> help what?
[07:56] <eulo> Help herself
[07:56] <eulo> derp
[07:56] <Brickwall>  /whois penny lol
[07:56] <Guido_Puddi> Her bank balance
[07:57] <+penny> But we did not do anything illegal, such s DDOS a company or taking private info  I am trying to help you guys,
[07:57] <Finn-Riggins> help her investment
[07:57] <mib_stuzly> either she is Pres and can decide, or she is giving us BS
[07:57] <_7of9_> or help herself..?
[07:57] <@n0pants> penny: WE DON’T NEED YOUR FUCKING HELP, GET IT YET?
[07:57] <eulo> I’m confused why do we need help?
[07:57] <enforcer> I thought penny had left
[07:57] <+penny> I use my Leavy name because of my daughter
[07:57] <@n0pants> you need ours
[07:57] <Brickwall> _7of9_ is right she’s probably here for her own sake
[07:57] <Guido_Puddi> +1 n0pants
[07:58] <MGMX> typical anonymous
09[07:58] * efg drums fingers
09[07:58] * MGMX still waiting for seeders.
[07:58] <ununu> penny – are there any limitations on the shares which you acquired in HBGary Federal in exchange for you 15% capital investment?
[07:59] <mmxanon> seed pls
[07:59] <+PewPewPew> she really can’t decide yet.  she has to run this stuff past a bunch of people, board of directors, investors, and such
[07:59] <MGMX> How would someone own 15% of a company that is not listed on the stock market
[07:59] <eulo> Down 1.4 GB UP 250 MB
[07:59] <MGMX> it’s not a corporation if it is not on the stock market
[07:59] <+PewPewPew> privately held company
[07:59] <+PewPewPew> llc’s don’t have to be on the stock market
[07:59] <ununu> not all privately owned companies are publicly floated
[07:59] <@joepie91|coding> it would help if those who are shouting would shut their mouth for a second, until they can actually constructively contribute
[07:59] <MGMX> LLC is a second class
[07:59] <MGMX> They don’t have a board of directors
[07:59] <Finn-Riggins> is 99.41% done
[07:59] <+PewPewPew> if they have investors
[07:59] <efg> penny, I regret that you’ve been unfairly screwed by a corporate partner’s mistake, as well as the actions of some of this group
[08:00] <efg> but if you’re looking for a really good reason, you’re not gonna find it here.
[08:00] <efg> and there’s nothing you can really do to help us
[08:00] <efg> I don’t know if there’s anything we can do to help you
09[08:00] * MGMX is beginning to see a power structure in Anonymous.
[08:01] <+PewPewPew> bottom line is, I think Aaron could’ve minimized a bunch of this until his ego gave way to his true colors
[08:01] <@joepie91|coding> MGMX: please do define
[08:01] <efg> Aaron was a dick
09[08:01] * ununu thinks he should go back to studying mushrooms, where his lack of interpersonal insight will be less of a hindrance
[08:01] <@joepie91|coding> because I’ve been failing to find one
[08:01] <MGMX> all voiced members controlled how this entire situation played out
[08:01] <efg> but let’s face it, we’re aAnon, we’re also dicks
[08:01] <@n0pants> how’s the horse looking owen? ;-\
[08:01] <MGMX> and longer known members
[08:01] <@joepie91|coding> MGMX: AnonOps does not equal Anonymous
[08:01] <+Sneux> Its Human Nature to be a jackass.
[08:02] <owen> its a skeleton
[08:02] <+bl0x> MGMX
[08:02] <MGMX> such as q, have kind of been ‘at the top of the… water’ i guess. It’s not THAT structured
[08:02] <MGMX> but its beginning to show.
[08:02] <MGMX> not to cite you or anything q
[08:02] <+bl0x> actually I just asked some one to ask a relivant question
[08:02] <+bl0x> and I was voiced
[08:02] <+bl0x> I can say that I dont know personally anyone here.
[08:02] <+bl0x> atall.
[08:02] <MGMX> i don’t.
[08:03] <+c0s> MGMX: i just talk a lot
[08:03] <+c0s> 😛
[08:03] <+c0s> and now i must sleep
[08:03] <efg> yeah, mgmx, I think you could have asked for voice just now and if you didn’t sound like a retard it would have been given
[08:03] <MGMX> lol i noticed
[08:03] <@n0pants> c0s: you say things worht listening to
[08:03] <mib_stuzly> good nite, sellep well
[08:03] <+c0s> Thank you sir
[08:03] <MGMX> meh, i was PMing some people
[08:03] <@joepie91|coding> what efg said indeed
[08:03] <MGMX> and attempting to write a 5 page essay
[08:03] <@n0pants> MGMX: in the future, if a channel is +m and you have something you would like to say PM an op
[08:03] <MGMX> which is hard with this here
[08:03] <MGMX> k
[08:03] <@joepie91|coding> and seriously… once again, AnonOps does not equal Anonymous
[08:03] <MGMX> Rizon taught me not to PM ops lol…
[08:03] <+SteveD3> Nite wounderous leader
[08:04] <efg> joepie91: meaning?
[08:04] <+PewPewPew>
[08:04] <@joepie91|coding> efg: ?
[08:04] <MGMX> meh, it represents a prety good chunk of it.
[08:04] <@joepie91|coding> MGMX: at this moment, yes
[08:04] <@joepie91|coding> chanology was never anonops
[08:04] <@joepie91|coding> and you can start something different just fine
[08:04] <efg> joepie91: I don’t quite understand your point about anonops=/=anonymous
[08:04] <@joepie91|coding> you don’t *HAVE* to affiliate with anonops
[08:04] <@n0pants> WWP isn’t anonymous, 4chan isn’t anonymous
[08:04] <@n0pants> We are all Anonymous
[08:04] <efg> oh, yeah of course
15[08:05] * Retrieving #ophbgary modes…
[08:05] <+Laurelai> the torrent
[08:05] <@joepie91|coding> efg: it’s really simple… Anonymous does not just consist of AnonOps…
[08:05] <+Laurelai> is anyone seeding it
[08:05] <efg> yeah okay I get that
[08:05] <@joepie91|coding> yes, there is a structure (IRCops, channel owners, etc) on AnonOps
[08:05] <MGMX> Posting his SSN number was way the hell over the line though.
[08:05] <@joepie91|coding> but there is NO structure in Anonymous
[08:05] <efg> ^
[08:05] <@n0pants> it’s a do-ocracy
[08:05] <@joepie91|coding> and most people fail to see those two apart
[08:05] <&Topiary> MGMX: Anonymous has no line.
[08:06] <+Sneux> Anonymous is like a super metaphysical collective consciousness of people.
[08:06] <heyguise> joepie91|coding, theres a logistical organization with in anonymous. but there are no idealogical bases.
[08:06] <+Sneux> <.< so to speak anyways.
[08:06] <heyguise> logistics can be replaced easy
[08:06] <eulo> I vote joepie91|coding as our leader
[08:06] <MGMX> Anonymous needs to focus on being more anonymous…
[08:06] <@joepie91|coding> heyguise: there is no restrictive organization in anonymous
[08:06] <eulo> Then we can go all Egypt on your arse later
[08:06] <@joepie91|coding> literally nothing
[08:06] <+Sneux> Well of course there are social networks in Anonymous just like every other group or collection of people.
[08:06] <Max> MGMX…. that’s my line…
[08:06] <_7of9_> and sooner or later you will be assimilated! resistance is futile
[08:06] <@joepie91|coding> an entirely different IRC network or any other kind of network could overtake anonops by night
[08:06] <MGMX> consider it plagerized
[08:06] <heyguise> either way im gonna get some sleep
[08:06] <@joepie91|coding> overnight*
[08:07] <@n0pants> yeah, well MGMX, then write a HOWTO
[08:07] <@q>
[08:07] <@q> anyone care to ipdate?
[08:07] <@q> 🙂
[08:07] <MGMX> I2P? Lol
[08:07] <Guido_Puddi> Night heyguise
[08:07] <MGMX> q: Should you kick penny so it isn’t loggin the channel?
[08:07] <giganticpropane> g’night
[08:07] <@q> lol let her log?
[08:07] <MGMX> dunno?
[08:07] <@q> you should ALWAYS assume a channel gets logged
[08:07] <Max> MGMX, I’m suing you for copyright infringement. 😀
[08:07] <MGMX> it was a legitimate question
[08:07] <+Agamemnon> mgmx yes correft
[08:07] <+Agamemnon> q?
[08:07] <+Laurelai> q: who is supposed to be seeding the torrent
[08:08] <&Topiary>!/aaronbarr/status/34508448984989696
[08:08] <&Topiary> u mad?
[08:08] <spoof> q
[08:08] <spoof> my love
[08:08] <eulo> This IP address has been blocked because it is believed to be an open proxy or zombie computer.  🙁
[08:08] <+Agamemnon> kkill Penny now ….good idea yes?
[08:08] <MGMX> yes
[08:08] <efg> derp.
[08:08] <+PewPewPew> lol @ Topiary
[08:08] <MGMX> not to be mean, but logging anonymous channel is… frowned upon
[08:09] <Max> FBI don’t follow unwritten rules?
[08:09] <+Agamemnon> ^
[08:09] <Max> Hell, FBI don’t follow written ones. haha
[08:09] <spoof> q
[08:09] <@n0pants> not everyone knows unwritten rules either.
[08:09] <Max> Chris Hansen on the other hands….
[08:09] <@q> spoof: ure fkn annoying
[08:10] <+Agamemnon> lol Max
[08:10] <efg> lol spoof is this pile of randomness
[08:10] <Max> Chris Hansen is the rules. 😀
[08:10] <MGMX> What the hell? I got tweeted?
[08:10] <spoof> q you have broken my heart
[08:10] <+Agamemnon> seriously … Kill Penny now
[08:10] <&Topiary> Chips Handon is the law
09[08:10] * @q doesn’t believe that
[08:10] <MGMX> not kill… kick
[08:10] <+Agamemnon> no kill
[08:11] <efg> I think he means kill, unforunately
[08:11] <MGMX> server kill
[08:11] <nato> Point out also for noobs that “kill” is a server command that disconnects a user from the server.
[08:11] <spoof> :'(
[08:11] <nato> ;p
[08:11] <@q> i think they will know how to connect with mibbit by now
[08:11] <Finn-Riggins> she doesnt know whata kill is
[08:11] <MGMX> damn if they are logging the channel it’ll be like KILL PENNY? THATS A THREAT
[08:11] <@q> so dont bother
[08:11] <@joepie91|coding> FOR A LULZY INTERJECTION:
[08:11] <@joepie91|coding> 🙂
[08:11] <Guido_Puddi> *these are not threats to harm anyone in any way
[08:11] <+Agamemnon> lol
[08:11] <mmxanon> Agamemnon dick ur going to scare here (tho i think she know how this works by now)
[08:11] <Max> Wait… How do you kill Anonymous? 😛
[08:11] <nato> joe i lol’t
[08:11] <mmxanon> her*
[08:11] <+PewPewPew> lol…between that and burn notice, they are going to think you threatened to set aaron on fire :p
[08:12] <+Agamemnon> lol fuck me … yor probs right
[08:12] <+sleinad> Aga do I get a turn?
[08:12] <+bl0x> Hoglund said. “They didn’t just pick on any company, but we try to protect the US government from hackers. They couldn’t have chosen a worse company to pick on.” <==LOL!
[08:12] <Max> Dear Mr. Barr…. when am I going to get tweeted? 😀
[08:12] <spoof> plug her
[08:12] <Guido_Puddi> She mentioned burning bridges, thats criminal damage
[08:12] <+PewPewPew> lol
[08:12] <+Agamemnon> yes….plug penny …lol im dyn here
[08:12] <MGMX> AnonymousIRC: RT @aaronbarr: Via IRC: <MGMX> Posting his SSN number was way the hell over the line though. << Anonymous finds the line and crosses it
[08:13] <Finn-Riggins> do they have corndogs in the UK? like this: ??
[08:13] <Guido_Puddi> That tweet was so good, I had to retweet it 😛
[08:13] <MGMX> Pretty sure that line is not what Anonymous stands for…
[08:13] <frogonia> You know Penny, Aaron everyone else involved would have burned anyone they could for profit
[08:13] <+Agamemnon> mgmx +1 at very least
[08:13] <@n0pants> MGMX: Anon stands for whatever the individuals feel like that day
[08:13] <Max> Anonymous does not have lines. Anonymous has fractals.
[08:13] <@q> “Anonymous typically goes after big governments they accuse of corruption”
[08:13] <@q> rofl
[08:14] <@n0pants> sometimes that’s trolling epilepsy forums with flashies
[08:14] <@q> i love this read
[08:14] <@n0pants> somtimes it’s fucking up Mubarak
[08:14] <spoof> i put that in opegypt it is glorious
[08:14] <@n0pants> depends on the dude, and the day
[08:14] <&Topiary> q: good times
[08:14] <+Agamemnon> be merciful ….kill penny
[08:14] <efg> mgmx sort of +1 because oldAnon loved to fuck up people’s lives
[08:14] <efg> moralfags may prefer not to
[08:14] <owen> you guys srsly want her gone?
[08:14] <@q> nah
[08:14] <@q> no reason
[08:14] <+sleinad> yeah
[08:14] <@n0pants> i don’t care
[08:14] <efg> no, what for
[08:14] <@n0pants> why?
[08:15] <@joepie91|coding>
[08:15] <MGMX> yeah, but anonymous right now is trying to keep a good face for the media, no?
[08:15] <@q> they will log if they want to anyway?
[08:15] <+Agamemnon> efg lololol yo asshole ….i love you
[08:15] <@q> so there is no point
[08:15] <mmxanon> yes remember boxxy rip
[08:15] <spoof> lol
[08:15] <+bl0x> iF YOU kill her
[08:15] <MGMX> owen: just disconnect her
[08:15] <+bl0x> shes got to find her way back.
[08:15] <@q> YYYYYYYYY?
[08:15] <efg> Aga heh I’m a moralfag, I just remember the old /i/ days
[08:15] <MGMX> ffs its wasted bandwidth.
[08:15] <@q> lol
[08:15] <MGMX> My dial up can’t take it.
[08:15] <+sleinad> if it is even her
[08:15] <+bl0x> and apparently she didnt have the easiest time using the irc.
[08:15] <+bl0x> :p
[08:16] <+bl0x> true sleinad.
09[08:16] * penny was kicked by q (co-founder kick (warning))
[08:16] <Guido_Puddi> We shouldn’t kick her, It would only be fair to give her the option of revealing her breasts or vacating the IRC
[08:16] <+bl0x> lol.
[08:16] <@q> lets see if she comes back.
[08:16] <Finn-Riggins> LOL AUTOREJOIN FAIL
[08:16] <+sleinad> lol at kick message
[08:16] <+Agamemnon> owen …what about logs? or ami just a dumb shit?
[08:16] <+Sneux> lol
[08:16] <&Topiary> MGMX: this operation was built on anonrage and lulz and was discussed as this all day before everything started going public and this channel kicked off, actually this is keeping a fine face for the media. We’re showing various levels of revenge; that we’re capable of sophisticated attacks on governments (veering on symbolic) and hilarious shutdowns of shitty security companies who are…
[08:16] <&Topiary> …trying to dox all of us
[08:16] <mmxanon> lol +1
[08:16] <+Agamemnon> nm
[08:16] <owen> um she sonly in one channel. dont talk in here then?
[08:16] <+Agamemnon> lol
[08:16] <+sleinad> security companies and feds can’t IRC lul
[08:17] <Sabit> lulz
[08:17] <Sabit> and somehow teens kan
[08:17] <anon316> wat?
[08:17] <@n0pants> wow, I wonder how long twitter will keep the account alive
[08:17] <anon316> wat iz dis?
[08:17] <&Topiary> n0pants: IKR
[08:17] <Sabit> racism
[08:17] <+sleinad> not just teens but the everyday semi smart computer user
[08:17] <anon316> dis is irc?
[08:17] <anon316> oh my!
[08:17] <+bl0x> lol sleinad.
[08:17] <MGMX> Posting someone’s Social Security Number is a guaranteed way to piss someone off. I am not here to argue his side, but this is a ‘public’ place. Anyone could have got that info. Yes, he was going to sell it to the feds. Yes, the information was wrong.
[08:17] <Sabit> thats why feds phail
[08:17] <+sleinad> ^
[08:18] <anon316> feds fail anyway
[08:18] <+PewPewPew> whut iz teh IRCz?
[08:18] <MGMX> You attacked someone on the basis of them telling the feds something public…
[08:18] <+Agamemnon> owen she wasnt talking … for last twenty mins anyway
[08:18] <+sleinad> one of these days I’ll learn how to tuen off computer without un plugging it
[08:18] <owen> no
[08:18] <+Agamemnon> no?
[08:18] <Sabit> sleinad, lolwut
[08:18] <owen> im saying if you dont want her to ‘log’ then dont talk in here
[08:18] <+PewPewPew> who knows, maybe they were running some shit like camtasia to log the chat
[08:18] <Guido_Puddi> I think it was more the fact that the info was wrong and he was trying to profit from it
[08:18] <+sleinad> good point owen
[08:18] <+Agamemnon> oh
[08:18] <owen> d’oh
[08:18] <@q> +1 owen, as i said. THE CHAT WILL BE LOGGED.
[08:18] <efg> Topiary: no, what we really did this for was the lulz and revenge
[08:19] <spoof> where is his ss#
[08:19] <&Topiary> MGMX: His intentions were to acquire our personal information one way or the other, no matter how hard he tries to cover it up with his “social research” bullshit. We’ve simply done the same to him.
[08:19] <efg> lol
[08:19] <MGMX> q: The chat doesn’t need to be logged by them though
[08:19] <efg> brb pastebin chat
[08:19] <+sleinad> let them lul at my words then
[08:19] <@q> MGMX: doesnt matter by who
[08:19] <spoof> where is the info regarding the dox on this guy
[08:19] <@q> but it is logged somewhere
[08:19] <MGMX> Well he failed miserably. I don’t living in fucking Germany
[08:19] <garrett> hello
[08:19] <@q> ohai garrett
[08:19] <MGMX> i’m loggin it.
[08:19] <@q> i think.
[08:19] <@q> MGMX: see.
[08:19] <Sabit> weee
[08:19] <@n0pants> “Oh it was for research, it’s ok” <— ever hear of tuskegee experiment asshole?
09[08:19] * MGMX coins new mcdonalds slogan
[08:19] <Max> MGMX, everyone lives in Germany.
[08:19] <garrett> sup q
[08:20] <efg> we didn’t just acquire his info, we made it very, very public
[08:20] <+bl0x> lol MGMX.
[08:20] <spoof> lol guy fawkes
[08:20] <spoof> im reading this shit now
[08:20] <anon316> lol anonz
[08:20] <MGMX> Meh.
[08:20] <anon316> oh wait…
09[08:20] * MGMX is just displeased with how the situation was handled.
[08:20] <@q> MGMX: what did you expect?
[08:20] <@n0pants> MGMX: u hack them then next time
[08:20] <Max> Anonymous needs a better PR team I think?
[08:20] <ununu> dr mengele was just conducting research, right?
[08:21] <+PewPewPew> what would’ve been a better way to handle it?  Other than talking with Penny first but who the hell knew they were different companies?
[08:21] <+PewPewPew> Anonymous hires Penny for PR :p
[08:21] <Max> haha
[08:21] <MGMX> Not to hack it? And see what happens?
[08:21] <&Topiary> This operation was not started to compensate for moralfags goddamnit
[08:21] <Max> PewPewPew, that worked well. 😛
[08:21] <&Topiary> we have been laughing at this incompetent company all day
[08:21] <@q> MGMX:
[08:21] <+PewPewPew> lol
[08:21] <@q> 06:45 <@Topiary> Tell him “What did you expect they would do?”
[08:21] <@q> 06:45 <@Topiary> You wave a red flag at a bull and are surprised when it charges?
[08:21] <&Topiary> why has Anon gone soft
[08:21] <efg> pewpewpew: embarrassed him without leaking all of his company info
[08:21] <@q> that said .. who?
[08:21] <efg> including client info
[08:21] <+PewPewPew> yeah, the gun was probably jumped on the email torrent
[08:21] <efg> Topiary man we’ve had moralfags since scientology
[08:22] <+PewPewPew> I’m sure his dick could’ve been smacked if he got forwarded emails first
[08:22] <+PewPewPew> lol
[08:22] <MGMX> sure, you could have hacked him. But you could have at least thought of what you did before you did it.
[08:22] <efg> mgmx: lol now THAT’S  an argument you’ll never win in this place
[08:22] <MGMX> He’s gone, but now you are going to have like 50 more of those guys here.
07[08:22] * q changes topic to ‘ |’
[08:22] <+bl0x> MGMX oner person cant determine what a mass of people are going to do with information.
[08:23] <MGMX> … most likely more competant ones.
[08:23] <Max> moralfags aren’t a bad thing, but moralfags need to learn to shut the hell up sometimes.
[08:23] <MGMX> … anonymous most likely will make it public, lol
[08:23] <owen> you know the info was just so far off and the names were so ridiculous
[08:23] <spoof> i love defacement, this appeased me
[08:23] <@n0pants> MGMX: we’ve had feds & spais for weeks… maybe u? ;-P
[08:23] <owen> did anyone besides me consider that you may have all been troilled?
[08:23] <MGMX> I was saying it the whole time in #anonops
[08:23] <owen> and that you got led into a trap?
[08:23] <@q>
[08:23] <@q> top 5
[08:23] <@q> 🙂
[08:23] <&Topiary> owen: Their internal emails sounded pretty serious
[08:23] <@n0pants> with an article in the FT?
[08:23] <@q> owen: mibbit search fixed, much <3
[08:24] <mmxanon> owen iwas thinkg that
[08:24] <+sleinad> with penny you mean?
[08:24] <owen> did it appear anywher else?
[08:24] <MGMX> i still can’t read a single fucking email. WHO THE FUCK IS SEEDING
[08:24] <@n0pants> owen: mmm, yahoo news, some other reprints
[08:24] <MGMX> Anyways, I’m going to sleep.
[08:24] <owen> i men come on
[08:24] <owen> ben franklin
[08:24] <owen> im bonnieclyde?
[08:24] <efg> alex bunyip lol
[08:24] <+PewPewPew> lol
[08:24] <owen> you guys got rolled i swear
[08:24] <MGMX> I would not be surprised if Anonymous got trolled by many different places simply to lose the media clout
[08:24] <efg> sasha ulyanov
[08:24] <+garrett> i always sleep through all the fun shit
[08:25] <@q> owen: nice to meet you, Bonny, I am John Q something
[08:25] <+Agamemnon> lol
[08:25] <efg> john delancie
[08:25] <@q> lol
[08:25] <@n0pants> never underestimate the incompetence & greed of gov’t contractors… or the stupidity of bureaucrats who hire them
[08:25] <@q> but i was named after Bond i thought?
[08:25] <+garrett> lol
09[08:25] * &Topiary facepalms at this turning from moralfag to triple agent psyops globalist red flag herring paranoia in 5 minutes
[08:25] <owen> or the intelligence of people bound and determined to break us
[08:25] <@n0pants> lol
[08:25] <ununu> heh +1n0pants
[08:26] <+Agamemnon> christ
[08:26] <MGMX> dunno… you never know. Perhaps he was just telling the truth. We’ll never know.
[08:26] <@q> owen: you thought #opvenezuela was bad with psyops? 🙂
[08:26] <owen> the info was so patently absurd
[08:26] <+sleinad> I’m probably a weak link then
[08:26] <owen> laughable
[08:26] <spoof> did you see
[08:26] <+Agamemnon> think?
[08:26] <spoof> wholly subversive?
[08:26] <spoof> lmfao
[08:26] <owen> im just saying
[08:26] <@n0pants> oh, i dunno, we’re so on the outlook for trolls… i thought someone was a troll last week – wrong, 13 yo child prodigy.
[08:26] <owen> it was so far off
[08:26] <efg> n0pants: wait whut
[08:26] <@q> ohai penny
[08:26] <efg> hey penny
[08:27] <@q> you must talk once in a while
[08:27] <+Agamemnon> then answer pm owen
[08:27] <penny> tired
[08:27] <@q> otherwise we begin to dislike you
[08:27] <+sleinad> then disconnect and go to sleep?
[08:27] <efg> dance, dance for our entertainmen!
[08:27] <efg> …or go to bed yeah
[08:27] <MGMX> sigh. Tired of arguing
[08:27] <spoof> location for wholly subversive is sparta
[08:27] <&Topiary> owen: for what reason would they go to the trouble of creating a 23-page troll document
[08:27] <penny> yeah
[08:28] <@q> Topiary: i was really wondering about that too
[08:28] <MGMX> Will leave computer on to lurk and get torrent
[08:28] <@q> maybe it was an attempt to get us
09[08:28] * @n0pants dances
[08:28] <@q> if so
[08:28] <@q> lol
[08:28] <@n0pants> o|-=
[08:28] <@q> well done for wasting tax money
[08:28] <spoof> jeremiah jenkim
[08:28] <@n0pants> o]-=
[08:28] <@n0pants> o\-<
[08:28] <spoof> location: hell
[08:28] <spoof> lmfao
[08:28] <@n0pants> o/-<
[08:28] <owen> didnt really put a whole lot of though tinto it
[08:28] <@n0pants> o[-=
[08:28] <@n0pants> o>-=
[08:28] <MGMX> YMCA!?
09[08:28] * efg waves dollar bill at n0pants
[08:28] <Max> Q, wasting tax money? I get most of mine back. They can spend yours if they want to. 😛
[08:28] <&Topiary> yeah seriously, that would mean that the website vulnerabilities were on purpose too, and all of their emails we were spying on were actually double-trolls they were sending on purpose to make us hack them
[08:28] <owen> i bet a witrer like barrett could do 23 pages ina couple of hours eh
09[08:28] * MGMX starts thinking about Elite Beat Agents
[08:28] <@q> Max: i don’t pay taxes 🙂
[08:28] <&Topiary> owen: why would they do it
[08:29] <owen> idk
[08:29] <Max> Q, haha
[08:29] <eulo> AMG it was a honey pot!
[08:29] <owen> just dont think they are that stupid
[08:29] <eulo> RUN GUIZE
[08:29] <Elliki> everyone panic.
[08:29] <Max> Q, taxes are for middle class. lul.
[08:29] <ununu> Topiary – not to mention damage to personal & professional reputations
[08:29] <owen> doesnt make sense to me
[08:29] <owen> i could be way pff
[08:29] <owen> off*
[08:29] <owen> wouldnt be the first time
[08:29] <antivigilante> and penny is here watching the circus
[08:29] <efg> eulo: why run? you hacked them? :p
[08:29] <@q> owen: yup, but even if
[08:30] <@q> the news will break down
[08:30] <@q> and the honeynet has nothing
[08:30] <@q> if it is one
[08:30] <&Topiary> owen: some of the info was accurate in terms of dates and events, maybe he just put random aliases together in place of full names, because “every little helps” kind of thing
[08:30] <eulo> I just wanted people to go for a run with 🙁
[08:30] <efg> gotta get a dog man
[08:30] <efg> best running partners
[08:30] <@q> owen: also
[08:30] <@q>
[08:30] <&Topiary> in any case I don’t see why they would create a fake document and then keep it secret, unless they’re super1337 and knew we’d find it
[08:30] <@q> Name: Aaron Barr
[08:30] <@q> Talk: Who Needs NSA when we have Social Media
[08:30] <owen> guys it wa sjust an observation from wathcing everything
[08:30] <&Topiary> which… I still don’t see how that would benefit them
[08:31] <@q> he is for real
[08:31] <antivigilante> i love irc – every other line is fnord to somebody
[08:31] <Elliki> fnords.
[08:31] <owen> forget i mentioned it
[08:31] <+sleinad> owen = very observant
09[08:31] * MGMX nite.
[08:31] <Elliki> visit norway. see them.
[08:31] <@q> owen: stay paranoid plz
[08:31] <spoof> why
[08:31] <efg> elliki hahaha
[08:31] <@q> we need paranoid ppl
[08:32] <owen> its not paranoia if the fbi really did raid you 🙂
[08:32] <+sleinad> ^^^^^^^^^
[08:32] <nato> Fucking that^^^
[08:32] <@q> owen: it was .. a compliment
[08:32] <+Agamemnon> but it is if they didnt owen
[08:32] <antivigilante> i’m always paranois
[08:32] <antivigilante> i think
[08:32] <antivigilante> sometimes i forget to be
[08:32] <+Laurelai> i just write articles :s
[08:32] <ununu> selling the trap story is their best shot at redemption out of all this – but my understanding is that they would probably rather not have the exfiltrated info scoured through in the public domain to establish credibility
[08:32] <&Topiary> it’s okay to be paranoid, really, but that’s batshit insanity
[08:32] <@q> owen: also, i have checked thru this list, for replacement. i think they all suck.
[08:32] <+Agamemnon> jus saing
[08:33] <@q> we need new ones.
[08:33] <owen> lol
[08:33] <owen> guess ill hav eto stiick aroud then
[08:33] <&Topiary> ununu: if they want to activate the trap card (oh ho do hohohoho) then they’ll have fun explaining where their 1TB of backup has magically disappeared too
[08:33] <&Topiary> and maybe Aaron’s iPad data
09[08:34] * Brickwall is away: TV lol
[08:34] <spoof> where is this fellow’s social security number and other info
[08:34] <ununu> I say 15% sell off, then sue for damages from aaron’s ineptitude
[08:34] <@joepie91|coding> lolol
[08:34] <@q> spoof: check his twitter
[08:34] <+Sneux> Twitter
[08:35] <&Topiary>
[08:35] <spoof> i see nothing
[08:36] <spoof> what were you all saying
[08:37] <spoof> omfg ok now
[08:37] <+PewPewPew> lol
[08:37] <antivigilante> i’m a conspiracyfag and i don’t see the full troll maybe a baiting
[08:37] <efg> we were saying that you need a better client
[08:38] <efg> I doubt it was bait, just a tremendous fucktard
[08:38] <+PewPewPew> they can probably sue aaron for negligence, meaning he didn’t do his end to protect the HBGary Fed site and also because his actions led to other actions happening to them
[08:38] <spoof> i dont see the info on the twitter page
[08:39] <spoof> or am i retarded
[08:39] <efg> …
[08:39] <nerfquark> ctrl f 534
[08:39] <spoof> im actually reading through the pdf and ppl they “identify” are repeated
[08:39] <efg> I’m going to assume that’s rhetorical, spoof
[08:39] <antivigilante> well the fact remains that he sexed up his presentation and it came on his face prematurely
[08:39] <frogonia>!/aaronbarr
[08:40] <Guido_Puddi> @ spoof  –
[08:40] <efg> meh, I would just have put desu all over his twitter and website
[08:40] <efg> leaked his address
07[08:40] * q changes topic to ‘ &&’
[08:40] <efg> but ssn and emails I’d just have kept
[08:40] <spoof> is that like fucking hidden or something
[08:40] <efg> no
15[08:40] * owen is now known as owenisnbedwithneo
[08:40] <spoof> am i looking in the incorrect place? what the fuck
[08:41] <@joepie91|coding> spoof
[08:41] <@joepie91|coding> check the “joepie91” line
[08:41] <@joepie91|coding> 🙂
15[08:41] * n0pants is now known as zzzPants
[08:41] <@joepie91|coding> q: sophos article is worth a mention as well
[08:41] <@joepie91|coding> sophos article has been quite barking at HBGary
[08:41] <antivigilante> hmm
[08:42] <@joepie91|coding>
[08:42] <&Topiary> Aaron Barr wanted to jump on Anon for publicity; his Twitter account has doubled in followers tonight. Problem, officer?
[08:42] <@joepie91|coding> xD
[08:42] <spoof> ok seriously i have to be stupid to not see this because i am on this fucking twitter page and i do not see that tweet
[08:42] <spoof> rage
[08:42] <@q> joepie91|coding: dix it with
[08:42] <nerfquark> spoof: ctrl f 534
[08:42] <+SteveD3> Chester is no fan of bad security
[08:42] <@q> ima budy
[08:42] <@joepie91|coding> why
[08:42] <@q> whatever
[08:42] <@q> JUST FIXIT
[08:43] <@joepie91|coding>
[08:43] <@joepie91|coding> ..
09[08:43] * @q points at joepie91|coding’s @
[08:44] <ununu> gawker’s picked it up, too
07[08:44] * q changes topic to ‘ && |’
[08:44] <@q> hm fits, k.
[08:44] <@joepie91|coding> oh
[08:44] <@joepie91|coding> lol
[08:45] <@joepie91|coding> sorry 😛
[08:45] <Guido_Puddi> @ spoof – Does that link not work for you?
[08:45] <@q> joepie91|coding: its k, better i set the topic
[08:45] <efg> hm, we have a gawker dude lurking in here?
[08:45] <@q> 07:45 [belldandy] -!- q []
[08:45] <@q> i may 🙂
[08:45] <spoof> ok so the problem is that i am using chrome and i cant see it
[08:45] <@q> oh that’s not a vhost, btw
[08:45] <spoof> i will now use firefox and all will be well
[08:46] <Guido_Puddi> 🙂
[08:47] <efg> well I’ve been awake >24hrs
[08:47] <@joepie91|coding> hmm
[08:47] <efg> sleeptiems, and then back to srs bznss ops
[08:47] <@joepie91|coding> who is gawker here
[08:48] <nato> Adrien Chen, apparently
[08:48] <@joepie91|coding> yup
15[08:48] * q is now known as osiris
09[08:49] * @osiris goes undercover
[08:49] <spoof> lol
[08:50] <nato> where did q go i am scared D:
[08:50] <Elliki> lurking and milling about
[08:51] <@zzzPants> that d00d has too many nicks. 😉
[08:51] <+SteveD3> Q is off leading other anons into battle as the co-founder
[08:52] <+sleinad> lol
[08:53] <+SteveD3> oh wait, its 3am est. Q is meeting with David D. Monday is raid day for the laundromat
04[08:53] <url> just got a mail from torrentfreak
[08:53] <+SteveD3> got to go collect the starch and crisp collars
04[08:53] <url> they will run this
04[08:53] <url> 😀
[08:53] <+SteveD3> yea? what they asking?
[08:53] <&Topiary> Q is side-by-side with David D. Davidson, they basically roll around West Philly with swagger
04[08:53] <url> nothing asked, replied to the links I sent them earlier
[08:53] <spoof> can some1 help me
[08:54] <~tflow> Not sure how it’s torrents-related, though :p
[08:54] <spoof> twitter is fucking me over
[08:54] <+SteveD3> on a horse no less cause its pimp like that
04[08:54] <url> realeased on tpb is all they need
[08:54] <Elliki> its torrent related now.
[08:54] <&Topiary> spoof: are you signed in with an account or viewing tweets from outside?
[08:54] <spoof> its showing an outdated twitter page on aaronbarr’s twitter
[08:54] <spoof> i am not signed into an account
[08:54] <+SteveD3> oh shit…thats it
[08:54] <+SteveD3> sign in dude
[08:54] <&Topiary> try signing in by making a fake account with 10minutemail
[08:54] <spoof> why is that important
[08:54] <&Topiary> it’s so much easier to view tweets
[08:54] <Guido_Puddi> make a spoof one
[08:54] <&Topiary> spoof: the whole layout changes
[08:54] <+SteveD3> cause of Twitters privacy and web settings
[08:54] <spoof> what the fuck why is twitter gay
[08:55] <+SteveD3> cause its the Twitter
[08:55] <&Topiary> twitter isn’t as homogay as Facebook, we couldn’t even get into Aaron’s Facebook because of over 9000 layers of security, including playing whack-a-tag with his sweaty friends’ pictures
[08:55] <Elliki> didn’t they start as a spam company?
[08:55] <spoof> lmao
[08:55] <&Topiary> totally got up to stage 3 of 5 though
[08:56] <spoof> good effort
[08:56] <&Topiary> just a note here: security expert uses same password for facebook and twitter
[08:56] <Elliki> nice.
[08:56] <+SteveD3> noted
[08:56] <spoof> lol
[08:56] <+SteveD3> so noted
[08:56] <@joepie91|coding> lol
[08:56] <+PewPewPew> lulz
[08:57] <+SteveD3> you know in all of this, I hope Penny doesn’t catch hell for talking to you guys
[08:57] <+SteveD3> she really was trying to help
[08:57] <&Topiary> well reading their emails earlier today, we established that most of them kind of frown upon Aaron for even starting this
[08:57] <+PewPewPew> she was doing damage control…really give her props for having balls to come chat.
[08:57] <&Topiary> yeah much kudos for Penny
[08:58] <+SteveD3> she now has a major PR nightmare on her hands, and I dont know how they will deal with it
[08:58] <+PewPewPew> she and the HBGary crew were teabagged by Aaron’s persistence in his “research” and his undying ego
[08:58] <+SteveD3> but yea, seeing her here talking to you was impressive
[08:58] <+SteveD3> I was slackawed watching him talk here
[08:59] <Guido_Puddi> Damage limitation imo
[08:59] <+SteveD3> he tossed em all under the bus
[08:59] <antivigilante> his ego an hero’d
04[08:59] <url> ^^ qft
[09:00] <&Topiary> He was on IRC under CogAnon all day, it was so hard to refrain from messing with him prior to going public
[09:00] <+SteveD3> LOL antivigilante
[09:00] <&Topiary> hopefully he’s not so smug any more
[09:00] <+SteveD3> he is, I assure you he will be
04[09:00] <url> he probably calm down a little during this week
04[09:00] <url> give it a couple of months though
[09:00] <spoof> penny
[09:00] <spoof> lol
04[09:00] <url> he’ll eiother be arrogant as fuck or doing lectures on “how i surved the internet hate machine”
[09:00] <&Topiary> maybe he’ll at least be a bit more humble now, considering we found him on IRC not through social engineering or just looking, but because we took control of their entire VPN
[09:00] <+SteveD3> url, he has to deal with the security ppl at RSA
[09:00] <@osiris>
[09:01] <@osiris> *spread*
04[09:01] <url> ouch SteveD3
[09:01] <+SteveD3> I was already planning on going to his BSides talk at RSA
[09:01] <+SteveD3> thats what his research was for
04[09:01] <url> i’m not secpol minded
[09:01] <+SteveD3> now, it is in a whole new light for me
[09:01] <&Topiary> you know he has a meeting Monday morning (today) with the FBI? I wonder how that’ll go now
04[09:01] <url> i kow rsa is a big deal though
04[09:01] <url> i wish i was good at sec
[09:02] <efg> MUBARAKIPZ!
[09:02] <&Topiary> this is the meeting where he was going to negotiate PRICES for the document we made public
04[09:02] <url> it’s where the monry is
[09:02] <spoof> wait does he have control of his twitter account?
[09:02] <+SteveD3> Its the first InfoSec (corp based) of the year
[09:02] <&Topiary> efg: if I were drinking something it would be spat out, that’s hilarious
[09:02] <spoof> and does he know his life is over now?
[09:02] <Finn-Riggins> ALLAHU 卐 AKBAR!
[09:02] <@osiris> !k Finn-Riggins kthx
09[09:02] * Finn-Riggins was kicked by MrBarr (kthx (osiris))
04[09:02] <url> ACSLAw hasn’t recovered yet
[09:02] <Guido_Puddi> @ spoof no its still in hackers hands
04[09:02] <url> still getting bad press
[09:02] <efg> Topiary: we were talking about it in opegypt, egypt totally needs moar memes
[09:02] <&Topiary> This is like ACSLaw on steroids
[09:02] <+SteveD3> That was awesome efg ty for that
[09:02] <efg> like mudkipz. or mubarakipz.
04[09:02] <url> he’s out of the game for at lleast 1 year on that basis
[09:03] <Finn-Riggins> feelsbadman.jpg
[09:03] <spoof> does this guy know his life is over
[09:03] <spoof> answer y/n
04[09:03] <url> if not yet
[09:03] <kanadabis> y
[09:03] <kanadabis> y
04[09:03] <url> by tomorrow he will
[09:03] <+PewPewPew> by his actions here tonight, no
[09:03] <+SteveD3> this is bigger than ACSLaw tho, cause of who they are, this is HBGary…
[09:03] <Elliki> damn the game
04[09:04] <url> did they have a steallr reputation before now?
[09:04] <+sleinad> andrew crossely much?
[09:04] <Guido_Puddi> He’ll be laughed out of the FBI office today, their own agents probably have more info from the IRC than him
[09:04] <+SteveD3> if Anonymous ever had to make an enemy…oh boy do you have em now…
[09:04] <odium> pretty sure he is getting ready for his own ultimate hax retaliation
[09:04] <&Topiary> yes, he was in this channel when it was first made (had like 4 people in it) talking to us, also earlier in the day he thought he was in on a secret operation and emailed his company about his latest “findings”
[09:04] <mib_r2rp4v>
[09:04] <&Topiary> with findings being me trolling his ass
[09:04] <+SteveD3> their rep is just rep, but Greg is well known and respected in InfoSec
[09:04] <Anon9000> u went over 9000 with this GG!
[09:04] <spoof> he was talking with you?
[09:04] <spoof> what did he say do you have logs
[09:05] <&Topiary> spoof: he was under the nickname CogAnon, wanna see something amusing?
[09:05] <+SteveD3> Oh love the Gawker title…
[09:05] <spoof> what
[09:05] <+SteveD3> Topiary yes please
[09:05] <&Topiary> hold on, finding screencap
04[09:06] <url> the only good greg is greg liggat
04[09:06] <url> best greg evar
[09:06] <spoof> wait what was it
[09:06] <spoof> fucking client
[09:06] <spoof> what was it 🙂
[09:07] <+SteveD3> Ligatt as in Evans?
[09:07] <spoof> ugh well
[09:07] <odium> wow, hoglund upping ante in the gawker article
[09:07] <nato> spoof youll never fidn out that way 😉
04[09:07] <url> #1 hacker Liggat
04[09:07] <url> world’s #1
[09:07] <+SteveD3> pfft
04[09:08] <url> no fucking wi him
04[09:08] <url> he a pro
04[09:08] <url> :p
[09:08] <+SteveD3> Ive been sorting Ligatt’s emails all weekend
[09:08] <&Topiary> >> To: Penny Leavy <>, Karen Burke <>, Greg Hoglund <>, Ted Vera <> from Aaron
[09:08] <&Topiary> >> Subject: Now we are being directly threatened.
[09:08] <&Topiary> >> I will bring this up with FBI when I meet with them tomorrow.
[09:08] <spoof> topiary what was it
[09:08] <&Topiary> he sent this email with this screencap:
15[09:08] * Elliki is now known as unicornfartz
[09:08] <&Topiary> trolled so hard
04[09:08] <url> lol, liggat is a fruitcake
[09:09] <+SteveD3> omg…
04[09:09] <url> lmao Topiary
04[09:09] <url> awesome picture
04[09:09] <url> fukn saved
[09:09] <+SteveD3> Topiary show the rest of the chat…please
[09:09] <spoof> lmfao
[09:09] <+SteveD3> I want to post that to the story
04[09:09] <url> ^^please, rest of chat log
[09:09] <&Topiary> okay I will pastebin the entire log
[09:09] <spoof> LOL
04[09:09] <url> \o/ anon delivers
[09:09] <_7of9_> loool
[09:09] <+sleinad> lol nice
[09:09] <+PewPewPew> lol @ Topiary
[09:09] <spoof> thats like the beginning of a good story
[09:09] <spoof> now wheres the rest
[09:10] <kanadabis> rofl topiary
[09:10] <kanadabis> +1
04[09:10] <url> +1
[09:10] <+sleinad> +3
[09:10] <Guido_Puddi> Gives Topiary  my one and only internetz i’ve ever been given
[09:10] <danger> lol
[09:10] <unicornfartz> buhzillion points to Gryffyndor
[09:11] <@osiris> but thats probably new shit anyway!/AnonymousIRC/status/34524283652943872
[09:11] <@osiris> up
[09:11] <@osiris>!/AnonymousIRC/status/34524283652943872
[09:11] <+Sneux> I loved that gawker line with greg speaking at the end… HBGary founder Greg Hoglund told Brian Krebs. “They didn’t just pick on any company, but we try to protect the US government from hackers. They couldn’t have chosen a worse company to pick on.”
[09:11] <ununu> heh – yeah, you’d think ‘couldn’t find a worse company to pick on’ would have more sting if they weren’t so thoroughlly raeped
[09:11] <+PewPewPew> HBgary is probably like “Aaron you are a fuking retard…why would you swat at a bee hive you dumb fuck?”  Aaron: “It’ll be good publicity for me, I mean us…”
[09:11] <&Topiary> here:
15[09:12] * Corey is now known as Corey|afk
[09:12] <+Sneux> LOLOL
[09:12] <+SteveD3> … die in a fire…you’re done
[09:13] <+Sneux> I lol’d hard.
[09:13] <spoof> time for a good read
04[09:13] <url> gjj
[09:13] <spoof> aww not as long as i expected
[09:13] <+Sneux> Me either but that last line is like sex.
[09:13] <&Topiary> at the time we didn’t want to talk too much to him in case of raising suspicion
07[09:13] * osiris changes topic to ‘ && ‘
04[09:13] <url> yep
[09:13] <@osiris> |
[09:13] <@osiris> damn
[09:13] <+PewPewPew> lolololololololololololol
[09:14] <+PewPewPew> “oh ok”  more liek “oh fuuuuuuuk”
04[09:14] <url> How available are you throughout the evening?
04[09:14] <url> fuck me
[09:14] <spoof> LMFAO
04[09:14] <url> thats genious
07[09:14] * osiris changes topic to ‘ && |’
04[09:14] <url> pure class
[09:14] <@osiris> there
09[09:14] * +sleinad misses Xenu
[09:14] <+sleinad> he was awesome
[09:14] <&Topiary> ahahaha they blurred out his picture because it says nigger now
[09:14] <spoof> lol
[09:15] <@osiris> Topiary: really? lol
09[09:15] * nato catches pneumonia and dies
[09:15] <&Topiary> no, on that link in the topic
[09:15] <+Sneux> Yea, they did I lol’d
[09:15] <nato> I think I woke people in the house I laughed so hard.
[09:15] <spoof> its not blured
[09:15] <&Topiary> SteveD3: I’d be delighted if you included that little “fuck you” troll into a story
[09:15] <&Topiary> at the time it was really just to leech their internal emails and see if they’d do it
[09:15] <spoof> wait when did you send that msg to him?
[09:15] <@joepie91|coding> Topiary: who blurred what
[09:16] <spoof> well msgs
[09:16] <&Topiary>
[09:16] <spoof> before u raped him at the last msg
[09:16] <&Topiary> spoof: like 17 hours ago
[09:16] <@joepie91|coding> oh, lol
[09:16] <&Topiary> last one was 6 hours ago
04[09:16] <url> fuck me, ss number too
04[09:16] <url> gj
[09:17] <&Topiary> we’ve been watching him and his jolly fellows for about 32 hours
[09:17] <&Topiary> lurking… waiting
[09:17] <spoof> wait but he didnt see the 6hr ago one yet
[09:17] <spoof> or did he
[09:17] <&Topiary> pretty sure he did
04[09:17] <url>
04[09:17] <url> linked in naked sec
[09:17] <+PewPewPew> can’t stand that fukker krebs
04[09:18] <url> looks smug
[09:18] <spoof> so he knows his life is over then
[09:18] <+PewPewPew> he’s a ball-licker
[09:18] <+PewPewPew> another asshole that fucks with people and publicly posts about it like a tool
04[09:18] <url> yarp
[09:18] <+PewPewPew> and gets paid for it, accepts donations like the salvation army and shit on his site
[09:19] <+Sneux> *Update: having accused MSM journalists of failing on this score, I  have since been told that in fact the HB Gary Federal episode was cracking, not hacking. #selfrighteousnessfail <— I lol’d irl
[09:19] <+PewPewPew> lol
04[09:19] <url> wtf
[09:20] <@osiris>
[09:20] <@osiris> wpw
[09:20] <@osiris> this is cuking beauty
[09:20] <@joepie91|coding> Sneux: wait, who posted that?
[09:20] <@osiris> two sided sword
[09:20] <@osiris> but yes, i like the tone of it
[09:20] <@joepie91|coding> well… naked security found someone besides anon to pick on
[09:20] <@joepie91|coding> 😛
[09:20] <@joepie91|coding> but it’s certainly a nice bark
[09:20] <+Sneux> Joepie:
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> heh
[09:21] <spoof> i want to see his retaliation
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> in that case…
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> VERY good he updated it
[09:21] <spoof> this should be interesting
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> I was actually wondering if he’d get notified of that
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> by someone
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> because most people seem to have lost the difference between hacking and cracking
[09:21] <@joepie91|coding> 😛
[09:21] <+Sneux> lol
[09:21] <+Sneux> Yep
[09:21] <+Sneux> Very much so joepie91|coding
[09:21] <@osiris> “From a legal perspective, Anonymous had better hope they remain anonymous. The criminal activities outlined by their own bragging could get them some serious prison time in the US, UK and other countries with strict cybersecurity laws.”
09[09:21] * @joepie91|coding has been advocating that for years now
[09:21] <@osiris> this is
[09:21] <@osiris> KUDOS to us
[09:22] <+Sneux> lol
[09:22] <@osiris> realize that
[09:22] <@osiris> it’s on sophos
[09:22] <@joepie91|coding> osiris: ? 😛
[09:22] <@osiris> they are actually enemy lol
[09:22] <spoof> how did u use sqli to hack the email
[09:22] <@osiris> joepie91|coding: it’s an expression of hope
[09:22] <@osiris> they HOPE we stay anonymous 🙂
[09:22] <+sleinad> probably not smart to talk about openly
[09:23] <@joepie91|coding> hm
[09:23] <@osiris> well i can
[09:23] <@joepie91|coding> if you interpret it like that… 😛
[09:23] <@osiris> i am fucking q-founder of hbgary
04[09:23] <url> p sure the feds would rather wash their hands of him rather than chase down a prosectuion for them
[09:23] <+PewPewPew> lolz
09[09:23] * WebAnon5033 lol
[09:23] <@osiris> i think we made it clear in this channel, that the op is over
[09:24] <@osiris> channel was opened publically when all was done
[09:24] <+Sneux> lol
[09:24] <@osiris> we just had some party here
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> lol
[09:24] <@osiris> our personal superbowl party
[09:24] <+PewPewPew> can’t see the fbi meeting with him tomorrow…lol.
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> this wasn’t a part
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> this wasn’t a party*
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> this was a motherfucking rave.
[09:24] <+Sneux> I’ll never forget this superbowl party 😛
[09:24] <+PewPewPew> lol
04[09:24] <url> lol joepie91|coding
[09:24] <+Sneux> HELL YEA JOEPIE lol
09[09:24] * WebAnon5033 cheers
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> I am amused.
[09:24] <+Sneux> Hands down best SuperBowl party ever.
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> very amused.
[09:24] <@joepie91|coding> 😛
[09:25] <@joepie91|coding> PewPewPew: I *do* wonder what he will tell the FBI tomorrow
[09:25] <@joepie91|coding> there’s only one way how this could get better
[09:25] <+PewPewPew> “I got assraped by anon…they threatened me”
[09:25] <@joepie91|coding> xD
[09:25] <spoof> penny
[09:25] <@osiris> ohai penny.
[09:25] <+Sneux> Howdy Mrs. Penny.
[09:25] <spoof> now what
[09:25] <@osiris>
[09:25] <@osiris> seen that?
[09:26] <+garrett> sup
[09:26] <+Sneux> See the latest headlines? ^
[09:26] <@osiris> it’s a good, objective article on this shit
[09:26] <+Laurelai> ib4 penny joins anonops :p
[09:26] <mib_1nnzt2>
[09:27] <+Sneux> I need some chocolate cake…
[09:27] <@osiris>
[09:27] <@osiris> ncie, roo
[09:27] <spoof> penny say something
04[09:28] <url> she afk i thought
04[09:28] <url> a couple of hours ago
[09:28] <+bl0x> url she just rejoined after kick.
[09:28] <+Sneux> She just rejoined the room.
[09:28] <+bl0x> she must be somewhat active.
04[09:28] <url> ahh, i have joins/parts filtered out
[09:28] <+Sneux> lol
[09:29] <spoof> p e n n y
[09:29] <spoof> copper
04[09:29] <url> :O
[09:29] <@osiris> oh this is so golden
[09:29] <spoof> abraham lincoln
[09:29] <+garrett> lol
[09:29] <+garrett> tru
07[09:29] * osiris changes topic to ‘’
[09:29] <@osiris> that actually is best 🙂
[09:30] <spoof> god of the sun
[09:30] <spoof> sqli
[09:30] <+Sneux> That was Ra
[09:30] <+Sneux> oh
[09:30] <+Sneux> lol thought you were talking about Osiris’ nick.
[09:30] <spoof> i was and who the fuck was osiris then
[09:30] <spoof> something to do with fire?
[09:31] <+Laurelai> spoof: Q
[09:31] <spoof> no… i mean literally who was osiris
[09:31] <spoof> not in here
[09:31] <+Laurelai> oh
[09:31] <+Laurelai> egyptian god
[09:31] <Guido_Puddi> try google
[09:31] <ev0> h
[09:31] <spoof> google ip banned me, next
[09:31] <Guido_Puddi> lol unlucky
[09:31] <spoof> they banned my isp
[09:32] <ev0> garrett Laurelai: h
[09:32] <spoof> which only has 2 clients
[09:32] <+garrett> sup
[09:32] <+Laurelai> how the fuck did google ip ban you
[09:32] <ev0> nm amazing day
[09:32] <spoof> …….
[09:32] <odium> spoof: I hear bing has search results just as good
[09:32] <+Laurelai> wtf did you do spoof lol
15[09:33] * spoof is now known as troll
15[09:33] * troll is now known as spoof
[09:33] <+Sneux> Osiris is the God of the afterlife, Ra is the sun god.
[09:34] <spoof> i see
[09:34] <spoof> that fits q
[09:34] <spoof> seeing as he ended the life of that slime
[09:34] <spoof> well sort of
[09:34] <spoof> he can be his keeper now though regardless
[09:34] <@joepie91|coding> odium: I heard you are bullshitting
[09:34] <@joepie91|coding> lol
15[09:34] * osiris is now known as co-founder
[09:34] <@joepie91|coding> because Bing is shite
[09:34] <@co-founder> !up
[09:35] <@co-founder> hmm
[09:35] <@co-founder> it doesnt obey!
[09:35] <spoof> lol cofounder
[09:35] <+sleinad> sigh
[09:35] <spoof> lmfao
[09:35] <+Sneux> lol
[09:35] <spoof> it doesnt obey lmfao
[09:35] <+sleinad> we have no founders
[09:35] <+Sneux> Give it a cookie.
[09:35] <+Laurelai> i want a cookie
[09:36] <@co-founder> !k sleinad no but we have co-founders!
09[09:36] * +Sneux gives Laurelai two cookies.
[09:36] <@co-founder> it doesnt obey!
09[09:36] * +Laurelai noms
[09:36] <@co-founder> on my unregged ick
[09:37] <@BarrettBrown> oh
[09:37] <+sleinad> personal gain is against anonops rules
[09:37] <+Sneux> LOOK! A wild BarrettBrown, and here I am forgetting my MasterBall.
[09:37] <+Sneux> 😛
15[09:38] * co-founder is now known as Ra
[09:38] <spoof> lol
[09:38] <@joepie91|coding> Ra
[09:38] <@joepie91|coding> ffs
[09:38] <@joepie91|coding> group your nick
[09:38] <@joepie91|coding> lol
[09:38] <spoof> now you are god of the sun
[09:38] <spoof> !
[09:38] <+Sneux> link*
[09:38] <mib_1nnzt2> i don’t think greg or penny will be back here anytime soon
[09:38] <spoof> penny is here i thought
[09:38] <&Topiary>!/aaronbarr/status/34531376782901248
[09:38] <&Topiary> last tweet for today
[09:39] <+sleinad> could have swore you said you would stick to q in #command…
[09:39] <+Sneux> Lolol
[09:40] <spoof> quiet
09[09:40] * joepie91|coding was kicked by Ra (they ducking are grouped, lamer)
[09:40] <joepie91|coding> Ra….
[09:40] <+Sneux> *linked
[09:40] <wk> Topiary: Voice ;p
[09:40] <joepie91|coding> I was talking about co-founder
[09:40] <wk> Wait
15[09:40] * wk is now known as whitekidney
[09:41] <@Ra> oh that isnt even regged
[09:41] <@Ra> and i wasnt going to
[09:41] <@Ra> but if anyone wants to…
09[09:41] * +Sneux is fine with Sneux.
[09:41] <@Ra> penny?
09[09:41] * +sleinad facepalms at someone being egotistical here
[09:41] <@Ra> aww she left
[09:42] <+sleinad> pretty pathetic
[09:42] <+Sneux> What is?
[09:42] <spoof> oo
[09:43] <joepie91|coding> sleinad: what are you talking about? I don’t follow
[09:43] <+Sneux> ^
[09:43] <spoof> ^
[09:43] <spoof> ^^
[09:43] <Guido_Puddi> ^
09[09:44] * WebAnon5033 ^^^
15[09:44] * Corey|afk is now known as Corey
[09:44] <Guido_Puddi> Thats a shite tri-force lol
[09:44] <+Sneux> lol
[09:44] <spoof> any1 wanna help me hack a youtube
[09:44] <+sleinad> just someone that has been here for maybe half the time being called co-founder getting juiced up cause he was alled co-founder
[09:44] <spoof> acct
[09:44] <spoof> uh oh umad
[09:44] <Guido_Puddi> He mad
[09:44] <joepie91|coding> uhm, sleinad…
[09:44] <joepie91|coding> …
[09:44] <spoof> oh my
[09:44] <joepie91|coding> nvm
[09:45] <joepie91|coding> I am not even going to respond to this
[09:45] <+sleinad> I’ll stfu
[09:45] <AIA> hi every one
[09:45] <@Ra> !topic
09[09:45] -MrBarr:#ophbgary- Channel Topic:
[09:45] <Brickwall> I just checked Aaron Barr’s twitter, then I watched the video…
[09:45] <@Ra> co-founder?
[09:46] <Brickwall> Everyone must watch that video
[09:46] <@Ra> of what?
09[09:46] * @Ra is root
09[09:46] * +sleinad slaps Ra with a big red brick
[09:46] <joepie91|coding> Brickwall
[09:46] <joepie91|coding> what video
09[09:46] * @Ra ducks
[09:46] <Brickwall>
[09:46] <Brickwall> Latest tweet
[09:46] <&Topiary> Brickwall: I thought Anon might enjoy it
[09:46] <&Topiary> it’s amazing
[09:46] <&Topiary> watch it now
[09:46] <Brickwall> Its so intense
09[09:47] * WebAnon5033  lols @the stars following him
[09:47] <+Sneux> LOLoL
[09:47] <whitekidney> Topiary
[09:48] <whitekidney> Who was penny?
[09:48] <&Topiary> HBGary CEO
[09:48] <whitekidney> O lawd.
[09:48] <Guido_Puddi>  OT  Is there a channel thats going to be discussing JA’s extradition hearing?
[09:48] <whitekidney> What’d she say about Aaron?
[09:49] <WebAnon5033> she’ll do a mubarak and *discuss with him
[09:49] <whitekidney> tear him a new one, eh..
[09:49] <Guido_Puddi> I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting and the FBI one
[09:50] <WebAnon5033> not her fault he’s a fool
[09:50] <whitekidney> Topiary: would you mind inviting me to reporter again?
[09:50] <&Topiary> it’s not invite only
[09:50] <whitekidney> wat…
[09:52] <mib_1nnzt2> penny is president (!) of HBGary
[09:52] <joepie91|coding> tbh I don’t really have anything against penny
[09:53] <joepie91|coding> she *did* show up here
09[09:53] * WebAnon5033 me niether at least she’s not rude
[09:53] <mib_1nnzt2> she was doing PR here
[09:53] <joepie91|coding> and I think that she just saw a quite large investment + brand reputation collapse
[09:53] <joepie91|coding> in front of her eyes
[09:53] <joepie91|coding> well, yes
[09:53] <joepie91|coding> exactly what she SHOULD be doing
[09:54] <mib_1nnzt2> noo, she should have been FDNY
[09:54] <mib_1nnzt2> killing fires instead of mumbling along
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> oh, I believe that will happen
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> HBGary brand has gotten quite a nudge
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> she better fix it
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> because if *we* didn’t know it was two separate companies
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> how are “consumers” to know that?
[09:55] <mib_1nnzt2> her job: pull the chestnuts out of the fire
[09:55] <mib_1nnzt2> did she? No!
[09:55] <joepie91|coding> the fact aaron fucked up will kill not only the federal company… it will also kill the reputation of HBGary
04[09:56] <url> for all values of chestnuts where chestnuts = bollocks
[09:56] <&Topiary> It’s clear that HBGary themselves don’t approve of Aaron’s recent efforts, this was backed up by skeptical emails from them earlier
[09:56] <mib_1nnzt2> read what her hubby is quoted saying
[09:56] <spoof> make sure you make what happens tomorrow well known
[09:56] <spoof> for example how the fbi meeting (lol) goes
[09:56] <spoof> and what happens when he realizes his life is ruined via his twitter
[09:56] <spoof> good night gentlemen
[09:56] <joepie91|coding> mib_1nnzt2 Greg =/= Penny
04[09:56] <url> laters spoof
[09:57] <Guido_Puddi> The Gaurdian – UK paper usually straight down the line –
[09:57] <joepie91|coding> they are two independent living creatures with two independent minds with two independent views and opinions on what happened
[09:57] <joepie91|coding> even if they are married, that does not mean they will automatically agree with each other
[09:57] <joepie91|coding> or even share the same views
[09:57] <joepie91|coding> nor do they have to
[09:57] <Guido_Puddi> *guardian lol
[09:58] <mib_1nnzt2> don’t know about Sec industry, in mine they’d be dead
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> lol
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> I suspect they will have a very short lifespan
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> from this point onwards
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> although you can do a lot of shit in sec
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> if you get “owned” that’s usually pretty much the end of your reputation
[09:59] <joepie91|coding> then again, I’m not in sec, just going off what I’ve seen in the past
[10:01] <kitsune> Anything is possible, more than once a phoenix has risen from a fire
[10:01] <~tflow> lol @ guardian’s attempt to make it sound negative, yet the comments are positive
[10:02] <mib_1nnzt2> best comment: Greg, our dog has eaten your homework
[10:02] <&Topiary> woah woah woah how the heck did guardian get that list of things we have
09[10:02] * WebAnon5033 good question
[10:03] <&Topiary> oh nevermind, good work c0s
[10:03] <mib_1nnzt2> guys, it is all over twitter etc.
[10:03] <&Topiary> for a moment I shat brix, that list was only in a secure piratepad
[10:03] <Guido_Puddi> So that list is true Topiary ?
[10:03] <&Topiary> yeah it is
[10:03] <joepie91|coding> ouch
[10:03] <joepie91|coding> n a sarcastic press release on the Anonnews site, someone from the group posted a release (though dated 6 January, it was actually posted on 6 February)
[10:03] <mib_1nnzt2> daily kos was 1st, I think
[10:03] <joepie91|coding> fail
[10:03] <Guido_Puddi> Topiary: cool 🙂
[10:04] <whitekidney> Topiary : Tweet this, Our dog ate your homework!
[10:04] <&Topiary> Oh lawd guardian quoted mah silver key chest line
[10:04] <&Topiary> such a trolly news agency
[10:04] <joepie91|coding> lol
[10:04] <joepie91|coding> I like the Guardian article
[10:05] <+sleinad> trolls indeard
[10:05] <joepie91|coding> it’s not the mindless journalist equivalent of retweeting
[10:05] <joepie91|coding> but some actual fresh content
[10:06] <+Sneux> lol
[10:06] <+Sneux> LOL Topiary at the silvery key line.
09[10:06] * WebAnon5033 lol
[10:07] <@Ra> oh lol
[10:07] <@Ra> that had insights 🙂
[10:07] <Guido_Puddi> Strange the Financial Times hasn’t picked up on this considering its partly down to them we knew about his intentions
[10:07] <kitsune> That one doc was a riot
07[10:07] * Ra changes topic to ‘’
[10:07] <@Ra> won topic 🙂
04[10:07] <url> Guido_Puddi: the dude who wrote the artiicle tweeted
[10:07] <joepie91|coding> there was a tweet
[10:07] <joepie91|coding> ye, that
[10:07] <joepie91|coding> lol
[10:08] <Guido_Puddi> 8goes to look
04[10:08] <url> out of interest
04[10:08] <url> is their s/w anygood
04[10:09] <url> i wouldn’t pay for it, but y’know,, if it’s good i’lll use it
04[10:09] <url> :p
04[10:09] <url> loll @ wipping the ipad
04[10:09] <url> thats just funny
[10:09] <&Topiary> Ra: c0s must have talked to guardian, he was the only other person in the ‘verse with the exact list they had
[10:09] <&Topiary> so excellent work as always c0s
04[10:09] <url> yeah, was wondering, theres fresh info in there
04[10:10] <url> fresh to me at aleast
[10:10] <@Ra> Topiary: read .. elsewhere?
[10:10] <&Topiary> Ra: ?
[10:10] <kitsune> It’s all on twitter
[10:10] <@Ra> Topiary: #hq
[10:15] <Guido_Puddi> *Awaits new developments*
15[10:17] * torres is now known as Enforcer
[10:17] <Guido_Puddi> Because enforcer is the bigger name 😛
[10:18] <Enforcer> Torres is a loser
[10:19] <&Topiary> all secure quebec romeo oscar co-founderus david delta davidson VIII
15[10:25] * peeves is now known as whitekidney
09[10:25] * ruicruz My name is Jack Bauer and I kill US President right now. Please call CTU and let them know about it.
[10:28] <+bl0x> o,o
[10:32] <+Sneux> <.<
[10:33] <ruicruz> really
[10:33] <ruicruz> I’m Jack Bauer
[10:33] <ruicruz> :p
[10:33] <+bl0x> no, not really.
[10:33] <+Sneux> No, Jack Bauer is pure awesomnes….you are not <.<
[10:33] <Guido_Puddi> where’d everybody go?
[10:34] <+bl0x> circle jerk.
[10:34] <+Sneux> So did anyone see the new Fast and the Furious commercial during the superbowl?
[10:34] <+Sneux> Fast Five is what it is called iirc
[10:34] <Guido_Puddi> Another F+F? ffs let it die
[10:35] <+Sneux> Nono
[10:35] <+Sneux> This one has Dom, Brain, Mia, Stone Cold and the Rock iirc
[10:35] <+Sneux> The Rock*
[10:36] <+Sneux> Going to be like sex, on a stick.
[10:36] <Guido_Puddi> I’m trying so hard to contain my orgasm /sarcasm
[10:36] <+Sneux> No stone cold <.< my eyes must have tricked me.
15[10:36] * WebAnon5812 is now known as cruz
09[10:37] * +Sneux makes a mess all over Guido, “You have better control than I my friend.”
[10:37] <joepie91|coding> I come back into the op channel, and it’s about sex
[10:37] <joepie91|coding> interesting turn of events
[10:37] <+Sneux> lol
[10:37] <+bl0x> joepie91|coding, you had to know it would come to this.
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> meh
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> this isn’t #lounge
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> 😛
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> in #lounge I expect anything
[10:38] <+bl0x> lol.
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> in the op channels, a bit less
[10:38] <joepie91|coding> even if it’s a lulzy op
[10:38] <Guido_Puddi> We were left on our own and our dirty little minds took over, please forgive us
09[10:40] * cruz does that  *us voyeurs?
[10:42] <+Sneux> Watching House MD and eating cake…nomnomnom life is good.
09[10:44] * Brickwall is away: Shower
[10:45] <+Sneux> [04:44] * Brickwall is away: Masturbating *Fix’d
[10:45] <+Sneux> <.<
09[10:45] * +Sneux couldnt help himself.
09[10:46] * +Sneux tries to break the awkward silence, “Anyone here using Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo P8400? Thinking about getting one to replace my current Processor.”
[10:47] <Anon9000> is it better then the Q6600 ?
[10:47] <+Laurelai> i use an AMD quadcore
09[10:47] * +Sneux shrugs, “Its really the best I could find in my price range that was Socket P, 487 pin.”
[10:48] <Enforcer> laurelai: that’s some serious processing power
[10:48] <+Sneux> I know I know lame ass MoBo but still.
[10:48] <+Laurelai> Enforcer: and 4 gigs of ram plus a 1gb  CUDA GPU
[10:49] <Anon9000> ddr3?
[10:49] <Enforcer> i wish i had one myself
[10:49] <+Laurelai> Anon9000: no ddr2
[10:49] <+Laurelai> my next build will be an octocore though
[10:49] <Anon9000> i’m stuck on ddr2 till i upg my mobo 2 suport the q660
[10:49] <Anon9000> :))
[10:49] <Anon9000> q6600**
09[10:50] * +Sneux is thinking about going from 2GB DDR3 to 8GB but isnt sure if he needs that much.
[10:50] <+Laurelai> Sneux: need?
[10:50] <+Laurelai> its not about need 😀
[10:50] <Anon9000> go ddr3, cheeper then ddr2 now
[10:50] <+Laurelai> its about bragging rights 😀
[10:50] <Anon9000> amin brotha
[10:50] <Anon9000> i7++ ??
[10:50] <Anon9000> :))
[10:50] <+Laurelai> and playin videa gaems
09[10:51] * Enforcer /me wishes he had laurelai’s machine for just a day
09[10:51] * +Sneux doesnt need to brag about his machine to compensate for a lack ofskill <.<
[10:51] <Anon9000> :)))
09[10:51] * +Sneux is too busy to play video games 😛
[10:52] <+Sneux> Also ftw
[10:52] <Anon9000> rl games are better :))
[10:52] <+Sneux> If I had a AMD MoBo id go
[10:53] <+Sneux> Not a lot of L2 but hey.
[10:53] <Anon9000> <&topiary> idk if it’s u but u might know who it is…. the sole seed on TPB is ofline and we’re stuck at 45%
[10:53] <+Sneux> HexCore.
[10:53] <Anon9000> hex core 2 expensive 4 what it is atm
[10:53] <&Topiary> wat
[10:53] <Anon9000> w8 1/2years
[10:53] <+Sneux> 45.4 actually
[10:53] <Anon9000> or 1y
[10:53] <&Topiary> Anon9000: who is that?
[10:53] <+Sneux> Also, there are 12 offline seeders
[10:53] <Anon9000> i see no seeds 🙁
[10:53] <Anon9000> only pears
[10:54] <Anon9000> probably just me
[10:54] <&Topiary> Oh, you were asking me, I thought you were quoting me (herp)
[10:54] <&Topiary> yes, the person seems to be offline
[10:54] <Anon9000> 😛
[10:54] <+Laurelai> Sneux: i use most of the poer in virtual machines doung development
[10:54] <+Laurelai> power*
[10:54] <+Laurelai> fff
[10:54] <+Laurelai> tired
[10:54] <+Laurelai> ._.
[10:54] <+Sneux> Ah I see.
[10:54] <Anon9000> can u list me some trakers, my avalibility is 0.435
[10:55] <Anon9000> 0.456***
[10:55] <+Laurelai> [Laurelai@vps ~]$ transmissioncli HBGary_leaked_emails.6156166.TPB.torrent
[10:55] <+Laurelai> Transmission 1.34 (6778) –
[10:55] <+Laurelai> Progress: 45.3%, dl from 6 of 47 peers (173 KB/s), ul to 13 (20 KB/s) [0.05]
[10:55] <+Sneux> OOOH lolol my connections were set to only accept 50 peersrofl, no wonder it is so slow.
[10:55] <+Laurelai> ill seed once i dl it for a bit
[10:56] <+Sneux> Ok
09[10:56] * +Sneux was DLing at around 800kB/s there for a while.
[10:57] <Anon9000> i was at 800 as well but droping fast
[10:57] <+Laurelai> it only took like 2 minutes for my server to get to 40%
[10:57] <+Sneux> Damnlol
[10:57] <+Laurelai> gigabt line
[10:58] <Anon9000> lucker
[10:58] <+Sneux> Also on a random note, lol at Toshiba and their lame ass recovery disc cost.
[10:58] <Anon9000> $/month??
[10:58] <+Laurelai> hosting company is run by a friend
[10:58] <+Laurelai> Anon9000: lol 40$ for me >.>
[10:58] <Anon9000> ah :))
[10:58] <+Sneux> 45$ for a simple recovery disk.
[10:59] <Anon9000> crack n hack sneux…
[10:59] <+Sneux> Already did.
[10:59] <Anon9000> win7 is like 200$
[10:59] <Anon9000> who buys that?
[10:59] <+Sneux> They didnt hide the recovery partition good enough <.<
09[10:59] * +Sneux got his Win7 OEM
[10:59] <+Sneux> Hence the no install disc/recovery disc problem
[10:59] <Anon9000> :)) u so funny
15[11:00] * Anon9000 is now known as Anon9k_at_work|afk
[11:00] <&Topiary> # Ted Vera; “are you hitting on me?” via his now Anonymous’d linkedin private inbox
[11:00] <+Sneux> I am?
[11:02] <+Sneux> LOL
[11:02] <+Laurelai> this is why i use linux :3
[11:02] <joepie91|coding> DID YOU KNOW: If you buy a computer with Windows preinstalled, in most European countries (and possibly US) you can actually call Microsoft/your PC vendor, tell them that you do NOT agree with their EULA, and get your Windows license refunded.
[11:02] <&Topiary> Finally going through his PMs, what a silly man
[11:02] <joepie91|coding> required by law etc
[11:02] <+Sneux> LOL
[11:02] <+Laurelai> joepie91|coding: yes
[11:02] <joepie91|coding> and not an urban myth 🙂
[11:02] <+Sneux> I use Linux too however I have to have Windows for some OOC reasons 😛
[11:03] <joepie91|coding> like 99% of the people don’t know that
[11:03] <joepie91|coding> Sneux: I use Windows for IE testing, photoshop (because some things don’t work well under WINE and my windows machine has higher specs anyway) and games
[11:03] <joepie91|coding> other than that
[11:03] <joepie91|coding> my Linux box does pretty much all
09[11:04] * +Sneux does certain things where only Windows is supported sadly or else he wouldnt have a multiboot machine.
[11:04] <Guido_Puddi> Hey guise –
[11:05] <Guido_Puddi> old i know, but worth reading to see what perceptions they have of Anons
15[11:06] * sleinad_ is now known as sleinad
[11:08] <+Sneux> People dont realize that no matter where you are, what group, corporation ect. There is ALWAYS going to be some sort of Social Network/Heirarchy, there will always be friends to ally with each other and some who are natural leaders that tend to be able to adjust the course of the group. You can NOT have a completely heirarchyless(is that even a word?) group.
[11:09] <+Sneux> </Rant>
[11:09] <Elliki> it’s a word now.
[11:09] <Elliki> phew.
[11:09] <+Sneux> Sorry <.< Had to get that out.
[11:10] <+Sneux> Been driving me insane all day.
[11:10] <Guido_Puddi> I agree with you
[11:10] <Elliki> it’s fine. we all have that function call in us.
09[11:10] * +Sneux sits and thinks about the philosophy behind the insane going insane.
[11:10] <+Sneux> That last line was supposed to be a joke <.<
[11:11] <+Sneux> Sorry, my ability at humor is rather nonexistant.
04[11:11] <url> seriosuly, the very best thing I read all day “wiped is iPad”
04[11:11] <url> honestly, thats just fukn hilarious
[11:11] <+Sneux> lol
[11:11] <@Ra>!/AnonymousIRC/status/34553688303337473
[11:11] <ununu> url – that made me lol too
[11:11] <+Sneux> You saw that too?
04[11:11] <url> lol Ra
[11:12] <+Sneux> lol Ra
04[11:12] <url> the Ipad thing was mentioned on guardian
04[11:12] <url> but, having read all the other stuff, the iPad line was just the cherry on the cake
[11:12] <+Sneux> Fuck I still didnt get that cake, brb.
09[11:12] * Anon9k_at_work|afk thinks of the multiple definitions of insanity it has iencounter and how they all apply to it.
[11:12] <Elliki> wait…cake?
[11:12] <+Sneux> Insanity is subjective to the frame of reference <.<
09[11:13] * +Sneux has cake he needs to eat.
[11:13] <+Sneux> And I keep getting sidetracked.
09[11:13] * Elliki looks longingly at cake
[11:13] <@Ra> tl;dr: us authority related private company git buttfucked.
[11:13] <@Ra> really hard
[11:13] <+Sneux> lol
[11:13] <@Ra> i mean like, REALLY HARD
[11:13] <+Sneux> like brain damaging orgasm hard?
[11:13] <Brickwall> <Sneux> [04:44] * Brickwall is away: Masturbating *Fix’d … I wasn’t… Much
[11:13] <+Sneux> 😛
[11:13] <+Sneux> Told you!
[11:14] <Brickwall> :3
[11:14] <ununu> hmmm… came across ‘Booz Allen Hamilton’ very recently….
[11:14] <+Sneux> Showers were invented for two reasons, to clean and orgasm.
[11:14] <Brickwall> I really needed to clean though, so I was more focused on that
[11:14] <+Sneux> Pfft, truly great men can multitask.
[11:14] <Brickwall> I ain’t a men
[11:15] <+Sneux> Man*?
[11:15] <Anon9k_at_work|afk> can sb /pm me wth a list of tor trakkers with online seeds
[11:15] <Brickwall> Sure
[11:15] <Brickwall> Man
[11:15] <Elliki> just a wall. made of bricks.
[11:15] <+Sneux> lol
[11:15] <Elliki> and unicorn meat.
[11:15] <+Sneux> Bricks of cocaine?
[11:16] <Guido_Puddi> slates of crack
[11:16] <Brickwall> Maybe
[11:16] <@Ra> !topic | fucking expect us. more often from now on.
07[11:16] * MrBarr changes topic to ‘ | fucking expect us. more often from now on.’
[11:16] <Elliki> hah…more often. nice.
[11:16] <Guido_Puddi> fucking expect us. more often from now on. – LULZ
[11:16] <+Sneux> Cant you add some colour?
[11:16] <+Sneux> Green is soooo <.< Green
[11:17] <@Ra> nah i’m oldskewl
[11:17] <+Sneux> L4m3
[11:17] <@Ra> !k Sneux du
09[11:17] * Sneux was kicked by MrBarr (du (Ra))
[11:17] <Sneux> Aww
[11:17] <Brickwall> lol
[11:17] <whitekidney> I quote
[11:17] <whitekidney> Like it or not, anonymous is the future of activism. Completely lawless (among their group), anonymous, entirely equal, and very volatile, but always with a sense of humour along the way.    They’re going to be a very big deal in the coming years, mark my words.
[11:17] <whitekidney> I like that
[11:17] <Sneux> No fair, you have op -.-
[11:17] <ununu> ahhh… this would be why I heard of them:
[11:17] <Sneux> And my voice is gone! Ahhhhh!
[11:17] <@Ra> whitekidney: link?
[11:18] <Brickwall> Wait… I’m made of unicorn meat?
[11:18] <whitekidney> Ra: It’s in the Guardian commentary field
[11:18] <Elliki> dericious.
[11:18] <@Ra> whitekidney: ah k
[11:18] <whitekidney> Ra: Mind voicing me btw? Topiary is afk
[11:18] <Sneux> 😮
[11:18] <+whitekidney> cheers
[11:18] <@Ra> you dont really need it ho
[11:19] <+whitekidney> i know, makes me feel speshul tho
09[11:19] * Sneux pouts, “I feel less special now.”(No jokes about how ‘special
[11:19] <Sneux> ‘ I am*
[11:19] <Brickwall> Sneux is so special
[11:19] <Sneux> -.- Damn it.
[11:19] <Brickwall> Does that even count as a joke?
[11:19] <Sneux> I told you I had no sense of humor.
[11:19] <Sneux> <.<
[11:19] <Sneux> So yes?
[11:20] <Brickwall> Cool
[11:20] <ununu>
[11:20] <Sneux> But, I think you are right in your observation, it really was more of a declarative.
[11:20] <Brickwall> Yep
[11:21] <@Ra> “If Anonymous is the future of activism then the world is already doomed.”
[11:21] <Sneux> [05:18] * Sneux pouts, “I feel less special now.”(No jokes or declaratives about how ‘special’ I am) *Fix’d
[11:21] <@Ra> <3
[11:21] <Sneux> LOL
[11:22] <Sneux> I wonder, just for shits and giggles if it is possible to use one of the access level signs in ones nickname…however different clients use different identifiers so the point is really moot I guess -.- sigh.
[11:23] <Sneux> Fuck, still havent gotten that cake…brb
[11:24] <ununu> liveblog of assange hearing, if anyone’s interested:
[11:25] <@Ra> “Intriguing. I wonder if the FBI really are that dumb as to spend millions of dollars on useless information? If that’s the level of opposition Anonymous are up against I’d say the FBI better back off now before they really upset someone with their inane blunderings. J Edgar will be spinning in his grave. Must admit Mr Gary does not strike me as the usual IT security expert. I mean, where’s his pony tail and beard?”
[11:25] <mib_63rsk0>!/knowledgeempire/live-assange-hearing-feed
[11:26] <+whitekidney> I wonder what Aaron is doing just now..
[11:26] <+whitekidney> His life litterally got showed up his ass.
[11:26] <Guido_Puddi> ununu: Thanks
[11:27] <Guido_Puddi> Crying to the feds most probably whitekidney
[11:28] <+whitekidney> hunter got huntad
04[11:28] <url> the aaronbarr twitter is hilarious
04[11:28] <url> gf is lolling at alll this too
[11:28] <mib_63rsk0> think the fed meeting got canceled
04[11:28] <url> she just woke up, gave her a run down
[11:29] <+whitekidney> aaron’s gonna bitch to the feds and hire someone to infiltrate us, then we’ll hack them too, bitches
04[11:29] <url> most lol from her was “collosal faggot” on linked in
[11:29] <Anon9k_at_work|afk> Name       Status  Update In       Seeds   Peers   Downloaded
[11:29] <Anon9k_at_work|afk>   No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.     42m 18s 0       0       0
[11:29] <+whitekidney> was he hacked or cracked?
04[11:29] <url> lol whitekidney
[11:29] <Anon9k_at_work|afk>  🙁
[11:30] <+whitekidney> i believe some of the articles say that they cracked his pw
[11:30] <+whitekidney> but everyone else is saying they haxad him
[11:30] <Sneux> Semantics
[11:30] <+whitekidney> whatever, it’s lulzy !
[11:30] <Sneux> He was owned. Simple as that.
[11:30] <Anon9k_at_work|afk> I put a Hax on you!!
04[11:31] <url> ununu: reading that guardian feed too
04[11:31] <url> no way they can push ahead imo
04[11:31] <url> p sure a foundation for a EAW = a charge in the origin country
04[11:31] <url> .se doesn’t have a charge on him
04[11:31] <url> and UK barrister says they couldn’t charge him in UK at all on evidence they have
04[11:31] <url> this is before any other details
[11:32] <ununu> a little bemused by AlexiMostrous’s last tweet re ‘rape’ & ‘double criminality’ – are they conceding that the authority for EAW was non-existant, and arguing it on regular extradition?
04[11:32] <url> cathingup 1s
04[11:33] <url> alexi whonow?
[11:34] <ununu> double criminality is a standard concept in general extradition law (requiring that the complained conduct was criminal in both the requesting and the sending state) but this is explicitly removed in EAWs (leading to concerns about UK residents being deported to Belarus to go to debtor’s prison etc)
04[11:34] <url> ahhhh, k
04[11:34] <url> if that’s true, no way the EAW stands
04[11:34] <url> QC said on thu or friday I think, charge couldn’t be made under UK law
[11:35] <ununu> well, if EAW stands, it doesn’t,atter – but they seem to be arguing as if it does, like they expect a ruling that the swedish prosecutor didn’t have authority to issue the EAW
04[11:36] <url> a good move
[11:36] <ununu> (which was the first point in the skeleton argument posted by assange’s lawyers)
04[11:36] <url> the first was rejected iirc
04[11:36] <url> then another issued
04[11:36] <url> that was only technical i think
04[11:36] <url> you in on #wikileaks
[11:37] <ununu> yeah, they fucked up a few times, but the final one I believe was still issued by the prosecutor, not the Swedish Police Board (or wtv) which there is authority to say is the only valid issuing authority
04[11:37] <url> makes sense to attack that
04[11:38] <url> he has a solid team no two ways about it
[11:38] <Guido_Puddi> jemima khan is one of them isn’t it
[11:38] <ununu> “[2005] EWHC 3036 (Admin), the CPS confirmed that the sole Issuing Judicial Authority [in Sweden] for the enforcement of a custodial sentence or other form of detention is the Swedish National Police Board”
[11:38] <ununu>
[11:39] <ununu> should take to #wikileaks ???
04[11:52] <url> tbh, we probly should
04[11:52] <url> shame to ruin the party in here
09[11:53] * Sneux is back.
[11:53] <mib_31l0g8>
04[11:53] <url> awesome, i emailed them dead early this morning
04[11:53] <url> 😀
[11:55] <+whitekidney> Anyone got logs on panny?
[11:55] <+whitekidney> penny
[11:55] <+Laurelai> what sort of logs
[11:56] <+whitekidney> what she said etc
[11:56] <+Laurelai> i have the logs of the interview i did
[11:56] <+Laurelai> but those are for my article
[11:56] <Guido_Puddi> I’ve got from 04.44
[11:57] <Guido_Puddi> not logged but viewable above this
04[11:58] <url> i have 9 hours agoo -> now
04[11:58] <url> the penny chat is in that, bbut, not Aaron
[11:58] <Guido_Puddi> he’sin mine
[11:58] <+garrett> sup
[11:59] <+whitekidney> url: can i have the logs ?
[11:59] <+whitekidney> i need penny’s chats
04[11:59] <url> paste bin in 30s


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